True Crime Online Newsletter - April 8, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .April Fools' microchip prank irks resident

Some residents of a New Mexico town said they were angered by an April Fools' prank using a fake city newsletter to tell them they would be microchipped.

The document, printed in the style of the Bernalillo city newsletter, was delivered to homes Monday and explained a toll road was going electronic and "residents of Bernalillo will be exempt from toll charges and will be implanted with a microchip that will allow for toll-free travel," KOAT-TV, Albuquerque, reported Thursday.

"You go to the bottom, and it says, 'Happy April Fool's Day,'" Miller said.

However, Miller said the disclaimer was not conspicuously placed.

Oh, I was very fooled," Miller said, "until I was contacted by someone, who was contacted by someone, who was contacted by someone, who said, 'Look to the bottom of the document.'"

"This is not a document to be playing around with," Miller said. "It's something that money, time and effort was put into, and no one gains from it. I'm all for a joke -- but this isn't funny."

Not all residents were upset by the prank. Local woman Mary Aguilar-Lee said she rated the joke an eight on her humor scale.

City leaders did not respond to calls for comment.

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Bullying in the digital age - 04/08/13
Last week, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 396, which seeks to stem “cyberbullying” by criminalizing certain behavior and annoyances. The bill, Grace’s Law, honors the tragic death of Grace McComas, a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after being harassed by a neighbor via social media. The passage of this bill is a victory for politicians who are seizing on the omnipresent topic of cyberbullying.

Bill will let teachers seize pupils' phones - 04/08/13
Schools may soon be able to seize pupils' smartphones and search through their contents for evidence of cyber-bullying. Most principals are publicly welcoming the proposed law change, but others in the sector fear it could irreparably damage the vital relationship schools have with pupils and their parents.

Schoolboy, 15, bullied to death by trolls on the internet: friends say vile posts drove him to despair - 04/08/13
A schoolboy found hanged in his parents’ garden had complained of cyber-bullying on a notorious social networking site, it has emerged. Josh Unsworth, 15, had endured months of abusive messages on his profile on, which has been described by child safety experts as a ‘stalker’s paradise’.

Cyber bullying: 'He told me he was a footballer. I wasn't to know I was a victim' - 04/07/13
When 15-year-old schoolgirl Lain Lerouge was contacted through Facebook by a professional footballer, she was not star-struck in the least. The player, who starred for a Football League club, was already friends on the social networking website with mutual acquaintances and she assumed that was how he came to first contact her. After their initial internet meeting, she and the 19-year-old player developed a closer relationship, chatting every day via their accounts and even talking regularly on the phone.

Labour star Chuka Umunna admits his aides probably set up and edited his own Wikipedia page - 04/07/13
Chukka Umunna, a rising star Labour frontbencher, has admitted that his aides might have set up up and edited his own page on the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Mr Umunna, who is tipped as a future party leader, was accused of amending his page on the popular website under the pseudonym “Socialdemocrat”.

Rare, disturbing glimpse into cyberbullying world - 04/06/13
IT may be a work of fiction, yet, sadly, it's a story that could have been culled from the pages of almost any newspaper. A topic all too often in the news these days, cyberbullying is at the heart of American author Kimberly McCreight's first novel, part psychological thriller, part mystery and part coming-of-age story. McCreight includes enough well-placed plot twists -- not all of them unpredictable -- to keep the story moving at a nice pace, and she will keep most readers guessing until the last moment.

Don't they know who her husband is? Mike Tyson's wife 'sues unknown web tormentor over threatening emails' - 04/05/13
You would think being married to a former heavyweight boxing champion would provide reasonable protection from harassment. But it has emerged Mike Tyson's wife Lakiha Spicer is suing an unidentified assailant over threatening emails. She is also accusing the mystery tormentor, who is identified only by their IP address, of menacing her family.

India’s Criminal Law Amendment To Include Cyber Stalking, Harassment And Voyeurism - 04/05/13
The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill is a bill to be introduced in the Indian Parliament, will replace the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 currently in force, and aims at amending the existing provisions in criminal law in order to improve the safety of women. The Bill seeks to make changes to the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Indian Evidence Act. The Bill will introduce provisions in the IPC which would criminalise sexual voyeurism and stalking amending legal provisions to protect the privacy of individuals, such as discontinuing the practice of examination of the sexual history of the victim of a sexual assault for evidence.

East Windsor CEO pleads guilty to resolve online harassment, stalking charges - 04/05/13
The head of an East Windsor technology company will have to pay a North Carolina woman $1,800 after she accused him of online harassment, a Plainsboro/Cranbury Municipal Court judge has decided. Robert Smithers, of Cranbury, will be able to avoid a long trial on criminal stalking and harassment charges by paying the fines and pleading guilty to a downgraded offense, the man’s attorney said today.

LOC Packard Campus employee arrested in Craigslist stalking case - 04/04/13
A film preservationist from the Library of Congress Packard Campus in Culpeper is in federal custody facing a felony stalking charge after allegedly posting fake sex ads on Craigslist targeting a Fauquier County woman he briefly dated two years ago. Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, of Reva in Madison County was arrested last month after a recent undercover investigation found probable cause he violated a protective order originally entered July 2011, prohibiting contact with the woman.

Cyber-bullying out of control in Peel, say police - 04/02/13
Cyber-bullying is getting out of hand in Mississauga and Brampton, and young teens could be charged if they post and send messages without thinking about the consequences, Peel Regional Police said today in launching an initiative to combat the problem.

Schools expel 15 sex bullies a day: Even primary pupils driven to assaults by internet porn - 04/02/13
Fifteen children are expelled from school for sexual misconduct on average every day. At least one of these will be from primary school, official figures show. More than 3,000 children are excluded every year for offences including sexual bullying, sexual assaults and harassment. The revelation comes amid increasing concern over the prevalence of ‘sexting’, when boys share explicit pictures of girls, often leaving the victims feeling suicidal.


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