More kudos!

From Dover-Foxcroft Academy, where I spoke a few weeks ago:

"People are still talking very positively about your visit. I know for a fact that my son and many of his friends changed their profiles to private. Many kids
did not know how to change all those settings. Thank you for all you do!"

From a school in Maine that wants to book me in the fall:

"As one of the technology teachers, I took it upon myself to cruise Myspace (profiles) after receiving some calls from concerned parents. There were several that concerned me, so I went to my Principal. We decided that a letter home to parents was our next step. So, a letter explaining social networking sites like Myspace and the inherent dangers if students divulge too much personal info was sent home. I also sent along the URLs of the student if they had a site that I had viewed. As you can imagine, the students are having a complete fit to think we 'invaded their privacy' despite the fact that it was all PUBLICLY AVAILABLE!!! Anyhow, we need a next step at our school. You sound like the perfect person to invite to our school to address the angry middle school mass. The Maine Cybercrimes Taskforce gave me the name of a detective to contact, but we were hoping for someone who was not a law enforcement agent as we are sure our middle schoolers would just roll their eyes at anyone in a police uniform. Any info you could provide would be most welcome. Thank you for all you do to help keep kids safe on line."

Made my day!!!!!


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