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Monday, April 29, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 29, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Alexandria, Va., dubbed most well-read city by
Online store said Alexandria, Va., topped its annual list of the Most Well-Read Cities in America.

The website said its third annual list, compiled using sales of both print and Kindle editions of all books, magazines and newspapers per capita in cities with a population of more than 100,000 since June 1, 2012, was topped by Alexandria, followed by Knoxville, Tenn.; Miami; Cambridge, Mass.; and Orlando, Fla.

The Top 10 was rounded out by Ann Arbor, Mich.; Berkeley, Calif.; Cincinnati; Columbia, S.C.; and Pittsburgh.

"The results of our annual Most Well-Read Cities list is proof that people across the country are reading, and also that we're still seeing the popularity of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" said Sara Nelson, editorial director of books and Kindle. "It's fun for us to see facts like the citizens of Cambridge are buying the most books in the business category or that one of our favorite novels of 2012, 'Gone Girl,' is the best-selling book in the Most Well-Read City, Alexandria."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

A mentor tormented by his Iranian cyber-stalker - 04/29/13
How does one write about obsessive love? Well, if “Lolita,” “The Kreutzer Sonata” and “Wuthering Heights” are to be any kind of guide, then the answer is: Magnificently. But what if our focus is not on the Humbert Humberts, the Pozdnyshevs, the Heathcliffs of our world? What if our narrator is not the one obsessed but is rather the object of obsession? And what if the nightmarish events that he describes – not without a sense of foreboding – are real? Add to that the peculiarities that define the age of the Internet (Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, she became a cyberbully), and the result is the fascinating new book “Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked,” by James Lasdun.

Facebook loses millions of users as biggest markets peak - 04/28/13
Facebook has lost millions of users per month in its biggest markets, independent data suggests, as alternative social networks attract the attention of those looking for fresh online playgrounds. As Facebook prepares to update investors on its performance in the first three months of the year, with analysts forecasting revenues up 36% on last year, studies suggest that its expansion in the US, UK and other major European countries has peaked.

Internet, social media make college assignments a 'free market' - 04/27/13
University at Albany (N.Y.) officials say they are investigating allegations about 100 of 650 students in a class paid for someone to complete their homework. University spokesman Karl Luntta told the Albany Times Union the school is conducting an investigation into allegations of cheating in one class, but he declined to confirm how many students were involved.

British internet troll who admits threatening to kill 200 US citizens in Facebook posts which led to thousands of children staying off school - 04/26/13 British internet troll caused ‘hysteria’ in America by posting messages on Facebook threatening to kill hundreds of people in a school massacre, a court heard yesterday. Reece Elliott, 24, said he would drive to a school in Tennessee and ‘kill at least 200 before I kill myself’. He suggested someone should call police because ‘I’m on my way’.

Madison man charged in Craigslist stalking wants out of jail - 04/26/13
The Reva man facing federal stalking charges for allegedly using Craigslist to post sex-wanted ads targeting an ex girlfriend is trying to get out of jail to go live with another girlfriend pending trial. Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, of Madison County has been in federal custody since being arrested March 20 for reportedly using his work computer to pose as the alleged female victim on the free online classifieds site, offering sex and pornography, providing her address and photograph and telling respondents to ignore the security gate at her Fauquier County home.

Trolls, memes and spam: author offers guide to web words - 04/26/13
Tom Chatfield hopes that his book will be a guide for those baffled by the recent influx of new words into the lexicon. The important figures excluded from debates on technology because they don't know the jargon, the policy makers with a circumspect understanding of the culture their legislation will affect, the famous users new to twitter that make errors that lead to ridicule from clued-up users. Ed Balls.

Paul Ryan Intern Accused: Former Campaign Intern Indicted of Extortion and Cyberstalking 15 Women - 04/25/13
A former Republican presidential intern has been accused of extortion and cyberstalking 15 women. FBI agents arrested the intern, identified as 21-year-old Adam Svador, at his Great Neck, Long Island home on Tuesday, the NY Daily News reported. Savador, a political science student at SUNY Farmingdale, had previously interned for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and as the "sole intern" of Republican vice presidential Paul Ryan. According to the NY Daily News, the 21-year-old was charged with illegally obtaining naked photos of 15 women and threatening to make them public unless they sent him more.

