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Sunday, January 31, 2010

DoD CyberCrime Conference 2010 - St. Louis

This past week has been one of my busiest! Monday I had an online conference w/Fairpoint to go over their Internet security software; Tuesday I flew out of Portland, Maine to head to the DoD Cybercrime Conference 2010 in St. Louis. This is my fifth year providing training for them.

Flew United, flight was on time to Chicago O'Hare. Then I had a three-hour layover, so I made some calls and it looks like I'm getting some more work - YAY! Ate lunch, talked w/Chris a zillion times (I missed him), then got on the plane to St. Louis.

Again, the flight was on time (actually, a few minutes early). Alex, who I've known as long as I've been going to the conferences, picked me up at the airport. His mom, Diana, is my adopted "mom" and called to make sure I'd landed, then told him to bring me right up to the conference without checking into the hotel yet. So we did and as we were going up the escalator to the conference, she was on her way down. She had a glass in her hand, gave it to me, said "Apple Pie! I'll be back up in a minute." and down she went.

She was right, the drink did taste just like an apple pie. We waited for her to give me my conference badge, which had VIP, LE and Speaker on it. We hugged, I gave her a box of salt water taffy (I bring her one every year) and she just kept hugging me. She is the sweetest lady!

We went to the reception, which was held in the exhibitor's area, and she brought me to the bar to get a drink. The bartender mixed me up something that was like an apple sour. It was delish! She got me to a table w/some of the other people from Technology Forums, who helped put together the conference with the DoD and I had to hug a bunch of people. It was like old home week.

I got some food, chatted, hugged more people I hadn't seen in a year, then I snuck out to go check in. I was informed at the front desk that they upgraded me to a suite. I was psyched. Then they told me it was in the building across the street. I asked if there was a covered walkway, they said no, I'd have to actually go across the street. I asked if they had anything in the hotel where the conference was. They said they had a king "handicapable" room. I said okay. Heck, a bed is a bed. Got to my room, it was huge and the reason they call it "handicapable" is that it had no tub in the bathroom. The entire bathroom was like a big shower, with just a shower curtain separating the shower head - made for wheelchairs. It kind of reminded me of the bathrooms in Japan.

Freshened up, then headed back to the conference to go to the CYBER OLYMPICS 2010, which was divided up into a floppy disk throw and CD toss. Most of the attendees were at the floppy disk throw, which was winging 3.5 diskettes as far as they could go.

Sharla, Alex and I went over to the CD toss, which had a bunch of the CD plastic containers taped together with points printed on them. You got three CDs for $5 to try to toss into them. All proceeds went to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Sharla got some CDs for us and we began cheering each other on, really making a lot of noise. People started coming over and we would cheer them on (see the photos). Then we started getting bets going on as to who would beat who and that money went into the donation pot.

By the end, the floppy disk throw raised almost $300. Us? We raised almost $600!!!! Woohoo!

We went down to the hotel bar to unwind, then I headed up to my room to crash.

Wednesday was my day for giving my three-hour training. I spent the morning in the speaker ready room, checking my email, etc, going over my presentation (I always get nervous before I speak) and hanging out. There were several other sessions going on at the same time as mine, so although I didn't have a lot of people in the audience, I think they learned something. I also might be getting more work out of it from a woman who is putting together some training for military and LE. Woohoo!

Went to my room to change from my suit into jeans and conference sweatshirt, then back to the conference for a VIP party put on by Mandiant. In between the food and drinks, they gave a short speech about a report they'd done and I ended up getting a business card from them - I may use them in my next book!

Went down to the bar again to unwind and I ended up bailing out at 830 while the rest went bowling or stayed at the bar. "Mom" is such a hoot - she had us laughing our butts off.

Thursday morning I left my bags at the front desk, went to say goodbye to everyone, especially "Mom," took some photos and Alex took me back to the airport. He is such a sweetheart and good "brother."

The flight from St. Louis to Chicago O'Hare was again on time. And interesting. The head flight attendant was Billy Dee Williams' twin. When I first boarded the plane, I thought he was the captain - he had on a full suit w/wings on his left pocket, a white handkerchief peeking out of that pocket, a white ascot around his neck and that smooooooooth voice.

