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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Changes to your Facebook Settings

Are you sure you've checked *all* your Facebook settings? The last time they updated their privacy rules, they reverted a lot of settings back to Default, which means *everyone* (even if not on Facebook) can view your profile and everything in it. To make changes, do the following:

Go to Account, then Account Settings, then under the Settings tab click on Account Security. This one it totally up to you, but if you login to Facebook from one computer all the time and not your smartphone/cell, you may want to turn this ON. It's also interesting to check this to see when you last logged in and from where.

Under the Notifications tab, uncheck any you don't want to get an email or text/SMS about

Under the Facebook Ads tab, Change the pulldown menu from My Friends to No One

Now go to Account at the top right of the browser, then Privacy Settings.

Under Basic Directory Information, click on View Settings

The default is Everyone. Change this to what you prefer, usually Friends Only.

If you want to see how your profile looks if a complete stranger not on your Friends list tries to look at it, click on Preview My Profile near the top right.

Go back to Privacy

You should have a check next to "Customized Settings." If you don't and it's checked next to Recommended Settings, click on Customize Settings and make the appropriate changes. Even if you have checked "Customized Settings," click on Customize anyway.

The important new one here is Places I Check Into. Unless you want Everyone or your Friends to see anywhere you check in from on your smartphone/cell (which is automatic) change to Only Me (I wish there was a No One selection here).

Also uncheck the Include Me In "People Here Now" after I check in or it will show you, your profile photo and where you are to your friends and others.

Check all the settings to make sure they are what you want. Most people change those to Friends Only.

Next to Things others share, click on Friends can check me into Places and Disable that unless you really want your friends to tell everyone else where you are when you're not home.

Once you're done here, go Back to Privacy and click on Applications and Websites

Make appropriate changes here and the last two, Instant Personalization and Public Search should be unchecked unless you want the whole Internet world to know what you're doing and see your profile. To get rid of any Apps, Games or Websites, click on Remove unwanted or spammy applications and make changes there, or you can Turn off all apps.

Click on Back to Privacy, then under Block Lists, click on Edit lists and make any changes there.

You can also doublecheck your Applications settings by clicking on Account, then Application Settings and remove or edit the apps you've approved.

You should be all set now!

Monday, September 27, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - September 27, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow
Conn. man stole flag, put up hippo toy

Call it the case of the flying hippo. Connecticut police said a man stole an American flag from Waterbury's Town Plot Park and hoisted a stuffed hippopotamus toy in its place. Twenty-three-year-old Jeffrey Kovic, of Waterbury, was arrested and was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail on misdemeanor larceny, criminal mischief and conspiracy charges.

Kovic was arrested Tuesday. A message left for his public defender Friday wasn't immediately returned.

City police told the Republican-American of Waterbury that they're also seeking arrest warrants for several minors suspected of taking part in last week's prank and for damaging park bleachers.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Victims of cyberbullying struggle with depression - 09/27/10
A new study shows that as bullying has moved beyond the schoolyard and on to Facebook pages, online chat groups and cell phone text messages, its victims are feeling more hopeless and depressed. "Traditional bullying is more face-to-face," said Ronald J. Iannotti, principal investigator for the study, published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health. It says that students targeted by cyberbullies, who may not always identify themselves, "may be more likely to feel isolated, dehumanized or helpless at the time of the attack."

Google admits cashing in on suicide pact chatroom: Internet giant sold ads on web pages where two British strangers arranged to kill themselves - 09/26/10
Internet giant Google last night admitted it had been cashing in on the online message board where two strangers planned their suicide and met others who encouraged them to go through with it. The admission came after the father of one of the victims called for the ‘suicide boards’ to be banned. The £25billion corporation sold advertising to run alongside the postings used by Joanne Lee and Stephen Lumb to arrange their suicide pact.

Ask Me Anything - 09/26/10
During a particularly emotional informal presentation about a mission trip to Africa, I looked up to see a classmate perusing Perez Hilton’s blog, eyes completely glued to photos of celebrities and strangers. Really? You can't help but ignore your classmate to obsessively check updates about people you've never met before?

