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Media Request for Online Blackmail Victims

NEW DAYTIME TALK SHOW LOOKING FOR CYBER VICTIMS: I can't name the host, but this show will premiere in September. This will be more of an "Oprah" type show, not sensational or like Jerry Springer, but a classy show. For their first show, they are looking for victims of sextortion/online blackmail. They want females under the age of 18, or who had their situation begin when they were under 18, who were blackmailed online with nude/semi nude photos taken of them by an ex boyfriend, friend, etc. They are filming the show in New York City on Friday, August 5th - next Friday. I will be the cyber expert and will be there, so you won't be alone and I will make sure they take good care of you. If you or someone you know fits this, email me ASAP. If you're under the age of 18, we would need your parents/guardian to appear on the show as well. Please repost/share!

WHO@ Newsletter - July 25, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...BOO!

S.African 'corpse' wakes up, scares off morgue staff\


A 50-year-old South African man thought to be

dead woke up in a chilly morgue on Sunday and

shouted to be let out, scaring off two attendants

who thought he was a ghost, local media reported.

"His family thought he had died," health

spokesman Sizwe Kupelo told the Sapa news agency.

"The family called a private undertaker who took

what they thought was a dead body to the morgue,

but the man woke up inside the morgue on Sunday

at 5:00 pm and screamed, demanding to be taken out of the cold place."

This caused two mortuary attendants on duty to

flee the building in the small town of Libode in

the rural Eastern Cape as they thought it was a ghost.

After calling for help and returning to find the

man alive, an ambulance was sent to fetch the man

who had "been exposed to extreme cold for nea…

WHO@ Newsletter - July 18, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Talk about funny!
Awkward Family Photos
Some vacation moments are better off forgotten. But fortunately, these ones were captured on camera so no one can ever deny they posed for these quirky family photos.

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Tourists duped by holiday rental scams - 07/16/11
Authorities have been urged to do more to protect travellers from holiday-rental fraud in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics. Tens of thousands of Britons and foreig…

I was interviewed for this - please read!

New for the Kindle & Nook!

Some of my short stories and my book, The Ghosts of Okinawa, are now available for the Kindle through Amazon and for the Nook through Barnes & Noble.

WHO@ Newsletter - July 11, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...And I thought this was an urban myth

Frying pan ends Florida couple's argument

Florida officials say a domestic beef over razors in the shower ended with a woman's arrest for allegedly hitting her boyfriend on the head with a frying pan.

Mary Batson, 22, of North Naples, was arrested for battery after she allegedly conked her live-in boyfriend in the head during a noisy row that began over his refusal to let her borrow a razor.

The Naples Daily News said Sunday that Batson denied striking the victim, although she admitted she slammed the pan down on the counter during the argument.

Arrest reports said the dispute Thursday escalated quickly from argument to slapstick. The victim claimed Batson scratched him on the chest and face before going for the cookware.

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WHO@ Newsletter - July 5, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Was she charged with two deadly weapons?
Woman sprays police with breast milk
A lactating U.S. woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff's deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle, police said on Monday.

Ohio-resident Stephanie Robinette, 30, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault linked to a domestic dispute, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

It said Robinette's husband told authorities the pair had been attending a wedding when his wife got drunk and started a dispute. He said that she hit him multiple times before locking herself in her car outside a banquet facility on Saturday.

Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said that when police approached the car to speak to her, she yelled profanities and refused…