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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That Stick in my Craw - NEW!

Traveling...Yes, Again

Monday, February 21, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - February 21, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I had to include an "awwwwwww" moment
Wallet missing for 40 years found in NY crevice

A New York man whose wallet disappeared from his jacket pocket has gotten it back ­ 40 years later.

Rudolph Resta was working for The New York Times as an art director in 1970 when he left his jacket in a closet at the old Times building in Manhattan just off Times Square. When he went to fetch the jacket, the wallet was gone.

Fast-forward to last fall, when a security guard checking a gap by an unused window came across the wallet ­ apparently stashed there by a thief who'd pulled out the cash.

Resta was tracked down through pieces of ID linked to the Times.

Resta is now in his 70s. He's enjoying the memories the wallet contained ­ photos of his sons as children, his glamorous wife and his late father.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyber-stalking victim speaks up - 02/21/11
IT MAY sound ironic, but the CEO of social networking website Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, made headlines recently for being cyber-stalked. Cyber-stalking occurs when an individual uses the anonymous nature of online tools such as e-mail, blogs, social networking sites, micro-blogging sites like Twitter, as well as other forms of electronic communication, to stalk and harass someone.

Facebook stalkers on the rise - 02/20/11
YOUNG people are taking out restraining orders against stalkers on Facebook, claiming they are victims of intimidation. Lawyers say there has been a rise in apprehended violence orders taken out for cyber bullying in the past two years.

Facebook: Uncivilized networking in a cyber world - 02/20/11
When Jessica Fodor's ex-fiance and his friend allegedly gained control of her Facebook account in early January and posted cruel and sexually explicit comments on other people's pages, Fodor took action. The Lehighton woman called state police, who ultimately charged Fodor's ex-fiance and his friend with harassment.

Student Leadership Conference Touches on Sensitive Issues, Cyberstalking - 02/19/11
Fairmont State and Pierpont welcomed high school and college students this weekend to its Student Leadership Conference. The theme was "Succeeding Against All Odds", and touched on some sensitive issues that young people face. Online abuse and harassment continues to be a problem throughout the country. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter makes it even easier for rumors to travel around fast. "I just see a lot of the victims coming to us who are younger and younger. I think the whole explosion of the cyber bullying in not only kids and teens, but in college students has gotten crazy," said Jayne Hitchcock, President of Working to Halt Online Abuse.

Males suffering sex harassment by other men - 02/19/11
Young males in Shanghai suffer more sexual harassment than females, and more often than not from other males, according to a survey of 2,000 people between the ages of 15 and 24. The Shanghai Research Institute of Family Planning interviewed 1,100 university students, both male and female, and 900 unmarried women. The men in the survey reported various levels of harassment from being spied on and having their pictures taken to being physically touched while in restrooms or changing rooms.

Mannford Man Arrested For Making Death Threat Against Woman On Facebook - 02/19/11
A Mannford man is in jail without bond after threatening to kill a woman he barely knows on Facebook. Deputies say the Travis Taylor had plans to make good on his threat on Friday, February 18, 2011.

Jury in cyber harassment trial found no proof of 'emotional distress' - 02/19/11
Jurors who acquitted a St. Peters woman in a cyber-harassment case said prosecutors failed to prove a 17-year-old girl suffered emotional distress when the woman posted her information in a sexually suggestive Craigslist ad.

Ivanka Trump's Alleged Stalker -- I Should Be FAMOUS! -02/18/11
The man arrested for stalking Donald Trump's daughter thinks he has what it takes to become a CELEBRITY -- and TMZ has learned he's reached out to a REALITY STAR for help with his image. 28-year-old Justin Massler (left) -- who was popped in Reno last year for cyber-stalking Ivanka Trump -- fired off an email last Friday to "The Spin Crowd" star Jonathan Cheban (right) ... a real-life public relations guru.

Debt Collector Scams On The Rise - 02/18/11
A growing number of Hoosiers are complaining about harassing phone calls from debt collectors. Brian Alexander of Indianapolis was threatened with jail time if he did not make a credit card payment on an $800 loan he was unaware of, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

Facebook Posts Bite Dallas Officer - 02/18/11
During the last five years or so, some people have clued up to the fact that putting all your business out there on the Weird Wide Web might not be such a good idea. Some people, not all. A Dallas police officer looks to be learning that come-back-to-bite-ya-in-the-butt lesson the hard way.

