True Crime Online Newsletter - February 17, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Philadelphia police dog gets more than 1,200 Twitter followers
A Philadelphia police officer said he doesn't mind that his partner has hundreds more Twitter followers than he does, despite being a dog.

Officer Alvin Outlaw, 38, who said his official Twitter follower count was 53 as of Sunday night, said he is happy Thor the 2-year-old German shepherd, one of the department's 22 dogs, has more than 1,200 followers for his Twitter account because it raises awareness of the K9 department and humanizes the police department, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday.

"I think it's something that the Philadelphia Police Department needs: to make people out of the police officers," he said. "I think it's nice that Thor has an opportunity to remind us of our humanity."

"You just can't stand that you're the Garfunkel of this relationship!" Thor's account tweeted at Outlaw.

The account is run by Sgt. Eric Gripp, the department's head of social-media.

"Being Cyrano de Bergerac to a dog has always been a dream of mine," he quipped. "But I'm running out of dog puns. It's sad, sometimes I troll the Internet for new ones.

"But it's been a lot of fun and I think Al has been the perfect ambassador for it," Gripp said.

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Groupon mislabels Alexander Hamilton as a U.S. president - 02/17/14
Chicago website Groupon may be useful for saving money, but don't rely on it for a history lesson -- unless you think Alexander Hamilton was a U.S. president. Groupon issued a news release announcing a President's Day weekend discount of $10 off $40 purchases in honor of the man on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton, who the website falsely declared "one of our greatest presidents," USA Today reported Monday.

Princeville officer charged with cyberstalking, fired from post - 02/17/14
A Princeville Police Department (PPD) officer was charged with cyberstalking for allegedly harassing a Nash County county woman. According to reports, Sergeant Terry Greene, 40, of Tarboro, has been charged with a single count of cyberstalking.

Man’s identity stolen by online stalker - 02/17/14
A MELBOURNE couple has told how their lives have been hijacked by an online predator who grooms women before posting naked photographs of them on the internet. Business owner John, who did not want to reveal his surname, had his identity stolen by the same man who stalked and harassed netball star Romelda Aiken. Aiken’s revelation that she had been targeted led to many other victims coming forward with information about the man, a stalker who uses the pseudonym ``Jayke Williams’’ and claims to be a physiotherapy student.

Elise Christie speaks of being a victim of cyber-bullying - 02/15/14
Great Britain speed skater Elise Christie has admitted that she has endured cyber-bullying after being stripped of a silver medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics short track 500m event.

'Selfie' church burglar implicated in vehicle guitar theft - 02/14/14
Authorities in California said an accused church burglar who left behind a cellphone with a "selfie" picture faces charges for another alleged theft. Chula Vista police said Adam Howe, 26, was arrested this week after he was identified from a photo found on a cellphone left at the scene of a Monday night burglary at the Hilltop Tabernacle Church in Chula Vista, U-T San Diego reported Friday.

Jayah Ram Jackson, 15 jumps to her death after cyber bullying. Petition to have her commit suicide existed. - 02/14/14
Jayah Ram Jackson, a gifted and talented student at NYC prestigious NEST+m school yesterday jumped to her death from her grandmother’s Upper West Side apartment complex building after relentless cyber bullying. The girl’s death came after she had indicated on Facebook the degree of loneliness and depression she suffered. So prevalent was the girl’s despondency she had even openly spoken about the possibility of ending her own life and alluding to cyber bullies who were relentlessly taunting her.

Twitter account exposing teen sexual behaviour probed by police - 02/14/14
Toronto police are investigating a Twitter account that purported to expose the sexual behaviour of high school students ­ a fate that some of its 1,500 teenage followers believe the victims "deserve." The account was recently suspended after concerned teens flagged it to the Toronto District School Board, the city's Catholic school board and the police.

Administrator for CASHS cyberbullying Twitter site has been caught - 02/14/14
The administrator of the CASHS Confessions Twitter page has been caught, Chambersburg Area School District officials confirmed Friday. The student responsible for the account that has become a popular haven for cyberbullying at Chambersburg Area Senior High School was located late Wednesday afternoon, according to school district spokeswoman Tammy Stouffer.

Derogatory cyber bullying page on Instagram draws hundreds a day, police investigating - 02/13/14
Hot Spring county parents are outraged after a group uses a social media app to cyber bully dozens of high school students. Followers for the Instagram page are growing by the hundreds and now local authorities are getting involved. Pamela Brewer's teenage daughter was devastated when she showed up on this local Instagram page with a name that is derogatory to women. She's since been taken off the page but the list of victims keeps growing.

