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Running and dogs

New Things That Stick In My Craw: Running and Dogs

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be?

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WHO@ Newsletter - April 19, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Well, isn't that just ducky?

Prom-goers watch repo man drive away in their limo

High school students attending a prom in Oklahoma say they watched as a repo man drove away a limousine they had rented. At least one initially thought it was being stolen.

Landon Wiland said he and friends had rented the car from Galaxy Limos for Friday's prom in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa. Wiland said they had gotten out of the car when it was driven away ­ while their driver was standing next to them. His reaction: "Our limo is getting carjacked."

Galaxy Limo owner Jim Nicolotti said there was a miscommunication between his lender and the repossession company. He said he and his bank had worked out their issues, but the bank did not tell the repo company to cancel the job.

Nicolotti plans to offer a partial refund or a free future rental to the customers affected.

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Video of me speaking about keeping kids safe online

Video of my parent presentation for the Timberlane School District is now up and running - see me in action!

Cyberbullying talk at Freeport, Maine

On Monday, April 12th, I spoke to students at Freeport Middle School in Maine. Almost 300 students and boy, was it a good talk! When I got the part where my alter ego asked 50 students to be friends and they discovered 49 of them accepted, the auditorium got quiet. Two local news stations were there taping. One of them WCSH (Channel 6) in Portland, Maine had one of their anchors, Cindy Williams come to tape my talk.

I've seen her on TV and I've met a lot of media folk, but she was one of the nicest yet (up there with Montel Williams and Diane Sawyer - really!). She actually helped put chairs out while her camera guy set up and I was connecting my netbook to the projector. We talked for a bit, just chit chat, and she is very personable.

Her story didn't run until last night at 6 pm, but it was in-depth and I have to say, one of the best media coverage I've gotten regarding cyberbullying yet. Please view it at the WCSH web site today.

The other station, WGME (Channel 13), …

WHO@ Newsletter - April 12, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Yum
Man with no cash eats burrito, Funyuns at store

Authorities said a man took a bite into crime when he helped himself to a burrito and a bag of Funyuns snacks at a gas station food store in Hastings, then told the clerk to call police because he had no money to pay.

Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans said 28-year-old Michael Odell was charged with retail fraud. Odell, who told police he is homeless, is jailed on a $2,000 bond with a pretrial hearing set for May 4.

Evans said Odell ate the burrito and Funyuns on Saturday morning, then had the cashier call police. The prosecutor said Odell told officers he had spent his money at a tavern in the city 35 miles west of Lansing.

Jail records say Odell didn't have an attorney as of Wednesday.

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Ask me anything!

Hampstead event focuses on cyberbullying -, North Andover, MA

TV Coverage of my cyberbullying talk

TV coverage of my cyberbullying talk in Hampstead, NH last night

University of Louisville Talks

Flew to Louisville, KY a week ago Monday from Portland, Maine. The rain hadn't gotten too bad yet, so my flight made it out without a delay (but I heard the flights after us were delayed). However, the flight to Newark, NJ was a nailbiter. It was a small plane and was blown around, up and down so much that I thought at one point I was gonna vomit. Seriously.

I had a 2 hour layover, so I had a glass of wine to settle down and some chili. I felt better by the time I got on the plane. Nice flight out of Newark and into Louisville. Landing, it was in the 50s and sunny. Took the shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn, got into my room, ordered room service, then took a quick shower to get all the airplane "air" off of me.

Crashed after that, then had a rude awakening. Two of the ladies from the University of Louisville picked me up at 11 am for an early lunch at the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe. Then we headed to the University so that I could set up my netbook.

The last time I'd sp…

WHO@ Newsletter - April 5, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .well, he doesn't have to go far, does he?

Man fleeing Ohio police jumps fence ­ into prison
Police say a motorist fleeing officers in Cleveland abandoned his car and jumped a fence ­ landing in what turned out to be a prison yard.

Garfield Heights police say the chase started in that suburb early Monday over a traffic violation and reached speeds of 90 mph.

Police say that after a race through several communities, the driver and a passenger bolted from the car and headed for a fence.

They apparently did not realize it was on the outside of the state women's prison in Cleveland.

They were arrested along with two other passengers who also tried to flee.

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