Protecting the Freedom to Type, Text, Tweet and Talk - 02/18/11
As governments cracked down on protesters across the Middle East this week, some eye-witnesses struggled to get word to the rest of the world. Disseminating accurate information from inside a repressive regime can be a challenge.

Spanish nun expelled from order over Facebook usage - 02/18/11
A Spanish nun has been kicked out of the religious order where she lived the last 35 years in seclusion after spending too much time on the social networking site Facebook.

47-year-old man charged with stalking 18-year-old girl, wanting to marry her - 02/18/11
An Immokalee man was arrested Thursday, after Collier County Sheriff’s deputies said he stalked an 18-year-old teen because he wants to marry her. Cergo Cadet, 47, who was listed as homeless, was arrested by Collier deputies Thursday near the 200 block of South Ninth Street. He was charged with stalking/cyber stalking.

CPSO arrests registered sex offender for cyberstalking - 02/17/11
On January 14, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a report from a woman claiming she had received two disturbing phone calls on her unlisted home telephone number. Upon answering the phone, she alleged that the caller made lewd sexual comments to her.

Vacation rental scam stings Blount family - 02/17/11
A Blount County woman wants to warn others of a scam that didn’t seem suspicious initially. “You hear of scams saying you won something and send money and you think of that being a scam,” Linda Leming Whitehead said Thursday. “When you go to a legitimate website and you rent through it, you don’t think it’s a scam.”

Michigan Woman Upset Over Photo Posted on 'People of Walmart' Website - 02/17/11
Have you ever heard of the "People of Walmart?" The website lets anyone upload pictures they've taken of shoppers and post them online, basically so that others can make fun of them. But one metro Detroit woman was not laughing when a picture of her mom popped up on the site, MyFoxDetroit reports.

Student charged after 'hit list' is found - 02/16/11
Police charged a 16-year-old student Friday with cyberstalking at East Chapel Hill High School. Shiquitta Marie Moore, of Chapel Hill was charged with three counts of misdemeanor cyberstalking after Principal Eileen Tully contacted police Feb. 4 about a "hit list" found on a computer at the school, according to a police report.

Cut All The Cyberstalking, Girls! - 02/15/11
A new survey of more than 800 college students found that over 60 percent of admitted cyberstalkers were female. More than 30 percent ‘fessed up to hacking into their S.O.‘s email accounts. Researchers also found that women were way more likely than men to stalk Facebook or check cellphone histories.

Palm Bay man arrested after fight over Facebook status - 02/14/11|topnews|text|Home
A 21-year-old man faces charges after police said he attacked a woman who questioned a change in his Facebook relationship status to single.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 Cyberstalking Statistics Highlights

There is an ever decreasing gap between male and female harassers - 2010 saw them as being almost even, similar to 2009, when back in 2000, when we first started calculating stats, the majority of harassers were male 68%; we also saw a bit of an increase of gangs or husband/wife teams being the harassers 3%

Victim's ages have remained pretty much the same for the past few years, with 18-30 the primary targets, followed by those 31-40, then 41+

The same with marital status: Singles are the primary victims, followed by those married, divorced, life partner, widowed, separated

It was about even as to whether the victim knew their harasser in 2010, compared with 2009, where 61% said they knew their harasser

As expected, if they did know their harasser, it was primarily an ex or the wife/girlfriend of an ex (not boyfriend/husband, interestingly), followed by online acquaintance, work, friend/ex-friend, family, school (usually a fellow student) and saw a few cases involving landlord/tenant disputes, neighbors and businesses being targeted by customers

Every year we've done stats, the primary way the harassment began, no matter how they knew the person, was via email. Last year this was followed by Facebook (a first), then message boards, telephone, IM, web sites (usually created to specifically harass the victim) and Myspace. New ways harassers did their deed included bogus claims on Ripoff Reports, Youtube, Twitter, Formspring, Skype, Ustream, Yelp and Encyclopedia Dramatica)

Almost 80% of cases escalated online. The primary way was via email, followed closely by Facebook (either wall posts or profiles forged in the victim's name), telephone, texting, Myspace, web sites, chat, blogs and message boards. Craigslist, Ripoff Reports, Youtube, and Photobucket were also used to escalate the online harassment.

