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Friday, August 30, 2013

True Crime Online Video Podcast: Safe Online Shopping

True Crime Online Video Podcast: Safe Online Shopping

Monday, August 26, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - August 26, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Michigan woman loses $350 in online monkey scam

Police in the Michigan city of Battle Creek have advised a woman that she shouldn't expect to see a monkey, or her money.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports a 25-year-old woman contacted police Tuesday to report she lost $350 trying to buy a monkey from the African country of Cameroon.

The woman says she and her roommate found what they thought was a reputable website and received pictures and information about monkeys.

The so-called seller offered the monkey for $50. She sent it but received no simian.

After more back and forth, the woman shelled out $300 in two more payments but her contact wanted more money for a cage, license and shots.

Authorities smell a scam and say they are trying to gather her contact information.

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Con Woman Jailed Over Online Scam - 08/26/13
A woman from Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Adygea received a four-year prison term Monday for bilking two men out of over 1.2 million rubles ($36,000), the Prosecutor General’s Office said. The woman used a false identity and photo to register on an online dating service in May 2012, claiming to be a Moscow-based lawyer and the daughter of a rich businessman.

Romeo con artists cheat women in ‘Phuket Airport’ scam - 08/26/13
Several stories have appeared in national newspapers and on TV recently about Thai women being scammed by foreign men they met on the Internet and fell in love with. Despite the stories, however, Montira Cherdchoo, Phuket Airport Customs Director says she encounters an average of two similar scam stories every week involving women seduced online into giving up large sums of money. The scam is similar to the classic “Nigerian scam” whereby victims are offered a share of huge amounts of money if they first pay an “administration fee” of some sort.

Stampeders' Charleston Hughes receives e-mail threats - 08/26/13
No one on the football field had a problem with the hit that sidelined Ricky Ray. But off the field, apparently, some did. Calgary Stampeders defensive end Charleston Hughes took to Twitter on Sunday to voice his displeasure with threatening e-mails he received through his website in regards to the hit Hughes delivered at 8:51 of the first quarter Friday night in The Big Smoke that sent the Toronto Argonauts quarterback to the locker-room with a shoulder injury.

New scam: Thieves steal pets so they can sell them online - 08/25/13
Justin Masterson has no doubt that he’s the victim of a crime that, until recently, he didn’t even know existed. It’s called “pet flipping” ­ and area police say they’re keeping an eye out for it.Masterson, a 25-year-old Delaware County resident, said his introduction to the Internet-driven phenomenon came last month, when he returned from work to find that his two pit-bull puppies ­ Jules and Baby ­ were missing.

Warren man charged with 2nd cyberstalking offense - 08/24/13
The State Police have charged a Warren man with a second offense of cyberstalking after he allegedly made unsolicited calls and text messages to a juvenile girl. Detectives charged Ryan Stanley, 18, of 45 Canario Dr., after one of the girl's parents told police that she was receiving calls from someone refusing to identify himself. The parent said that when the girl refused to respond to the messages, Stanley threatened to release compromising pictures of her on the Internet.

Lucknow actor falls victim to cyber stalking, files complaint - 08/23/13
Television actor Anurag Nigam's last stint as a school teacher in the serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' earned him many fans. But this fantastic role has now landed him in trouble. "A fan has been troubling me for the past two months on Facebook. She is writing vulgar messages, abusing me, my family and my wife continuously.

U.S. war veteran loses thousands of dollars in online dating scam - 08/23/13
He was trained as a soldier to handle sophisticated weapons to defend the United States of America in many high profile wars, a duty he carried out diligently, but not without mishap. He suffered an accident at the war front, resulting in him becoming permanently disabled.

The NSA has a name for stalking: LOVEINT - 08/23/13
Move over, cyber-stalking, and say hello to LOVEINT. Analysts at the National Security Agency have a sexy code-name for what us civilians call[] “cyber-stalking,” The Wall Street Journal revealed on Friday evening.