How Widespread is Cyberstalking? - 09/26/10
An online survey has been launched in a bid to find out how many Brits have been affected by cyberstalking. According to the British Crime Survey, more than one million women and 900,000 men have been victims of stalking, although it is unknown whether this includes those that have been cyberstalked.

Why YOU Could Be A Cyberstalker -09/25/10
DO you send more texts and emails than you get? Or comment on someone's Facebook page more often than they do on yours?
If so, you could be labelled a CYBERSTALKER without having realised you were doing anything wrong, a leading psychologist has warned.
Yesterday Dr Emma Short, of the University of Bedfordshire, launched the first ever survey of the problem - the Electronic Communication Harassment Observation study.

Wis. regulators reopen 'sexting DA' investigation - 09/25/10
An agency that declined to discipline a prosecutor for sending harassing text messages to a domestic abuse victim reopened its investigation Friday amid mounting criticism and new allegations of misconduct. The Office of Lawyer Regulation is restarting the probe into Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz because new information appears to show "a pattern of conduct" by Kratz, said the agency's director, Keith Sellen.

Social media a police weapon that can backfire - 09/25/10
When Maxi Sopo, a Cameroonian living in Seattle, learned that authorities were investigating him on bank fraud charges, he rented a car, went on the lam and fell off the grid. Authorities didn't know where to find him - that is, until they checked Sopo's Facebook account.

CPS targets Facebook cyber-stalkers - 09/24/10
The Crown Prosecution Service published on Thursday revised guidance for prosecutors on stalking and harassment, both online and offline. The guidance features a dedicated section on cyber-stalking ­ including examples of how the internet can be used to harass victims ­ along with advice on appropriate sentencing. Those found harassing others through social-networking sites with an implied threat of violence could now face sentences of up to five years, it says.

Warning to parents as 'worst ever' internet paedophile jailed - 09/24/10
Michael Williams, 28, a postman, who was jailed for eight-and-a-half years, used social networking sites to groom up to 1,000 child victims over a five-year period.
He persuaded hundreds of children aged 10 to 16 to perform sex acts on an internet video camera, or webcam, which he recorded on carefully catalogued computer files.

Students face consequences of digital file sharing on campus - 09/23/10
When someone robs Britney Spears, Tim Goth has to deal with it. As the pop singer might sip champagne in her lavish Los Angeles abode, the University Information Technology Services employee responds to misconduct from his office on 10th and the Bypass. It’s an eight-to-five job, a task delegated solely to him. And it all begins with an e-mail.

Suicide website users face 14 years in jail if they incited 'Heaven's Little Girl' and the stranger who helped her die - 09/23/10
Users of a sinister website who helped a stranger couple commit suicide have been warned they face up to 14 years in jail.
Joanne Lee and truck driver Steve Lumb were found dead in a Vauxhall Astra parked alongside an area of overgrown wasteland on an industrial estate on Monday. They had gassed themselves after meeting just hours earlier after making contact on the internet.

Sheriff's deputy will not be disciplined for bikini car wash participation - 09/22/10
A Berkeley County sheriff’s deputy will not be disciplined for participating in a bikini car wash for charity on her own time, the sheriff’s office announced. But a Moncks Corner police officer was out of a job Tuesday after photos showed him having his police car washed at the event.

Cell phone hoax no joke to St. Charles-area teen - 09/22/10
It's like something out of a horror movie. A 17-year-old girl, home alone, gets successive calls on her cell phone. The screen shows the calls are being made from her home landline. The male caller, in a mumbled, unfamiliar voice, tells her to "Get out now."
Afraid an intruder has gotten in to the house, the panicked teen calls her mother. The mother tells her to remove the window screen from the office she's in, crawl out and run for help to a neighbor. The mom stays on the line with her daughter, and borrows another person's phone and calls 911, then speeds home.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Redstone Arsenal Conference 9/21

The first flight from Portland, ME to Charlotte, NC was Flight 815. Eeek! (If you're not a LOST fan, you won't understand). It was a very bumpy ride and I kept looking for Hurley and Jack on the flight, haha!

