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Monday, March 30, 2009

In memory of Guin

She would have been 16 today - I miss you Guinny-bear

WHOA Newsletter - March 30, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bwa ha ha

'Dumbest criminal' nabbed in cop convention holdup;_ylt=AqAlPatwhO29.l4ZcnbESTntiBIF
A retired police chief said he was robbed by "probably the dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania," at a police officers' convention on Friday morning. John Comparetto said as he came out of a stall in the men's room, a man pointed a gun in his face and demanded money. There were 300 narcotics officers from Pennsylvania and Ohio at the gathering.

Comparetto gave up his money and cell phone. But when the man fled, Comparetto and some colleagues chased him. They arrested a 19-year-old man as he was trying to leave in a taxi.

The suspect is also awaiting trial on four previous robbery charges.

The suspect was arraigned and taken to Dauphin County Prison. When a reporter asked the suspect for comment as he was led out of court, he said, "I'm smooth."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Conficker Hype And Debate Build As April Fool's Day Nears - 03/30/09
Security experts have sounded the alarm - and many others are just as loudly trying to quell the furor - over fears the Conficker computer worm could trigger Internet havoc on April 1.

What should we make of this Chinese cyber-spy story? - 03/30/09
Yesterday's story in the New York Times about "GhostNet," the Chinese-based computer spying network that has apparently penetrated some 1,295 computers in more than 100 countries around the world, obviously raises this big question: Was the Chinese government behind it, or not?

Court won't revive Va. anti-spam law - 03/30/09
The Supreme Court will not consider reinstating Virginia's anti-spam law, among the nation's toughest in banning unsolicited e-mails.

Courtney Love sued for libel by designer who claims she launched a hate campaign against her on Twitter - 03/29/09
It has become one of the most popular social networking site for the stars but now Twitter is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons as it appears to have sparked its first libel action courtesy of singer Courtney Love.

19,000 UK credit card details posted on the Net...and accessible on Google - 03/28/09
The credit card details of up to 19,000 British shoppers were published on the internet - where they could be found using a simple search on Google.

Consumers can be stuck when Web sites change terms - 03/27/09
A recent e-mail from Eastman Kodak Co. didn't lead to a Kodak moment for Vanessa Daniele. It got her angry.
On May 16, the company's Kodak Gallery online photo service will delete her picture albums unless she spends at least $4.99 by then and every year thereafter on prints and other products.

Former School Official Sentenced on E-Rate Fraud Charges - 03/27/09
A former assistant superintendent at a Michigan school district has been sentenced to serve 46 months in jail for a scheme to defraud a U.S. government program providing Internet connections to schools and libraries in poor areas.

Cyber Stalking: A Real Life Problem - 03/26/09
The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department is dedicated to helping victims of online harassment and cyber stalking by helping others understand the danger of this growing problem. Cyber stalking is defined as threatening behavior or unwanted advances directed at another using the internet and other forms of computer communications.

New age bullying: Sent through text - 03/26/09
Teens face a new form of bullying in this technologically charged society -- textual harassment. Whether it's an obscene comment or a threat of violence, officials say the problem is growing rapidly among middle- and high school-aged children.

Facecrooks - 03/25/09
BENEFITS bosses are using Facebook to catch housing and council tax cheats, it was revealed yesterday.

Man uses neighbour's wi-fi to threaten wife - 03/25/09
While the Indian Mujahideen used weak wi-fi (wireless fidelity) security in Navi Mumbai to send terror threats over email, a Khar resident recently did the same to terrorise his estranged wife.

Undercover with the escorts trying to recruit through MySpace - 03/25/09
Ordinary women are being lured into prostitution through networking sites with offers of glamour and cash.

Nasty New Worm Targets Home Routers, Cable Modems - 03/25/09
A computer worm has been discovered that can infect 55 different home-based routers and DSL/cable modems including common brands like Linksys and Netgear.

Teenager paints 60ft phallus on roof of family home - 03/25/09
A teenager got away with painting a 60ft phallus on the roof of his parents' home for a year before his parents found out.

'Her virginity is just fairy tale' - 03/25/09
PUNTERS bidding on the internet for the chance to bed a teenager for the first time have been warned: "Her virginity is just a fairy tale."

Airport luggage theft and extortion - 03/24/09
State Police in Rochester on Sunday arrested a man for allegedly stealing luggage from the Greater Rochester International Airport and then demanding money for it to be returned.

I've joined twitter

I finally joined Twitter and will be posting a tip of the day that's internet related. If you're on it, please follow me:

Monday, March 23, 2009

WHOA Newsletter - March 23, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .This is taking bowling way too seriously

Man loses tooth as bowlers brawl over etiquette;_ylt=Au84Kb995Ew2ziiqPKUekVrtiBIF
Police said a dispute over bowling etiquette led one man to assault another with a 16-pound ball, knocking out one of the man's teeth. They said a 24-year-old man hit a man in the face with the bowling ball during a melee involving six bowlers at the Rocklin AMF Lanes. Two groups got into a fist fight about 12:40 a.m. Thursday after two bowlers approached the lane at the same time. They couldn't agree which should go first.

Rocklin police Sgt. Terry Jewell said the victim was treated for facial injuries at a local hospital. Doctors reinserted the tooth, hoping it will reattach itself.