British teen’s suicide puts cyber-bullying back in spotlight - 08/21/13
The early-August suicide of a 14-year-old British girl and her father’s anguished Facebook posts about it has prompted the website to beef up its anti-bullying tools and practices. It has also reignited the debate over the extent of online bullying and its impact. is a Latvia-based site that allows users to pose and answer questions from other, sometimes anonymous, users of the site. It has experienced significant growth, especially among teenagers, who can be attracted to the site because it is a place where their parents and other older users do not congregate.

Alberta women lose $300,000 in dating scam - 08/21/13
Canmore RCMP say two women living in Alberta have been taken for more than $300,000 in an online dating scam. Police say a man used an online dating site to solicit money from the women through wire transfers.

E.P. Woman, 42, Charged With Cyber-Stalking, Stalking Ex-Boyfriend - 08/20/13
East Providence police say she texted him repeatedly and followed him out of the police station even after being warned to stay away from him. An East Providence woman, 42, just wouldn't give up trying to talk with her ex-boyfriend, police said. She now faces cyber-stalking and stalking charges.

'Distraught' girl, 17, faces humiliation on the web after explicit pictures of her performing sex acts at Eminem gig go viral on Twitter and Instagram - 08/20/13
A 17-year-old girl has found herself at the centre of an internet storm after web users shared explicit photographs of her giving oral sex to two men at an Eminem concert in Ireland. Police are investigating the disturbing incident amid concerns that the images - apparently taken in a public area of the concert site and now widely circulating on the internet - amount to child pornography because she is under 18.

Citigroup chief economist Willem Buiter allegedly contacted woman who is accused of stalking him - 08/20/13
Renowned Citigroup chief economist Willem Buiter tried to make contact with his former mistress over the internet even after having her arrested for harassing him, a US court has heard. Mr Buiter is accused of approaching Heleen Mees over LinkedIn, the business networking website, despite having accused her of stalking him.

Monday, August 19, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - August 19, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man named Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested for drugs

Police in Wisconsin said an unusually named man, Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture.

The 32-year-old man, who was born Jeffrey Drew Wilschke and had his name legally changed in October 2011, allegedly had drugs and paraphernalia during a July 20 traffic stop, court records said.

Washington County records said Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, of Madison, was driving a minivan with an expired registration when a Washington County sheriff's deputy pulled him over for weaving between lanes.

Deputies found .60 ounces of marijuana in a Mason jar, more than 100 small, plastic bags, two scales, marijuana grinders and marijuana pipes in the vehicle, The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette reported Friday.

Zopittybop-Bop-Bop and his passenger, Zachary R. Marinan, of Davenport, had a combined $1,800 in cash.

Zopittybop-Bop-Bop is scheduled for trial Sept. 17 and if convicted could face a possible five years in prison and a $7,500 fine.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyber bullying made my life hell - 08/19/13
Social media has been at the centre of a storm in recent weeks after the suicide of Leicestershire schoolgirl Hannah Smith. She was taunted and bombarded with anonymous messages online. In desperation, the 14-year-old hanged herself after being targeted by trolls on, a website set up in Latvia. The tragedy has sparked a national debate, with parents - including Prime Minister David Cameron - asking why users are able to post such vicious remarks with complete anonymity.

Online Murder Threats Top Westport News This Week - 08/18/13
A 25-year-old Westport man was arrested Monday in connection with death threats made on a social media networking website called, police said.

New Zealand DJ sends photo of genitals to swimmer by mistake - 08/18/13
New Zealand radio DJ Dom Harvey apologized for sending a Snapchat image of his genitals to paralympian swimmer Sophie Pascoe. The Edge morning radio host sent the image through the Snapchat social media took, which allows a user to send a photo for a set length of time before it disappears, The New Zealand Herald on Sunday reported.

