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True Crime Online Newsletter - April 27, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tennessee dad uses drone to follow daughter to school
A Tennessee father who used a drone to watch his 8-year-old daughter as she walked to school alone said he wants her to know "dad is always watching."

Chris Early, who owns a Knoxville video production company, said the camera drone he bought about a month ago came in handy when his 8-year-old daughter, Katie, insisted on walking to school by herself.

"She said 'you're not going to come watch me', but I had another idea," Early told WVLT-TV.

He said the drone turned plenty of heads upward when he used it to follow Katie on her walk.

"I could see other people looking up and I'm sure Katie was just like aw it's my dad," he said. "It was a way to keep eye on her make sure she was looking both ways. I let her know tha…

True Crime Online Newsletter - Apri 20, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Denver teacher's 'I wish my teacher knew' assignment goes viral
A Denver teacher's assignment asking third grade students to write down things "I wish my teacher knew" went viral when she shared some of the responses. Kyle Shwartz, who has been teaching at Doull Elementary in Denver for three years, said she designed the assignment as a trust-building exercise for her class. "As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students' lives and how to best support them. I just felt like there was something I didn't know about my students," Shwartz told ABC News. Shwartz said students were told to write a sentence starting with, "I wish my teacher knew," and they were given the option of turning the note cards in anonymously. "I let students det…

Are you near the University of Connecticut? Come see me speak tomorrow night!

Come see me on this panel tomorrow night if you are in the area! University of Connecticut Leadership Office Leadership Legacy Speaker Series Presents Angry Tweet or True Threat? Freedom of Speech on Social Media Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, 7:30pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center Storrs, CT You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but what about posting about it online? When does a post become more than an expression of anger? If someone feels they’ve been a victim of online harassment, what avenues do they have to report and how has the legal system responded? What responsibilities do social media companies have? Where do we draw the line on protected speech in the internet era? As the world becomes increasingly digital, more of our communication is happening on social media, and is changing the way that the law and society understand freedom of expression. The Supreme Court is currently deciding a case on threatening speech and first amendment protections, which is the first …

True Crimes & Misdemeanors Newsletter - April 13, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Horse returns selfie-taker's kiss in viral video
A man who planted a smooch on a horse while taking a selfie with the animal captured his own surprise as the equine kissed him back. The video, shared by America's Funniest Home Videos' AFVApproved YouTube channel, shows the man kiss the horse while taking a selfie and the horse, without missing a beat, returns the favor on the side of the man's face. The location and date of the video were unclear Monday.

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True Crime Online Newsletter - April 6, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Michigan stranger fixes van door from viral photo for free
A Michigan woman whose van with a missing driver-side door was made famous by viral photos said the door was fixed by a stranger for free. Amanda Maxfield of Muskegon said her van was photographed and turned into a meme on Facebook while it was being driven by her friend, Devin Beeman, but the photo that went viral recently was only the latest in a series of pictures and videos taken by strangers during the past year. Maxfield said the van's door was destroyed by a collision more than a year ago and it has been without a door ever since because her family couldn't afford to replace it and her fiancĂ© was unable to repair it on his own. She said the most recent viral photo led to a flood of negative comments and bullying online, but it was one comment …