The suspect was being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in Placer County Jail.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Family wants tougher laws - 03/23/09
Jessica Logan's nude cell-phone photo - meant for her boyfriend's eyes only - was sent to hundreds of teenagers last year in at least seven Greater Cincinnati high schools.
The 18-year-old Sycamore High School senior was then bombarded with taunts: slut, porn queen, whore. On July 3, Jessie hanged herself in her bedroom. She was Albert and Cynthia Logan's only child.

More Internet predators are challenging agents - 03/23/09
Eric Szatkowski is a Wisconsin Justice Department special agent, but on that Sunday afternoon he entered an online chat room as a 14-year-old boy.
He claimed he was into weightlifting, AC/DC and muscle magazines. Then he waited.

'Scareware' scams trick searchers - 03/23/09
Makers of fake anti-virus software are exploiting search engines to drive people to sites peddling 'scareware'.

Police investigate e-mail threat - 03/23/09
City police are investigating an alleged threat made to the editor of Diversity Rules, an Oneonta-based magazine that serves the "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning" community.
The e-mail was sent to James Koury of Oneonta, who reported it to police Friday.

A Twisted Case of Cyberharassment - 03/22/09
First came the phone calls: men, strangers, telling Barbara Goddard they'd seen her ad on Craigslist and were eager to come over for her promised "casual encounter."
Later that week, men started showing up at Goddard's door in Reston, ready for an evening of random sex. "I'm here from Craigslist," they'd say. "You've been set up," Goddard would tell them. By that time, she'd figured out what was happening: Someone was posting offers in her name on online message boards, with her home address.

Louis Vuitton accuses Google of helping promote fake designer goods - 03/22/09
LVMH, which is responsible for Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands, has criticised the search engine for selling keywords like "Vuitton" to the highest bidder.
The firm claims that this means that people "Googling" for Louis Vuitton merchandise are likely to see search results that include adverts for rival products, or even outlets selling fake Louis Vuitton goods.

What passed (Bills already signed by Gov. Bill Richardson have been noted.): - 03/21/09
* Cyber stalking: SB166 includes cyber stalking and other technological methods of stalking into the state's stalking law. Signed by the governor.

Gastonia teen charged with cyberstalking fellow Forestview High student - 03/21/09
A Gastonia teenager was charged with cyberstalking after he allegedly threatened another teen in e-mail messages and keyed his truck at school.

Ohio man will undergo psych evaluation in cyberstalking case - 03/20/09
The Ohio man charged with cyberstalking two Lake Station residents, one of whom is the city judge, will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before continuing with court hearings.
In a hearing Friday in Hammond federal court, Magistrate Judge Paul Cherry ordered the evaluation of Thomas Slapnicker, 26, of suburban Cleveland. Slapnicker's lawyer, Roseann Ivanovich, requested the evaluation.

Missoula man pleads guilty to cyberstalking - 03/20/09
A 28-year-old Missoula man has pleaded guilty to cyberstalking for sending threatening e-mails to his former girlfriend.
Jeffrey D. Grob pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Missoula on Thursday. He faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced on June 19. Grob remains jailed.

When Breaching Terms of Service Is a Crime - 03/20/09
Look before you click -- or you could go to jail for committing a federal crime. That is the lesson of United States v. Lori Drew, 08-CR-582 (C.D. Cal. 2008).
In November 2008, a federal jury in Los Angeles convicted Lori Drew, a 49-year-old mother from Missouri, of three misdemeanor violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. That statute traditionally has been used to prosecute computer hacking

Connecticut Man Sentenced for E-card Scam - 03/20/09
A Connecticut man was sentenced to four years of probation for his role in a phishing scam that tricked America Online subscribers into giving up their credit card numbers.

Google removes street images over privacy complaints - 03/20/09
US software giant Google said Friday it had removed several images from its Street View software, which allows web surfers to view parts of 25 British cities, after users raised privacy concerns.

Chip and PIN was meant to beat credit card fraud. Guess what? It's up 50% - 03/20/09
Card fraud has leapt almost 50 per cent since the introduction of the chip and PIN system that was supposed to cut the problem. The total hit a record high of £609.9million in 2008, which was 14 per cent up on the previous year.

The Growing Problem of Porn at Work - 03/20/09
With so much focus on the economy lately, it's no wonder that the economics of worker productivity are also receiving considerable scrutiny ­ especially when it comes to viewing porn on company time.
Human Resources departments at companies worldwide are grappling with workplace wankers and the various issues surrounding their masturbatory malingering ­ from lost productivity to sexual harassment; from exposure to malware to liability over potentially illegal downloads, even long after they were thought to have been deleted by the user ­ along with the immense legal expenses some of these problems may result in.

'Sexting': self-destructive or simple rebellion? - 03/20/09
A growing debate over teens sending sexually explicit photos via cell phones has some asking whether the behavior is dangerous or simply a new form of teenage rebellion. Sending nude photos via text messaging – often called "sexting" – has become a popular flirting technique among teens that some say can have adverse penalties.

Judge is alleged cyberstalking victim - 03/20/09,judge-stalking-victim-0320.article
An Ohio man allegedly set fire to a car belonging to City Court Judge Christopher Anderson and for two months harassed Anderson and a woman described as the Ohio man's estranged wife, federal court records state.

Rape victim screamed over cell phone during attack - 03/19/09,0,7831183.story
A woman deputy sheriffs said was raped by a Valencia Community College contract worker she met on the Internet screamed over her cell phone to a friend during the attack, according to a sheriff's report released Wednesday.