The flight from Charlotte was much better. When we landed in Huntsville, AL, it was HOT. 95 degrees. And humid. Yuck!

Ranae, who booked me for the conference, picked me up, took me to the visitors gate at Redstone to get my badge, then left to get lunch. She said the average time to wait was an hour or two. Oh joy. So I waited and waited and about a half hour later, my number was called (yes, it was like being in a deli, where you get a number).

The girl pulled up my info, looked up at me, a little oddly, then asked if I was with the same company. I said yes (I'd spoken there in 2006). She shrugged, printed out my badge and gave it to me. I went outside to call Ranae and let her know I was already done. While I waited for her to come get me, I looked at my badge and started cracking up. Under my name, where it should have been WHOA, was SPYRUS. Someone has a sense of humor.

Ranae picked me up, I showed her my badge, we laughed and went to the building where the conference was being held. Got in, hugged another girl I know, Amy, and sat to eat my very first Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich. It was good! After a bit, Ranae took me to my hotel, a Marriott and I checked in. Unpacked and hung up my suit for the next day, then went online. No wireless, but LAN and OMG, it was so hellishly slow, I got fed up with it.

Ranae called me around 6 pm and went down to another room where she, Amy and Sharon waited. We hopped into Sharon's car to go to the Olive Garden and had a great dinner. They all made me laugh!

The next morning, up bright and early to go to the conference. When we got there, I helped Amy set up the ice, cookies and other things we'd brought in, then some freebies (which were going like crazy - boy, some people are vultures!), and waited for the A/V guy to show up so that I could make sure my videos would play and sound okay.

Met Kevin Jones, who was speaking before me about Securing Social Media and we followed the A/V guy into the room we'd be speaking in, connected our laptops and made sure everything was okay.

Judy, who is with NASA and knew from the last conference, surprised me when she got up to sing the national anthem. What a nice voice! I'm jealous! A guy spoke for a bit, then introduced Kevin, who did a superb job, then I got up and did my thing. I talked about how I got into cyber crime (my cyberstalking case), then social media, especially Facebook, scams targeting the military, a sample email case showing them how to trace an IP address and how to work with victims, then Q&A.

Afterwards, a girl came up to me and said she'd been my student when I was at UMUC in Maryland back in 1997 or 1998. Wow!

I had so many people stop me the rest of the day to tell me how much they enjoyed my presentation. A few were while I was walking around with Judy. She was very happy and plans on having me come back next year - YAY!

Got the pizza lunch and sat with Kevin and we talked and people-watched, then he headed back to work (he's a civilian consultant for NASA at the base, where the Marshall Space Center is located). Then Judy lost her cell phone. We backtracked to where she thought she'd left it in the bathroom. Nothing. I had her use my phone to call T-Mobile to have hers disabled. She was very worried about the info on the phone. I don't blame her!

Ranae took me to the airport - I get to see her in January for the Cyber Crime Conference in Atlanta! I picked up some souvenirs for Chris, Phoebe and me, got on the plane headed for Charlotte and took a cool photo of the clouds out the airplane window (which I've posted with this).

The plane ride to Portland was good and actually got in early. Stopped at Burger King on the way home and when I got here it was so good to see both my babies.

Ate, had a glass of wine, then it was bedtime for all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discovery Channel looking for victims

Looking for cyberstalking victims where it crossed over into real life for a new Discovery special to air in January for Stalking Awareness Month. Please contact me with a brief description of your situation (which must be within the past three years) at

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - September 20, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .The Force Was Not With him
Cops nab 'Darth Vader' robbery suspect after goof

Police arrested a resident they said wore a plastic Darth Vader mask before pulling a butcher knife and robbing a convenience store. Police in the Detroit suburb said the man fled Monday after demanding all the cash from the register.

Lt. William Wilson told The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak the suspect goofed by putting on the mask while in range of a store surveillance camera.

