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Net Crimes Newsletter - 08/27/07

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And someone actually paid $114,00 for a pair of these

Austrian designs luxury lederhosen line;_ylt=At7LQzEhBi8mRHunM9SXNLgsQE4F
An Austrian designer is taking orders for personalized luxury lederhosen and recently sold a diamond-studded pair for $114,000.

Christian Wohlmuther, who owns a clothing business that sells traditional Austrian attire based in Bad Mitterndorf, Styria, said Friday the cost of his creations varies depending on the decoration.

Those interested can choose from an array of stones, including garnets, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, that are then mounted on buttons made either of sterling silver, gold or platinum.

"We generally focus on the client's budget and then show him what's possible," Wohlmuther said.

Wohlmuther, who works with a local jeweler in the Styrian town of Liezen, said his first pair of luxury lederhosen ­ decorated with 166 dia…

School starts soon - Beware of Cyberbullies

School starts soon for students and they need to be aware of the dangers of cyberbullies and what to do about it. I am available to speak at middle, high schools, colleges and universities to students, school personnel and parents about cyberbullying, online social networking sites and much more. Just email me at for more information about this.


There are several avenues for action, depending upon who the cyberbully is and what the cyberbully has done. Victims do have recourse, and cyberbullies can be stopped, and sometimes even prosecuted for criminal or civil offenses.

ACT IMMEDIATELY! The longer you wait, the harder it is to successfully identify the

IF YOU ARE RECEIVING DEATH THREATS or believe yourself or your family to be in immediate physical danger, dial 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.

RESPOND ONCE to the cyberbully with a simple "Please stop contacting me." You do not have to explain yourself. After that, DO NOT ENGA…

Beware -

Got this in my email - please pass the word on:

It was just brought to my attention that the following link that was on our "Favorite Links" page no longer belongs to Survivors of Stalking...and now has porn links on it. Please forward this information to everyone on your mailing they can remove the link asap.

Take care,
Cheryl Darisse
Founder and President
"Be Strong, Be Safe and Be Heard!"SM

Psychics, Wii, Car Shopping, more

So. Something very unexpected happened on Wednesday night. I can't go into details just yet, but a big change has been made in my life - for the better. I am one happy puppy.

On Thursday, I had a private reading with the radio show psychic, Michael Gogger. He knew from the start that something big had happened the night before and nailed it. He is as spooky accurate as the tarot card reader I'd seen the week before. And he said pretty much all the same things she predicted/said. It was very eerie. He said he saw me going overseas, traveling a lot through the USA for work and probably relocating. He said he saw me as a broadcaster or hosting my own show (which would be way cool), that I needed to pay attention to my dreams, my health would be good, and that my mom was very happy with what happened the night before. And she was. She told me, "It's about time." He also said that something completely out of the blue, a surprise project, would be coming to me soon and …

Busy, busy, busy!

Did the radio show on Sunday with the psychic. He did a short reading of me at the end and the two things he said matched the tarot card psychic EXACTLY. One was that I needed to pay attention to my dreams, the other I don't want to post just yet. If it comes true, I am going to be floored.

Yesterday so many things happened: I was interviewed for an article about GPS stalking for a NJ newspaper. The Chief of Staff of the NJ General Assembly sent me a letter asking for help with a law they were introducing. I called him, we talked, I emailed some of the cyberstalking laws I've helped pass and they are going to try to get me to NJ to testify in person in November, when the legislature is back in session.

A victim wants me to be an expert witness for her case. Which means either a video deposition or actually traveling to where the court case is heard.

I'm going to be teaching, four, count 'em, four classes for a local Internet cafe. One about buying/selling on eBay, on abo…

Lazy Sunday

I did keep my hair appointment on Thursday and was glad I did. It was relaxing. I then had an appointment at my lawyer's office to sign some paperwork, then it was home again, ice pack on nose, pain pill in mouth. V2 came over and took me out for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Panda Sakura, at York Beach. We know the owners, the wait staff and the sushi chef, Jeff (not his real name, which is Chinese and too hard to remember). We sat at the sushi bar and told Jeff some bad jokes. Yes, I told the grasshopper one, but he didn't get it. He then told us a Chinese joke, which translated well:

Three men are stranded on an island. A bottle washes up and a genie appears. He tells the men he will give them one wish each. The first man says, "I want to become a fish so that I can swim home."

Poof! He's a fish and swims away.

The second man says, "I want to become a bird so that I can fly home."

Poof! He's a bird and flies away.

The third man looks around and s…

Brokeback nose brokeback no more

I was a nervous wreck yesterday morning. I went on the treadmill for almost an hour to try to burn off the nervousness. Had a few more phone calls from people (one was a huge surprise, but I was glad I got the call), then Robin came to pick me up to take me to the hospital.

She works for the post office and they get a 2-hour lunch break, but work from 8 am - 530 pm, so it's a long day for her. We went to her house first to let her dogs out and talk about what's going on in her life, my life, etc.

She dropped me off at the hospital promptly at 130 pm. I had two magazines and a book with me. I'm glad I brought them. I had an EKG done; my previous blood work, which was done in late April for my life insurance, was accepted, so I didn't have to have blood drawn. I was weighed and it turns out I've lost over 40 pounds since Chris died. Wow.

Was asked to change into hospital jammies and put into my own room in the "Short Stay" (outpatient) area. Many nurses in an…

Brokeback Nose

Well. I went to the nose doctor yesterday and had to wait almost an hour before seeing him. Turns out he's a sweetheart, funny and very nice. He took one look at my nose and said I had definitely broken it and it needed to be reset, or in doctorese, "Closed reduction nasal fracture." Which means the hospital.

He was able to get me in today. So at 1 pm, one of my friends, Robin, is driving me to the hospital to drop me off. I need to have an EKG done and some blood work. I'm scheduled for the operation at 330 pm, but if the doc is ahead of schedule, he'll do mine earlier. Once I'm awake and have eaten something, they'll discharge me. The doc thinks by 5 or 5:30 I should be good to go. Either Robin or V2 or someone else will bring me home.

At least I'll be out like a light. The doc promises I won't feel a thing. I was dreading having my nose reset. People kept telling me they do it without painkillers. I was a nervous wreck when I went to the doctor&…

Nose, Transformers, more

I did something sooooo stupid last week. It was late afternoon, I walked by Bandit's bed and stopped. He looked so damned cute in it. I knelt down to lean over and kiss the top of his furry little head, lost my balance and slammed the bridge of my nose in a table behind his bed. I had moved furniture around and wasn't sure I liked that table where it was at the time. Believe me, it isn't there anymore. V2 happened to be over, put me on my back on the floor while I was bleeding like crazy, bandaged me up, put an ice pack on me and gave me some wine to drink to calm me down. I was a mess.

The next morning I went to my chiropractor's office to buy some Traumeel cream for the swelling. They are a husband and wife team. Nancy took one look at me, said "Holy shit" and made me sit down. This guy who was (I think) a paramedic or something said I'd broken my nose. John, the husband came out, agreed, put some gloves on and gently inspected it. Nancy called the hospi…