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More on Joan, DVR, misc

So Ron, one of our WHOA volunteers let me know that Joan went to the emergency room last Saturday for back pain. She was treated and released and later had a heart attack and died at home. Someone emailed me that back pain is a heart attack sign that the hospital should have done something about. Too late now, unfortunately.

As I mentioned before, anyone who called Joan's home either didn't get an answer, or her senile mother hung up on them. Ron got me the name, address and info for the church where the funeral service would be held and I had flowers sent and only hope they got there in time. The service was yesterday morning at 9 am. Joan had been cremated right away. I got no response from the church.

I'm beginning to think everyone in Valley Stream, NY (where Joan lived) is a little odd.

I said a little prayer yesterday morning at 9 am, lit a candle and some incense. Chris left me alone.


Sears came and fixed the dryer from hell. If we did not have the e…

TechNet Mid America Conference

I got this gig from doing the DoD (Department of Defense) Cyber Crime Conference this past January. Jay Walker and Sharla Warren, of Technology Forums, are big fans of mine! So they booked me for the TechNet Mid-America 2006 Conference, held in Collinsville, Illinois July 17-19, 2006. Why Collinsville? I asked the same question. Most of the attendees were coming from Scott Air Force Base, located nearby.

Sooooo, the night before I left, Sunday, July 16th, I planned on getting to bed early, as I had to leave the morning at 8 am for the airport. But no. I was letting Guin out and when she went down the stairs, she missed one and tumbled to the bottom, whining. She has this problem where her left back kneecap sometimes pops out and all I do is gently rub it until it pops back in. That's what I thought it was until I started rubbing her leg and saw blood.

I yelled for Chris, ran back upstairs to change from my jammies into regular clothes and we bundled Guin in the car and drove to Por… Book Signing

Tuesday, July 11th I was scheduled to do a book signing at Internet Cafe in York, Maine. Bob Rogers, one of the owners thought it would be a good fit with his business and I told him I'd bring SPAM (in a can). The morning of, I decided to whip up a couple of SPAM dishes instead of just feeding people SPAM out of the can.

So I went to the Hormel web site to find a couple of recipes. I decided on SPAM dip and SPAM Casserole (minus the peas).

I then packed everything up, with cheese and crackers, plates, utensils and napkins, and oh yes, my books. It was pouring rain when I got to, but Bob and I unloaded my car and I set up a table with the dishes.

There were already a couple of people there and I corralled them into trying the dishes, which Bob and I had already tasted. So far, the dip was the best, but the casserole wasn't too bad. We started an informal survey to see who like which dish best. The following is me and Bob.

People started to trickle in and out t…

Letter from Clive Cussler about my book

Yes, I do know Clive. He is a good friend. No, I will not give you his address or phone number or send anything to him, so please don't ask.

I sent him a copy of my latest book, the 2nd edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors because he graciously gave me a quote for the cover of the book. He sent me the following lovely letter. I didn't post it earlier because I've been busy getting ready for my next trip (I leave Monday).

Sears HE4 Dryer warning


We bought one and the HE3 washer last December and had nothing but problems with the washer.

We ended up getting a different washer, which we're very happy with.

Then the HE4 dryer quit on us and I went through hell to get the repair guy here. He showed up today and it turns out the HE4 dryer is a problem. They've been getting loads of service calls for the same problem - the front display panel quits working. This is where all the buttons are to run the dryer.

He emergency ordered the part, which should come tomorrow or Friday, but he doesn't know if they'll have him come right away to install it. He scheduled to do it next Friday. Yes, a week from this Friday. That's over a MONTH without a very expensive dryer that we purchased from Sears.

I am really upset about this whole thing. Sears usually sells good appliances and stands by them, but this washer/dryer debacle has soured me on Sears for good. I am just glad we paid the extra for th…

Now it's dryer hell, spam on podcast, more

Sigh. Back in December I posted about our Washer/Dryer Hell experience with Sears. We eventually got that straightened out.

Almost two weeks ago, the brand new, six month old dryer stopped working. It wasn't the circuit breaker - the light still worked when the door was opened. It just plain stopped. Kaput.

I called service and they said the earliest anyone could come was this morning between 8-12 noon. Okay, I'd plan my day around that. So last night, Sears very kindly left a voicemail message reminding us of the time to be at home, between 8-12 noon and to make sure someone was here. Fine and dandy. I was sick of dealing with tourists at the laundromat around the corner.

So this morning I get up, have my coffee, and at about 8:30 go outside to do some yard work. I figured I'd be productive while waiting. I had the garage door wide open for the Sears service guy to see.

At about 10 am, I go inside to cool off and get a drink of water. Three messages. One from Chris and two fr…

Kennebunkport Book Signing

Since I'm fulfilling previously scheduled book signings, I did one at Kennebunk Book Port in Kennebunkport, Maine (say that three times fast, ha ha).

Chris went with me and Rich, one of the owners of the bookstore, had let me know his order of my book from Ingram hadn't come in yet. Luckily, I had ordered a box of books for a signing on Tuesday and that had come in on Friday, so I brought that box with me.

Rich had me set up on the deck outside the store - thank goodness it was a gorgeous and cool day. Plus an umbrella over the table I was sitting at. Rich got Chris and I some mocha coffees and the three of us chatted for the next two hours. Rich is a funny guy and had some good stories to tell.

Every once in a while someone would come by and I'd talk with them, but not one book sold while I was there. Book signing is not glamorous believe me. And wonder of wonders - no weird person like I usually get at my signings!

Afterwards, Chris and I stopped in Wells to pick up dinner, …

Book signing, flight home

New Orleans photos are NOW UP.

Sooooo, have I mentioned how much I hate doing book signings? After Thursday night, I now know why Clive Cussler has a thermos of tequila with him.

Since the four people who had promised to go with me to the book signing reneged at the last minute, I had to pay $20 each way for a taxi to the Barnes & Noble. Not to mention no dinner because I'd planned on having dinner with them before the signing, but by the time they notified me they couldn't do it, it was too late to get something to eat.

So, I get to the bookstore and they have a nice display at the front of the store with a big poster. I met Whitney, the bookstore's publicity person and she set me up. I did notice that my book signing had not been listed in their monthly newsletter, even though I called and scheduled the signing last month. Whitney got me a tall green tea frappucinno and sat at the table, ready to sign books.

Mind you, they mentioned the book signing several times at the …