Forty-one-year-old Jamie C. Hernandez was arraigned Thursday. District Court Magistrate James Brennan set his bond at $50,000.

Hernandez was in the county Thursday night, and it wasn't known if he has a lawyer.

Wilson said Hernandez got the mask from one of his children.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Police lay charges of libel, obstruction against Calgary website operator - 09/19/10
RCMP have laid five charges against a Calgary man related to the operation of a website highly critical of Calgary police officers. In a news conference Friday morning, RCMP announced the charges against John Kelly, 53, of Calgary. Kelly's website accused officers of perjury, corruption and destroying evidence, RCMP said. Police deny the charges, saying they injure the reputation of Calgary police officers and interfere with an ongoing homicide investigation.

Cyber-criminals steal identity of one of the world's top security chiefs using Facebook - 09/19/10
The head of Interpol has warned that cybercrime is the 'most dangerous criminal threat we will ever face' after fraudsters stole his identity on Facebook.
Security chief Ronald K. Noble revealed that two fake accounts were created in his name and used to find the details of highly-dangerous criminals.
The embarrassing security breach saw one of the impersonators used the false profile to obtain information on fugitives convicted of serious crimes including rape and murder.

Assumption teen's reasons for Facebook threats still unclear
Assumption Parish authorities aren't discussing the possible motivations behind a black student's posting of racial-oriented threats against other black students on the social networking site Facebook. The 17-year-old was arrested Thursday and booked with terrorizing, cyberstalking, hate crime and theft of utility service. Sheriff Mike Waguespack said the youth, an 11th-grader, made a full confession. Waguespack also said that, according to the suspect, nobody else was involved. The threats were made against four or five students.

Cyber stalking claim a hoax - 09/19/10
ONE of two schoolgirls who complained of being stalked by a cyber predator on Facebook has been exposed as the perpetrator. The 12-year-old girl, from a northern beaches school, tied up police resources for three weeks at great cost to taxpayers before being arrested. No charges would be laid, police said.

Spartanburg County officers find more instances where altercations start online - 09/19/10
Fights about men.
Spats over women.
Private “he said,” “she said” exchanges are going public with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites at the fingertips of computer-savvy adversaries. Sometimes, these virtual confrontations cross the line into real-world fights and real charges against those involved.

Beware Fakers C-online Offers - 09/18/10
RECORD numbers of online shoppers are being flogged fake goods on the web, officials warned yesterday. Trading Standards said that one in NINE products is dodgy. The cons range from bogus hair straighteners to rip-off Burberry gear and are part of a counterfeitting crisis that is costing the UK economy £3.1BILLION a year.

Like That Driver In The Next Lane? Now You Can Stalk Her/Him With - 09/17/10
So there you are, puttering along, minding your own business, when some hottie rolls up beside you, gives a long, lingering glance, then zips down the road. Finding that gal or guy used to mean posting a "Missed Connections" ad in your local paper, which seemed sad and desperate and potentially embarrassing. Now there's a much faster way of getting in touch by sending a message directly to his/her license plate via

Man Pleads Guilty To Harassing People By Phone - 09/16/10
Daniel Leonard pled guilty to cyber stalking 12-hundred people, including a woman in Monterey, where he was first busted by police. Monterey police opened their investigation of Leonard in August 2009.

Man found guilty again, for stabbing ex-girlfriend - 09/15/10
A Lubbock man is found guilty, a second time for stabbing his ex-girlfriend. In 2008, 26-year-old Christopher Mills was sentenced to 45 years in prison and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine by a Hockley County jury for the crime committed in 2007.

Community activist accused of cyberstalking - 09/15/10
A former prostitute who has spent the past several years running a nonprofit agency aimed at helping those still in that lifestyle faces a cyberstalking charge. A Gastonia man says Shaaron Funderburk, 47, has inflicted “constant harassment by phone, text messaging threats” for three days and had refused to stop.

