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More kudos!

From Dover-Foxcroft Academy, where I spoke a few weeks ago:

"People are still talking very positively about your visit. I know for a fact that my son and many of his friends changed their profiles to private. Many kids
did not know how to change all those settings. Thank you for all you do!"

From a school in Maine that wants to book me in the fall:

"As one of the technology teachers, I took it upon myself to cruise Myspace (profiles) after receiving some calls from concerned parents. There were several that concerned me, so I went to my Principal. We decided that a letter home to parents was our next step. So, a letter explaining social networking sites like Myspace and the inherent dangers if students divulge too much personal info was sent home. I also sent along the URLs of the student if they had a site that I had viewed. As you can imagine, the students are having a complete fit to think we 'invaded their privacy' despite the fact that it was all PUBLICL…

OPSEC Evals, Memorial Day

I'll start off with Memorial Day. I drove Mom to meet my sister, her hubby and kids at this neat place called You're Fired!. I'm surprised Donald Trump hasn't gone after them (ha ha).

I then drove to the cemetery where Chris is buried, fixed the flag on his grave and added a memento in honor of his military service. I noticed the new headstone with the corrected spelling of his first name. The gravestone people had said they'd call me when this was replaced, but no one contacted me. Oh well.

I looked for his VA marker, which was supposed to be placed at the foot of his grave. I didn't see it, and am waiting for a call back from the funeral home as to where it is. They have been so wonderful throughout all this. They said the marker had been placed on May 10th, so I probably looked in the wrong place.

(They just called, and yep, I looked in the wrong place. I'll have to go back soon to see it)

Drove home - it was a solemn ride.

I got my evals…

OMIGOD! A great review of my book!

Vacation nets great technology reading

I love vacations with unexpected surprises. The rooms at our favorite B&B are filled with books. I've grown accustomed to seeing a range of novels nestled among more serious tomes of local history and folklore.

That's why the title "Net Crimes and Misdemeanors" caught my eye so quickly; I've never seen a technology title there before.

It was my good fortune to stay in a room previously occupied by the author, J.A. Hitchcock, and her husband. Hitchcock had left the book as a gift to the proprietors.

The book is all about staying safe on the Internet, and is as well-written and thorough a treatment of the subject as I have seen anywhere. It covers many topics that I, John McBride, or others have covered in the Observer, but collects all these topics and more into one easily-readable book, generously illustrated with personal experiences.

Hitchcock's concept for the book began with a personal experience involving an "em…

Scary Myspace Profile

Smackles the Clown

'nuff said

(runs and hides)

Hummingbirds, Jags, Office Update, more

I'm catching up on things this week. Mother's Day was quiet, but good. Mom wanted hats! So she got a baseball style cap with a red smiling lobster on it, a floppy sun hat that's reversible and a straw dressy hat. She's happy as a cl. . .I mean lobster, ha ha!

I got orders from the military for my Ghosts of Okinawa books - 200 total. Hooray for the order, although they get a 55% discount on the cover price. I don't make a lot, but the book is getting out there. I just sent 250 copies to an Okinawan bookseller who's been a regular customer for many years. He usually orders about 1000 copies of the book each year. It's a bestseller in Okinawa!

The electrician came to move the dryer to the new laundry room downstairs. Now Rob, the construction guy, can put walls and a door up to separate that from the "garden" area, where I'll have a potting sink and plant supplies.

V2 painted the office! Hooray! I took photos. But you won't see them until the of…


Has anyone else gotten calls from these idiots? I keep getting calls from them, even though my phone number is

A) Unlisted
B) On the DO NOT CALL list

I did a search online and found several sites listing complaints about this number, among them:

Seebach Exhibit 7
The Dove Foundation: Lying telemarketers

Utterly Boring
where one woman posted:
Tiffany said on 03/12/07 @ 09:32 AM:
I just got a call from Dove Foundation, also- 877-291-7322. They were saying something about slipping standards for age ratings and violence on television causing violence in youth. When I interrupted and asked, "Get to the point- are you asking me for money?" I was hung up on. (I just wanted to know, because I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I don't have money to give.) I called back, and they answer, "Customer Service"- they don't even identify themselves.

Family First
Where they try to legitimize the Dove Foundation, but comments on this web site state otherwise, such as:

I have been getting ca…

Cisco Systems Podcast Featuring Me!

Net Crimes, an interview with Jayne Hitchcock

(TechWise Podcast episode 84 - 20:45 min)
Are you or your employees giving up too much information online? Jayne Hitchcock, Author of "Net Crimes and Misdemeanors," talks to Cisco Security Expert Robb Boyd about the origins of SPAM and her up-close and personal experience with her own internet stalker.

Disney World, OPSEC, Universal Citywalk, JetBlue, DUCK!

I flew to Orlando on Sunday, May 3rd on JetBlue. I know they had bad press because they canceled flights during snowstorms this past winter, but JetBlue rocks when it comes to service and pricing. All seats are first class, leather, with TV screens so that you can watch DirectTV while flying or listen to music. The roundtrip ticket from Boston was just $248, non stop. You can NOT beat that or the fact you get full size snacks and beverages and a pillow and blanket if you want.

My flight got in early, my two checked bags were among the first off the baggage carousel and when I went to the shuttle van counter, I made it onto a van that was just leaving. I got to the Wyndham Hotel shortly after, checked into a King suite which was really nice! I was stunned at how well my trip was going so far. No hitches (no pun intended).

My room had a king sized bed, wood floors, an office off the side, two TVs and a huge bathroom. I was near the health club, so I hit that first. A message on my hotel …

The motorcycle has been sold!

I went to the motorcycle dealership with my mom this morning to sign over the title to Chris' motorcycle. A man from Massachusetts is buying it and took my counteroffer of $7250 for it. The dealership took 15% plus a winter storage fee and fee for an oil change Chris had asked for before he died, so I didn't make a lot on it, but I am glad someone else is going to enjoy it. The dealer told me this guy was so excited to buy it. I'm glad.

Dover-Foxcroft, Peaks Kenny, Stephen King

On Wednesday, May 2nd, I packed the dogs and luggage into the car and headed north to Dover Foxcroft, Maine. It's just south of Bangor (home to Stephen King). The ride was pretty uneventful, the dogs were great and I was asked to call the owners of the Peaks Kenny Motor Lodge when I hit Dexter, Maine. So I did. The wife said she'd meet me at the motel. Hmmm.

I get to Dover Foxcroft, which is a beautiful little town and drive through downtown, then out again to the motel. It's only 3.3 miles from downtown, but out in the woods. Way out in the woods.

As I pulled into the driveway of the motel, I saw an old, huge white Cadillac with fuzzy white dice hanging from the rearview mirror. The "open" sign was technically in room #1. There were a total of six rooms, all in one building, a typical old motor lodge.

No one else in the parking lot but me and the owners car.

I felt like I was walking into a Stephen King short story:

"Single woman stays in rundown motel with two …