Cyberbullying doesn’t end with children - 02/13/14
While most people associate cyberbullying with teens, many don’t realize that adults are participating in this form of harassment on a daily basis. Recently, the Herald Leader was made aware that more than 60 Portage la Prairie residents have been posted about on the gossip website “Technology is a great thing, but when it’s used wrongly, I think that part of technology hurts society because people don’t deal with people anymore,” said Sarah*, a 22-year-old Portager who is posted about on the Portage page of

Parent Warns About The Damage Twitter Cyber Bullying Causes - 02/13/14
Williamson County parents are learning how to keep better tabs on their child's online activity. It comes after local students were suspected of posting sexually explicit messages online targeting their classmates and school staff. One could call it keyboard courage. The anonymous gossip and confession Twitter accounts detailed alleged sexual experiences, sometimes targeting their classmates and even staff.

Cyber bullying takes a new form - 02/13/14
There's been a lot of talk in recent years about the amount of online bullying in children, but now there's a new twist. More than one in three young people have experienced cyber threats online and over 25% if adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.

Gallery Owner Accused of Cyberstalking Members of L.A.’s Art Scene - 02/13/14
Jason White was a convicted felon from North Dakota who managed to infiltrate the Los Angeles Art world, until he snapped. On Wednesday, FBI special agents arrested the 43-year-old for allegedly stalking, threatening and attempting to extort art world professionals in a series of schemes that stretched from California to the United Kingdom. He was expected to make his first court appearance in Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon, facing federal cyberstalking charges.

Wigan mum claims police and schools must treat cyber bullying more seriously after son's online nightmare - 02/12/14
A Wigan mother says police and schools must treat cyber bullying more seriously. She claims police and her son's school failed to deal with her son’s cyber bullying and only became interested when physical harm had been inflicted on the young boy. Charlotte Rodgerson, 40, witnessed the problems bullying can cause first hand after her 12-year-old son was ‘mocked’ on the social media site Facebook.

Student sues Estacada over cyberbullying - 02/12/14
The Estacada School District has not yet been served with a 32-page lawsuit stemmimg from cyberbullying in their locker rooms. One person remembers when a girl quit going to Estacada High School two years ago after she was videotaped in changing in the locker room. The lawsuit claims the video was posted on social media sites.

N.S. girl fights back against cyberbullies - 02/12/14
A day after a landmark case put Nova Scotia’s new Cyber-Safety Act to the test, a mother and daughter are sharing their story. Grace McCluskey, 12, says she is being targeted on Instagram and while her school and some of her fellow students have rallied to help, she still feels hopeless. “Someone made an account ‘hey Grace is a loser.’ They’re posting photos of me, saying…go kill yourself,” says the Grade 7 student.

Crook charged with criminal harassment over defamatory emails - 02/12/14
A Mississauga man charged with criminal harassment after scurrilous emails and letters were sent to friends and family of Barrie man was released on bail Tuesday. William Hamilton Crook, 29, was charged with three counts of criminal harassment and one count of public mischief Jan. 19.

'Exceptionally stupid' man who wrecked stabbing trial by snapping courtroom photo with his phone and posting it on FACEBOOK is jailed - 02/12/14
An ‘exceptionally stupid’ man has been jailed after he took a photograph in court during a stabbing trial and posted it on Facebook with prejudicial comments. Keiran Graham, 24, from Gloucester, admitted contempt of court and apologised to the judge, Alistair McGrigor - but claimed he did not realise he had committed a criminal offence. The judge pointed out there were notices explaining this was the case across the court, and Graham was sentenced to four months in prison.

Scam alert, new twist on old email threat - 02/12/14
The Better Business Bureau is warning people about two old scams that are resurfacing to cause new problems. The first will affect your email. A phony message appears to be from the New York Police Department. It reads as follows.
The person charged as follows (name may be yours or someone you know).
Time: 5:01 a.m.
Date of offense- January 10, 2014
Speed over 30 zone
There will also be an option to "click here to fill out form" at the bottom of the email, it may also include a phony message depicting they have your fingerprint.

Nova Scotia court issues first cyberbullying prevention order - 02/11/14
A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has imposed a cyberbullying prevention order on a man who was accused of using Facebook to post threatening and defamatory statements about the chief of a First Nation. The order is the first imposed by a court under the province’s Cyber-safety Act and involves allegations made by Andrea Paul, chief of the Pictou Landing First Nation.She alleges Christopher George Prosper posted abusive and obscene comments about her and her family on Facebook last year.


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