When he smooooothly announced he was Carl, our head flight attendant, I expected him to start singing or reciting Lando's lines from The Empire Strikes Back, LOL.

A short stop in Chicago, then home to Portland. Chris came to pick me up, he had Phoebe in the back seat. Someone told us that huskies don't get attached to one human. They lied! She didn't eat while I was gone and only went out when Chris made her. Joanne came over to walk her and that brightened her up, but she moped because I was gone.

The look on her face when I got in the car was precious. I thought she was going to pee in delight. We drove thru McDonald's and got her a cheeseburger and she wolfed that down when we got home, then ate her dog food. I was just hoping she wouldn't throw up from being so excited I was home.

I took a shower, we watched some TV, then all three of us went to bed. She slept most of the night with her head on my legs.

It's good to be home.

(thanks to Dawn Walker for letting me post her photos!!!)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

DFI News™ | Inside the DoD Cyber Crime Conference

DFI News™ | Inside the DoD Cyber Crime Conference

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Off to St. Louis, Louis

Off to St. Louis to provide 3-hour training for law enforcement at the DoD CyberCrime Conference -

Monday, January 25, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - January 25, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I guess he was trying to improve his skills

Alleged car thief found playing 'Grand Theft Auto'

Sheriff's deputies in central Florida found a suspected car thief playing the "Grand Theft Auto" video game, and they later charged him with just that.

Polk County deputies investigating the theft of a 1998 Dodge Durango arrested 30-year-old Michael Ray Ekes on Thursday. They found the SUV outside a Haines City home. Ekes was inside in the house, playing the popular video game.

Ekes was charged with grand theft auto, burglary and drug possession. At the time of his arrest, he was out of jail on bond for another grand theft auto charge.

According to Polk County jail records, Ekes remained in custody Friday. Bond had not been set and no attorney was listed.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Happy Days' Scott Baio Calls In FBI Over Online 'Threats' - 01/25/10
Former Happy Days star Scott Baio has called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fbi) after he allegedly received a series of online threats.

School criticised for 'party' with bullies after student's suicide - 01/25/10
THE education department has defended a group ''debriefing'' session that brought together school students accused of bullying a 14-year-old boy who later committed suicide with children who had blamed them for his death.

Russian Blogger Harassed For Marrying Chinese - 01/24/10
The common notion that the Internet empowers those with democratic and liberal values is occasionally challenged by stories coming out of Russian online communities.

Schooboy arrested on suspicion of blackmail after an email threat to kill a teacher - 01/23/10
Police arrested a schoolboy on suspicion of blackmail after an email threat to kill a teacher if a ransom of £30,000 wasn't paid.

Safety should trump style for plugged-in youth - 01/22/10
From the “not really beef” quesadillas served at South Dining Hall to watching Snooki on “Jersey Shore” hit the dance floor after one too many, the term “cringe-worthy” comes to mind. Nothing is quite as cringe-worthy as the increasing number of my family members joining the Facebook community.

Social Networking: A Workplace Policy - 01/22/10
The first part of this article addressed issues surrounding the effect of the internet on hiring and firing in the 21st Century.This article discusses the laws that impact social networking in the workplace and provides guidance on developing a social networking and blogging policy.

Nurse suspended after operation pictures posted on Facebook - 01/22/10
A hospital worker has been suspended after photos of patients having operations were posted on Facebook.

Cybercrime: Time to face up to responsibilities - 01/21/10,1000002985,39985180,00.htm
Cybercriminals will only fear the long arm of the law if governments, businesses and the public face up to responsibilities and work together on a co-ordinated response, says Simon Lavin.

Rising cybercrime rattles social networking world - 01/21/10
The steady growth of Cybercrime, or crimes committed through the Internet, had an adverse effect among users of social networking sites particularly on the confidence and trust issues.

Father: 'Her future can be ruined' - 01/2/10
A father of one of the four students arrested for alleged online threats to burn down or blow up Belleville High School is defending his child. In an e-mail to the Times, the parent, who asked not to be identified, states, "I just want to say these kids would never have done this. They are young, stupid kids who were just chatting and saying something that they never thought would make the mess it did."

