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My new notebook

I mentioned I'd gotten a new notebook in a previous post. I used to only buy IBM Thinkpads, then switched to a Sony Vaio in late 2002 due to their slim size and low weight (just under five pounds). With all the traveling I do, the lighter the better! I bought the Vaio at the Sony web site, which was offering an extra three year warranty for free + free shipping.

I decided it was time to upgrade, but the Sony site didn't have any good offers for the Vaio I wanted, which was a TX series that weighs just over 2.75 pounds.

So I decided to try eBay. Yes, eBay. I did some hunting and pecking, checking feedback, shipping rates, etc. I finally found one that fit the bill. The guy who was selling it had only had it a few weeks, then was issued a Dell notebook from his company, so he was looking to unload the Vaio.

A new Vaio TX610 on the Sony site started at $1899 for 512MB memory and 60GB hard drive. So the auction listing I found I made my max bid for $1899 and I won. And I got one hel…

Olean, New York High School Lectures

Almost recovered from bronchitis and had to fly to Buffalo again on February 2nd. Got to fly JetBlue. I originally checked out flight rates on Expedia and noticed they don't have JetBlue there, so I went directly to their site and got a flight from Boston to Buffalo for $99 each way (plus tax). Can't beat that!

There was a stop at JFK both ways, but the staff was nice, from the ticket counter to the flight attendants. We had a long wait at JFK on the way out when a light indicator wouldn't go off. So we sat at the gate for an hour and a half. I was in the back, so all the flight attendants and co-pilot were back there talking about it. Since they didn't seem worried, I was fine. It was kind of fun being a "fly on the wall." Turns out one row of seats was having problems with their TV monitors, thus the light came on. The same would have happened if the coffee pot was on the blink.

Oh, the TV monitors! They are built in to the back of each seat, so you have your…