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WHOA February 26, 2007 Newsletter

WHO@ Newsletter

February 26, 2007

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .But it's kind of a good idea

Heavy petting? Try this Dutch dating Web site;_ylt=AlSAhoLZ8r4IZ6HoammPB_j6VbIF
Looking for the love of your life? Does your pet put potential partners off? -- There is now a Web site where you can find a partner compatible with your dog, cat, snake or spider.

A new Dutch Web site -- -- says it is a meeting place for all animal lovers, whether you are looking for a partner, someone who also likes snakes and spiders or someone who takes care of your chickens when you want to go away for the weekend.

"How can you find a nice partner who is just as crazy about animals as you are?" said Betty Mercey on Sunday who launched the dating site this weekend which is called "Animal and Human."

Members of the site can describe themselves and their pets, and when they think they have found someone w…

Nawlins, ctd

Got to the registration floor and stashed my bags, then visited the exhibit booths. Bought a t-shirt for my mom, a book for me, and visited the Psi Chi hospitality suite where they gave me a Psi Chi sweatshirt and a cute little harlequin New Orleans doll with a Psi Chi pin on it.

We eventually went to lunch at the ACME Oyster House for the Psi Chi luncheon. There were about 30 of us. I got the chicken and andouille gumbo, which was delish, and pecan pie for dessert. Sandy and I walked back to the hotel to get my laptop set up for my talk.

About 200 people ended up showing up for my talk and it went over very well. Although some did take order forms for my book and one woman ordered one on the spot, many were disappointed I didn't have any with me (I later got an apology email from my publisher about the whole thing). It's too bad, I could have sold all 20 I had asked to be sent, plus more!

After my talk, went back to the hospitality suite to talk with some folks, then went to he…

Back to Nawlins

Tuesday morning got my nails done, then had to drive almost two hours to pick my mom up. My nephew was home sick, so my sister couldn't bring her to meet me halfway. So Bandit and Guin came with me and I think Bandit panicked, thinking we were going on another road trip. I could almost hear his sigh of relief when we got to mom's house and he heard her get in the car, LOL.

Got home, packed my suitcases for my trip to Nawlins, then took mom out to eat at Talpey's Tavern, one of the restaurants my neighbors co-own. We were seated in front of the fireplace. It was nice and cozy. I had eggplant parmesan, mom had scallops. It was very relaxing. Went back home, watched a very strange "thriller" called "The Hole" on HBO. I think it gave mom nightmares, ha ha.

Got up the next morning, a new driver picked me up from the car service - drove right by the house. Oy.

Got to the airport in Boston. The first leg of my US Airways flight went well, even though I had a midd…

A really, really stupid person

I always say that online stalkers and harassers are clever, but not smart. This proves my point:

Revenge of the spam

Gregory Steven Hart lives behind black metal gates in a house full of computers, elegant sculptures and expensive liquor that he never drinks.

Three days after Christmas, Deputy Sheriff Russell Hemmendinger hauled Hart to jail. The charges were driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. The deputy took him down in the driveway of his $367,000 Lutz home, in front of his pregnant wife and neighbors.

Hart posted bail and went home and got to work. Within 24 hours, the first concerned citizen e-mailed the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

From: tom and ray


Subject: Is Officer R. Hemmendinger Gay?

Has Officer R. Hemmendinger ever had sex with a boy that's under the age of 16?


Hart is 43, a database developer for a massive health care corporation called Baxter International. He has a cle…

Online dating/pedophiles

A large media outlet is considering a piece on pedophile predators and wanted to know of examples where convicted predators use online dating sites to date a single parent in order to gain access to and victimize a child. We have one example of this from Arizona. Have you or someone you know had something like this happen to you and would be willing to share your story either personally or as an anonymous submission?

If so, email me at ASAP or post a reply here.


Please don't let my obit read like this

I was reading the Sunday paper late (this morning) and burst out laughing when I saw this "featured" obituary:

Anne Kazilonionis, 85, foster grandparent, loved hats

Now, the actual obit online doesn't have the "loved hats" part.

So please, everyone, when I die, don't let them write:

Jayne Hitchcock, (insert age), writer, loved llamas.



Finally home

Left the hotel about 9 am. The roads were clear, the sun was out, I was listening to Brother Odd by Dean Koontz on my Mini iPod. I'd gotten a DLO Transpod so that I could listen to the iPod through my car stereo. It's very cool! And the book is wonderful!

Stopped a few times for the dogs and restroom breaks. It was pretty uneventful and although was quicker than the ride out, still felt like it took forever to get home. Once home, even though the plow had come, I had to park Jurgen in the driveway, get out and shovel the snow from in front of the garage door. I'm so glad I'd gotten a Toro Power Shovel last spring. It worked like a charm and I was done in less than 10 minutes. Took the Jeep out of the garage (anyone interested in a 2001 forest green Sport Cherokee with only 62K on it? Book value is $7200, I'm asking $7,000 OBO?). Put Jurgen in, got the dogs inside, then unpacked the car.