New Britain Man Charged With Making E-Mail Threats - 03/19/09,0,6939223.story
A New Britain man was charged Wednesday in connection with an e-mailed threat against two Democratic legislators over a controversial bill on the Roman Catholic Church.
Timothy Kane, 26, was charged with second-degree harassment in connection with the e-mail that was sent at 9:12 p.m. on March 10, Capitol police said. The charge is a misdemeanor.

Online Organ Donor Broker Charged With Wire Fraud - 03/19/09
The operator of is facing wire fraud charges for an alleged scheme to use the Web site to entice people needing organ transplants to wire tens of thousands of dollars to the Philippines in exchange for nonexistent surgeries, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Teens help capture hacker who wanted nude photos - 03/18/09
An Irish-born computer hacker, working on a U.S. military base in Baghdad, used elaborate computer-hacking methods, personal information and direct threats against four Brevard County teenage girls because he wanted nude photos of them, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Orlando.

Facebook can be used to serve legal papers, rules New Zealand judge - 03/16/09
The High Court in Wellington was told that there were "difficulties" serving papers on Craig Axe because his exact whereabouts in Britain was not known, but that he has a Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Volunteer Assistant Webmaster Needed

Need an assistant to help our webmaster who is currently on hiatus due to illness. You need to be able to handle the HTML on our sites at and, which means you need to be able to jump right in without any training whatsoever.

We do NOT want a new design, just to pick up where Josh left off and fix the rest of the site and update it, especially the staff pages.

This is a volunteer position - you put in as much time as you can. I'll just be happy to have someone who can help out until Josh gets back, then help him as needed.

Contact me by replying here or emailing me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

WHOA Newsletter - March 16, 2009

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you who celebrate - we'll be having corned beef and cabbage (no green beer) tomorrow!

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And how much did he have to drink?

Vt. hunter busted for bolting antlers on dead doe;_ylt=ApQLP8v6hhWMTilLkqYU7iPtiBIF
A man who bolted antlers to the head of a dead doe and posed for a photograph with the deer was fined $400 and jailed for game violations.
Marcel Fournier, 19, shot the deer the evening of Nov. 22 and used lag bolts and epoxy to attach a 10-point rack, officials said. He then checked in the kill as lawful game at Barnie's Market.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Pregnant TV newsreader terrorised by cyberstalker's abusive emails tells how she feared for her life - 03/16/09
A television presenter has told how she feared for her life after a viewer bombarded her with abusive emails while she was pregnant.
Alexis Bowater, 39, received a stream of threatening messages including one which read: 'I hope your baby dies'.

Bullies turn to hi-tech torment - 03/16/09
Cellphones and the internet now mean bullied school pupils often get "no respite", the children's commissioner says.
"While parents may have been on the receiving end of a small group of bullies in their days at school, their children are potentially exposed to hundreds or thousands of bullies via mobile phone and internet technology," commissioner Cindy Kiro writes in a report to be made public today.

How to avoid a bad rap online - 03/16/09
An otherwise unremarkable trip to a Nevada gun shop became a nightmare for Sammy, a San Francisco artist who works with autistic children.
To amuse herself while her friends shopped, she walked around the store posing for pictures with hunting hats on and holding various weapons. One shot of her holding a pink, zebra-striped rifle was uploaded to a friend's Facebook page. Then the trouble started.

Facebook correspondence sparks marital discord for Silverdale couple - 03/16/09
A 55-year-old Silverdale man was booked into Kitsap County jail on suspicion of assaulting his wife of 28 years after she contacted an old boyfriend on Facebook.

World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee fell victim to online fraud - 03/16/09
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the worldwide web, has revealed how he fell victim to online fraudsters while trying to buy a gift over the internet.
Sir Tim, who dreamt up the web 20 years ago, said he bought a Christmas present from an online shop. It was only when the present didn't arrive that he realised he had been conned.

Google Earth used by thief to pinpoint buildings with valuable lead roofs - 03/16/09
Tom Berge used the popular internet tool, which shows aerial photographs of towns across the world, to pinpoint museums, churches and schools across south London with lead roof tiles.

Arrest Made For Queensbury Stalking, Burglary - 03/15/09

A Fort Edward man has been charged with stalking a woman and breaking into her residence.
Joshua J. Hooper of Robert Rogers Rd., is lodged in the Warren County Jail in lieu of $25,000 cash bail after being arrested on charges of second degree burglary, felony. He is also facing misdemeanor counts of fourth degree stalking and fourth degree criminal mischief.

How to tell, what to do if computer is infected - 03/15/09
Computer-virus infections don't cause your machine to crash anymore.
Nowadays, the criminals behind the infections usually want your computer operating in top form so you don't know something's wrong. That way, they can log your keystrokes and steal any passwords or credit-card numbers you enter at Web sites, or they can link your infected computer with others to send out spam.

Suspect Faces Cyberstalking Federal Charges For Indiana Incident - 03/14/09
An Ohio man who used phony pages to embarrass a Lake Station couple faces federal cyberstalking charges.
Thomas Slapnicker, 26, was arrested near Cleveland, Ohio for allegedly making threats against a victim in Lake Station and her partner, and using the social networking website MySpace to create Web pages posing as the couple, according to a federal indictment released this week.

Craigslist ad for free funeral barter laid to rest - 03/13/09;_ylt=AsP_TbkOG5FF4NZWsGYGQVXtiBIF
A New York funeral director hoping to barter a free funeral for construction work on his patio was forced to scrap the idea due to the media frenzy that followed.