Sexting's Pervasiveness, Dangers Detailed As Police, Lawyers Offer Ways To Shield Students - 01/20/10,0,1983434.story
As if booze, drugs and tell-all Facebook profiles weren't sufficiently alarming, parents should now add "sexting" to their well of worries.
That was part of the message Wednesday night at a district-sponsored public forum on technology and teens that drew about 200 people to the Conard High School auditorium.

Bellbrook man gets probation - 01/20/10
Darren Casey of Bellbrook was sentenced to five years probation Jan. 7 in Greene County Common Pleas Court. Casey, who originally faced a felony abduction charge from a March 2009 incident on Possum Run Road, eventually pleaded guilty to telecommunications harassment and unlawful restraint, both misdemeanors, plus felony possession of criminal tools.

MoCity Police First To Make Arrest Using New ‘Spoofing’ Law - 01/20/10
Missouri City Police Department’s arrest of a Stafford man for Internet harassment and “spoofing” was the first of its kind in Texas using a new law that went into effect Sept. 1 of last year. The crime is so new that police had to call Austin to figure out how to get the charge entered into computers because a number had yet to be assigned.

Model Web Con - 01/20/10
A CONMAN posed as a gorgeous female model on the internet to trick male "admirers" into sending him gifts and money, police said yesterday.

Did Facebook Stalking Just Uncover a Mississippi State Recruiting Scandal? - 01/19/10
The Clarion-Ledger has the story today on how Mississippi State admits recruits visited an "establishment deemed impermissible by our recruiting rules and regulations."
Gary Barnett has been located. He's the guy sneaking around Starkville in a big floppy sombrero and outrageous mustache, lookin' all incognito.

Man held on $100K bond in Internet stalking case - 01/19/10
A former youth pastor from Clarksville appeared in court Tuesday afternoon accused of stalking and threatening harm to two teenage girls if they did not perform sexual acts for him online.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beware of Haiti Relief Online Scams

The radio interview I did on Monday w/WPOR about Haiti Relief Online Scams -

New Cyberbullying Book released

A colleague emailed me about a book he recently had published, and of interest to many of my friends here: Teen Cyberbullying Investigated - Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?

Monday, January 18, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - January 18, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .The do say the third time's the charm

Man arrested 3 times in 3 days in Mass. towns

A Boston man has been arrested three times in three days in neighboring Massachusetts towns. Huy Quoc Le faces a number of charges after his string of arrests began Monday in Andover. Police said the 25-year-old was arrested on motor vehicle violations. He was charged with driving after suspension, attaching improper plates, forgery of Registry documents, and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

On Wednesday, Le was arrested on charges accusing him of stealing nearly $10,000 from the business account of an Andover nail salon.

Hours later, police in nearby Lawrence arrested him on allegations he broke into the home of a former girlfriend after officers found him inside.

It was unclear if Le had hired an attorney.
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Police: Woman steals co-worker’s identity - 01/18/10
A Chester woman was arrested and charged with stealing a co-worker’s identity and using the information to commit various computer-related crimes, police said.

Sky TV producer who stalked former classmate and Googled her name 40,000 times is jailed - 01/18/10
An 'obsessive' TV producer who tormented a former college classmate in a seven-year campaign of harassment was jailed for just 16 weeks today.
Elliot Fogel, 34, could be free in just six weeks - despite subjecting Claire Waxman to an 'unimaginable' ordeal and Googling her name 40,000 times in a year.

Frustrated air passenger arrested under Terrorism Act after Twitter joke about bombing airport - 01/18/10
An air passenger was arrested under the Terrorism Act and held in a police cell for seven hours after joking on Twitter he would blow an airport 'sky high' if his flight was delayed.

Gumtree advert offered 'baby for sale' - 01/16/10
An advert placed on the classified website in South Afica allegedly offered "a beautiful eight-week-old baby boy for any reasonable offer".
It added: "Till now he has been an angel but cannot afford to keep him.

Spanish politician may sue over bin Laden photo - 01/16/10
A Spanish politician said on Saturday that he was "stupefied" by the FBI's decision to use his photograph to compose its latest image of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and is considering taking legal action. "Firstly I will ask the FBI for an explanation, which they haven't given me yet, and then I will reserve the right to take legal action," Gaspar Llamazares told CNN+.

