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So Ron, one of our WHOA volunteers let me know that Joan went to the emergency room last Saturday for back pain. She was treated and released and later had a heart attack and died at home. Someone emailed me that back pain is a heart attack sign that the hospital should have done something about. Too late now, unfortunately.

As I mentioned before, anyone who called Joan's home either didn't get an answer, or her senile mother hung up on them. Ron got me the name, address and info for the church where the funeral service would be held and I had flowers sent and only hope they got there in time. The service was yesterday morning at 9 am. Joan had been cremated right away. I got no response from the church.

I'm beginning to think everyone in Valley Stream, NY (where Joan lived) is a little odd.

I said a little prayer yesterday morning at 9 am, lit a candle and some incense. Chris left me alone.


Sears came and fixed the dryer from hell. If we did not have the extended warranty, it would have cost us almost $800 to fix it. No kidding. Chris says as soon as the extended warranty is done in 2010 (and if the dryer is still alive), we're getting rid of it and getting one without the fancy digital display.


I needed to get out of the house yesterday afternoon, even though it was pouring buckets of rain outside. We'd upgraded to Time Warner's All-In-One (digital phone, cable and Internet) and the installer turned on the phone service for us on Friday afternoon, which took forever. Our house is over 60 years old, so some of the wiring is still really old. When I called customer service yesterday to ask them to turn on the "On Demand" feature, the woman mentioned DVR - Digital Video Recording for only $6.95 more a month. Since we're already saving over $40/month by switching from Verizon to TW digital phone, we decided to go for it.

I took the dogs for the ride and it took almost an hour to go 10 miles. It turns out all the summer tourists were going batty and were on the road. Blech. Got to Time Warner, swapped the old cable box for the new DVR one and a new remoted and headed home.

I took a nap while Chris played with his new toy.

When I got up, he made dinner, went to bed early and I decided to try out the On Demand by watching the last Deadwood, which I'd missed. On Demand is so darned cool. You can play, pause, rewind, fast forward. I am in heaven!


I'm hoping to get news on some projects I'm working on related to my book and writing. Cross your fingers for me.


Check out the photos link to the right of the blog. I added new photos to it.



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