Internet Romeo conned dozens of women out of £500,000 pretending to be terminally ill -09/15/10
Good-looking, charming and apparently a successful professional, David Checkley seemed perfect to the women he courted on dating websites.
In reality, however, the 52-year-old was a serial fraudster who cheated his victims out of half a million pounds.

Facebook users warned of burglary risk - 09/15/10
While fans of social media like to post broadcast every move, police said it can have a highly detrimental effect as it leaves their homes at the mercy of criminals. And now insurers are warning they face higher insurance premiums if they were the victims of crime having publicised being away.

Monday, September 13, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - September 13, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Never, ever use a flash drive you store porno on

Pa. students shown X-rated photos in assembly
Officials in a western Pennsylvania school district are apologizing after they say students at a local high school were accidentally shown pornographic pictures during a school assembly.

More than 400 seniors at Norwin High School, about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, were watching a presentation Friday on the importance of donating blood. School officials say "a few pornographic pictures" on a personal flash drive of a Central Blood Bank representative appeared on the screen.

The Central Blood Bank apologized and said the unnamed employee was suspended indefinitely. School officials apologized and said the police department and prosecutor were notified. A blood-donation presentation for the junior class was canceled.

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Technology becoming avenue for violations -09/13/10
Officials say people with restraining orders against them using social networking to contact victims A man embroiled in a domestic dispute with his estranged wife contacted her friends in an effort to see their kids, which was prohibited by a restraining order.

Workzone: For job seekers, online research is fair game - 09/13/10
The statistics are grim. There are 4.8 job hunters for every job out there, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That doesn't even include the 3.5 million people who are waiting in the wings and ready to jump into the job market.

UK Teenager Banned From America For Life Over Obscene Obama Email - 09/13/10
A British teenager who sent an email to the White House calling President Obama an obscenity was banned from America for life, The Sun reported Monday. The FBI asked local cops to tell college student Luke Angel, 17, his drunken insult was "unacceptable."

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - 09/11/10
If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to do a reverse cell phone lookup. I won’t waste your time telling you the typical reasons why most people do this kind of search. You probably have your own reasons. So, if you want to learn how to do this kind of search without getting ripped off by some of the fraudulent sites that exist on the Internet, just keep reading and you’ll find out all you need to know.

The Border's cyber-bullying epidemic - 09/11/10
CYBER-BULLYING has reached epidemic proportions in Albury-Wodonga, with police on both sides of the border forced to deal with the phenomenon on a daily basis. Officers dealing with school and youth issues in Albury and Wodonga told The Border Mail internet and mobile phone harassment among young

The Shallows: How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember by Nicholas Carr - 09/11/10
Do you find it hard to concentrate these days? Do you get fidgety after two pages of a book, and look around for something else to do? Is the online abbreviation "tl;dr" (too long; didn't read) your response to basically everything? If so, Nicholas Carr feels your pain, and has diagnosed the cause: using the internet has rewired your brain and turned you into a flibbertigibbet.

Special investigation: It took just one hour for internet experts to find out almost every private detail of this woman's life - 09/11/10
Steve Boggan challenged web experts to see how much they could discover about his partner. The results were chilling... As I sit writing this, I am feeling vaguely grubby ­ guilty even ­ in the way a neurotic husband might after hiring a gumshoe to go trawling through his wife’s secrets. There is a 15-page report in front of me chronicling virtually every aspect of my girlfriend’s life: past and present.

Cyber criminals hiding behind screens should be exposed - 09/09/10
Cyber crimes have multiplied so rapidly that it requires a glossary of terms just to get a handle on the scene. Viruses, trolling, scamming, phishing, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, cyber extortion, grooming, malware, hacking, identity fraud it's a Sisyphean effort to just compile a list. No sooner has the task been done than another type of cyber crime rears its ugly head.

'Sextortion' a parent's worst nightmare - 09/09/10
Just a few short years ago, about the worst trouble a group of teens could cause by using a telephone was making prank calls. Today, teens themselves have become the subject of predators stalking youth to gain a profit through electronic media. According to a recent report by the Associated Press, federal prosecutors and other experts say they're seeing an upswing in online sexual extortion.

