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Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog Goes in for Surgery Monday

We've raised $1500 towards her cataract surgery, but still need more money to pay the $5500 we owe. Please donate if you can - and please share the link to her fundraising page. I have been posting updates almost every day.

Phoebe 'The Cyber Crime Dog' diagnosed with cataracts - WGME - Portland ME Top Stories - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog Needs YOUR Help!

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog is the mascot for WHO@-KTD (Working to Halt Online Abuse - Kids/Teen Division) and goes with me to schools to teach students how to stay safer online. We also volunteer at York Hospital every week to visit patients (she is a certified pet therapy dog). WHO@ is an all-volunteer organization - we help online victims for free. She was featured on WGME on May 13, 2015 and later that week suddenly developed cataracts. She has to go in for cataract surgery on Monday, June 1, 2015. It's going to cost us $5,465.00 total. I have started a GoFundMe Page to help raise money for the surgery and associated costs (blood work, medicine, etc). Even $1 would help. If you don't want to donate through that, you can send a payment to my Paypal account using for the payment address or send a check or money order made out to Jayne Hitchcock, PO Box 782, York, ME 03909. Some background on Phoebe - she used to be a sled dog in Canada for the firs…

True Crime Online Newsletter - May 18, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Boy bewildered by 'old fashioned' pay phone in viral video
A young boy named Jake became the physical embodiment of the generational divide when he came face to face with his first payphone and was utterly bewildered. The video shared on YouTube by AFV shows the young boy, addressed by the woman shooting the video as "Jake," puzzling over the 20th-century relic in an attempt to figure out the intended purpose of the anachronistic device. Only when the videographer explains the concept of a phone booth does the boy have a realization: "Is this an old fashioned phone?" The video has been viewed by nearly 300,000 users -- many of whom were likely using the pay phone's descendant, the modern cellphone.

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Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog is on TV!

Take a look at this TV interview of Phoebe The Cyber Crime Dog and me from WGME TV in Portland, Maine.

True Crime Online newsletter - May 11, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Florida woman uses Pizza Hut app to request 911 assistance
A Florida woman being held hostage with her children used a Pizza Hut ordering app to ask store employees to call 911 on her behalf. The Pizza Hut in Avon Park received an online order about 3:40 p.m. Monday from regular customer Cheryl Treadway and Chef Alonia Hawk noticed the comments section for the order of a small hand-tossed classic pizza with pepperoni read, "Please help! Get 911 to me," and "911 hostage help." Manager Candy Hamilton printed the order and contacted police. "We've never seen that before," Hamilton told WFLA-TV. "I've been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through." Police said Treadway and her children were being held in their home at knife-point by the woman'…

Looking for victims and parents of cyberbullying for new book.

I am looking for kids/teens who are being cyberbullied or were in the past (you can be an adult now to talk about what happened when you were younger). I would also love to talk to parents of victims or bullies to get their perspective. This is for my new book - I need to get a finished manuscript to my publisher the end of this year and only have a few people right now. Inbox me, reply here, or email me at Please share.