26% reported there were offline threats, an increase of almost 10% over last year.

Less victims reported the harassment, only 61% versus 72% last year. If they did, over half reported it to law enforcement, followed by ISPs/web site hosts/moderators.

We ended up resolving cases over 75% of the time. If we couldn't resolve it, we sent them to law enforcement first, the harassment stopped on its own, several cases were just Nigerian scam/lottery emails, some wouldn't take our advice, it wasn't harassment, or we referred them to an attorney. A handful didn't reply, which usually meant the harassment stopped, or the victim took matters into their own hands by changing their email address.

Of the cases we resolved, the primary way was contacting the ISP/web site host/moderator, followed by the victim making changes to privacy/account settings, changing their email address, etc.

California was number one again for victims for the 11th year in a row, followed by New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Canada, Massachusetts, Washington state and Maryland.

Harassers were primarily from Texas, followed by California, New York, Canada, Florida, Illinois, England, Washington state, Tennessee and Pennsylvania

Only 34.5% of the victims lived in the same state or country their harasser was from.

Monday, February 14, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - February 14, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Why does this sound so wrong?
Crematorium to heat water for town's swimmers

A local authority in England has given the go ahead for a swimming pool to use energy created by the next-door crematorium to heat its water.

The plan, the first of its kind in Britain, will see waste heat from the incinerator chimney used to warm up the neighboring leisure center and its new pool.

"The cremation process is a sensitive matter and we wanted to be sure our proposals had widespread support," said Councilor Carole Gandy, the leader of Redditch Borough Council in central England.

Eighty to 90 percent of people who contacted the council had backed the scheme, she said.

"Throughout we have been careful to explain how the technology would work, that it is tried and trusted, and that the practice is quite common in parts of Europe and especially in Sweden," she said.

"We already support our residents to insulate their homes and be energy-efficient, so it seemed only right for us to explore this re-use of energy."

However, local trade union officials are less than impressed with the plan, saying it was a reflection of the massive public spending cuts being implemented by the government.

"These proposals ... are sick and an insult to local residents," said Roger McKenzie, regional secretary for Unison, Britain's biggest public sector labor union.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Watch out, your partner may be cyberstalking you - 02/14/11
Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? You might be right, according to a new study released today by East Carolina University.
The study, which survey over 800 students, showed that a third (33%) of female respondents had broken into or read their partner's emails on more than one occasion. And although men were less likely to break into their parner's email accounts, they were more likely to use spy cameras, GPS devices, and spyware to monitor their partner's whereabouts and activities.

Two 'gay voyeurs' held 'after filming men getting changed in leisure centre and posting footage online' - 02/14/11
Two men have been arrested over claims they secretly recorded men getting changed at a leisure centre and then put the footage on a gay website. Up to 28 men are believed to have been filmed in various states of undress at the FX Leisure Centre in Gateshead.

Newark teen's online identity stolen and used to destroy her reputation - 02/13/11
Nafeesa Onque’s Facebook page had all the trimmings of a teenage girl’s internet home: Her cell phone number, favorite movies, relationship status and photo albums were just a click away, lined up neatly beneath a smiling photograph of the pretty 15-year-old.

New social networking tool for bullies to target Adelaide teens - 02/13/11
ADELAIDE teens are using a new social-networking site to discuss their sexual experiences and bully each other. Formspring, a social-networking site, allows users to ask anonymous questions, which have given rise to bullying and cyber-stalking concerns.

All you ever wanted to know about Digital Dating - 02/12/11
We’ve all seen those television commercials showing happy couples smiling, holding hands and walking barefoot along the beach and talking about how they never would have found true love unless they had joined a particular online dating service. It has been estimated that over 20 million lonely souls in America are searching for love online and over 120,000 marriages a year occur as a result of online dating.

Web of danger - 02/12/11
It is something every parent dreads. Your child, normally outgoing and talkative, suddenly becomes withdrawn after time online - and you have no idea why.

Internet advertising to face stricter regulation - 02/12/11
Companies who advertise on the internet will face stricter rules and regulations from March. Until now, The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has only been able to monitor traditional advertising found on billboards, in newspapers or on television.