Microsoft Releases Free Cyber-Security Ebook - 09/09/10
Microsoft has released a free­and lengthy­ebook covering a wide range of security topics. Although intended for teenagers, the book offers a solid enough look at using the internet safely, and it's suitable for anyone looking for a primer on internet security.

Miscommunication via texting, Internet growing -09/08/10
The word “whatever” has countless meanings. When someone gets that single word in a text message, there’s no telling which way it should be taken. “I hate it when people say ‘whatever.’ It can easily be taken the wrong way,” sophomore speech pathology major Laura Albers said.

Online harassment: man may be unfit to face court - 09/08/10
A Brisbane man accused of online harassment of Queensland public figures and organisations may not be fit to be tried by a criminal court, a magistrate has said. Russell Gordon Haig Matthews is the alleged creator of website The Haig Report, which accuses churches, police and politicians of corruption and fraud.

New technology brings challenges to prosecutors - 09/08/10
This past May a witness working with Isanti County prosecutors on a marijuana dealing case began to receive threatening text messages from an unknown source. The messages, which said they were from “guygreen55,” called the witness a “snitch,” as well as a number of obscenities, and told him to “meet me somewhere.”

Why you can't block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook - 09/07/10
Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and CEO of the social network Facebook, has recently drawn attention for members being unable to block him. The creation of the social network, initially restricted to Ivy League college students, was barely beat to the market by the creator of the MySpace social network, Tom Anderson.

Leading French author Houellebecq accused of Wikipedia cut and paste - 09/07/10
La carte et le territoire (The Map and the Territory) hit the bookshops this week as France's autumn publishing season gets under way and has already been tipped to win the Goncourt, France's top literary prize, in November. The much-awaited book revolves around Jed, a young artist who hits the big time after creating works of art out of Michelin maps.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Report Describes Psychological Effects Of Cybercrime - Technology News - redOrbit

Report Describes Psychological Effects Of Cybercrime - Technology News - redOrbit

Monday, September 06, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - September 6, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How shocking
Pa. woman zaps self, brother with stun gun

Police said an Erie-area woman somehow managed to zap both herself and her brother with a stun gun during a drunken dispute. Darlene Newara, 45, will have a hearing Oct. 18 on charges including driving under the influence, disorderly conduct for fighting, and public drunkenness in the Aug. 8 incident.

State police said they responded to a disturbance outside an Erie-area store about 6 p.m. to find that Newara had been arguing with her brother and stunned him with the device, then accidentally shocked herself with it.

Police said she was intoxicated and had several unopened bottles of liquor in the vehicle with her three sons, who were not hurt.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Schools getting serious about new cyberbullying law -09/05/10
Parents, teachers and administrators will need to be vigilant to comply with the state's new anti-bullying law, designed to protect students from electronic intimidation that affects schools. The law requires school districts to approve policies to combat cyberbullying by Jan. 1. Schools are also be required, by April 1, to train teachers about the new policies and implement educational programs for students and parents on preventing and responding to bullying.

Stalker jailed after writing novel about victim - 09/04/10
A stalker wrote a blog about raping and murdering a woman he had been harassing in real life for two years. Greg Downing detailed the imagined attack on children's author Katharine Quarmby in an online novel.

Montana teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot - 09/03/10
General rule of thumb: when looking to buy marijuana, don't text the sheriff. Authorities said a Helena teen hit a wrong number and inadvertently sent a message to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, saying "Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?"

Woman wants cops to return naked photos from iPhone - 09/03/10,CST-NWS-phone03.article
When Bridget Polaski stored naked pictures of herself on her cell phone, she never dreamed they would fall into the hands of cops. Now, the former Romeoville stripper and club manager said she wants them back. She even fears they will slap them on the Internet.

Man ordered to return nude photos of judge - 09/03/10
The man at the heart of a sex scandal rocking the Manitoba judiciary has a criminal history, involving convictions for arson and uttering death threats, and has a record of pursuing litigation. Alex Chapman, who this week launched a multi-million-dollar harassment lawsuit against a prominent Manitoba judge and her husband, told the National Post yesterday his convictions for arson, theft under $1,000 and uttering threats to kill in relation to a fire at his estranged wife's home in 1992 had been pardoned in 2001.

