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Garnier Olia Hair Color

I'm getting ready to try the new Garnier Olia hair color - it's supposed to make your hair look healthier, shinier and just all around better. I can't wait to try it - picked mine up today! Just in time for my book release party, too!

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 25, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Woman, 104, forced to lie about age online

A Facebook spokesman apologized for a Michigan woman's inconvenience in being unable to list her actual birth year -- 1908.

Gail Marlow said her grandmother, Marguerite Joseph, 104, of Grosse Pointe Shores, registered for Facebook two years ago and the furthest date back the social networking site would let her use was 1928, WDIV-TV, Detroit, reported Thursday.

Marlow, who reads and responds to the Facebook messages on her grandmother's behalf, said the woman is legally blind and hard of hearing.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said the company was unaware of the issue before learning of Joseph's difficulty.

"We are working on a fix for this and we apologize for the inconvenience," he said.

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True Crime Online Book Release Party

I'm having a book release party for my new book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scammers, Stalkers, Murder and Mayhem The web site is and the Facebook page is Join us upstairs at 6:30 pm on Monday, March 4th at The Lobster Cove restaurant at 756 York Street in York, Maine for the book release party of True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder and Mayhem. $3.99 steamed mussels at the bar, plus a drink special just for this event! It's called the TCO for $6.99 - come mingle, enjoy the ocean view across the street and have some fun! Plus get a chance to win a bag full of goodies! The book will be available for $14.95 signed by the author, J.A. Hitchcock. A portion of each book sold will go to Working to Halt Online Abuse for their expenses.

The Michael Dresser Show Audio

Listen to me talking with Michael Dresser on his show on February 19, 2013

I'm on the radio live today - listen in!

Listen to me live at 4:37 pm EST on The Michael Dresser Show today at

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 13, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Lock picking horse a hit online

The Michigan owners of an escape artist horse said a video of the animal's feats has been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube.

Sandy and Don Bonem, owners of Misty Meadow Farms in Midland, said 9-year-old Friesian horse Mariska has been nicknamed "Houdini Horse" for her ability to pick any lock they put on the door to her stall, the Saginaw News reported Friday.

"She would always play with things with her mouth as a baby, and she just kind of progressed from that," Sandy Bonem said. "She doesn't like to be locked in, so she would play with each new lock until she figured it out."

The couple said they made a video compilation of Mariska's lock picking and posted it to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

The couple said Mariska will escape her stall to go look…

Interesting Book Signings

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 11, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Woman, 105, Facebook's oldest user

A 105-year-old California woman believed to be Facebook's oldest user said she is trying to get 105,000 likes for a charity's page.

Edythe Kirchmaier, who is also California's oldest licensed driver and the oldest living former student of the University of Chicago, said Direct Relief, a Santa Barbara-based medical charity where she has been a volunteer for 40 years, set up a Facebook page for her in honor of her birthday last month, ABC News reported Thursday.

"I've been contacted by such wonderful people and received such nice messages and pictures from people all over the world," Kirchmaier said. "I'm so humbled by all the interest in me."

Kirchmaier said she is hoping her new Facebook friends will help popularize Direct Relief's fan page.

"I'm hoping to get 105,000 …

Book Signing In Portsmouth, New Hampshire This Sunday + MORE

If you are in or near Portsmouth, NH, come see me at the Barnes & Noble on Sunday, February 10th at noon. The address is 45 Gosling Road, Newington, NH. Check out the press release from my publisher for my new book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder & Mayhem

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 5, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Hemingway's gate for sale on eBay

A Florida charity is auctioning the original gate from Ernest Hemingway's Key West home on eBay.

The auction, which had a high bid of $2,877.99 with eight days left to go Thursday afternoon, states the gate was formerly a part of the brick wall built around the writer's home in 1935, which is now the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.

The museum replaced the gate because it allowed cats to escape the property and the relic was donated to Helpline, a non-profit Key West phone line aimed at giving information and referrals to people in crisis.

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