Blog attack gets brutal - 01/16/10
Between calls and text messages, local blogger Kurt Gardiner’s phone rang almost 150 times from 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 2 to 11 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 3.
My life as a viral-media ‘celebrity’ - 01/15/10
When the young man in the pickup stopped to offer me a ride, I was still in shock. I was carrying my 20-month-old down an arterial street in Victoria during Friday rush-hour traffic last fall. My daughter’s sturdy legs and a laundry bag from her daycare bumped against me as I walked. A tear had plowed down my cheek. I gratefully declined the offer. “We got kicked off the bus,” I burst out. The man looked surprised, then nervous. Only louts get thrown off buses, right? Little did I know the pariah I’d soon become when my story hit the Internet.

Pornographic film shown on Moscow motorway billboard - 01/15/10
Moscow drivers squinted in disbelief as an electronic motorway billboard ran a two-minute pornographic video instead of its regular advertising clips.

A mysterious email and a split-second mistake: That's all it took for internet gangsters to hijack my life... - 01/15/10
Seven at night on the Friday before Christmas and I was rushing to meet a deadline.
With less than an hour to finish a documentary I was working on, my fingers were flying over my keyboard as I wrestled with the script, phone calls and emails with a researcher abroad while watching multiple TV screens in the cutting room and talking simultaneously to people around me.

Welcome to DarkMarket – global one-stop shop for cybercrime and banking fraud - 01/14/10
Renukanth Subramaniam, 33, is accused of being a key figure in running DarkMarket, a website where criminals exchanged information on stolen credit cards and other data.

Man arrested on cyberstalking charges - 01/14/10
Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd says the stepfather of two juveniles arrested in recent months on burglary charges was picked up this week on a charge of cyberstalking, which accuses him of threatening the sheriff's investigators who arrested the minors.

Recaptured: The convict who taunted police on Facebook during FOUR months on the run - 01/14/10
An escaped convict who relentlessly taunted police on Facebook has finally been arrested after nearly four months on the run, it was announced today.
Craig 'Lazie' Lynch, 28, was nearing the end of a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary at Hollesley Bay prison, Suffolk, when he absconded on September 24 2009.

Hitler drinking game probed by Huddersfield university - 01/14/10
A university in West Yorkshire is to investigate claims two students set up a Facebook group for a Nazi-inspired drinking game.

Status: Deleted - 01/14/10
A FACEBOOK page set up from jail by the killer of Peter Woodhams has been taken down - thanks to The Sun.
Bradley Tucker, 21, had opened an account on the social networking site from his jail cell.

Mastermind behind 'eBay for criminals' is facing jail - 01/14/10
A former pizza delivery man is facing jail for masterminding an "eBay for criminals", where fraudsters traded stolen banking details.

Lawyer in YouTube murder plot video hired his own assassins – UN - 01/13/10
It was the murder that spawned a macabre YouTube sensation and threatened to ­topple Guatemala's government.
Hitmen shot dead Rodrigo Rosenberg, a lawyer, in Guatemala City soon after he recorded a sombre video blaming his imminent assassination on President Ålvaro Colom and other senior officials.

Web Jibe Thug Gets Six Years For Attack - 01/13/10
A BRUTE who taunted his victim on Facebook after shattering his skull with a metal bar has been jailed for six years.

Is this the world's first Twitter murder? Man blasted to death with a shotgun after online argument with friend - 01/12/10
Police in the U.S. are investigating what they believe is the first murder carried out because of messages posted on Twitter.
Detectives in New York say a deadly confrontation between two friends came about after angry comments were posted on the micro-blogging site.

Briton kidnapped and imprisoned in Africa in 'fraud romance' - 01/12/10
The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) said the British national travelled to west Africa to meet someone they had become friends with online - but the friend was the ''fictional creation of a criminal group whose sole aim was extorting money''.
It was the first reported incident of a person being kidnapped as part of a so-called romance fraud where the victim was British, Soca said.