Cyber Stalking: Action News Investigation - 03/13/09
We all get junk email now and then but what if the email you receive is so disturbing you’re afraid to even use your computer. A local beauty queen says that’s exactly what happened to her.

State Patrol formally hands "Email-gate" case to a detective - 03/13/09
The Washington State Patrol says it has assigned a detective to look into the Washington State Labor Council email "threat" that backfired Wednesday and scuttled the council's top legislative priority this session.

The unblinking eye of the boss sees more than you realize - 03/12/09
Warning: reading this story at work could be hazardous to your career.
Your boss could be watching your keystrokes, logging websites you visit and keeping track of how long you spend there, and looking for keywords in your emails. As if that weren't scary enough, some employers are going even further by demanding prospective employees submit to deep background checks as a condition of employment.

Stopping stalkers on the Web - 03/12/09
Somewhere in the midst of free speech and privacy, new-fangled technologies and old-fashioned intimidation, there exists a new word ­ cyberstalking.

Home intruder confronted live on Twitter and online TV by technology writer Dave Prager - 03/12/09
At around 4am in the morning Dave Prager spotted an unknown man in his San Francisco apartment.
Mr Prager, an online technology writer and web video star for internet television station Revision3, immediately posted the event onto social website Twitter.

Fury at cop hate on Facebook - 03/12/09
A FACEBOOK group threatening cops must be stopped, a peer demanded yesterday.
Lord Mackenzie told the Lords the obscenely-named campaign targeting Northumbria Police now has 7,000 members.

The coward and the keyboard - 03/11/09
Cowards have a new persona and its name is anonymity.
In the past a person who started stupid vicious gossip did eventually have to face the consequences. They either had to back up what was said or apologize for starting the lies.

Google ad service raises privacy fears - 03/11/09
Google knows more about you than any organisation in human history. It can give you a bird’s eye view of your house, allow friends and family to track your every move through their mobile phones, and through its search engine - knows your likes, dislikes and even your vices.

Man arrested for cyberstalking - 03/11/09
Larry Steve Hutchinson, 44, of Gonzales, turned himself in to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office on a charge of cyberstalking after detectives alerted him that he had an outstanding warrant.

Internet Mother of six on welfare paid $2,000 for English bull dogs - 03/11/09
Michelle St. Amand admits she has a soft spot for animals, so when she saw an ad on the Internet to adopt a pair of English bulldogs, she made arrangements to transport them to her home. Seven months and hundreds of dollars later, she is still without the pets.
Sgt. Steve Gourdeau of the Hampton RCMP said police are investigating the case of alleged Internet fraud.

Sexting and teenagers: Are societal norms to blame? - 03/10/09
Sexting is a growing trend amongst teens in the United States, landing individuals in court, on the sex offender registry and for some, in the grave. But it is really a problem with skewed moral views in the United States?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glamour magazine needs you!!!

A writer for Glamour magazine is working on an article about web sites like Juicycampus. com (now defunct) and collegeacb. com and women who have been victims of this.

Prefers victims in USA, must be female and between the ages of 18-25 ONLY.

Please contact the writer, Megan Feldman at megfeldman@gmail. com ASAP!!

Feel free to pass this info on to other boards, your blog, etc.

Monday, March 09, 2009

WHOA Newsletter - March 9, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Talk about having a bad day
Speeder found in stolen car with stolen items, dog;_ylt=Am_LWX3T.zFrMS.GYTGLxYftiBIF

First of all, police said he was speeding. Second, the 18-year-old wasn't wearing a seat belt and was driving on a suspended license. But that was the least of his troubles. According to police, when the man was pulled over on Tuesday they found a marijuana cigarette. Then they found out the car he was driving was reported stolen. Then they found $27,000 worth of stolen goods in the car.

And when officers asked about the small dog on the front seat, the man could not tell them anything about it.

But a call to the veterinarian listed on the dog's tag led to its owner, who said the pet had been stolen during a home burglary.

Detectives were unsure if the suspect remained in jail Friday.
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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Google Docs suffers privacy glitch - 03/09/09
Google discovered a privacy glitch that inappropriately shared access to a small fraction of word-processing and presentation documents stored on the company's online Google Docs service.

All for '15 megabytes of fame' - 03/09/09
In schoolyards across te country, all it takes to attract a crowd are the words "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
But students are increasingly showing up with cameras to record the brawls, then posting the footage on the Internet.

Tennessee auctions off fortune of Internet scammer - 03/09/09
It took the state of Tennessee about an hour to auction off a fortune built by Internet scam artist Perry Belcher.
State auctioneers sold a house, all-terrain vehicles, cars and multiple other items that once belonged to the 44-year-old Belcher, who pleaded guilty in September to running dozens of health-related Internet scams, including one in which he sold “vitamins” made with ash, cayenne and chili peppers.

Cyberspace bullying proliferates at colleges - 03/09/09
Bullying may seem like a grade school problem, but Ellen Kraft knows how the Internet has extended its reach.
A professor in the business school at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Kraft has been studying bullying in its newest form - cyberbullying - and how the schoolyard bully can easily reach into college classrooms and company boardrooms all around the world.

NYU law alum arrested - 03/08/09
County prosecutors announced Thursday that a 49-year-old NYU alumnus has been arrested on charges of identity theft, criminal impersonation and aggravated harassment.
Greenwich Village resident Raphael Haim Golb, who received a J.D. from the NYU School of Law in 1995, was arraigned Friday on five criminal charges in Manhattan Criminal Court. He is accused of using internet aliases to “influence and affect debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls” and “harass Dead Sea Scrolls scholars who disagree with his viewpoint” between July and December 2008, according to Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.

