True Crime Online Newsletter - January 13, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Theft suspect fled on motorized shopping cart
Police in Oregon said a woman accused of a theft spree led officers on a brief low-speed chase when she attempted to flee on a motorized shopping cart.

Warrenton police said a worker at a Subway restaurant in Warrenton contacted police and said a woman had stolen $13 from the eatery's tip jar and attempted to use the case to purchase her $12.75 meal, the Daily Astorian reported Wednesday.

The woman was gone by the time police arrived but they soon heard reports of a woman matching the suspect's description stealing from a Fred Meyer store and causing a disturbance at a Rite Aid store.

Police said the woman then allegedly fled a Home Depot store in a motorized shopping cart loaded with merchandise. Police caught up to Laurie Ruth Chester, 59, while she was riding the low-speed vehicle on U.S. Highway 101.

Chester was arrested on two counts of third-degree theft, first-degree theft and disorderly conduct.

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Online threats: Apps never come alone - 01/13/14
At the heels of millions of apps come droves of innocuous -looking requests that might breach the users’ privacy. With this weighing on in all the discussions at the third annual “Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference” which concluded here on Sunday, discussants urged the government to legislate to protect itself and its citizens against cyber crimes and online threats.

Ellenville High School student faces charges in cyberbullying probe - 01/12/14
A 16-year-old Ellenville High School student was arrested Thursday on multiple misdemeanor charges in connection with a five-month Facebook cyberbullying investigation. Sneha Patel of 3 N. Main St., Ellenville, admitted to multiple counts of aggravated harassment, criminal impersonation, criminal facilitation and menacing, all misdemeanors, according to Ellenville police Chief Philip Mattracion. Further charges may be pending, he said.

Be vigilant for cyberbullying: Monitor children's online use and text messaging - 01/11/14
Bullying is no longer confined to playgrounds, cafeterias and classrooms. Kids harassing kids, and even adults getting into the mix, have entered the digital realm, where easier access has made it a bigger problem. Computers, smartphones and tablets keep us connected, but also act as avenues for bullies.

Seattle officer sentenced to jail in cyberstalking of his ex-lover - 01/11/14
Detective David Blackmer, a 17-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department, was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail for cyberstalking an ex-lover by posting sexually explicit photos and videos of the woman online in retaliation for ending their extramarital relationship. Though Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Randy Yates had asked District Court Judge Tami Bui to revoke Blackmer’s right to possess a firearm ­ which would have ended his law-enforcement career ­ Bui opted not to do so based on the facts of the case.

Brazilian man charged with sending email threat against flight from Miami to Brasilia - 01/10/14
Authorities say a Brazilian man is charged with sending police and airline officials an email claiming that a plane scheduled to fly from Miami to Brasilia was going to be attacked. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami reports 22-year-old Francisco Fernando Cruz was charged with transmitting a threat in interstate or foreign commerce.

New Year's reveler knocked out Alaskan town's Internet - 01/10/14
Some residents of an Alaskan village have been without Internet and cable TV service since a New Year's Eve reveler accidentally shot a fiber-optic cable. Ralph Eller, owner of Yukon Telephone and Supervisions Cable TV, said New Year's Eve revelers in the town of Tanana traditionally shoot guns into the air to celebrate the new year.

Ontario farmers taking 'felfies' with their livestock - 01/10/14
The latest Internet-inspired craze sweeping Ontario farmers is the taking of "felfies," a self-shot photograph taken by a farmer. The felfies -- named as a combination of "farmer" and "selfies," which was the Oxford Dictionary's 2013 world of the year -- have taken off on Twitter among farmers who say the photos they take of themselves doing their work are a show of pride, the Toronto Sun reported Friday.

Victoria teen guilty of sexting child porn, uttering threats - 01/10/14
Canada’s teens were warned Friday to be aware of who takes their picture and where those images may end up after a Victoria-area girl was convicted of distributing child pornography. The 17-year-old girl who sent explicit texts of her boyfriend’s former girlfriend was also convicted of possession of child porn and uttering threats.