Cyber-bullying: Horror in the home - 08/17/13
"He was a happy laddie, not depressed and the last type of person you would think would take their life. "We're a very close family and I just wished he had come to me and said something." The words of the mother of 17-year-old Daniel Perry, who took his own life after he was apparently blackmailed after befriending someone he thought was a girl of his age online.

Teenager, 17, kills himself after blackmailers trick him into thinking he is on Skype with a girl his own age then threaten to send video of the conversation to his family and friends - 08/16/13
A teenager has killed himself after he became the victim of a webcam blackmail plot. Daniel Perry, 17, from Dunfermline, Fife, took his own life after a Skype conversation with someone he believed to be a girl the same age as him. However, a gang then hijacked the chat and threatened to show the video to his family and friends, unless he paid them off. Child welfare charities have warned that they are getting dozens of calls every week from suicidal children as young as 11 caught in the same trap.

Man jailed for harassment of Harrow woman - 08/16/13
A "remorseless" former lover has been jailed for conducting a ‘campaign of harassment’ against a woman with whom he previously had a relationship. Lee Childs, 45, of Northampton, was today sentenced to five months in prison at Harrow Crown Court for the harassment of his ex-partner from Harrow. The court heard how between August and December 2012, Childs had harassed his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with phone messages and online.

Israeli official warned over offensive Facebook postings - 08/16/13
A senior government official responsible for promoting positive images of Israel on social media networks has been ordered to stop posting offensive statements on his Facebook page. The gagging order followed a series of trenchant comments made by Daniel Seaman, who recently took up the post of head of Israeli public diplomacy on the internet, over the past few months.

Albion man charged in online terror threats - 08/15/13
A 33-year-old Albion man, Chad Baase, faces up to life in prison on terrorism charges after investigators said he threatened to contaminate the water supply and kill judges. Baase was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of making a false report or threat of terrorism and using a computer to commit a crime.

'Awesome! Can we come too?' Mr Lube mechanic fired after Twitter request for someone to drop off marijuana at work is spotted by police - 08/15/13
A Toronto mechanic has been sacked from his job after he asked his Twitter followers to drop off marijuana to his work. Stupid Sunith Baheerathan, who worked at Mr Lube, wrote: 'Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20 sac chop? 'Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr Lube, need a spliff or two to help me past this open to close.'

Canada teens in court in deadly cyberbullying case; they face child pornography charges - 08/15/13
Two Canada teenagers appeared in youth court Thursday on child pornography charges related to a deadly cyberbullying case, which is set to continue next month as the defense seeks additional disclosure of evidence. Rehtaeh Parsons was taken off life support after a suicide attempt in April that her family says was prompted by months of bullying. They say the 17-year-old was tormented after a digital photograph of her allegedly being sexually assaulted was distributed around her school.

Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups - 08/15/13
The greatest threat to the video game industry may be some of its most impassioned fans. Increasingly, game developers are finding themselves under attack by some of the very people they devote their lives to entertaining. And this growing form of gamer-on-game-developer cyber harassment is starting to take its toll.

Cyber-Harassment: What the Online Community Can Do to Stop the Trolls - 08/15/13
The Internet is a bountiful source of information, commerce, entertainment and enlightenment. We share stories and pictures online. We cheer up our friends with encouraging messages. We read the news and share our opinions about the issues of the day. We watch funny videos and search for jobs, mates and rare copies of Ramones albums. Cyberspace is no longer a science fiction concept, but an alternate universe that exists in our reality, one that we can tap into at any time, from anywhere.

Wife of NCCo Courthouse shooter waives extradition, will return to Delaware - 08/14/13
The wife of New Castle County Courthouse shooter Thomas Matusiewicz waived extradition in a Texas courtroom today and will be returned to Delaware to face charges in connection with her daughter-in-law’s slaying, authorities said. Lenore Matusiewicz, 68, who is in custody in McAllen, Texas, appeared in federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby along with her 41-year-old daughter Amy Gonzalez.