Friends Hope Teen's Death Warns Others Against 'Sexting' - 03/07/09
Friends of a teen who took her own life after a nude photo of her was sent around her school have come forward to discuss the events that led to the girl's suicide.
"She more like kept to herself, (and) would like hide in the bathroom and cry," said Lauren Taylor, who was best friends with Jessie Logan. "She'd always call me crying."

Whiteface Mountain Harassment May Lead To Charges - 03/07/09
Charges could be coming soon in the case of videotaped harassment incident that showed up on the popular Web site YouTube earlier this month, according to Essex County District Attorney Julie Garcia.

Craigslist Stands Firm on 'Erotic Services' Ads - 03/06/09
Popular classified-ad Web site faces a battle with the Cook County, Illinois, sheriff's department. Sheriff Thomas Dart says the Web site's "Erotic Services" section is being used for prostitution and he wants it shut down.

Grad student pleads guilty in Lamar e-mail threat - 03/06/09
A Lamar University student barred from graduating faces up to five years in prison for sending an e-mail threat to the school's president.

IT Pro Gets Four Years for Building Botnets - 03/05/09
An employee of search engine startup Mahalo has been sentenced to four years in prison for infecting as many as 250,000 computers with malicious botnet computer code.

Stalkers turn to 'textual' harassment to antagonize victims - 03/05/09
The college student had endured months of online and cell phone harassment from her ex-boyfriend. She ignored the barrage of e-mails, changed her phone number and dismantled online profiles to cut him off.

Man's unusual stalking case not first conviction - 03/05/09
When Kenneth G. Phelan met a Filipino immigrant on the Internet in 2007, it looked like the start of a new friendship. They began chatting frequently on Yahoo in March 2008. Soon they were attending church together.

Facebook threats land student behind bars - 03/05/09,stng-Facebook-threats-0305.article
A 17-year-old student at Joliet Catholic Academy is in police custody today, accused of threatening other students through the social networking site Facebook.
Joliet Police Chief Fred Hayes said the student likely will be charged later today in the incident.

Fake peer Hugh Rodley convicted of world’s biggest cyber theft - 03/05/09
Cyber thieves led by a self-styled peer who tried to steal £229million in the world's biggest computer crime are facing jail.
Lord of the manor Hugh Rodley, 61, hired hackers to crack a bank's computer and transfer vast sums.

Felony Charge For Craigslist Prank - 03/05/09
Meet Kari Heath. The Wisconsin woman, 20, is facing a felony charge for allegedly posing as an ex-boyfriend and posting a Craigslist personals ad seeking other men to call him at work and "talk dirty to him." According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, Heath placed the ad last month after arguing with her boyfriend Joseph Strasburg. The ad, which was posted in Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" section, included several photos of the 24-year-old Strasburg, including one explicit image, and his business phone number.

Woman receives year in jail for e-mail threats - 03/04/09
A woman who sent the leader of the populist Freedom Party, Geert Wilders more than 100 threatening e-mails has been sentenced to a year in jail and conditional psychiatric treatment. She had previously been sentenced to a year in jail and unconditional treatment. Psychiatrists said she suffered from delusional disorders and locking her in an institution would be detrimental to her psychological well-being.

Man arrested for Internet harassment of a Lyndhurst resident - 03/04/09
The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lyndhurst Police Department arrested 48-year-old Donald A. Moat of Dumont on Tuesday on charges of harassment, wrongful impersonation and stalking a Lyndhurst resident.

Hefty fine for YouTube cannabis grower - 03/04/09
A dope who posted videos of his cannabis plant on YouTube - right under his real name, home town, and date of birth - was fined £275 yesterday.
Jobless Shane Burfield had used the networking site to proudly record the growth of his illegal £500 bush over six months.

Judge Kicks Notorious Spammer off Facebook - 03/03/09
A federal judge in San Jose, California, has ordered convicted spammer Sanford Wallace to stay away from Facebook.
Facebook sued Wallace and two other men last week in an effort to cut down on spam and phishing schemes on the social-networking site. On Monday, Judge Jeremy Fogel of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued a temporary restraining order barring Wallace and two other alleged spammers, Adam Arzoomanian and Scott Shaw, from accessing Facebook's network.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Things that stick in my craw. . .Air Travel Edition

The past couple of months, I spent a LOT of time in airports and on planes.

These are the things that stick in my craw about air travel. . .

Airlines - get your frelling act together! Either charge everyone for everything or stop charging extra for what used to be free. US Airways, on the first leg of one of my flights, was charging for *everything* including water, coffee, tea, sodas, juice and pillows/blankets. So when I got on the next flight, I made sure I had a pre-purchased soda with me. Come to find out, the rest of my flights on US Airways provided FREE water, coffee, tea, sodas and juice, plus we got pretzels. And a pillow if we wanted one.

If you're going to charge the average Joe $15 for the first bag, then charge everyone. It got confusing when on one airline I had to pay, then the next I didn't.