Newlywed 'murdered his wife of just five months after she discovered his affairs on Facebook' - 09/03/10
A man strangled his new bride after she discovered he was having an affair, a court has heard. Michael Roberts, 27, is then said to have concocted an elaborate charade to make it appear that Vicky, 25, his wife of five months, was still alive. He sent text messages from her phone to her concerned family and friends, saying she had left him for another man. oberts even had a tearful dinner with her parents while her dead body lay in their two-bedroom apartment, it is alleged.

Is Facebook Encouraging Cyber-Stalking? - 09/03/10
Facebook is currently testing a new feature that will let anyone be a cyber-stalker automatically, a ‘Subscribe to’ function. According to All Facebook, users will be able to subscribe to all the actions of a specific user, and receive notifications anytime that user performs actions on the social networking site.

Tweeting Texan First to Be Charged With Web Harassment Under New Law - 09/03/10 San Antonio man could become the first Texan prosecuted under a new state law protecting people against online harassment. According to The San Antonio Express-News, Mike Lavender, a former sports announcer, was recently charged with one count of online harassment for using a fake Twitter account to bother a 33-year-old reporter.

Cyberwar declared on the Duke of Rutland -09/03/10
We had an extremely rare case of Algerian hackers causing hilarity this week when they inadvertently hacked into and uploaded hate messages to the website of English stately home Belvoir Castle - the historic home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland.

Former SDSU Student Arrested for Making Online Threats -09/03/10
A former San Diego State University student was arrested for allegedly threatening a faculty member over the Internet and barred from the campus, university police said Friday.

New Internet threats target millions engaged in banking online -09/02/10
An estimated 98 million Americans bank online, thanks to Web-based bill-paying, money transfers and other activities made possible by financial institutions and service providers. The convenience of completing these tasks at home helps simplify hectic schedules and provides customers with 24-hour account access.

'Hitman email' rings hollow, only thing at risk is money - 09/02/10
There are no shortage of email scams out there, but the latest one to make the rounds has some bite: a threat to kill the recipient. Kody Odgers of Gladstone recently contacted KATU News to say he had received a threat on his life via email and that the sender wanted $10,000 to call it off.

Cell phone spying: James Bond cool or cyberstalking tool? - 09/02/10 researchers masked as hackers have begun to show the world the many vulnerabilities in smart phones. MWR InfoSecurity recently cooked up a Palm Pre bug which allowed them to turn the Pre into a James Bond-like device. According to Belfast Telegraph, MWR also discovered a flaw in Google's Android phone that would allow attackers to collect all the information stored in the phone's browser, such as browser history, passwords and usernames.

E-stalkers on the prowl - 09/02/10
While conventional stalking has received much attention lately, harassment through mobile phones and the internet has grown to be a silent epidemic in the last few years. The Daily Star has recently interviewed 30 women at random about the issue, and found every one of them has been harassed electronically by ex-boyfriends or strangers.

Law enforcement takes on cyber threats - 09/01/10
The growing accessibility of the internet has changed the way people do many things: check bank statements, listen to music, earn a college degree, pay bills––and, apparently, the way they break the law. The Isanti County Sheriff’s Department handles complaints about harassment on Facebook, MySpace or through text messaging on a weekly basis, according to Deputy Dave Matchinsky.

Police: Man sent woman threatening text messages - 09/01/10
A 50-year-old Oakwood Hills man remained in jail Tuesday afternoon for allegedly threatening a woman after she asked to him stop sending sexual text messages. Kenneth B. Larson, of 26 Meadow Lane, was indicted last week on a single count of cyberstalking.

Dutch colleges angry over sex job ads for freshmen - 09/01/10
A number of Dutch colleges are considering legal action against the publisher of a move-in guide for new freshmen, after the company included an ad recruiting students for jobs as online sex workers.