Wikipedia bumps women from 'American novelists' category - 04/25/13
There are American novelists, and then there are American women novelists – at least according to Wikipedia, where outrage has been building over the quiet categorisation of major names such as Harper Lee and Donna Tartt according to their gender. Wikipedia has a category for "American novelists", but it runs to so many names that the site has said "pages in this category should be moved to subcategories where applicable".

When oversharing online can get you arrested - 04/24/13
The five-minute video opens with a man cruising along in his car, cracking open a bottle of what appears to be Beck's beer and taking a swig. "We all know drinking and driving is against the law. You're not supposed to do that. But they didn't say anything about driving and then drinking," the man says to the camera. "You just have to be learned enough to understand the symbols of drunkenness."

'My little princess banged her head at McDonald's': Boyfriend 'took to Facebook to construct alibi after beating partner's 23-month old daughter to death' - 04/24/13
A 23-month-old girl was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend who then took to Facebook to construct an alibi for what he had done, a court heard today. Roxie Archer died from a 'devastating' brain injury inflicted by Ben Raftery, 21, just hours after her mother had flown out to New York to celebrate her 21st birthday, the jury were told.

Restaurant worker 'took photos of bad tippers and posted images online with insulting hashtags such as #jew and #hillbillies' - 04/24/13
A Delaware restaurant has come under fire after photographs of bad tippers and their receipts were uploaded to its social networking sites alongside offensive and racist messages. The Padi Restaurant in Hockessin has apologized after images appeared on its manager's Instagram account and the eatery's Facebook page calling people names such as 'cheap' and 'hillbilly'. But the manager, Aaron Kwan, has denied he took the images or wrote the messages - and has instead blamed other employees for accessing his online profiles when he was not looking.

WiFi porn in public areas to be blocked - 04/23/13
The Prime Minister is to announce a Government-backed code of conduct which will mean that pornography is blocked in public spaces such as cafes and railway stations where children are likely to be present. Mr Cameron said that he wanted “good, clean WiFi” in public spaces which would give parents confidence that their children cannot access illicit websites on smart phones or mobile computers.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Radio Show Host News

Got some good news - read about it on my book's FB page. Please LIKE and share the page!

Monday, April 15, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 15, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .iPad found wedged in car bumper, intact and working

A Georgia woman who drove over an hour with an Apple iPad stuck in her car's front bumper said the tablet computer was intact and functioning when she found it.

The iPad, mistakenly left on the roof of another car, flew off at 40 mph and struck Alexa Crisa's vehicle as she drove around the Atlanta suburbs of Marietta and Roswell, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

"I went to Target and ran errands with this iPad hanging out of my bumper. I had no clue. I'm not even sure how I missed (seeing) it, other than I don't check my bumper for random dislodged electronics," said Crisa.

The device was returned to its owner, the newspaper added.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

It started out with a woman simply emailing “Les Misérables” star Hugh Jackman. It escalated into cyber stalking - she was obsessed with the Australian actor - and it came to a a head Saturday morning in New York when police say Katherine Thurston, 47, of California attacked Jackman with an electric razor in an attempt to shave his beard off.

Austin Woman Allegedly Cyber-Stalked a Celebrity - 04/14/13
A story we first reported on in January. An Austin woman sending threatening messages over the internet. We're now learning who those messages were sent to. Those messages involved threats of rape, assault, and even murder. And now, we're learning the victim of that alleged cyber-stalking may have been a celebrity. According to the New York Post, that victim was Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of singer Billy Joel.

After sexual harassment at workplace, woman faces online slander - 04/12/13
First it was sexual harassment at workplace. Next comes the slanderous campaign on the Internet. For this former employee of auditing firm KPMG, life has become hell since 2007. Now Aditi (name changed) is fighting with the Mumbai cyber police who are doing little on her 2012 complaint seeking action against websites which hosted offensive comments against her.