If you're stupid enough to miss your flight, for crissakes, don't take it out on the gate agent across the way. I experienced seeing a woman (who appeared to have been in the bar, if you get my drift) come across the airport to our gate to begin to berate the gate agent that she missed her flight because no one told her the gate changed. The gate agent patiently told this woman an announcement had been made several times. The woman burst into crocodile tears and asked who was going to tuck her children into bed that night and read to them? Then she said they couldn't miss her red hair. The gate agent patiently told her that they don't know what passengers look like, so they wouldn't have been able to flag her down personally. Then the woman cried out, "Who will be with my babies tonight?" At this point, I called my husband, cracking up, and said next she'd claim she was pregnant and who would explain this to her fetus?
It ended up with three TSA agents and three local cops to take this woman away. The rest of us in the gate area had been hoping the woman would start punching someone, but no such luck.

I really wish people would stop rushing up to the gate door when the flight is announced to be ready for boarding. It's like if they get on first, the flight will take off faster. Good lord, people, move away and let the people get on in the order they should be. If you're in Zone 4 and Zone 1 is boarding, move your fat asses. I hate it when I have to weave around people and they get mad at *me* if I bump into them when they're the ones in the darned way.

Next time I'm asked to change seats with a mom who wants to sit with her two kids, I will make sure my new seat is far, far away from them. I was nice enough to do this on a long flight from San Francisco to New Jersey and the boy was right behind me and proceeded to kick my seat for almost the entire flight. I don't care how sweet you think your child is, if they're rude enough to kick the seat in front of them, reach around the seat to grab that passenger (which this kid did and almost grabbed my breast), pull on the seat, put the tray up and down with force and generally can't behave, then you shouldn't be flying with them.

I say the airlines have flights that are all families/all kids only and let people know when booking about this feature. If I knew I was going to be on a plane with kids, I'd opt for a different flight that was all adult.

That being said, when the flight attendants tell you to NOT use your cell phone in flight, DON'T DO IT. On that same long flight, I had two women in head scarves pull their cell phones out mid-flight and begin texting someone. I shit you not. I was on the window, I had the kid behind me driving me crazy and I knew that if I hit the call button, I'd probably lose it. So I ordered a small bottle of red wine, put my headphones in and listened to Keith Urban, very loudly, until I fell asleep for what little time I could before the kicking ensued again (besides hiding my boobs from that kid's grabby hands).

If you are sick and you can't change your travel plans, please keep a tissue or something over your face while your coughing, sneezing, wheezing and whatever else is coming up. I do not want to catch what you have. Thank god for Airborne. Ever since a friend told me about this years ago, my colds/flu have gone down significantly. I used to get sick *every* time I came home from a trip. Not any more.

If I'm in the middle or window seat and need to use the bathroom, don't get all grumpy on me and make it seem like I'm bothering you. Suck it up and let me pass.

If your bag is too big to fit in the overhead, don't have a conniption fit. You should have gate-checked it or just plain old checked it and paid the frelling $15, you ass. You're holding up the flight when you insist on trying to cram your dirty overstuffed undies in the overhead.

If I have earphones in my ears, that means I don't want to be bothered. Period. I don't care how much of a sweet old lady you are.

If you're airport personnel and you can't get the jetway to connect to the plane the first couple of times, please get us off the frelling plane when it's 1 am in the morning and we're all tired and just want to go home. My last flight ended at Manchester, NH airport where the airport personnel just couldn't get that jetway connected to the plane (it wouldn't budge). A half hour later, some idiot got the bright idea to roll some stairs to us so that we could get off. Geez, you think? All this time, three TSA officers were watching us through the windows, just as confused as we were (the TSA guys are in the terminal to the right of the jetway):

Now for a stumper - can anyone tell what's wrong with this photo? If you get it right, I'll be so darned proud of you:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cape Elizabeth, Maine Middle and High School

On February 23rd, I was supposed to speak to the middle and high school students in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, but a snowstorm (again!) postponed it until Wednesday. But on Tuesday night, I drove up to the Middle School (with Phoebe in tow) and met Principal Steven Connolly so that I could set up to give a presentation to concerned parents. We weren't sure how many to expect.

I tied Phoebe up to a chair in the front row and she was an angel all night. A local TV station, WCSH, showed up to videotape and parents started coming in. We had a good crowd, over 50 from what I could tell, which is a good turnout. Usually, the parent talks I give are not well attended.

Throughout my presentation I answered loads of questions and tried to put their minds at ease. Several asked if I could move in with them (ha ha) and most were concerned about Facebook. I can't say it enough - if your kids are using it, get involved with them. Have them help you open up an account and ask them to be your first friend. If they balk at that, then that *is* a warning sign. They could at least friend you with limited access to their profile, but to outright tell their parent they can't be friends is not a good sign.

The next morning, I went back to the middle school to talk to the kids there. Like my Columbus presentation, the interactive sections were good and I thought it went well.

I moved on to the high school and met Jeff Shedd, the principal, who had been my main contact for the presentations. He had talked with me quite a while ago and he knew I would be looking at student profiles, etc. I have an alter ego I use on Facebook to see what students will friend me. I usually try about 60-75 students and this time I asked 65 to be my friends. 53 approved me without question.

When I showed them my stats and told them that when they have 300, 400, 700 and more friends listed in Facebook, how many of those friends do they REALLY know? I showed them a video of a girl their age who had been tricked by an online predator into running away with him. He pretended to be her age at first, changed his story until she fully trusted him "more than anyone else" and she ran off with him. She was lucky she didn't get killed. This shows these kids that someone *their* age had this happen to them. It's not just me as an adult warning them.

