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Maine Literary Awards

My book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder and Mayhem has been nominated in the non-fiction category for the Maine Literary Awards! Keep checking back for more details and cross your fingers for me!

True Crime Online Newsletter - January 27, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Olympic bathroom stall with two toilets raises eyebrows

A photo of two toilets side by side in a Sochi Olympics bathroom stall is causing a stir, with an opposition leader calling it an example of mismanaged funds.

The photo of two toilets in a men's bathroom stall at the Olympic Biathlon Center, which went viral after being posted to Twitter by a BBC correspondent, led social media users to joke about officials spending too much money on toilets and not enough on stall partitions, the Moscow Times reported Thursday.

The photo of the toilets indicates the possibility of an even more awkward situation, as the stall's sole roll of toilet paper is only within reach of one of the commodes.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny said the picture serves as evidence of the government mismanaging much of the $50 billion budget…

The Making of a Cybercrime Expert

Read my blog post at my publisher's web site: The Making of a Cybercrime Expert today!

True Crime Online Newsletter - January 20, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Former Sen. Bill Frist takes aim, via Twitter, at United Airlines

Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., spent Friday complaining on social media about United Airlines after a mix-up with his first-class seat.

"United miserable service again," Frist, 61, said in one of six posts on his Twitter account, USA Today reported.

"SanFran sold me and confirmed a seat then took it away," Frist said.

He later commented, "I booked a first class seat and now I'm in the very last row next to a bathroom that's in heavy rotation," and "I can confirm the toilets on this United flight work! My seat vibrates with each passenger's visit."

Frist later suggested the thin bathroom walls were likely a fuel-saving measure.

After United Airways returned a Twitter comment t…

Would you like to review True Crime Online?

Is anyone here a book reviewer? If so, I will be happy to send you a signed copy of True Crime Online in exchange for a review. Reply for more info.

Tinfoil Hat Alert!

Read all about it! Tinfoil hat alert!

True Crime Online Newsletter - January 13, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Theft suspect fled on motorized shopping cart
Police in Oregon said a woman accused of a theft spree led officers on a brief low-speed chase when she attempted to flee on a motorized shopping cart.

Warrenton police said a worker at a Subway restaurant in Warrenton contacted police and said a woman had stolen $13 from the eatery's tip jar and attempted to use the case to purchase her $12.75 meal, the Daily Astorian reported Wednesday.

The woman was gone by the time police arrived but they soon heard reports of a woman matching the suspect's description stealing from a Fred Meyer store and causing a disturbance at a Rite Aid store.

Police said the woman then allegedly fled a Home Depot store in a motorized shopping cart loaded with merchandise. Police caught up to Laurie Ruth Chester, 59, while she was riding the low-speed vehicle …

Online Safety Talk/Cyberbullying for Parents tonight in Wakefield, MA

Hey, if you're in the area, come hear me speak tonight in Wakefield, MA. Phoebe The Cyber Crime Dog may make a surprise appearance! 7 January 2014
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Online Safety/Cyberbullying talk for parents
7:00 pm
345 Main St
Wakefield Ma
I will also be signing copies of my new book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder and Mayhem

True Crime Online Newsletter - January 6, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .NC politician tenders resignation letter written in Klingon

A councilman from Indian Trail, N.C., might go on to live long and prosper, but it won’t be on the board after he turned in his resignation letter on Thursday -- in Klingon.

David Waddell said he used the language, spoken by a race of warriors on Star Trek, as part of an inside joke with Mayor Michael Alvarez.

But the mayor isn’t laughing.

“It’s an embarrassment for Indian Trail, and it’s an embarrassment for North Carolina,” Alvarez said. He also called the letter childish and unprofessional.

Along with the letter, Waddell included a translation from Bing.

“Folks don’t know what to think of me half the time,” Waddell said. “I might as well have one last laugh.”

He ended the letter by paraphrasing a Klingon battle proverb: “Perhaps today is a good day (to) res…