Newly crowned Miss Teen USA alleges to be victim of cyber crime - 08/14/13
Miss Teen USA 2013, Cassidy Wolf, has claimed that she has been a victim of an online extortion plot and cyber stalking.

Parents left terrified after man hacked their baby monitor and yelled abuse at them and their 2-year-old daughter - 08/14/13
A Houston, Texas couple was horrified when the baby monitor in their young child’s room was taken over by a hacker who verbally attacked them and even used their daughter’s name. Marc Gilbert says he was doing the dishes following his birthday celebration when he heard strange sounds coming from 2-year-old Allyson’s bedroom. He discovered they were coming from the baby monitor as a stranger’s voice called his sleeping daughter an ‘effing moron’ and ‘little slut’ before he quickly unplugged it. instigates audit into site safety - 08/13/13 is conducting an independent audit of its site and safety features after accusations that the site is enabling online bullying and harassment. Site owners Ilja and Mark Terebin said that this audit will help them understand what site changes may be required. Their statement said, “On Friday, once the investigation is concluded, we will be in a position to share with everyone the changes and improvements we plan to make to combat online bullying and harassment. We are committed to taking comprehensive and decisive action to ensure our social network is a safe environment."

Ebay's biggest troll unmasked: Man who outbids all customers then refuses to pay and leaves bad reviews is outed as loner who rarely leaves his house - 08/13/13
An internet troll who harassed successful sellers on eBay in a bid to put them out of business has been exposed after years of abuse. Charles 'Chuck' Fitch, from Canton, Michigan, is said to be the man behind the mask who calls himself Ebayisajoke and harasses not only the ecommerce website and PayPal but also those who use it. A television reporter in Detroit, Michigan, hired private investigators to track down the man who targeted individual customers, sending them a torrent of threatening abuse.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

True Crime Online Video Podcast - Back to School: Don't Let The Bullies Get To You

True Crime Online Video Podcast - Back to School: Don't Let The Bullies Get To You

Monday, August 12, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - August 12, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Delta confirmation number reads 'GONER'

Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, said it will ensure its system does not use "GONER" in confirmation numbers after it appeared on a passenger's ticket.

Passenger Kathryn Stockett posted a picture of a Delta ticket to her Twitter account and noted the confirmation number, which read "GONER5," NBC News reported Friday.

"Dear Delta Airlines, I know we've been through some hard times together but is this really my conf number?" Stockett posted.

Delta said the confirmation numbers are randomly generated, but officials will be ensuring the pattern does not come up in the system again.

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Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon recalls stalker threats - 08/12/13
Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon has revealed that she felt compelled to report her stalker when she discovered he was also targeting fans of the group. The singer told ITV's Lorraine that people often don't take cyberstalking as seriously as threats that are made via other methods such as letter.

Matusiewiczes hit with federal charges, including cyberstalking - 08/11/13
For the four years before Thomas Matusiewicz shot his former daughter-in-law to death in the New Castle County Courthouse, his family engaged in a sustained, vicious campaign to spy on, threaten and harass Christine Belford over custody of three of her children, according to federal prosecutors. That included posting slanderous accusations about the 39-year-old online, hacking into her Facebook account and having associates drive by her North Star home, secretly videotape her and take down license plates of cars parked there.

Edcouch family arrested for cyber-stalking murdered in-law - 08/11/13
After loading up their family car with weapons, binoculars, restraints, an electric shock device, gas cans and a shovel, the Matusiewicz family allegedly all conspired to kill a Delaware woman who had married into their family. The recently unsealed federal indictment gives harrowing details about the family’s cyber-stalking and alleged conspiracy to kill their former in-law Christine Belford.

Herzog doc about texting while driving is properly frightening - 08/09/13
Acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog has created a 35-minute documentary for AT&T called "From One Second To The Next" as part of a campaign against texting and driving. The harrowing short film is sure to scare viewers straight at "more than 40,000 high schools" and "hundreds of safety organizations and government agencies" where it will be shown, according to AT&T.