So, for the ones who friended my alter ego:

58% listed their cell phone number in their profile
3 boys listed their home phone
78% listed their AIM screen name
64% list an email address (sometimes two)
1 listed their home address (a boy)
1 boy and 1 girl listed where they worked after school

This information was now available to a complete stranger just because they wanted to increase their friends list. When I showed them who had approved me, one kid asked if that was legal. I told him that all of them (and anyone who gets an account on Facebook) shows up in a search result with their full name and profile picture, which is PUBLICLY available to anyone online anywhere in the world.

I then showed them the photos I found in their profiles, again available to someone who was a complete stranger and could have been a bully, a harasser, stalker or predator and there were several of them drinking alcohol (the drinking age in Maine is 21), giving the finger and some generally just not right photos. I showed them stats that colleges, universities and employers are now routinely looking at Myspace, Facebook and other profiles, as well as doing "Google" searches of candidates AND on current students/employees. What they put online could jeopardize their future.

As if that wasn't enough, I spoke about sexting, the latest thing where kids and teens are taking photos with their cell phones of each other naked, semi-naked or otherwise compromising, then forwarded them to others or posting those photos online. When I showed these kids that students their age were being *arrested* for felony charges of child pornography, they were pretty schocked. Then I showed them recent news stories from here in Maine, one where a group of teens were arrested for taking and passing around a photo of a naked teen girl and another of a teen who used his school-issued laptop to disseminate nude photos of a teen girl.

It takes one small misstep like that - which they think of as cute at the time and not realize the consequences could affect the rest of their life.

I loved how the students tried to find out who my alter ego on Facebook was. Most kept throwing girls names at me and why would my alter ego be a girl, anyway? Of course, I didn't tell. It was interesting going back to their profiles to see some making stupid comments like "hey you want to be cyberbullied?" and "let's sext and see if the WHOA lady sees this." On one hand, it gets me a bit upset they trivialize what I tried to warn them about, but on the other, it shows they *were* listening.

Over the weekend, I got a call from a concerned mom that her daughter was on Facebook, wouldn't friend her, had the laptop in her bedroom and shut the laptop when her mom came into the room and spent a lot of time on the internet, plus a friend's mom told her that her daughter had a "boyfriend" in North Carolina. All these were warning signs I showed the parents. I spoke to the mom and tried to be gentle, but told her she had to put her foot down and take steps to take control back on what her daughter does online. No, don't make her delete her Facebook account, but insist she let her mom be her friend, even as a limited profile view; give her mom the password to her laptop in case something happened to her (what if she got really sick, in an accident or, god forbid, did run off with someone she met online?) and to set some rules - after all, her mom pays for the Internet.

All parents need to stop being their child's friend and be a parent first, then a friend. If you're paying for the Internet and providing your child's needs, such as a roof over their head, food, etc, then you have the right to control more of what they do online. After all, you set curfews, make them do their homework, make them do chores to help out around the house and pretty much make them eat what is put on the table, right?

If they bullied, harassed, stalked or sexted someone on your Internet service - YOU could be responsible for it and could be arrested for what they do online in your home.

Enough of my ranting. The internet is not going to go away. Parents need to buck up and learn how to use it like their kids use it. Get more involved with their kids. Kids have to realize they don't own the internet - anyone online anywhere in the world of any age, race, gender or sexual persuasion *can* see what you're doing online.

And what they put online can and will hurt them in the long run if they are not careful.

Go to WHOA, WHOA-KTD (Kids/Teen Division) or Net Crimes & Misdemeanors for more info.

Monday, March 02, 2009

WHOA Newsletter - March 2, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It must be a sloooooow day in Elizabethton

Tenn. sheriff looks to serve 80-year-old warrant
ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. ­ The Carter County Sheriff's Department is trying to serve an 80-year-old warrant for the arrest of a man who wrote a $30 bad check, although unsure if he is alive. The warrant, issued in August 1928, calls for the arrest of J.A. Rowland. It says he owes $30 for the bad check, $2 for the arrest fee and 50 cents each for the affidavit and warrant.

Clerks at the Glynn County Sheriff's Office in Brunswick, Ga., recently found the warrant buried in a records storage room while cleaning and mailed it to Tennessee.

Current Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes told The Elizabethton Star he is still under a legal obligation to find Rowland.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Claims mum harassed on social networking site - 03/02/09
POLICE are investigating allegations a Northern Rivers mother has been harassed, stalked and bullied on the social networking site, Facebook.

Cyberstalking in W.Va.: 'Digital evidence doesn't lie' - 03/02/09
Just a few years ago, police and domestic violence workers didn't spend much time thinking about the ways technology could be used against women in abusive and controlling relationships. Now, cyberstalking is a harsh reality for those women, but the technology that makes it possible also can make it easier to catch stalkers in the act.

I GO ONLINE TO DESTROY YOU - 03/02/09,4136,194404,00.html
UPSET that he was spurned by a lecturer after a brief torrid affair, a tertiary student turned to the Internet to smear her reputation.
The year-long liaison, which took place more than 10 years ago, ended when the lecturer's husband learnt about it.

I'M SCARED OF WHAT BLOGGER WILL DO NEXT - 03/02/09,4136,194403,00.html
CALL it the wild west web.
Hiding behind the cloak of anonymity in the World Wide Web, an increasing number of troublemakers are using the Internet as their weapon to defame and tarnish the reputations of their victims.

From lonely heart to jailed drug mule: British woman's horrifying journey as internet lover forces her to smuggle heroin - 03/02/09
A British woman who flew across the world to China in search of love is now whiling away the years in an Australian jail after being conned by a Nigerian drug runner.
The sad and extraordinary case of 46-year-old Somerset woman Victoria Nicholson was revealed today as Australian authorities began an investigation with Chinese police to track down the cruel hoaxer who forced the naive woman into travelling with heroin inside her body.

