Equipment's starting to go

Went to the workshop yesterday to meet with two of the ship model guys. They ended up buying two pieces of the equipment and put dibs on a third, of which I have to get a price on. I contacted the company who made it and they should be getting back to me with something.

I began sending out the list of available equipment and my asking prices and already sold four more.

If anyone who reads this is in New England and is interested in woodworking equipment (I have everything from band saws to table saws to mini table saws to drills to you name it), email me for the list. I also have photos and you can email me for those if you see something on the list you're interested in.

Today it's lunch with my mom and sister, then home to walk the dogs, sit through a demo for a friend who is selling kitchen gadgets and needs the practice, then relax.

Oh! Watched "Snakes on a Plane" with my friend, Vivi, last night. We ordered a pizza and laughed our butts of. It's a great, fun film (but only if you're not deathly afraid of snakes, LOL). And I just love Samuel L. Jackson!


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