Mom brings teen purse snatching suspect to police - 01/10/14
Police in California said a 17-year-old purse snatching suspect was brought to authorities by his mother when she saw surveillance images of the suspect online. Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said a teenager shoved a 68-year-old woman around 2:10 p.m. Saturday in a Santa Cruz parking lot and fled with two other people in a small, red car, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported Friday.

Man lies to 13-year-old about having leukemia and asks for nude pics to ‘ease the pain’ - 01/09/14
A 21-year-old man from Tennessee might not have cancer, but it certainly sounds as if he isn’t healthy. Red Bank man James Nickolas Renfro is accused of using Facebook to try to lure a 13-year-old girl to the Northgate Mall, where he was met by authorities instead.

Texas Supreme Court tackles online defamation - 01/09/14
If someone posts nasty information about you online, what can you do? A Texas man says it happened to him and is asking the state Supreme Court to do something about it. Some say new rules could reduce cyber-bullying while others say they would attack your rights to free speech. Robert Kinney claims his former employer, Andrew Harrison Barnes, defamed him in an online post by writing that Kinney organized a bribery scheme after being fired from a law firm back in 2004.

Granite Falls parents angry over school’s handling of online student threats - 01/09/14
Parents packed a meeting at Granite Falls High School on Thursday night, outraged about how the school has been handling online death threats made to students.Dozens of students have received death threats on the social media site, and the high school also got a bomb scare. But parents say school administrators have failed to address the threats appropriately.

Search of the Internet for evidence of time travelers comes up empty - 01/08/14
You can find people bragging about almost anything on the Internet these days, but apparently traveling through time isn’t one of them. Researchers combed through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Google+ and Bing to see if anyone had mentioned people or events that occurred from the early 2000s to mid-2013 before they happened. Using terms like Pope Francis or comet ISON, the team investigated for evidence of time travelers speaking about major future events on the then present-day Internet.

Teen fined for moose-chasing snowboarding video - 01/08/14
Officials with the Flathead National Forest in Montana said a Facebook video of a snowboarder chasing a moose led to a $250 fine for the teenager. Wade Muehlhof, a spokesman for the Flathead National Forest, said officials decided to levy a fine when they saw the video of Whitefish High School student Hunter Lamoureux of Kalispell and his friend Charlie Rush with the caption, "Just chasing a moose while snowboarding ... no big deal," KRTV, Great Falls, Mont., reported Wednesday.

Mom 'cyber-shames' daughter for online bullying - 01/07/14
On Sunday, a Reddit user posted a photo of a girl holding a sign up, reading that she was bullying others on social media. The Redditor, AngryCommGuy, titled the picture "Mom catches daughter cyber-bullying." The user said that he found posted on a "suburban" mother's public Facebook page, advertising for a yard sale. The photo is of a girl holding an iPod and a sign, reading: "My name is Hailey. I am a kind, caring, smart girl, but I make poor choices with social media. As a punishment, I am selling my IPod and will be donating the money to the charity Beat Bullying, in hopes of changing my behavior as well as bringing awareness to Bullying. Because bullying is wrong."

Cyberbullying Drove The Maryville Rape Victim To Attempt Suicide This Weekend - 01/07/14
Daisy Coleman, the teenage girl at the center of the controversial Maryville rape case that came to light in October, has been hospitalized after attempting to take her own life on Sunday night. Her mother, Melinda, told a local Fox News affiliate that Daisy experienced an onslaught of cyberbullying after attending a party this past weekend.

Online harassment of women is a problem. Here’s what to do about it. - 01/07/14
If you're male, you might not realize how common it is for women to experience online harassment. The problem is particularly severe for bloggers, journalists and others who build a public profile online. And lest you dismiss "online harassment" as a mere annoyance, a new piece from writer Amanda Hess lays out just how frightening the experience can be: A few hours earlier, someone going by the username “headlessfemalepig” had sent me seven tweets.... “Happy to say we live in the same state. Im looking you up, and when I find you, im going to rape you and remove your head.” There was more, but the final tweet summed it up: “You are going to die and I am the one who is going to kill you. I promise you this.”


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