Anti-piracy agency's logo broke copyright - 01/12/10
France's new internet agency set up to protect the rights of artists is facing legal action for using a copyrighted design for its logo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Court asked to allow prosecution for sexting | Reuters

Court asked to allow prosecution for sexting | Reuters

Monday, January 11, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - January 11, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I think he was massaging *his* meat

Man who said he was 'massaging' meat gets 10 years

A South Carolina man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing an $80 slab of meat. The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg reported Thursday that 51-year-old Mark Zachary of Orangeburg received the maximum sentence after jurors found him guilty Wednesday of shoplifting. Prosecutors said the sentence was justified because the Aug. 26 theft from Reid's grocery store in Orangeburg was his ninth offense.

Authorities said when a store manager approached Zachary about the missing New York strip and the big bulk under his shirt, he fled, right into the arms of an off-duty police officer.

Assistant Solicitor Glenn Justis asked jurors "Where's the beef?" in his opening argument.

Zachary testified he was "massaging" the meat, not stealing it.

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Girl fight videos posted on internet amid violence surge - 01/12/10
A MASSIVE spike in violent attacks by young Queensland girls has been blamed on internet "fight sites" where videos of the attacks are posted.

Hackers take aim at Facebook users - 01/11/10
Kimberly Potts calls Facebook her "lifeline" to her son Justin, who is serving in Iraq with the 101st Engineer Battalion of the Army National Guard. It's helped her stay in contact with him, to see photos of his Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas.
Twitter trash talk blamed in NYC murder - 01/11/10
Twitter has emerged as a source of evidence and possible catalyst in a homicide investigation in Harlem.
Two young men, Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy, both 22, are said to have argued on the popular microblogging service before taking their dispute to the real world.

In The Age of Social Media, Can You Escape Your Ex? - 01/11/10
It's a New Year and I am quite certain that many of you have said, "Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya'," to those significant others who weren't -- THE ONE. You're starting fresh; you're blogging about your future goals; you're tweeting your resolutions and updating your Facebook status with things like, "I will never, ever, ever settle!"

Teen in court on Facebook racism charge - 01/11/10
Youth faces two charges of racial harrassment after allegedly posting anti-Jewish comments directed at another man.

Should Law Grads Be Banned From The Legal Profession For Cyber-Stalking? - 01/08/10
Lawyers jokes aside, attorneys are evaluated for their "character and fitness" before they are admitted to the bar in their state. They questions are what you would expect -- have you been expelled from any institution for an honor violation, have you ever convicted for any crime, etc.

Autistic son who asked internet friend to kill his 'overprotective' parents detained in hospital - 01/08/10
An autistic man was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order today after plotting to kill his adoptive parents with a friend he met on a fetish website just three months earlier.
Christoper Monks, 25, persuaded Shaun Skarnes, 20, to stab the couple while they were asleep at their home in return for sexual favours.

Teacher charged with harassment - 01/08/10
She allegedly sent a threatening e-mail to a colleague at North Montco Technical Career Center in Towamencin.
An alleged act of cyber harassment cost a technical school teacher her job and led to her being criminally charged in Montgomery County, officials said Thursday.

Facebook threats lead to inquiry in Pine Island - 01/08/10
A 17-year-old Oronoco boy allegedly threatened to bring a gun to Pine Island High School through a Facebook conversation he had with a 17-year-old female classmate Thursday afternoon.

Love in the age of social networking too much text and not enough talk? - 01/08/10
When it comes to technology, young people and relationships, the interplay can perhaps best be summarized by a phrase familiar to Facebook users: It's complicated.

Secret drives model's ex-boyfriend to plot acid attack - 01/07/10
Katie Piper, 26, was a model and aspiring television presenter when she was splashed in the face with sulfuric acid by a stranger on the London streets in March 2008. Police moved quickly on the trail of her assailant.

Arrests: Former Asheville bank employee charged - 01/07/10
City police charged a former Asheville bank employee with harassing and threatening his old employer. David Gregory Smith[], 49, of High Point, was charged with extortion and cyberstalking. According to arrest warrants, Smith sent e-mails to Pisgah Community Bank and threatened to expose confidential bank information unless he was given severance pay and benefits.