Driver clocked at 118 mph said he was making a YouTube video - 02/12/11
A young man who was pulled over after police clocked him speeding down Interstate 5 at 118 mph told the sheriff's office he was making a video to post on YouTube. Stanislav Bakanov, 30, of Keizer, admitted to police that he was going between 90 and 100 mph in his BMW but the sheriff's office said he was going much faster than that. They also said the conditions on the road were dangerous at that speed because strong wind gusts had sent tree branches onto the highway.

Who is 'Scumbag Steve'? Internet teenage hate figure reveals infamous picture was taken by his mother (and he's actually quite a nice guy) - 02/11/11
It was an innocent picture that quickly grew into an internet sensation. A young teenage boy dressed in a brown fur collared coat and baseball cap poses nonchalantly for the camera.
But this innocuous snap quickly morphed into the online phenomenon 'Scumbag Steve', the internet's favourite hate figure.

NJ state probes violations on Drew’s collegeacb page - 02/11/11
With the demise of, has become the new source for Drew University students to instigate gossip and spread anonymous rumors. With threads that have degrading titles like "Least cute couple" and "Scumbags on campus," the site increases the cyber-bullying on this campus and other college campuses as well. Because of this, the state has initiated an investigation with Drew and on violations of New Jersey's state laws against cyber-bullying.

Harrier Jump Jet removed from eBay for breaking weapons rules - 02/11/11
A decommissioned Harrier Jump Jet being offered for sale on eBay has been withdrawn because it contravenes the website’s policy on the sale of firearms, weapons and knives.

State may move against prison Facebook users - 02/10/11
Prisoners in the state of South Carolina caught with banned cell phones, which are often tossed over a prison fence to them, can face solitary confinement and loss of visitation and canteen privileges. But those caught updating their status on their Facebook page, by cell phone or any other means, might soon be looking at 30 extra days behind bars and a $500 fine.

Border smuggling game stirs controversy - 02/10/11
A controversial iPod and iPad application that makes a game of the perils of sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border has sparked controversy among activists for immigrant rights. In the game "Smuggle Truck," which is due for release next month, a truck bounces along a cartoon desert highway and sheds men, women and children as it hits bumps and hops over creeks and canyons.

Cyberstalking: An In-Your-Face Internet Problem - 02/10/11
Talking about cyberstalking, Al Gore said, "Make no mistake. This kind of harassment can be as frightening and as real as being followed and watched in your neighborhood or in your home." That was in 1999, when Gore was vice president. In retrospect, this era was practically the Stone Age when it comes to the Internet: No Facebook, no MySpace, no texting, no tweets, no Blackberry phones. Heck, people thought instant messaging was cool back then. Now? IMing is the equivalent of the eight-track tape.

Facebook Reunion Leads to Cyber-Stalking - 02/10/11
A Downriver man says he's been stalked for the last year. His life has been threatened, his four-year-old daughter has been threatened; his mother, too.

Kayla Marie Borderlon arrested for cyber-stalking - 02/09/11
24-year-old Rosepine woman has been arrested on 13 counts of cyber-staking, said Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft in a press release Wednesday. In addition to the cyber-stalking charges, Kayla Marie Bordelon also faces one count of false swearing and two counts of improper telephone communications.

Benefit pirate of the Caribbean: Fraudster caught out by seven-year-old son's blog about their 10-month sailing jaunt - 02/09/11
Keen sailor Simon Daymond-Harris wasn’t going to let a little thing like taking his family on a ten-month adventure to the Caribbean stop him falsely claiming benefits. In fact, he was able to wrongfully claim nearly £30,000 in handouts while they were at sea. But then the cheating yachtsman hit stormy waters – after his seven-year-old son wrote a blog about their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Law Firm Finds Success Targeting Those Who Post Copyrighted Images - 02/09/11
Before you use that copyrighted image on your blog you might want to think twice: It could cost you up to $150,000. Still, if you're willing to take the risk because you think you won't get caught since a lot of people are doing the same thing, one law firms is on to you. They know how the troll the web and are using the power of viral material - and lawsuits - to make bank.

