Media Request for Online Blackmail Victims

NEW DAYTIME TALK SHOW LOOKING FOR CYBER VICTIMS: I can't name the host, but this show will premiere in September. This will be more of an "Oprah" type show, not sensational or like Jerry Springer, but a classy show. For their first show, they are looking for victims of sextortion/online blackmail. They want females under the age of 18, or who had their situation begin when they were under 18, who were blackmailed online with nude/semi nude photos taken of them by an ex boyfriend, friend, etc. They are filming the show in New York City on Friday, August 5th - next Friday. I will be the cyber expert and will be there, so you won't be alone and I will make sure they take good care of you. If you or someone you know fits this, email me ASAP. If you're under the age of 18, we would need your parents/guardian to appear on the show as well. Please repost/share!


Messiah said…
I have started a website where people like above, can come and discuss their blackmail issues, in order to solve them. It is, please have a look.

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