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2013 Cyberstalking Statistics Released by Working to Halt Online Abuse

February 25, 2013 - Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHO@ at released its 2013 cyberstalking statistics, as well as cumulative statistics for the years 2000-2013. The statistics are gathered from cases victims filed with WHO@ during 2013, but only those who filled out the demographic information, so the number shown is lower than the actual number of victims who came to WHO@ for help. 2013 statistics are based on 256 cases, of which 60% were female and 40% were male, a huge difference from 2012 when 80% of the victims were female and 20% were male. “With the perceived anonymity online, we are seeing more and more men coming to us for help,” notes WHO@ President Jayne A. Hitchcock. “ We also have seen a decrease in male harassers, only 40% in 2013 over 49% in 2012 and an increase in harassers whose gender was unknown. In 2012 that was 20%, but last year that increased to 30%.” Other noted statistics: Over half had a previous relationship with their harasser. Of those: …

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 24, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .IOC spokesman laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's Sochi wolf hoax

An International Olympic Committee spokesman said he laughed at Jimmy Kimmel's gag video of a wolf walking down a Sochi Olympics hotel hallway.

The late-night host created the hoax video -- which depicted a wolf walking down a hallway resembling those at the U.S. dorms of the Olympic Village in Sochi -- and it was taken by some as real when it was posted to U.S. luge star Kate Hansen's Twitter account prior to her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Hansen, who appeared on Kimmel's show via satellite while still in Sochi, said not everyone was amused by the wolf hoax.

"Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be, but it was all worth it in the end," she said.


True Crime Online Newsletter - February 17, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Philadelphia police dog gets more than 1,200 Twitter followers
A Philadelphia police officer said he doesn't mind that his partner has hundreds more Twitter followers than he does, despite being a dog.

Officer Alvin Outlaw, 38, who said his official Twitter follower count was 53 as of Sunday night, said he is happy Thor the 2-year-old German shepherd, one of the department's 22 dogs, has more than 1,200 followers for his Twitter account because it raises awareness of the K9 department and humanizes the police department, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday.

"I think it's something that the Philadelphia Police Department needs: to make people out of the police officers," he said. "I think it's nice that Thor has an opportunity to remind us of our humanity."

"You just …

True Crime Online Newsletter - February 10, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Alabama high schooler told to apologize for 'selfie' with cadaver

A high school senior in Alabama has been told to apologize to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for taking a self portrait, or "selfie," with a cadaver.

The Clements High School student, whose name was not reported, was on a field trip at UAB on Monday when she posed with the dead body, reported.

She then posted the photo to Instagram.

"We were very disappointed and shocked that it happened and embarrassed by it," said Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk. "It reiterates a need for us to focus more on digital citizenship. Kids make a snapshot decision in an instant without realizing the effects."

When the high school was notified of the photo, officials discussed the matter with offi…

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True Crime Online Newsletter - February 3, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Sign bans fishing in Sochi Olympics toilets
A Canadian snowboarder in Sochi, Russia, tweeted a picture of a warning sign at an Olympic venue banning standing on and fishing in the toilets.
Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant, who arrived in Sochi last week, tweeted a picture from inside the bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Center of a warning sign depicting a person demonstrating banned behavior including standing on the toilet, fishing in the toilet and vomiting in the toilet, the New England Sports Network reported.
"Well that's interesting... Sochi rules in the bathrooms!! #haha #olympics," Toutant tweeted.

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