Cyberstalking Survey - please share

A college student is looking for cyberstalking victims to take this survey:

Guest Speaker at Maine Sheriffs Conference March 15, 2018

I am speaking at the Maine Sheriff's Association conference Thursday from 130-330 pm about cybercrime and the dangers of the Internet.

Book Me to Speak About Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying or Law Enforcement Training in Cybercrime at a Reduced Rate!

If you book me to speak at your school, university, college, conference, etc by December 31, 2017, my speaking fee will be just $500 (plus any travel expenses, if needed). You can book me for next year, but need to do it by Dec 31 to get the reduced rate. And I can bring Scooby the Cybercrime Dog if it's within driving distance! Look at my speaking page at then email me at or message me here. Please share. is a sham!

Do NOT buy anything from Their web site makes it look like they are in the USA - I even did a WHOIS search on their domain and it says they are in Texas and they have a toll free number. Ordered generic version of Heartguare for my dog and when it came, it was from Singapore, NOT the USA. I opened a support ticket on September 12th asking for a refund. They finally got back to me this morning saying they would refund my money and I could keep the product (which I threw out - my vet says the Asian versions of Heartgard are NOT good) as long as I replied to the support ticket. I went to do that and got another email saying they closed it because I hadn't responded. They took over two weeks to respond to me and only gave me an hour to reply to them. I filed a new support ticket and told them their customer service sucks and I want a refund. Pfft!

New Amazon Prime Email Scam

Scammers are getting very clever these days. I got this in my email this morning. I hovered my mouse over the link and surprise! It was bunch of characters. I did not click on it. I did go to and it really was I clicked on my account and orders and there was no such order for a headset. Then I realized the email address at the bottom does not even match the one of my Amazon account. I opened the full headers, got the IP address,, ran it through and it came back to a company called CubeMotion LLC, NOT Be very careful! Before clicking on any links, always go to the official web site and check your account to verify it if is real or a scam.

York's Hitchcock A Real Hero

Article about my American Red Cross award in the local paper, the York Weekly. "York's Hitchcock A Real Hero"