Laptop stolen from Islington sends home snaps of Iranian family's holiday - 04/12/13
An illustrator who had given up hope of being reunited with his stolen laptop was stunned when his computer reported back that it had fallen into the hands of a family in Iran – with photo evidence. Dom del Torto’s home in Islington was burgled on February 4, with thieves snatching an iPad and a MacBook Pro, but not before the 41-year-old had installed an application called Hidden App on his computer.

Is your child using the sinister website that pits friend against friend? This week a 15-year-old boy killed himself after being hounded on it. No wonder mothers want it banned... - 04/12/13
When she looked at her teenage daughter’s laptop, it was almost impossible for Caroline Quinn to believe that the vicious words on the screen had been written about her child. ‘Slut’ and ‘anorexic freak’ were some of the choice words and phrases which had been posted on 13-year-old Laura’s social networking page. Another message, posted in response to a photograph of Laura at a friend’s birthday party, spat the vitriol: ‘Put some clothes on. I don’t wanna see your slutty face on my computer.’ The website, as 40-year-old Caroline learned, was ­ a notorious question-and-answer social networking site that has enjoyed an explosion in popularity among young British teenagers in the past year.

Metairie man arrested after he posts pics of himself wearing stolen jewelry on social media sites, cops say - 04/12/13 Metairie man was arrested after he allegedly uploaded photographs of himself wearing stolen, customized jewelry to Facebook. Floyd Munson, 26, of Kenner, is also accused of posting multiple Instagram messages/photos of himself as he taunted the owner of the jewelry, which was taken during an armed robbery last year, according to Sgt. Brian McGregor, spokesman for the Kenner Police.

Former lady of Blarney Castle wins damages after being called a 'psycho' on blog by daughter of husband's lover - 04/11/13
The former wife of the owner of Blarney Castle, home to the Blarney Stone, has been awarded damages after being branded a 'psycho' on an internet blog. Lady Nora Colthurst accepted undisclosed libel damages and a public apology for the 'distressing' allegations, made by the daughter of her husband's lover.

Scotland Yard sacks seven for misusing Facebook and Twitter - 04/11/13
Seven employees of the Metropolitan Police have been sacked for misusing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the past five years, the Standard can reveal. They include three police officers and four Met civil staff.

Barclays analyst caught in email gaffe: We’re going to steal website’s ideas - 04/10/13
Barclays has been accused of “inappropriate” behaviour after one of its analysts was caught threatening to “steal” ideas from an internet start-up company backed by the Government. An employee at the banking giant was emailed by a friend who recommended Nutmeg, a new website that offers to manage portfolios for people with as little as £1,000 to invest.

Girl Sends Sext, Gets Kicked Out of School. Lacrosse Players Share Sext, Get Off Scot Free - 04/10/13
A 16-year-old student says she was forced to withdraw from her prestigious Catholic prep school after texting a topless photo to two of the school's star athletes, who shared it with the entire lacrosse team but received no punishment. Instead of using the incident as a teachable moment for both male and female students about trust and social media, the administration sent a clear message: girls are ungodly creatures who tempt boys into sin.

New Baltimore man accused of ‘sextorting’ females - 04/10/13
A New Baltimore man blackmailed 18 females in New York including several minors into performing sex acts for him during a video chat by telling them he had hacked into their e-mail accounts and obtained photos of them nude, according to federal court records. James S. Allen, 36, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 18 counts of cyber-stalking and five counts of production of child pornography.

Kidwelly author attacks police for lack of help over internet 'harassment' - 04/10/13
A PROMINENT Kidwelly author claims internet tormentors are now threatening to "send a suicide bomber" to one of his book signings. Julian Ruck, who claims he has been subject to months of harassment on the internet has hit out at the police for "doing nothing" to help following the latest round of alleged threats.

Corporal who tried to 'big it up' by attending wedding in sergeant's uniform and medals bought on the internet is fined after being spotted on Facebook - 04/10/13
A Royal Marine who impersonated a superior and used medals bought on the internet has been fined, after photographs of him were spotted on Facebook. Robert Barnett, who was a corporal at the time, wore medals he had not earned and the uniform of a sergeant, as he wanted to ‘big himself up’ at a family wedding, a court martial heard yesterday.

