Now it's dryer hell, spam on podcast, more

Sigh. Back in December I posted about our Washer/Dryer Hell experience with Sears. We eventually got that straightened out.

Almost two weeks ago, the brand new, six month old dryer stopped working. It wasn't the circuit breaker - the light still worked when the door was opened. It just plain stopped. Kaput.

I called service and they said the earliest anyone could come was this morning between 8-12 noon. Okay, I'd plan my day around that. So last night, Sears very kindly left a voicemail message reminding us of the time to be at home, between 8-12 noon and to make sure someone was here. Fine and dandy. I was sick of dealing with tourists at the laundromat around the corner.

So this morning I get up, have my coffee, and at about 8:30 go outside to do some yard work. I figured I'd be productive while waiting. I had the garage door wide open for the Sears service guy to see.

At about 10 am, I go inside to cool off and get a drink of water. Three messages. One from Chris and two from Sears - Sears wanted to know where I was. Hello? I'm here, waiting for the service guy.

I panic. Call the service guy's cell number and leave a message telling him I was here and had been since 8 am. Then I called the national service number and told the woman there I had been here all morning and wanted him to come back. She couldn't promise anything. That's when my blood pressure started rising. I told her that if they put on the voicemail message they'd left that I had to sit by the phone all morning until someone called to be sure someone was here, I would have done so. What would have happened if I'd been in the bathroom doing my business? Geez.

So, the service guy calls back and says Sears should let people know they need to stay in the house while waiting and said he'd try to squeeze me in this afternoon. So I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Sears calls back. He can't come and the earliest he can come back is next week. I blew a gasket and said that was unacceptable and he needed to come this week. We paid EXTRA for the maintenance agreement to go through 2010. I expected better service than this. Nope. I said fine, I want them to come pick up the damned dryer. She transferred me to customer service.

The woman there very rudely told me I had to call the store I purchased the dryer from. Why? They were customer service. She pretty much hung up on me.

So I called the local store. The woman who had sold us the washer and dryer wasn't in and the woman who answered listened to me and sighed. She said they were taught to not be rude to customers. She apologized and said she'd have her manager call back.

Angie, the branch manager, called back a bit ago and said that since the dryer is six months old, they can't take it back but she was going to see if she could get the service guy to come back this week. I'm still waiting for her to call back.

I am boiling mad. Do NOT buy washers or dryers from Sears. They do NOT back up those items. We bought other appliances from them and have had no trouble with service with any of them, just the washer and dryer. I don't know what gives, but I am NEVER buying anything else from them. As soon as the washer and dryer are paid off, the Sears credit cards are being put in the shredder.


Now on to other news. I did a couple of podcasts for a very cool web site - when you get the chance, take a listen:

How To Combat Spam

If you get a moment after listening to it, it'd be tremendous if you could go to and push in a pin as a participant. That way everyone can see where you're from. I did it!

The yard work I did today was something that was long overdue. We had some sea roses trying to take over the driveway and some other native plants, so I weeded, trimmed (with a super duper fun electric hedge trimmer) and pulled and prodded. I looked like a soccer player at the end of game, all dirty, sweaty and gross, ha ha.

Chippy actually ran around my feet this morning when I went out to feed him. I stood still and watched him. He sat on his hind legs a few times to look up at me. I wish I could speak chipmunk to understand what the heck he was doing, but he was cuter than heck.

Tomorrow I'm doing a different kind of book signing. I got a local Internet cafe to sponsor a talk by me about email spam and I'm going to serve Hormel SPAM, crackers and cheese and sign copies of my book. Between the two of us, flyers have been posted all over town and I had a few people email me about it. It should be fun!


Anonymous said…
Have fun at UpSurf. I think (no change that to I know) I'd much rather be joining you there than the adventure I'm to have Tues. afternoon. Have to go with my mom to help her pick out a second choice of fabric for her sleep sofa. She waited 15 weeks for this sofa, had it for about a month and couldn't get a "chemical" smell aired out of it to her satisfaction. She worked it that the store came and picked up the sofa and they are offering her a reupholster job. Took over an hour for her to decide on fabric the first time. I can only imagine how long it will take for a second choice....oh, such fun.

By "being mapped", we are now members of Frappr. Have you checked out any of the other stuff that they offer?
Anonymous said…
Yep, it's tourist that something like hunting season....please? There are those moments. Many of them!

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