Net dream cars 'imaginary rip-offs' - 03/02/09,27574,25123289-421,00.html
THEY are the cars that were not there. Internet fraudsters are posting ads on popular online trading hubs for motor vehicles which don't exist.
Police are investigating the case of a 35-year-old Sydney man who lost $10,600 after responding to an ad on the Trading Post website for a 1990 Porsche 911.

Wayne County Man Arrested for Cyber-Stalking - 03/02/09
A Fairfield man is accused of creating a fake Myspace page and sending threatening messages online.
21 year-old Justin Savage faces felony charges of cyber-stalking, identity theft, and electronic harrassment of a witness.

Wayne Hoffman: Online opinions, even if they're vile, are still free speech - 03/01/09
Moron. Idiot. Henchman. Ideologue. Airhead. Wingnut. Windbag. Apparently, there's a rotating catalog of pet names that a dependable (yet unforgiving) band of my followers out in cyberspace like to call me.
I don't know their names, but they know me, and they make sure to publically deride me each and every time I open my mouth or pound out a right-of-center commentary on my keyboard.

HK actress lashes out at star over sex photos: report;_ylt=AvqG3fjKhukk4vKrD012wMf6VbIF
A Hong Kong actress at the centre of an Internet sex photo scandal has broken her silence about the incident, lashing out at the pop star who took the compromising pictures, a report said Saturday.

Explicit photos, gossip often lead to deep regret (with video) - 02/27/09
School administrators across the tri-county area say they're fighting a constant battle against students and their text-messaging habits.
But, increasingly, those administrators say, it's texting that happens outside of school that has the greatest effect in the classroom.
From sexually explicit messages and photos to hurtful gossip, "(texting) has become a major source of concern in managing the district, because it's the main method by which our kids are communicating," said Emily Capella, superintendent of the Lenape Regional School District.

Rewriting Facebook's Terms of Service - 02/27/09
Facebook launched on Thursday a campaign polling users over its new draft Terms of Service (TOS). Applauded by advocates and seen as a revolutionary move toward democratic social networking, Facebook's new campaign is making its way on the Internet. But what are the new TOS all about?

Friday Funny: Decoding Cyberjargon - 02/27/09
You’ve heard of modern marvels, right? Well now there is a phenomenon of modern maladies sweeping through the computer based world we call 2009. In order to help keep its visitors up with the times, FacilityBlog brings you this glossary of terms that apply to today’s techno-times. It’s an oldie but a goodie from New Scientist, by way of Peter SJF Bance.

Malware Tricking Search Engines, and You Too - 02/26/09
Both McAfee and Trend Micro are warning about a recent bump in the use of SEO (search engine optimization) abuse as a tool in the spread of malware.

Study: Hackers Still Enjoy Vandalizing Web Sites - 02/26/09
A study of 57 Web site hacks from last year showed that 24 percent were aimed at defacing a site rather than financial gain.
The figures from the latest Web Hacking Incidents Database Annual Report suggest that stealing money and data is not always the overriding motivation for hackers, although it hasbeen a rising trend in recent years.

Harassment officer posts ‘racist’ cartoon - 02/26/09
Student groups have condemned a university for failing to discipline a harassment officer who posted an antisemitic picture on the internet.
Andrew Collingwood, who works in the University of York’s biology department, added the image to a Palestine Solidarity Campaign group on social networking site Facebook.

Microsoft admits to, defends banning Lesbian Xbox Live user - 02/26/09
Xbox Live isn't known for the social graces of its users, and one gamer was harassed for outing herself as a lesbian... with Microsoft then banning her account. The company tells Ars that gay or straight, discussion of your sexual orientation in your profile is verboten, but "don't ask, don't tell" doesn't work too well.

FriendFinder's Latest Scandal Sexier Than a Penthouse Letter - 02/26/09
A porn star draping boobs over an employee's head. Lapdances on the company dime. $50 million in back taxes. These are just some of the charges Penthouse publisher FriendFinder Networks is facing from an ex-employee.

IL man under arrest for myspace threat - 02/26/09
Police in Fairfield, Illinois are charging a man for using a myspace account to make threats against another person.

The next generation of internet - 02/26/09
Software engineers at Stanford University are working to change the face of the internet as we know it. The Stanford Clean Slate Project is developing a second internet ­ one that would improve security by ending anonymity online. In his New York Times article on the project, John Markoff writes:
“What a new Internet might look like is still widely debated, but one alternative would, in effect, create a ‘gated community’ where users would give up their anonymity and certain freedoms in return for safety.”

Identity misses court - 02/26/09
MACLEAN identity John Xavier Berlin could not make it to a court appearance yesterday because he is receiving mental health treatment.

Phishers Attack Even as Google Explains Gmail Outage - 02/25/09
Google said Tuesday that its morning Gmail outage was a data-center malfunction. But even as the search giant was trying to put the matter behind it, there were reports of a phishing attack that tried to take advantage of the situation.

5 Facebook Scams: Protect Your Profile - 02/25/09
Beny Rubinstein knows computer security. An employee of a Seattle-area tech giant with 20 years of IT experience under his belt, Rubinstein has seen a side of the industry that most people will never know. He holds a degree in computer engineering, and--oh yeah--he just got scammed out of $1100 on Facebook.