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I was rilly in Philly

Sunday, April 16th. Easter. Had to fly to Philadelphia to speak at Drexel University the next day. Straight shot, non-stop flight to Philly. Took a cab to the Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast in West Philly. Very, very cute, and yes, it was on the corner.

Nadine, one of the owners, met me at the front door, gave me the combo to get back in (it's a weird sort of door lock with buttons to push in a certain sequence). She then took me up to the third floor to my "suite." It used to be the attic and the stairs from the 2nd to 3rd floor were very steep. I certainly won't be drinking any alcohol on this trip, LOL.

You can see what my suite looked like here. The living area was a small alcove with two armchairs, a good-sized color TV and small table. The bedroom I slept in is the one with the red comforter. Very comfy. I wish I'd taken a photo of the bathroom. The vanity area was HUGE with two sinks and plenty of counter space. Then the jacuzzi bathtub and shower stall and…

Watch CNN - Video Is On Their Web Site

I was interviewed for a story about cyberstalking and you can view it online:

Go to, look at "WATCH FREE VIDEO" and click on More Most Watched Video, a new window pops up and it should be on page 3 or 4 - it's called Cyberstalked: Could You Be Next?

I hope you can watch it!


I'm not in Kansas anymore

(bad pun, I know)

Flew to Topeka, Kansas via US Airways on April 3rd. On my connecting flight in exciting Cleveland (sarcasm), the guy in the seat next to me was mad at something or someone. He was dressed in jeans and t-shirt with a baseball cap. Real classy. I was by the window and had the air going on my face. He turned to me and snapped, "Are you going to leave the air on like that the whole flight?"

I looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. "I can move it a bit for you," I said and turned the air more towards the window, but did not turn it so the air flow was reduced. Jerk. He spent the rest of the flight hogging the armrest, flexing and unflexing his fists and generally being mad at the world. I curled up as close to the window as I could and listened to my book on tape.

Landed in Kansas City, Missouri early. Small airport! So small, the gates are smack dab right there and when you exit, you're in baggage claim. No going down stairs.

I got my bags (to date, …

Augusta, Maine - Assistant Principal's Conference

First real drive with Jurgen – to Augusta, Maine, a good two-hour drive from home. Smooth sailing, er driving, the whole way. Listened to a good book – The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connolly. Got to Augusta and found the Maine Principal’s Association offices fine. Went in, found Jeff Sturgis, who had booked me and found that the current talk was almost done.

I set about folding brochures I’d printed before I’d left home, then as people filed out of the room, followed Jeff in to set up my laptop and get ready for my talk, which would happen after lunch.

The room was full, over 80 assistant principals from throughout Maine, and a few law enforcement officers. I talked mainly about cyberbullying, predators and social networking sites like

I had done a search on Myspace for York High School, as I couldn’t find an Augusta High School, and did screenshots from the results I’d found, choosing a boy and girl who had put too much info in their profiles, showing how anyone can access…