Father-of-two facing child sex charges found dead after vigilante hate campaign on Facebook - 04/10/13
A coach driver facing child sex allegations is feared to have killed himself after being subjected to a vigilante hate campaign on Facebook. David Hughes, 44, was accused of grooming girls from a majorettes troupe he ferried to cheerleading competitions.

Foul-mouthed teen crime tsar QUITS her £15,000-a-year youth commissioner role after police launch investigation into Twitter rant - 04/09/13
Britain's first youth crime commissioner quit yesterday after her own police force launched an investigation into racist and homophobic comments she posted on the internet. Paris Brown, 17, wrote the offensive messages on her personal Twitter account, which also included boasts about her sex life, violence, drinking binges and drugs.

Pictured for the first time: British teenage hacker, 18, who took part in cyber attacks on the CIA and the Serious Organised Crime Agency - 04/09/13
This is the 18-year-old British hacker who joined in high-tech attacks on the CIA and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. A-Level student Mustafa Al-Bassam, who until now had his identity protected because of his age, previously admitted two computer crime charges relating to notorious hacker collective Lulzsec.

'Gang-rape victim', 17, kills herself 'after her attackers took picture of the assault and sent it to classmates who branded her a slut' - 04/09/13
A 17-year-old girl has killed herself after four boys raped her and spread a photograph of the assault, causing classmates and friends to taunt and cyber-bully her, her mother has said. Rehtaeh Parsons from Nova Scotia, Canada hanged herself in her family's bathroom on Thursday after months of torment and, on Sunday night, her parents took her off life support.

Arrest Made For High School E-Mail Threat - 04/09/13
A King County sheriff’s spokeswoman says detectives have made an arrest in a March 29 emailed bomb threat that warned of a “blood bath” at Kentwood High School in suburban Covington, south of Seattle. School officials voluntarily sent students home for the day while officers searched the school. No explosive devices were found.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Newington, NH Book Signing on Sunday, April 14th

I'm going to be doing a talk and book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Newington, NH tomorrow from 1-2 pm - please share!

Monday, April 08, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 8, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .April Fools' microchip prank irks resident

Some residents of a New Mexico town said they were angered by an April Fools' prank using a fake city newsletter to tell them they would be microchipped.

The document, printed in the style of the Bernalillo city newsletter, was delivered to homes Monday and explained a toll road was going electronic and "residents of Bernalillo will be exempt from toll charges and will be implanted with a microchip that will allow for toll-free travel," KOAT-TV, Albuquerque, reported Thursday.

"You go to the bottom, and it says, 'Happy April Fool's Day,'" Miller said.

However, Miller said the disclaimer was not conspicuously placed.

Oh, I was very fooled," Miller said, "until I was contacted by someone, who was contacted by someone, who was contacted by someone, who said, 'Look to the bottom of the document.'"

"This is not a document to be playing around with," Miller said. "It's something that money, time and effort was put into, and no one gains from it. I'm all for a joke -- but this isn't funny."

Not all residents were upset by the prank. Local woman Mary Aguilar-Lee said she rated the joke an eight on her humor scale.

City leaders did not respond to calls for comment.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Bullying in the digital age - 04/08/13
Last week, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 396, which seeks to stem “cyberbullying” by criminalizing certain behavior and annoyances. The bill, Grace’s Law, honors the tragic death of Grace McComas, a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after being harassed by a neighbor via social media. The passage of this bill is a victory for politicians who are seizing on the omnipresent topic of cyberbullying.

Bill will let teachers seize pupils' phones - 04/08/13
Schools may soon be able to seize pupils' smartphones and search through their contents for evidence of cyber-bullying. Most principals are publicly welcoming the proposed law change, but others in the sector fear it could irreparably damage the vital relationship schools have with pupils and their parents.