Federal Cyberbullying Trial Gets Underway in Tampa, FL - 02/09/11
January 2011 seems to be the “hot” month for America showing its growing impatience with anonymous internet attacks and postings that can completely obliterate an unsuspecting persons life. Otherwise known as cyber bullying, sometimes known as Cyberstalking, it is an epidemic as at least 40% of our population has posted something at some time. “Google Yourself” is very virgin territory. What happens when you do and you see shocking things about you? Ask Gene Cooley, he did not even own a computer so it took a painfully long time for him to find out devastating remarks.

St. Peters woman accused of cyber harassment still set to go to trial - 02/09/11
St. Charles County Circuit Judge Ted House on Wednesday denied a motion to dismiss a criminal charge against a St. Peters woman accused of cyberharassment. Elizabeth Thrasher, 41, is still scheduled to go to trial Feb. 16. She is the first defendant in St. Charles County to face a felony charge as a result of a law passed in 2008 in the aftermath of the suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier.

Man accused of having sex with Detroit girl he wed in video game - 02/08/11
A Massachusetts man remains jailed today on charges he allegedly came to the city three times last year to have sex with a 13-year-old Detroit girl he wed in an online video game. John W. Phillips, 54, of Fitchburg, Mass., is charged with 11 felonies including sexual assault, using a computer to communicate with another person to commit a crime, accosting a child for immoral purposes and child sexually abusive activity. The maximum sentences for the charges range from four to 20 years in prison.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm in the paper!

WHO@-KTD President in local paper -

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kents Hill School Visit

Phoebe and I drove two hours north to Kents Hill School. It was the third time going there for me and the second for Phoebe. It was actually Chris Gibson, who booked me, that inspired me to make Phoebe our mascot. When I got her two years ago, the vet suggested taking her everywhere I could to socialize her. Chris let her come with me to sit in the library after my talk and that's when I discovered students would come to pet her, then talk to me.

I did something different this time around. The last two times I'd gone to KHS, I'd used one of my alter egos to friend students. Since I knew they were wise to me and many of them would remember me from two years ago, I randomly selected 50 students just to see what I could view on their profiles. I was in for a shock. *Without* adding them as a friend I found that:

•Six listed their cell phone number in their profile

•10 listed their email address

•Half listed their complete date of birth

•1 girl listed where she works

•2 boys listed their home address

•I could see wall posts of 21 of them

•I could see photos of 49 of them

Which meant that ANYONE on Facebook could see what I saw.

Then I showed some photos that were totally inappropriate including giving the finger, drinking alcohol, someone holding a joint, sexual wall posts and surveys (which give out too much personal info that can be used against them or by a predator).

I also covered sexting and cyberbullying.

It was the first time we had been on an actual stage and Phoebe was showing off and barking too much. Yes, the students thought it was funny, but one of the teachers thankfully took Phoebe off the stage until it was time for her to get back on to do her tricks. She did a high five and shaking paws and was applauded for doing it. She likes being in the spotlight!

When I did Q&A, one boy, who I recognized from the previous talk I'd given two years ago kept insisting I used my alter ego to try to friend him. I didn't. I didn't need to use an alter ego AT ALL. That was the scariest part - they're putting all this info, these posts and photos that can and will be used against them.

Another boy pretty much stated that if someone was being cyberbullied and they wanted to kill themselves they were still going to do it. I tried to explain (again) that was why I offered several options for students who are being cyberbullied or maybe have a friend who is - to try to find them a way to report it so that they don't feel they have no other option except to be dead. He was a bit argumentative, but hey, I hope I got through to everyone else.

To recap the options I offer students about cyberbullies:

1. Find an adult to talk to about it, whether it's a teach, school employee, friend's parent or sister or brother, a nieghbor - find someone.

2. Go to our web site at, click on Need Help? and follow the steps there. We help for free and will NOT contact the cyberbully or school and try to help them resolve the situation quickly.

3. Go to our web site and tell Phoebe about it at

4. Go to our web site and send Uncle Jim, our celebrity spokesperson about it at

5. Go to and file an anonymous report that goes direct to their school (if your school isn't listed, talk to someone at your school about it being added). You remain completely anonymous!

Five different ways to combat cyberbullying.

Phoebe and I went to the library after our talk and sat there and talked with some students and listened to others who were making changes to the FB profiles and talking about what I'd said.

After that, I let Phoebe do her business, put her in the car and went to lunch. Sat with some school staff and got good feedback about what I'd talked about. A student came over to thank me and said he was going to be making changes to his profile. YAY!