Man Sentenced For E-Mail Threats To Local Company, Fla. Legislator - 01/07/10
A 39-year-old Florida man was sentenced Thursday for emailing threats to a company in Columbus.
Kyle Jeffrey Tschiegg, of Sarasota, Florida was sentenced to 90 months imprisonment for emailing threats including threats to cause a candidate to drop out of a race for statewide office in Florida, hacking into email accounts of individuals and companies, and using stolen identity information to commit computer crimes.

Man who 'ran pirate music site received £190,000 in donations from downloaders' - 01/07/10
A man who ran an illegal 'pirate' music site which allowed 21 million downloads had almost £190,000 in his accounts when police raided his home, a jury heard today.

Snowed-In Brits boost adultery website - 01/06/10
Britons snowed in by the wintry weather have been flocking to an extra-marital dating site in the last 24 hours., which provides a platform for married people to conduct affairs, said on Wednesday it has seen an unexpected increase in visitors over the past 24 hours, and received a record number of new profiles on Wednesday morning.

Stalking suspect faces stiffer penalty - 01/06/10
A man arrested Tuesday on a cyberstalking charge contacted his victim “500-and-something times,” said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd.
Vincent Salvadore Drummond is on probation in Harrison County for a misdemeanor harassment conviction involving the same woman, which gives the latest charge a stiffer penalty, Byrd said. The woman, who lives on Old Fort Bayou Road in Vancleave, contacted the Sheriff’s Department on Dec. 28 about harassing and threatening phone calls. Byrd said criminal investigators confirmed that the communications came from Drummond.

Teens arrested for posting violent online threats - 01/06/10
Two 14-year-old girls were arrested after posting alleged threats online about killing students at Ecole Selkirk Junior High, say RCMP.
On Dec. 31, the teen suspects allegedly posted messages on Facebook and MSN threatening to kill at least five other students and wrote about bringing guns and a bomb to the school, say RCMP.

Selling Fake Art on eBay - 01/06/10
A Chicago man named Michael Zabrin recently admitted he sold fake Picassos, Lichtensteins, Chagalls, and works by several other artists on eBay. He plead guilty in court, saying that he had stolen over $1 million from unaware online buyers.

Internet stalker plagued young mum - 01/06/10
A delusional internet stalker who drove more than 200 miles to see his victim is today the subject of a year-long restraining order. Mohammad Irfan was also banned for a year from entering the woman's home town after admitting causing harassment with fear of violence on three separate occasions.

DA's Office investigates death threats on Utica Topix - 01/05/10
Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara on Tuesday said his office is investigating two cases involving death threats posted on the Utica section of the popular Web site Topix. And those may be just the first of many such cases locally, as McNamara said he expects his office to step up its prosecution of online harassment in the future.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

RIP Andy Moreno

I met Andy when I was in my early teens in Oxnard, California. My mom had gotten my sister & I involved in the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. We met Andy there - he was my age and in a wheelchair. He had MD and was told he wouldn't make it past his teens. We all became fast friends. Until I left Californ...ia in 1976, every year we did the MD Telethon w/Andy and his family. When my late husband was stationed in California in 1990, the first road trip I took was to visit Andy. He was so excited to see me! We kept in touch every Christmas. His brother called me last night to tell me Andy died 12/31. For someone who was suppoed to have died as a teen, he proved them all wrong and lived life to the fullest.

Monday, January 04, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - January 4, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .All I can say is, Wow, you need anger management
Police: Ohio woman hit window over lack of nuggets
Police say an Ohio woman punched through a McDonald's drive-through window because Chicken McNuggets weren't available.

Police were called Friday to the restaurant in Toledo.

Police say 24-year-old Melodi Dushane was treated for injuries, then jailed. She pleaded not guilty to a vandalism charge. She was released on a recognizance bond and ordered not to have contact with the restaurant. The phone number for her home address isn't listed.

A manager at the McDonald's declined Monday to discuss the incident.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Malaysia "Allah" row spills on to Facebook - 01/04/10
More than 43,000 Malaysians protested online over a court ruling allowing a Catholic paper to use the word "Allah" to describe the Christian God, signaling growing Islamic anger in this mostly Muslim Southeast Asian country.

Hackers mimic Huffington Post's Twitter feed - 01/02/10
A Huffington Post spokesman says the left-leaning news and opinion Web site was not hacked when a Twitter social network feed emerged in its name and began issuing insults with a conservative bent.

