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Snow snow snow; the ring

I swear, it's never going to stop snowing this winter, LOL!

Chris has been snow blowing and shoveling like a madman. He's also been doing a lot of work on the Jeep - removing the old white paint to prime it and paint it red (not a bright red, a darker red - it's a nice color). The top and trim will be black. He's taking photos of the work he's doing to keep track of it, which I'll post soon.

We're staying home tonight after visiting a bartending friend at the local VFW this afternoon. A fire in the fireplace, watch a movie, scratch Bandit and Guin's bellies and ears and just relax and be together. It's nice.

Like I wrote before, my engagement ring is hard to describe - the two photos at the end of this don't do it complete justice, but you'll get the drift. The center stone is a dark green emerald; the top band is nine emeralds going from a dark green to a very light green; the bottom band is five diamonds. I plan on getting a plain gold band…

The moron wrote back

(read the previous post to see what's going on)

Not as nasty as I thought he would be, but refusing to reread the article I was interviewed for and realizing that the quotes he attributed to me were indeed wrong means he's still a dumbass. And the cutesy name for WHOA? Duh, buddy, look it up - it's Working to Halt Online Abuse = WHOA. Plus lumping me in with what the Fox reporter wrote claiming I was blaming the gaming industry, which I did not. . .oh WTF. What an idiot.

Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 10:14:56 -0800
From: Neal Feldman
Subject: Re: Incorrect quote used in your recent commentary

Where did I not 'use the right quotes'? I quoted what the article said. If you have an issue there I suggest you talk to Fox Newstainment.

As for the 'so-called' Fox Newstainment has a track record regarding who they call 'experts' that is even lower than abysmal... and since all they did was call you an 'expert' I used the 'consider the source' me…

I really hate stupid reporters


It happened again. A stupid reporter from a small paper in Oregon decided to take a quote out of his ass and attribute it to me.

Good lord.

Here's the "commentary" this idiot wrote:

Logic Fleeting in Online Gaming Safety Debate

This is what he wrote about me:

One of their so-called 'experts', alleged cyber-stalking victim Jayne Hitchcock, president of Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA), makes the claim that games are at fault because they "can foster more vulnerability than there might be on other virtual meeting spaces such as dating and social networking sites".

Hogwash! The games always warn you to be aware of unscrupulous folks and to protect yourself accordingly... especially they warn you to NEVER give out account information, credit card information or any other personal information unless you are sure about who you are dealing with, and even then to do so warily. But they can only hold your hand and protect you from your own stupidity so much.


America's Most Wanted; Prenup; misc

The segment I videotaped for America's Most Wanted finally aired last night. I was on for a split second on screen, although my voice was in the rest of the segment. I went to the AMW web site to see if they added the tips I'd talked about and instead of me as the expert, they listed another online safety organization, then mine as an afterthought at the very end. This other organization is run by a person who has not liked me from day one when I refused to merge my group into theirs. So they refuse to appear in any media interviews with me (I have emails from reporters stating this, so it IS a fact) and insist on being the only cyber crime expert. I'm surprised they let AMW even mention my group on the web site. Grr.

I just hope people who do online dating will take the info and tips I talked about to heart. The tips I talked about are on my blog at Fox Maine. There is also a chapter about online dating in my latest book, the second edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors

Sometimes I really hate the media, Myspace needs to smarten up, Video Professor update, more

I was interviewed by many media outlets for the Myspace suicide story mentioned in an earlier post here. Fox News, Associated Press, local radio and newspaper, even the Dr. Phil Show called about possibly doing a show about it, but postponed it. What gets me is just about every major media outlet misquoted or quoted me out of context.

The AP Story quoted me as stating that the law passed in Dardenne Prairie outlawing cyberstalking was meaningless (this is the city where the girl lived). It is. But the reporter didn't add just WHY I stated it was meaningless, so I looked like a mean person who didn't give a damn about the girl who died. Oy.

The reason the law is meaningless is because the law can only be used if BOTH the victim and harasser are located in Dardenne Prairie, or just the harasser (a victim, if they have to pursue charges or sue their harasser, must do so where the harasser lives, not where they live. . .unless the police want to extradite the harasser, which rarely…

America's Most Wanted Appearance Changed

The segment I was interviewed for on America's Most Wanted was pushed back to either December 22 or the 29th. I can't get a better answer than that. Since it is a filler and not time-sensitive, I have to expect delays like this. So just tune in to Fox on Saturday those dates to see if the online dating segment is in the previews of what's going to be on the show. They don't list on their web site what is going to be on their upcoming shows.

Let's hope it airs before the end of the year!

Also, Video Professor's launch has been delayed until the first week of January.