Has anyone else gotten calls from these idiots? I keep getting calls from them, even though my phone number is

A) Unlisted
B) On the DO NOT CALL list

I did a search online and found several sites listing complaints about this number, among them:

Seebach Exhibit 7
The Dove Foundation: Lying telemarketers

Utterly Boring
where one woman posted:
Tiffany said on 03/12/07 @ 09:32 AM:
I just got a call from Dove Foundation, also- 877-291-7322. They were saying something about slipping standards for age ratings and violence on television causing violence in youth. When I interrupted and asked, "Get to the point- are you asking me for money?" I was hung up on. (I just wanted to know, because I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I don't have money to give.) I called back, and they answer, "Customer Service"- they don't even identify themselves.

Family First
Where they try to legitimize the Dove Foundation, but comments on this web site state otherwise, such as:

I have been getting calls (hangups). My caller ID shows the Dove Foundation, Inc. They have not been leaving messages, so when they called this morning I answered. Before giving me a chance to ask them to stop calling and hanging up. He demanded to not hang up and listen to him. However, when I started to tell him I wasn't interested and stop calling and hanging up like he has been doing (we are on the National and State Do Not Call List), he interrupted me and hung up. For a foundation that is trying to receive support you shouldn't have someone calling like that. That type of people are the last to get my support!

So, I found the Dove Foundation and although the 877-291-7322 phone number was on their web site last week, it has mysteriously disappeared. I filled out their contact form and told them basically to f--- off and stop calling my unlisted number.



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