On the way back to my car, I stopped by the bookstore and picked up hoodies for the hubby and me. Kents Hill's mascot is a husky, so bringing Phoebe with me was cool for the students. She loves the attention and I could tell a lot of them missed their dogs (it's a private school, so the students live there).

It was a bit hairy on the ride home; in some spots it was snowing like crazy; in others, icy rain. But we made it home safe and sound.

I checked on all 50 students this morning. All but 2 changed their wall post settings and all but 5 changed the photo settings. GOOD!

Monday, February 07, 2011

WHO@ Newsletter - February 7, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It was the title that got me
Surf and turf: Dead cow washes up on Seattle shore

Authorities in Seattle say bovine met the shoreline when beachfront residents found the body of a 400-pound cow washed up by the surf.

Seattle Animal Shelter enforcement supervisor Ann Graves says animal control officers received a report Thursday that the carcass of an adult cow had beached in West Seattle.

The tide later moved it in front of a home.

A Seattle Police Department Harbor Patrol vessel towed the cow to a boat ramp Saturday, where it was loaded onto a rendering truck. Graves say it had no ear tag or other identification.

It's not clear how it got in the water. Graves say it could have been dumped by owners after it died naturally.

The beached bovine was first reported by West Seattle Blog.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

New Tool Makes Online Stalking Easier - 02/07/11
You say your life is an open book, you don't give a damn about privacy, and you welcome complete strangers into the deepest darkest caverns of your Internet existence? Have I got a service for you.

Hell hath no fury: Girl gets revenge on ex-boyfriend by spamming Google with his image - 02/07/11
It may be a tale as old as time but, in a modern version of 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', a teenage boy's ex-girlfriend has wreaked her revenge by spamming Google with his image. Using a picture of hapless Jack Weppler, his former partner has pasted his image all over the search engine under such unloving messages such as 'I can't read', claiming unfashionable rocker Kenny Loggins 'is my saviour' and he's working in the gym 'on my two pack'.

Beware of the hack trap - 02/07/11
Don't fall for that elusive e-mail with an enticing subject line asking for your personal details. It's a cyber criminal who is using a facade to lure you into a trap. Don't just delete the mail, report it to the cyber cell

King County cyberstalker pleads guilty - 02/05/11
On February 4, 2011, the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office posted: "Convicted cyberstalker William T. Pritchard pleaded guilty this morning to Cyberstalking First Degree with Sexual Motivation and Extortion First Degree with Sexual Motivation (10-1-04460-1) for stalking and threatening young women he met on the internet. Sentencing is scheduled for March 4 at 1 p.m. before Judge Bruce Heller at the King County Courthouse, courtroom E-746. Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of five years in prison." The courthouse is located at: 516 - 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA

Staten Island attorney and ACS deputy accused of impersonating woman on lesbian dating site - 02/05/11
A Rosebank attorney, deputy director of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services and a former military JAG lawyer ripped by the Pentagon for his handling of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal is in legal hot water over charges that he impersonated a Staten Island woman on a lesbian dating Web site.

Facebook page shut down after Corby boy's drugs arrest - 02/05/11
A teenager has been released on bail after being questioned by police about the supply of illegal drugs via the Facebook social media website.

Sacked for Googling 'knockers': The civil servant caught out by laptop snooping software - 02/05/11
An Australian civil servant has been sacked for Googling the word knockers. The worker was caught out by a government computer program which logs any use of the word 'knockers' and other banned search terms. But he argued in court on Friday that his dismissal was a gross breach of privacy, because the illicit search took place at his home out of work hours.

How Not To Get Sued For Stealing Content On The Internet - 02/04/11
If you’re looking for blogging best practices, there’s certainly no shortage of them on the Web. Experts will line up for miles to tell you how to blog, how to find an audience, and even how to sell to that audience once you have one.

Teen charged with computer crimes - 02/04/11
A Deville teen was arrested Jan. 29 and was charged with several computer crimes, said Rapides Parish Sheriff Chuck Wagner. Christopher Anthony Dauzat Jr., 17, was arrested by the CyberCrimes section of the Rapides Sheriff's Office Detective Division and charged with computer tampering, computer fraud, cyberstalking and extortion.