Miami man posts confession, photo of wife's body to Facebook -08/09/13
Derek Medina of Miami, Florida posted an apparent confession to Facebook along with a photo of his wife's dead body before turning himself in to authorities. He has been charged with first degree murder. "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me," the post said.

Thai journalist harassed over Facebook postings - 08/09/13
A Thai journalist has been harassed and questioned today in connection with comments he posted to his personal Facebook page in early August that speculated about a possible military coup, according to news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Thai authorities to drop the criminal investigation against Sermsuk Kasitpradit and to refrain broadly from curbing freedom of expression over the Internet.

Au pair who skipped bail leaves trail on Facebook - 08/08/13
A French au pair who vanished after admitting theft from her Welsh employers has left a Facebook trail that shows her partying across Europe, police said. Emeline Marie Essertel, who celebrated her 24th birthday Wednesday, has updated her Facebook page 11 times since she jumped bail in March, The Daily Telegraph reported.

3 relatives of courthouse shooter indicted, feds say cyberstalking resulted in death of victim - 08/08/13
The wife, son and daughter of a man who fatally shot two women at a Delaware courthouse earlier this year as they arrived for a child-support hearing have been federally indicted, charged with cyberstalking that resulted in the death of a victim, reports the News Journal. The shooter himself committed suicide after the Feb. 11 slayings. They apparently were sparked by a longstanding divorce-related legal battle between his son, David Matusiewicz, now 46, and his son's ex-wife, Christine Belford, 39. She and a friend, Laura Mulford, 47, who had come with her to the New Castle County courthouse in Wilmington for the hearing were both killed by Thomas Matusiewicz, 68, authorities said.

Are Internet Trolls the Modern Incarnation of Witch Hunters? - 08/08/13
In the age of the Internet troll, there's an unfortunately predictable cycle for what happens to women who talk about feminist issues online: They get barraged with rape threats and harassment. For examples: see here, here, here and most recently, here. The anonymous nature of Twitter and comment threads allows cowards to write hateful things to people without consequences, suggesting that this reaction is unique to the digital age. But it's not. The Twitter rape threat is just the 21st century incarnation of a centuries old reaction.

Rehtaeh Parsons suicide: two charged over photos in cyberbullying case - 08/08/13
Police in Canada have charged two young men with distributing child pornography in the cyberbullying case of Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year-old who killed herself after a photo of her allegedly being raped was shared online. The death of Rehtaeh, who was taken off life support after a suicide attempt in April, led to an outcry. Police initially concluded there were no grounds to charge anyone after a yearlong investigation.

Amazon could shut down cyber bullying website... but refuses: Parents of victims urge retailer to take action over site it hosts - 08/07/13
Amazon was dragged into the scandal over a notorious cyber-bullying site yesterday after it emerged that the web retailer ‘hosts’ the controversial social network. It can shut down, but has ignored a plea to do so from a British internet safety consultant. The revelation prompted the parents of children who died after being trolled on the ‘disgusting’ website to urge Amazon to take action, while experts accused of ‘promoting’ cyber-bullying.

Pa. Superior Court affirms harassment conviction of teen over Facebook post - 08/07/13
A state appellate court panel has affirmed a ruling by a trial judge who decided criminal charges were appropriate in the case of a teenager who posted on a social media website lewd comments about another girl. Three judges with the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed on Aug. 2 an earlier judgment by the Lebanon County Common Pleas Court in a case involving Lindsey Marie Cox, an 18-year-old who posted a comment to her Facebook page that said the other teen had the sexually transmitted disease genital herpes.

Max the Roomba cat celebrates Shark Week in viral video - 08/07/13
Max-Arthur, the shark costume-wearing, Roomba-riding cat has struck again. The Internet fell in love with the Texas kitty, who wears an awesome shark hoodie, riding the robotic vacuum and chasing a duckling around his person's kitchen. Max-Arthur, aka CatShark is back, this time paying tribute to Shark Week while also cleaning the kitchen.