False Facebook page accusation - 01/01/10
(scroll to bottom)
A 30-year-old Lorena woman is charged with felony online harassment after McLennan County sheriff’s officials say she created a damaging Facebook account in the name of her husband’s former stepdaughter.

Van Morrison blames hackers for news he has become a father saying the story is 'completely and utterly' unfounded - 01/01/10
The showbusiness world was taken by surprise when it was announced that Van Morrison had become a father again at the age of 64.

Wenatchee man charged with cyberstalking - 01/01/10
A 29-year-old Wenatchee man has been charged with cyberstalking for allegedly sending threatening messages through a Facebook account.
Jeramie P. Palmer was charged Dec. 7 in Chelan County Superior Court with three counts of felony cyberstalking. Under state law, cyberstalking is using electronic communication to threaten to injure or to kill someone.

Domestic violence and stalking victims get new legal protections - 01/01/10,0,7623188.story
Victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault have new legal protections available to them in Illinois starting Friday.
Most significant, experts said, are the 2010 state laws to combat stalking, a crime that affects an estimated 3.4 million Americans.

Your Space or MySpace? - 01/01/10
In these days of company-issued BlackBerries or personal iPhones, employees no longer can be banned from accessing personal e-mail or Facebook at the office. Recognizing this, progressive companies are revising their Internet-use policies to govern use of social-networking sites during the work day. Simply put, the substantial benefits of responsible social networking outweigh the risks.

Craigslist Sex Ad Turns into Iowa Woman's Nightmare - 12/31/09
An explicit ad placed on Craigslist offering sex with multiple partners has Iowa resident Jody Karns rattled. The problem? Her phone number was listed, but she says she isn't the one who placed the advertisement.

Internet safety is a must - 12/30/09
There are many ways we protect our children from dangers. We warn them never talk to or take candy from strangers, don’t get in a car with someone they don’t know, we set curfews and rules, tell them to choose their friends carefully and not to get mixed up with the wrong crowds. One of the more, not so obvious ways they can be in danger is through the internet and it comes in many forms.

One mother's devastating revenge on the 52-year-old paedophile who groomed her child on Facebook - 12/30/09
Deborah Carver will never forget the moment her confused young daughter called her over to the family computer to read a message she'd been sent.
'Look at this, Mummy,' said 11-year-old Sarah who, while too young to understand exactly what it meant, felt something was not quite right.

Billions face identity fraud threat after hackers crack secret mobile phone codes - 12/30/09
Billions could have their mobile phone calls intercepted and recorded after computer hackers cracked the secret code used to protect 80 per cent of the world’s users.
The code was posted on the internet by German scientist Karsten Nohl, who said he organised the breach to demonstrate the weakness of mobiles’ security measures.

Colorado transportation worker investigated for work email depicting Obama shining Palin's shoes - 12/30/09
It's a reminder that the emails you send at work, can sometimes come back to haunt you. At least one Colorado Department of Transportation employee is being investigated for sending an inappropriate email featuring President Barack Obama and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A 16-year-old boy was charged after a police received a complaint about threatening messages that were sent over the Internet through MSN Messenger and Facebook, city police said.

Update: Man Posing As Panthers Player Arrested - 12/29/09
Police say a man posing as a Carolina Panthers[] offensive lineman and swindled people out of $25,000 has been arrested.

Scots internet rat used dating site to prey on terrified women across the world - 12/29/09
FIVE terrorised women from different sides of the world have revealed how they fell victim to a Scots internet sex cheat.

Threatening texts lead to cyberstalking charge, report states - 12/28/09
A Gastonia woman has been charged with cyberstalking a woman and breaking a man’s glasses Wednesday.

No internet sex please, we're Indian. Web firms observe new law - 12/28/09
It may have given the world the Kama Sutra and the Bollywood wet sari scene, but it appears that India is not yet ready to be exposed to the delicate subject of sex on the internet.

I found my stolen kitchen... on eBay - 12/28/09
When Tristan Brooks arrived home from a weekend away to find his brand new £8,000 kitchen stripped bare he was distraught.
Thieves had made off with everything from the £700 fridge freezer to the curtain hooks and the police said they had no leads.

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