Pupils defy ban on Little Gossip website as schools STILL listed - 02/04/11
Pupils at leading private schools are still using a controversial website to spread malicious rumours about their peers – even though it was supposed to have banned them. LittleGossip allows teenagers to write anonymous tittle-tattle about other youngsters’ sex lives, looks and drug habits.

Teens Arrested For Facebook Death Threats - 02/03/11
Mistakenly believing that a middle school classmate had caused the arrest of a friend, a quartet of Florida teenagers exchanged Facebook messages discussing the killing of the suspected “snitch,” according to police.

Hutchison introduces new anti-stalking bill - 02/03/11
Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison , R-Texas, and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., introduced anti-stalking legislation Thursday that would stiffen the penalties for some offenders and allow for greater prosecution against cyber predators. If passed, the bill would increase the maximum sentence by five years for offenders who target minors or the elderly and for those who violate a protective order. Additionally, law enforcement could prosecute an act of stalking that would "reasonably be expected" to cause serious emotional distress.

Police hold man over Churchill fake signatures - 02/03/11
British police have arrested a 65-year-old man suspected of forging the signature of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill in books and then attempting to sell them on eBay or directly to buyers.

Facebook bullies: With 6 arrests in 2 incidents, nothing virtual about cyberstalking - 02/03/11
Teenagers give little thought to the boundaries between their online and offline lives, according to Russell Sabella, a professor at FGCU’s counseling school. Schoolyard bullies become Facebook bullies, Sabella contends, even though their Internet taunts and threats remain widely visible to whoever visits their page. “They don’t view this as being offline or online,” the professor said.

Facebook curse on politician gets Nigerian man arrested - 02/03/11
A man who used Facebook to put a curse on a Nigerian politician has been jailed, raising fears of a crackdown on freedom of speech ahead of crucial elections. Moukhtar Ibrahim Aminu was arrested in the northern state of Jigawa for being a public nuisance, police spokesman Abdul Jinjiri said.

‘Dating’ Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles, Without Permission - 02/03/11
How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day?
You scrape data from Facebook.

Fayetteville man arrested in Yellville for Internet stalking - 02/01/11
Marion County authorities arrested 24-year-old Cody Wayne Miller of Fayetteville Monday after he arrived for a prearranged meeting with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl, according to Marion County Sheriff Roger Vickers.

Gaudet Middle School Student Charged with Cyberstalking Teacher on Facebook - 02/01/11
The Middletown Police Department arrested a 10-year-old Gaudet Middle School student on Monday for allegedly stealing his teacher’s cell phone and posting “derogatory and harassing falsehoods” on her personal Facebook page, according to the arrest record.

Cyberstalking your ex? You're not alone - 02/01/11
Did you ever have an ex that seemed to hang on in your life, like a bout of the crud that you just can't shake? Did it seem like he/she kept popping up in your Facebook news feeds and photos, or through e-mails with mutual friends? Or that worse, he/she was in your thoughts like an out-of-control Twitter virus?

It Is Hard to Get Over Someone When You Keep Online Stalking Them - 02/01/11
Boy, does technology make stuff complicated these days! For instance, in the old days, you'd get dumped by someone and then never have to see his face again, except on the off-chance that you were scavenging about the grocery store having not showered for the past two days, and he was shopping for dinner with his hot new girlfriend. But now, now that we have the Internet, you can't get away from your exes! You are inexplicably drawn to them! You keep going back for more...

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Coffeemate Rocks!

We were selected by Coffeemate to host a Free Flavor Friday Game Night at our house in our basement bar/game room. We got a box of goodies from Coffeemate that included the game Cranium, a very nice poker set in a little briefcase, samples of Coffeemate and Tasters Choice instant coffee, cups and napkins and coupons for free full sized Coffeemate for everyone who came to the party! We pulled out some of our own games, including Fact or Crap, Scrabble, Scene It and electronic darts. The friends who showed up brought appetizers and we had a blast! They were thrilled to get the free coupons. The bar was too small to take a photo of everyone at once, but you can see we had fun. The food went quickly and we laughed and talked and had so much fun we plan on doing a game night on our own some Saturday soon!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Internet Safety Podcast

Listen to me as I'm interviewed for the Internet Safety Podcast