Schoolboy, 15, bullied to death by trolls on the internet: friends say vile posts drove him to despair - 04/08/13
A schoolboy found hanged in his parents’ garden had complained of cyber-bullying on a notorious social networking site, it has emerged. Josh Unsworth, 15, had endured months of abusive messages on his profile on, which has been described by child safety experts as a ‘stalker’s paradise’.

Cyber bullying: 'He told me he was a footballer. I wasn't to know I was a victim' - 04/07/13
When 15-year-old schoolgirl Lain Lerouge was contacted through Facebook by a professional footballer, she was not star-struck in the least. The player, who starred for a Football League club, was already friends on the social networking website with mutual acquaintances and she assumed that was how he came to first contact her. After their initial internet meeting, she and the 19-year-old player developed a closer relationship, chatting every day via their accounts and even talking regularly on the phone.

Labour star Chuka Umunna admits his aides probably set up and edited his own Wikipedia page - 04/07/13
Chukka Umunna, a rising star Labour frontbencher, has admitted that his aides might have set up up and edited his own page on the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Mr Umunna, who is tipped as a future party leader, was accused of amending his page on the popular website under the pseudonym “Socialdemocrat”.

Rare, disturbing glimpse into cyberbullying world - 04/06/13
IT may be a work of fiction, yet, sadly, it's a story that could have been culled from the pages of almost any newspaper. A topic all too often in the news these days, cyberbullying is at the heart of American author Kimberly McCreight's first novel, part psychological thriller, part mystery and part coming-of-age story. McCreight includes enough well-placed plot twists -- not all of them unpredictable -- to keep the story moving at a nice pace, and she will keep most readers guessing until the last moment.

Don't they know who her husband is? Mike Tyson's wife 'sues unknown web tormentor over threatening emails' - 04/05/13
You would think being married to a former heavyweight boxing champion would provide reasonable protection from harassment. But it has emerged Mike Tyson's wife Lakiha Spicer is suing an unidentified assailant over threatening emails. She is also accusing the mystery tormentor, who is identified only by their IP address, of menacing her family.

India’s Criminal Law Amendment To Include Cyber Stalking, Harassment And Voyeurism - 04/05/13
The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill is a bill to be introduced in the Indian Parliament, will replace the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 currently in force, and aims at amending the existing provisions in criminal law in order to improve the safety of women. The Bill seeks to make changes to the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Indian Evidence Act. The Bill will introduce provisions in the IPC which would criminalise sexual voyeurism and stalking amending legal provisions to protect the privacy of individuals, such as discontinuing the practice of examination of the sexual history of the victim of a sexual assault for evidence.

East Windsor CEO pleads guilty to resolve online harassment, stalking charges - 04/05/13
The head of an East Windsor technology company will have to pay a North Carolina woman $1,800 after she accused him of online harassment, a Plainsboro/Cranbury Municipal Court judge has decided. Robert Smithers, of Cranbury, will be able to avoid a long trial on criminal stalking and harassment charges by paying the fines and pleading guilty to a downgraded offense, the man’s attorney said today.

LOC Packard Campus employee arrested in Craigslist stalking case - 04/04/13
A film preservationist from the Library of Congress Packard Campus in Culpeper is in federal custody facing a felony stalking charge after allegedly posting fake sex ads on Craigslist targeting a Fauquier County woman he briefly dated two years ago. Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, of Reva in Madison County was arrested last month after a recent undercover investigation found probable cause he violated a protective order originally entered July 2011, prohibiting contact with the woman.

Cyber-bullying out of control in Peel, say police - 04/02/13
Cyber-bullying is getting out of hand in Mississauga and Brampton, and young teens could be charged if they post and send messages without thinking about the consequences, Peel Regional Police said today in launching an initiative to combat the problem.

Schools expel 15 sex bullies a day: Even primary pupils driven to assaults by internet porn - 04/02/13
Fifteen children are expelled from school for sexual misconduct on average every day. At least one of these will be from primary school, official figures show. More than 3,000 children are excluded every year for offences including sexual bullying, sexual assaults and harassment. The revelation comes amid increasing concern over the prevalence of ‘sexting’, when boys share explicit pictures of girls, often leaving the victims feeling suicidal.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

"We're Not Making This Up!" Tonight in Clinton, Massachusetts

If you are in or near Clinton, Massachusetts, come see me on a panel called "We're Not Making This Up!" with Kate Flora and Steve Liskow TONIGHT!