Schoolgirl is 'trolled to death': Parents' agony as daughter, 14, 'hangs herself' after horrific abuse from bullies on website - 08/06/13
A teenager was found hanged at her home after suffering months of bullying by anonymous ‘trolls’ on a notorious website. Hannah Smith, 14, was taunted on ­ linked to at least four teenage deaths in the past year ­ over her weight, the death of an uncle and an apparent propensity to self-harm. She had also been urged to ‘drink bleach’ by the anonymous tormentors, friends said.

Walthamstow MP has endured a number of threats online - 08/06/13
The harassment of Stella Creasy MP on Twitter has continued after she was sent an image of a masked man brandishing a knife. The accompanying message, from the now suspended user @Murkztah_, read: “I’m gonna be the first thing u see when u wake up..” The 36-year-old Labour MP for Walthamstow was threatened with rape and received bomb threats on the social media site after supporting feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez in her campaign to have an image of a woman on banknotes.

Man arrested for cyberstalking - 08/06/13
Issaquah police arrested a 26-year-old man July 31, for cyberstalking his ex-girlfriend. The woman, who lives in Issaquah, first contacted police when she found several suggestive photos of herself posted online without her permission. In one case, the suspect pretended to be his ex-girlfriend online by posting the photos with a fake Craigslist ad for a massage escort. Commander Stan Conrad said the victim had been subject to the abuse for some time and police had to navigate through many legal hurdles in order to produce enough evidence to charge the suspect.

Monday, August 05, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - August 5, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Car owner shops for insurance, gets quoted $1.8 million per year
A British man shopping for insurance for his 10-year-old car learned one company was prepared to offer coverage for the equivalent of $1.8 million per year.

Rhys Barker, 27, learned on the Zenith Insurance website his car, a Vauxhall Corsa economy car he bought for 1,400 pounds ($2,141), could be insured for 1.2 million pounds ($1,835,401) per year -- or 104,000 pounds ($159,068) in slightly higher monthly installments -- the Belfast Telegraph reported Friday.

Barker lives in Salford, near Manchester, site of some of Britain's highest car insurance rates because of a preponderance of car crimes, the newspaper said.

Gary Humphreys of Markerstudy Group, which owns Zenith Insurance, told the Manchester Evening News the price quote "reflects that we have declined to provide cover. We would not expect a customer to pay such a high premium. This is not a case of pricing customers out of the market, but quoting on the risks that are within our rating parameters."

Barker was shopping for a better rate, the newspaper said.

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Netting the cyber stalker - 08/05/13
O P Indel, a senior officer in a nationalised bank, was perplexed after receiving calls from his colleagues and relatives about some defamatory comment against him, posted on a suspicious looking website (made with insignia of the bank) and on social networking sites. Indel filed a complaint with the cyber cell of the Chandigarh Police and it was found that the posts were the handiwork of his former colleague, who accused him of harassment by halting his retirement benefit.

The women-hating Twitter trolls unmasked: From a respected military man to a former public schoolboy, men who anonymously spew out vile abuse online - 08/03/13
Around 1pm on Sunday, Caroline Criado-Perez received a tweet from someone in the Newcastle area. She knew what to expect even before she read it. By then, Miss Perez, 29, a feminist campaigner, had been all but overwhelmed by a torrent of threatening, abusive and misogynistic messages on Twitter after successfully lobbying the Bank of England to put the novelist Jane Austen on the new £10 note.

The Twitter troll fightback: Website promises clampdown on abuse as UK boss apologises and hires more staff to deal with malicious posts - 08/03/13
The UK boss of Twitter has personally apologised to women who have been attacked by trolls on the social networking site and vowed to do more to protect people from abuse. Tony Wang, general manager of Twitter UK, posted a series of tweets today saying abuse was 'simply not acceptable.'

