Sears HE4 Dryer warning


We bought one and the HE3 washer last December and had nothing but problems with the washer.

We ended up getting a different washer, which we're very happy with.

Then the HE4 dryer quit on us and I went through hell to get the repair guy here. He showed up today and it turns out the HE4 dryer is a problem. They've been getting loads of service calls for the same problem - the front display panel quits working. This is where all the buttons are to run the dryer.

He emergency ordered the part, which should come tomorrow or Friday, but he doesn't know if they'll have him come right away to install it. He scheduled to do it next Friday. Yes, a week from this Friday. That's over a MONTH without a very expensive dryer that we purchased from Sears.

I am really upset about this whole thing. Sears usually sells good appliances and stands by them, but this washer/dryer debacle has soured me on Sears for good. I am just glad we paid the extra for the extended warranty, which is good through 2010. That means every time this damned dryer goes wonkers on us, it will be fixed for free.

In the meantime, I have to drag my washed clothes to the laundromat to fight with the tourists visiting our fair town for a dryer. I plan on calling Sears to see if I can get my $1.50 per dryer load refunded to me. Whatcha wanna bet they say no?

So, folks, if you want to buy appliances, DON'T BUY THEM FROM SEARS.


Michael said…
Today we tried to dry our clothes (we have the HE4 too) -- sure enough, the display won't come on. I've read through numerous postings on epinions today of people experiencing the same problems.

Looks like more troubles ahead for this particular model :(
Anonymous said…
HE4 110.85087401. I noticed a burning smell about a week ago. 30 Aug 06 nothing worked, no lights on the display panel, only the light in the dryer worked.
Anonymous said…
I have also had many problems with font loaders and returned them to the stores. My wife wanted a front loader so we picked up a set at sears, the HE4 line. Again problem with clothes not getting clean, washer walking out the door in spin cycle, dryer not dying, bad pumps.
What I have learned is the appliance industry is reducing quality and warranty time. I don't get it my self. I teach high school shop and I am always talking about quality and craftman ship. I wish I could do something to wake up the industry but it is a big problem.
Thanks for letting me vent.
Unknown said…
I purchased a Whirlpool He4 dryer and washer about three years ago. The dryer has failed three times due to a design defect in the Whirlpool controller or interface board. Apparently, if you lose power to your home, and it is restored. The surge in power, which can be tolerated by all of your other electrical appliances, causes a failure in one or both of those boards. I found this is a problem for a large number of owners, and the Sears technician explained the nature of the problem. I purchased a long-term maintenance agreement for the dryer because of this problem. I am on the third replacement and it will take a month for Sears to complete the replacement installation.
The true cost of this dryer is much greater than MSRP. You have to purchase a maintenance agreement as well, and then endure the lost of the dryer for weeks at a time if you have power outages due to storms or other phenomena.

I don't think I would purchase another dryer from this company or Sears that had not proven to be tolerant of power outages. The true life cycle cost and annoyance of loss of dryer for a month at a time is too great. Repair down time waiting for a technician to respond, if you don't answer the computerized call from Sears that arrives at unpredictable times (puts you into another one-week delay to get another schedule for technician), and technicians arriving without replacement boards, results in lost time and dry-cleaning and laundry costs that should be factored into your overall decision about a purchase.
Senor Lyons said…
I have an HE4 also. Of course it is not under warranty. As everyone has stated, the display will not come on. Through all the postings, I have learned that this has been a long time "known" problem with this model. It certainly is not from over use, it is just me and my husband. I thought this would be the last washer/dryer I would ever buy. boy was I wrong. If this was an automobile, there would be a "recall". Why can't Whirlpool take responsibility and put out a recall to repair this faulty piece of machinery. At this point, I will NEVER purchase another appliance from Sears.

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