The moron wrote back

(read the previous post to see what's going on)

Not as nasty as I thought he would be, but refusing to reread the article I was interviewed for and realizing that the quotes he attributed to me were indeed wrong means he's still a dumbass. And the cutesy name for WHOA? Duh, buddy, look it up - it's Working to Halt Online Abuse = WHOA. Plus lumping me in with what the Fox reporter wrote claiming I was blaming the gaming industry, which I did not. . .oh WTF. What an idiot.

Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 10:14:56 -0800
From: Neal Feldman
Subject: Re: Incorrect quote used in your recent commentary

Where did I not 'use the right quotes'? I quoted what the article said. If you have an issue there I suggest you talk to Fox Newstainment.

As for the 'so-called' Fox Newstainment has a track record regarding who they call 'experts' that is even lower than abysmal... and since all they did was call you an 'expert' I used the 'consider the source' method. So in your case they actually messed up and quoted an actual expert. Good for them for once.

I do not doubt that there are scumbags out there but they proliferate everywhere. To just blame games is ludicrous. Either blame the perps (my preference) or blame those stupid enough to act irresponsibly (like women who get drunk in bars then wonder why they wake up naked somewhere or who leave their purse just lying around and wonder how it could possibly have been stolen etc. And men do dumb stuff too, it's not all women, don't get me wromg. IMHO the perps are primarily responsible in such cases but it is not like the victims exactly made it difficult, is it?

And that was the thrust of my article in case you missed it getting all huffed up.

That of personal responsibility and not blaming inanimate things and programs but protecting yourseklf by following the rules and warnings given (that if folks just would do would eliminate a large majority of cases you refer to.

True or not true?

Sorry if I got your hackles up... but when you lend your name to Fox Newstainment you should expect some to not consider you as legitimate as maybe they otherwise would. (also the cutesie name (WHOA) to me at least does not lend an air of scholarly expoertness... but lends more to the 'so-called- category. You might consider that in the future as well.)

Neal Feldman


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