Brokeback Nose

Well. I went to the nose doctor yesterday and had to wait almost an hour before seeing him. Turns out he's a sweetheart, funny and very nice. He took one look at my nose and said I had definitely broken it and it needed to be reset, or in doctorese, "Closed reduction nasal fracture." Which means the hospital.

He was able to get me in today. So at 1 pm, one of my friends, Robin, is driving me to the hospital to drop me off. I need to have an EKG done and some blood work. I'm scheduled for the operation at 330 pm, but if the doc is ahead of schedule, he'll do mine earlier. Once I'm awake and have eaten something, they'll discharge me. The doc thinks by 5 or 5:30 I should be good to go. Either Robin or V2 or someone else will bring me home.

At least I'll be out like a light. The doc promises I won't feel a thing. I was dreading having my nose reset. People kept telling me they do it without painkillers. I was a nervous wreck when I went to the doctor's office yesterday. He made me feel much better.

I went home, made hamburgers on the grill for the dogs and me, chatted with some friends and my mom, then hit the sack early. Got up this am to do 30 minutes on the treadmill to try to work off my pre-op nervousness, drank my OJ and can't have any liquids until after the operation.

There's a friend I used to talk to all the time. I wish I could talk to him again. We've been incommunicado for a while. Maybe he'll read this and call. It would be nice.


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