Bigelow Library

7 pm
54 Walnut Street
Clinton, MA 01510
(978) 365-4160

Monday, April 01, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 1, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Store criticized for Facebook suspect pic

A Swedish grocery store has removed a photo of a suspected thief from its Facebook page after the move was criticized.

The Ica store in Vastra Gotaland posted an image from a surveillance camera of a suspected thief with the comment "nice that you like our lamb and beef," leading to several comments, some of a racist nature, Swedish news agency TT/The reported Friday.

Other comments raised questions of whether sharing the image online was legal. The Association of Ica Retailers criticized the move.

"It is highly inappropriate and nothing that we would support. Regardless of whether it is illegal or not it is not appropriate to do so under the Ica brand," spokesman Staffan Ekengren said. "This is definitely something we will look into."

A police report was filed against the owner of the store Thursday for putting the image online and it was removed from the Facebook page that evening.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Facebook and Twitter-linked sex crimes quadruple in four years as paedophiles exploit social network users - 04/01/13
Sex offences linked to Facebook and Twitter have more than quadrupled over the last four years, worrying new figures revealed today. A total of 1,642 cases where the social networking sites were used to commit a crime or were involved in some way afterwards have been reported to police since 2009. The number of cases each year soared from 139 to 614 over that period, while the number of alleged rapes has risen from 22 to 117.

Student 'advertised a mock rape sex fantasy on Craigslist then claimed to have been abducted and attacked' - 03/29/13
A student who advertised a sex fantasy on Craigslist involving a mock rape has been arrested after she later claimed to have been abducted and attacked. Police launched a search for an alleged attacker who wore a ski mask after Mary Kate Gullickson claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault.

Archers editor Vanessa Whitburn 'was cyber-bullied' - 03/29/13
The outgoing editor of The Archers has said she was "cyber-bullied" by listeners over the show's storylines. Vanessa Whitburn is retiring as the BBC Radio 4 programme's longest-serving editor after 22 years. Ms Whitburn admitted she had felt stress in the role at times but that "it does come with the territory".

Cyber Bullying on Instagram Case Reported To Tracy Police - 03/29/13
The Jefferson School District in Tracy is investigating an incident in which several girls allegedly hacked a social media site of a 12-year-old Jefferson School student and injected “sexually derogatory information” on the account. The incident came to light when the girl’s mother filed a police report so that she could close an Instagram account. Apparently, neither the mother nor the school district could get rid of the offending material on the photo-sharing social media app without a police report.

Cheating husband jailed for posting sex tape of his mistress online cyber bullies his wife FROM PRISON after she asks for a divorce - 03/29/13
The wife of an IT consultant currently serving a seven-year sentence for posting a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend online and advertising her as an escort, has revealed she too has been a victim of his cyber bullying since he was imprisoned in January. Kathleen Stimon, a school librarian in New Hampshire, has been married to Bruce Stimon, 47, for 22 years and they have a 13-year-old son together.

Insatiable Casanova: Teaching assistant, 47, calls in the police after Italian waiter lover harasses her to have sex 'morning, noon and night' - 03/29/13
=A teaching assistant had to get police to restrain her ‘insatiable’ lover after she dumped him for being too demanding in the bedroom. The 47-year-old mother of three, who was looking for love after the death of her husband, began a whirlwind romance with Italian waiter Giuseppe Morello, 43.

Conman, 75, jailed for selling a house he didn't even own and pocketing £90,000 - 03/28/13
A 75-year-old conman has been jailed for six years after pocketing £90,000 from the sale of a house he didn't even own. Brian Kiddell posed as the owner of the home in Newton Abbot, Devon, and put the house up for sale on the internet. The real owner had no idea what was going on until he happened to drive past the property and noticed an estate agent's For Sale board outside.