Andreozzi lawyers plan appeal of cyber-harassment and obstruction conviction - 08/03/13
Lawyers for suspended Barrington police Sgt. Joseph Andreozzi, who was convicted last month by a jury on charges of obstructing the judicial system and cyber-harassment, have filed notice to appeal. The notice of appeal was signed July 24 and received July 29 by the clerk’s office at the state Supreme Court, which would hear an appeal.

Pa. teen loses Facebook harassment charge appeal - 08/02/13
A state appeals court on Friday upheld a teenager's harassment conviction for posting on Facebook that another girl had herpes. Superior Court ruled against an 18-year-old former Cedar Crest High School student whose untrue posting last year about a 15-year-old girl attracted several "likes" before it was taken down about an hour after she posted it.

Man used ex-girlfriend's photos to create Craigslist 'escort' ad - 08/02/13
Issaquah police say a 26-year-old man used his ex-girlfriend's scantily-clad photos to post a Craigslist ad for a "massage escort." The woman, who lives in Issaquah, first called police after finding several suggestive photos of herself posted online without her permission. Using search warrants, officers examined several Internet providers and soon discovered that the racy Craigslist ad originated with the woman's 26-year-old former boyfriend, according to police.

Former Fort Sanders surgical assistant admits role in nearly $1 million theft case - 08/02/13
A former Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center surgical assistant is confessing he stole nearly $1 million in medical supplies from his boss and sold them to an Illinois firm under probe for using eBay to hawk stolen and mislabeled devices. Michael William Gwinn has struck a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to transport stolen goods for taking part a six-year scheme to take from Fort Sanders medical supplies and devices. He admits selling them to Advanced Inventory Management.

Man Accused Of Cyberstalking Long Beach Woman - 08/02/13
A 30-year-old Missouri man accused of cyberstalking his ex-wife has turned himself in after learning of a warrant for his arrest in Long Beach. The Sun Herald reports police had obtained a warrant for Charles David Hunt in 2010. Detective Stephanie Stewart says Hunt is accused of sending the woman threatening emails and text messages for several months, even after he had moved from Long Beach, and began sending threatening messages to her family as well.

Are Debt Collectors Stalking You Online? - 08/01/13
Debt collectors spend a lot of time chasing down accounts, many of which will never result in a payment being made. A smart collector will spend time trying to collect on accounts that are most likely to have the ability to pay. Therefore, some collectors are looking beyond the traditional tools, like your credit report, to better target the accounts to spend time on.

ONLY ON KIRO 7: Woman in SPD stalking case says, ‘He still is not leaving me alone’ - 07/31/13
The alleged victim of Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer broke her silence. She says Blackmer has already violated the court order to leave her alone, claiming he called her Monday. In the court documents her name is A.R. She told KIRO-7's Alison Grande in a voicemail she's still afraid. She said Blackmer called her on Monday from a rehab facility in Florida.

Baton Rouge Man Arrested for Cyberstalking via Facebook - 07/31/13
A Baton Rouge man has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking a female on Facebook. According to an affidavit, Michael Martin, 22, 15562 Summerwood Dr, Baton Rouge is accused of posting derogatory and threatening posts on Facebook directed at the victim.

DPS subpoenas two Twitter accounts over alleged threats - 07/31/13
Two Twitter users who posted messages criticizing Texas Republican leaders for recently passed abortion restrictions have been subpoenaed by the Department of Public Safety in the investigation of a “terroristic threat.” The subpoena (below), acquired by the San Antonio Express-News, was sent to Twitter from DPS Agent Jason McMurray of Tyler on July 25. The subpoena directs Twitter to disclose names, emails and addresses, activation date, payment information, email and IP addresses used by the accounts @deniseromano and @prisonforbush on July 17-19. A call to McMurray was not immediately returned.