OPSEC Evals, Memorial Day

I'll start off with Memorial Day. I drove Mom to meet my sister, her hubby and kids at this neat place called You're Fired!. I'm surprised Donald Trump hasn't gone after them (ha ha).

I then drove to the cemetery where Chris is buried, fixed the flag on his grave and added a memento in honor of his military service. I noticed the new headstone with the corrected spelling of his first name. The gravestone people had said they'd call me when this was replaced, but no one contacted me. Oh well.

I looked for his VA marker, which was supposed to be placed at the foot of his grave. I didn't see it, and am waiting for a call back from the funeral home as to where it is. They have been so wonderful throughout all this. They said the marker had been placed on May 10th, so I probably looked in the wrong place.

(They just called, and yep, I looked in the wrong place. I'll have to go back soon to see it)

Drove home - it was a solemn ride.

I got my evals back from the OPSEC Conference and it was funny how the two most negative comments had absolutely nothing to do with my talk. I think they got me mixed up with another training session:

"When, at the end of the briefing she offered to seel us her book discounted from 20 to 18." (his spelling, not mine). I never offered my book at $18. It was offered at $20.

"Needs to take a break and not run the full two hour block." Um, I hate to tell you, but mine *was* a regular session, only an hour long. But I did the same session twice.

Some commented it was tacky to sell my book. I was told I could bring my book to sell if I wanted and I offered it at the end. I don't push it. Oh well, not everyone can be happy. But these folks were:

"Content and subject material very interesting. Perfect presentation, very informative, kept the lecture moving and entertaining. She should definitely be brought back."

"Ms. Hitchcock should be a staple at the OPSEC Conference because of the constant threat of personal assaults and identity theft due to the increased use of computer systems worldwide."

"Good overall brief and good to have a different perspective than the typical military view of OPSEC and its applications."

"Well presented! Definitely recommend the presentation to others."

Those were just a few of the good comments. Of the 24 people who filled out the evals, 23 recommended my presentation, so overall, I did well! I'm hoping they have me back next year.

Today has been a lazy day. Guin and I walked to the beach, I've been doing laundry all day and getting ready for a panel and book signing tomorrow night. Most of my summer presentations are local or online, so I'm going to finally get to cataloguing those books downstairs.

Rob should be here later to begin putting the floor down in my office. I rented the movie "Flushed Away" to watch later and will probably BBQ a hamburger and some hot dogs for me and Bandit and Guin.


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