Bismarck man faces felony stalking charge for harassing women - 03/28/13
A Bismarck man recently released from custody for stalking women he found through online classified advertisements now faces a felony stalking charge for sending harassing messages to a Bismarck woman. Jeremy Ferderer, 33, was charged Wednesday with Class C felony stalking. The offense is a felony because Ferderer has a previous misdemeanor stalking conviction.

Cyberbullying of high school girls investigated by Colo. cops - 03/28/13
Students at a Fort Collins high school say a Facebook page led to a weekend of bullying for some female students, and although the page has since been taken down, police are investigating, CBS Denver reported. The station says the page included a lot of graphic content, including vicious and personal attacks.

Social media site Spillit among latest sources of cyberbullying - 03/28/13
“You’re ugly and fat. Get a life or kill yourself.” She stares at the computer monitor and cries. Feeling alone and hated, she locks her door and commits self-harm. The cyberbullying has begun. This is what our Internet society has become. Now, one is more confident behind a keyboard than out in the real world.

Email threats probe by cops - 03/28/13
Police have launched an investigation after a councillor on the Hamilton BID board has received sinister threats. Sources claim Councillor Anne Kegg has been targeted by a twisted cyber troll after replacing SNP councillor Lynn Adams on the Hamilton Business Improvement District board. Tory councillor Kegg was in February voted onto the board in favour of Councillor Adams following bitter in-fighting between Labour and the SNP.

Girls accused of cyber-bullying classmate on Instagram - 03/27/13,0,7433474.story
School officials in a Northern California community are investigating allegations of cyber-bullying involving the Instagram photo social media site. Several girls at Jefferson High School in Tracy allegedly hacked into the Instagram account of a classmate and injected “sexually derogatory information” there, according to Fox 40.

Bogus sugar daddy claimed to be oligarch's ex-SAS pal as he fleeced professional women of thousands after meeting them on dating websites - 03/27/13
With his wealth, glamorous lifestyle and friends in high places, Jonathan Price probably seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately for the women who fell for his charms, that’s exactly what he was. The serial conman posed as a rich ‘sugar daddy’ to trap a string of professional women and fleece them for tens of thousands of pounds.

'Stone her to death': Tunisian preacher demands protester, 19, is executed for posting topless pictures on Facebook - 03/27/13
A Ukrainian women's rights group is calling for a 'topless revolution' in Tunisia after a Muslim preacher demanded a girl who posted naked pictures of herself online be stoned because she is an 'epidemic'. FEMEN, which regularly stages high-profile naked protests, is declaring April 4 the day of 'relentless topless jihad against Islamism' in a bid to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women's rights.

San Diego DA Zeroes In On Stalkers - 03/26/13
A relationship ends and you're ready to move on, but your former partner won't stop following you, harassing you or calling you on the phone. Should you file a restraining order? One in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetimes and many stalkers are using online resources, such as social media, to find out information about their victims. San Diego County's District Attorney is offering a resource for victims in the form of a podcast. It provides information to help avoid becoming a stalking victim.

Teen cyberbully pleads guilty to terrorizing former Orono schoolmate - 03/26/13
A 17-year-old former Orono High School student was sentenced in court Tuesday for terrorizing a girl she thought was flirting with her boyfriend. May Callahan, who now lives in Scarborough, pleaded guilty to one count each of felony terrorizing and misdemeanor terrorizing during the juvenile justice proceeding at the Penobscot Judicial Center, according to Assistant District Attorney James Aucoin.

Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies: Teachers warn pornography is becoming part of everyday life - 03/26/13
Girls as young as 13 are facing pressure to appear in home-made porn movies, teachers warned yesterday. Young teenagers are also submitting to demands from boys for explicit photos which are often shared among friends and even placed on the internet for millions to view. A conference was told yesterday how easy access to depraved online content is destroying children’s innocence and changing how they perceive themselves and others.

CEO of East Windsor technology company accused of online harassment, stalking - 03/25/13
A Cranbury man is scheduled to appear in court next week to face charges of harassment and stalking for allegedly sending threatening e-mails and online messages to a North Carolina woman last year.