True Crime Online Newsletter - August 26, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Michigan woman loses $350 in online monkey scam

Police in the Michigan city of Battle Creek have advised a woman that she shouldn't expect to see a monkey, or her money.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports a 25-year-old woman contacted police Tuesday to report she lost $350 trying to buy a monkey from the African country of Cameroon.

The woman says she and her roommate found what they thought was a reputable website and received pictures and information about monkeys.

The so-called seller offered the monkey for $50. She sent it but received no simian.

After more back and forth, the woman shelled out $300 in two more payments but her contact wanted more money for a cage, license and shots.

Authorities smell a scam and say they are trying to gather her contact information.

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Con Woman Jailed Over Online Scam - 08/26/13
A woman from Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Adygea received a four-year prison term Monday for bilking two men out of over 1.2 million rubles ($36,000), the Prosecutor General’s Office said. The woman used a false identity and photo to register on an online dating service in May 2012, claiming to be a Moscow-based lawyer and the daughter of a rich businessman.

Romeo con artists cheat women in ‘Phuket Airport’ scam - 08/26/13
Several stories have appeared in national newspapers and on TV recently about Thai women being scammed by foreign men they met on the Internet and fell in love with. Despite the stories, however, Montira Cherdchoo, Phuket Airport Customs Director says she encounters an average of two similar scam stories every week involving women seduced online into giving up large sums of money. The scam is similar to the classic “Nigerian scam” whereby victims are offered a share of huge amounts of money if they first pay an “administration fee” of some sort.

Stampeders' Charleston Hughes receives e-mail threats - 08/26/13
No one on the football field had a problem with the hit that sidelined Ricky Ray. But off the field, apparently, some did. Calgary Stampeders defensive end Charleston Hughes took to Twitter on Sunday to voice his displeasure with threatening e-mails he received through his website in regards to the hit Hughes delivered at 8:51 of the first quarter Friday night in The Big Smoke that sent the Toronto Argonauts quarterback to the locker-room with a shoulder injury.

New scam: Thieves steal pets so they can sell them online - 08/25/13
Justin Masterson has no doubt that he’s the victim of a crime that, until recently, he didn’t even know existed. It’s called “pet flipping” ­ and area police say they’re keeping an eye out for it.Masterson, a 25-year-old Delaware County resident, said his introduction to the Internet-driven phenomenon came last month, when he returned from work to find that his two pit-bull puppies ­ Jules and Baby ­ were missing.

Warren man charged with 2nd cyberstalking offense - 08/24/13
The State Police have charged a Warren man with a second offense of cyberstalking after he allegedly made unsolicited calls and text messages to a juvenile girl. Detectives charged Ryan Stanley, 18, of 45 Canario Dr., after one of the girl's parents told police that she was receiving calls from someone refusing to identify himself. The parent said that when the girl refused to respond to the messages, Stanley threatened to release compromising pictures of her on the Internet.

Lucknow actor falls victim to cyber stalking, files complaint - 08/23/13
Television actor Anurag Nigam's last stint as a school teacher in the serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' earned him many fans. But this fantastic role has now landed him in trouble. "A fan has been troubling me for the past two months on Facebook. She is writing vulgar messages, abusing me, my family and my wife continuously.

U.S. war veteran loses thousands of dollars in online dating scam - 08/23/13
He was trained as a soldier to handle sophisticated weapons to defend the United States of America in many high profile wars, a duty he carried out diligently, but not without mishap. He suffered an accident at the war front, resulting in him becoming permanently disabled.

The NSA has a name for stalking: LOVEINT - 08/23/13
Move over, cyber-stalking, and say hello to LOVEINT. Analysts at the National Security Agency have a sexy code-name for what us civilians call[] “cyber-stalking,” The Wall Street Journal revealed on Friday evening.

British teen’s suicide puts cyber-bullying back in spotlight - 08/21/13
The early-August suicide of a 14-year-old British girl and her father’s anguished Facebook posts about it has prompted the website to beef up its anti-bullying tools and practices. It has also reignited the debate over the extent of online bullying and its impact. is a Latvia-based site that allows users to pose and answer questions from other, sometimes anonymous, users of the site. It has experienced significant growth, especially among teenagers, who can be attracted to the site because it is a place where their parents and other older users do not congregate.

Alberta women lose $300,000 in dating scam - 08/21/13
Canmore RCMP say two women living in Alberta have been taken for more than $300,000 in an online dating scam. Police say a man used an online dating site to solicit money from the women through wire transfers.

E.P. Woman, 42, Charged With Cyber-Stalking, Stalking Ex-Boyfriend - 08/20/13
East Providence police say she texted him repeatedly and followed him out of the police station even after being warned to stay away from him. An East Providence woman, 42, just wouldn't give up trying to talk with her ex-boyfriend, police said. She now faces cyber-stalking and stalking charges.

'Distraught' girl, 17, faces humiliation on the web after explicit pictures of her performing sex acts at Eminem gig go viral on Twitter and Instagram - 08/20/13
A 17-year-old girl has found herself at the centre of an internet storm after web users shared explicit photographs of her giving oral sex to two men at an Eminem concert in Ireland. Police are investigating the disturbing incident amid concerns that the images - apparently taken in a public area of the concert site and now widely circulating on the internet - amount to child pornography because she is under 18.

Citigroup chief economist Willem Buiter allegedly contacted woman who is accused of stalking him - 08/20/13
Renowned Citigroup chief economist Willem Buiter tried to make contact with his former mistress over the internet even after having her arrested for harassing him, a US court has heard. Mr Buiter is accused of approaching Heleen Mees over LinkedIn, the business networking website, despite having accused her of stalking him.


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