Then I had to figure a way out into the back yard so the dogs could go out. The …

From Toronto to London

No, not England. Canada.

The reason I was in Canada was for a court case. The short of it: A former volunteer for my organization, WHOA had me speak at an art exhibit in London, Ontario in November of 2005 and had me send her 30 copies of the 1st edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors to sell while there. Only two copies sold, which I signed and since this was a non-profit event, I waived my speaking fee and asked only for travel be paid and to pay me the equivalent of $13 USD/book. They could then sell it for up to the cover price of $33.95 CDN and keep the rest.

When i left, I asked her to send me the books and I'd pay the shipping and customs fees. She felt she could sell more, so I let her. She then began behaving erratically with victims (she was an advocate) and I had to let her go from WHOA in March of 2006, when I also asked her for the books back. She then led me on a looong journey of hell, which landed me in London this past Thursday. Here's the timeline that I rea…

Oh Canada and snow!

I'll tell you about my lovely drive to Toronto. When the dogs and I woke up this morning, there was a foot of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. I quickly packed, went out and thanked my Dad (in my head) for the emergency shovel he'd given me five years ago. It came in handy to dig out my car in the parking lot at the Ramada. I then had two guys come and help push Jurgen out and then went inside to get the luggage and Bandit and Guin.

We were on the road at around 8:30 or so and it was sloooooow going for a long time. The highest speed was 40 MPH for a long time. I saw a shitload of tractor trailers flipped over or in accidents - and I know why. They were whizzing past me. I'm surprised more weren't off the road. Things began to taper off when we came to Buffalo and driving was better. I was now up to 60-65 MPH. When I hit Canada at Niagara Falls (slowly I turn), it got nasty again (and the customs guy didn't even look at my license or the dog's rabies…


Just arrived in Oriskany, NY. Four and a half hours, no snow, thank goodness, but still tiring. The dogs and I took a couple of breaks and we had McDonald's for lunch.

When we checked into the Ramada here, I fired up the laptop and got my email. It's interesting how some people who know I'm on the road decide it's a good time to send me the emails they did. I have been told I cannot post about someone I care for very much in my life, even the mundane shopping trips we do. Fine. It's obvious some people have a problem with the wonderful relationship I have with this very close person to me. I hope they cherish this person as much as I do.

That being said, if you don't like what I post here, don't read it. Period.

Predators TV Newsletter


February 2007

Predators Survivor Hero

Our Predators Survivor Hero Award goes out this month to a special
woman, Jayne Hitchcock. In December 1996, Jayne found herself
impersonated online by two people, a husband and wife team, who were
angry that Jayne blew the whistle on their scam literary agency. This
agency was fleecing would-be writers out of hundreds of dollars,
sometimes thousands. Jayne did more research on this scam and then
filed complaints with the NY Attorney General's office. This angered
this couple and they retaliated by impersonating Jayne on hundreds of
newsgroups, posing as Jayne and calling people insulting names. This
escalated to posts claiming that she was into sado-masochistic sex and
available anytime of the day or night, then they listed her home phone
number and address. Jayne states, "When I started getting phone calls
looking for sex, I feared people would actually come to the house. I
had to learn from the…

Getting ready for another road trip

Did a lecture/book signing at the Scarborough Library on Thursday night, Feb 1st. My dad showed up with one of his friends to say hi before he took off for another meeting. Surprise, surprise, another Jayne Hitchcock showed up.


She's the daughter of Chris' Uncle Bob, his dad's brother, who now lives in Florida. Remember - he was the uncle I had to call to tell him his brother and nephew died. This Jayne is married to a veterinarian and they own an animal hospital nearby. They've been in Maine all this time and I didn't know it. She was pretty upset that no one from the family had called her father about the deaths and felt it was pretty rude to make me do it, but I said someone had to let them know and what's past is past. She was very sweet and we joked and talked and she ended up staying for my entire talk - very cool!

About 20 women showed up and I covered everything from cyberbullying of kids and teens to online predators to Myspace, Leetspeak, AIM and…

WHOA Newsletter - February 5, 2007

WHO@ Newsletter

February 5, 2007

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bad Chewie!

Wookiee impersonator arrested in Calif.;_ylt=Agv8gvhN0v8ARVuZWxkDA6_tiBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTA0cDJlYmhvBHNlYwM-
A man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested after police said the street performer head-butted a tour guide operator in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Frederick Evan Young, 44, of Los Angeles was booked Thursday for investigation of misdemeanor battery, police Lt. Paul Vernon said.

Police said the 6-foot-4 street performer was seen arguing Thursday afternoon with a tour guide who had expressed concern the Star Wars wookiee impersonator was "harassing and touching tourists" in violation of city law.

The city passed ordinances last year seeking to crack down on the colorful assortment of actors who perform outside the landmark theater. The move was prompted by complaints from tourists who said the actors were aggre…

WGAN Radio Interview

My voice was croaky, but it came out okay:

WGAN's Morning News out of Portland, Maine