WHOA Newsletter - February 5, 2007

WHO@ Newsletter

February 5, 2007

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bad Chewie!

Wookiee impersonator arrested in Calif.
A man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested after police said the street performer head-butted a tour guide operator in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Frederick Evan Young, 44, of Los Angeles was booked Thursday for investigation of misdemeanor battery, police Lt. Paul Vernon said.

Police said the 6-foot-4 street performer was seen arguing Thursday afternoon with a tour guide who had expressed concern the Star Wars wookiee impersonator was "harassing and touching tourists" in violation of city law.

The city passed ordinances last year seeking to crack down on the colorful assortment of actors who perform outside the landmark theater. The move was prompted by complaints from tourists who said the actors were aggressive and abusive if they refused to pay for pictures.

Security guards escorted Young off theater property, but he decided to strike back and head-butted the tour guide, Vernon said.

"The lesson here is you can have the force with you," Vernon said. "You just can't use illegal force."

Young could not be reached for comment. His telephone number was unlisted.

The tour guide, Brian Sapir, told the Los Angeles Times that he asked the Chewbacca impersonator to stop harassing two young Japanese tourists when the actor exploded in anger.

"He said, 'Nobody tells this wookiee what to do,'" Sapir said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Site barred from releasing Hilton data - 02/05/07
A federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against a Web site peddling personal pictures, videos, diaries, and other items that heiress
Paris Hilton once kept at a storage facility.

Study: Users ignore bank security features - 02/05/07
Users of online banking sites tend to bypass critical clues that the integrity of those sites may have been compromised, according to the working draft of a study released on Sunday by researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Oklahoma school auctions tuition on eBay - 02/05/07
One student next term at Oklahoma Wesleyan University may have paid a lot less for tuition than his or her classmates.

Credit scam hits Adams couple - 02/05/07
Pamela Ginter is pretty vigilant about reviewing her bank statement when it arrives in the mail. But last month she was busy with the holidays and a new grandchild's arrival.

Dangers appear in the virtual world - 02/05/07
Ailin Graef, reportedly the first person to become a real-life millionaire through Second Life, knows firsthand what it's like to be on the victim end of a ``griefing,'' or being harassed while in a virtual world.

Police often at a loss in fighting Internet crime - 02/03/07
The first call came in just before midnight.
A 17-year-old Monte Vista High School student groggily answered her cell phone and heard an unfamiliar man's voice saying something about "Craigslist."

Fayetteville officials tighten restrictions on office computers - 02/03/07
Allegations about misuse of city e-mail accounts prompted Fayetteville officials to tighten regulations about office computer use, the city administrator said Friday.

How Web providers dodged a big legal bullet - 02/02/07
Web site providers can take a deep breath. The California Supreme Court has ruled that they are not legally responsible for content posted by third parties on their sites.

Counterclaim filed in cyberstalking case - 02/02/07
Miriam St. Jean, the Mount Vernon woman whom local attorney Scott Pullins alleges is cyberstalking him, has filed a counterclaim against the Mount Vernon lawyer in Knox County Common Pleas Court.

Crackdown on Cyber Crimes Begins - 02/02/07
People committing illegal acts online, including defaming someone or campaigning before the designated campaign period begins, will be subject to punishment, police said Monday.

German police again the target of cybercrime - 02/02/07
Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is once again the target of criminal forces in the Internet.

A Walk Through Cybercrime's Underworld - 02/02/07
What's a piece of data worth? It's not too hard to find out. Just go to one of the dozens of online marketplaces where stolen credit card numbers, PINs, and Social Security numbers can be purchased--individually or in bundles--starting at just a few dollars. A few dollars is all that's needed to ruin someone's credit rating, drive up their debt, and make them question whether to trust you with their information next time.

Jury Finds Former Coke Employee Guilty in Conspiracy to Steal and Sell Coca Cola Trade Secrets - 02/02/07
A federal jury today found Joya Williams, 41, of Norcross, Ga., guilty on the charge of conspiring to steal and sell The Coca Cola Company's trade secrets. Williams was found guilty of conspiring to unlawfully obtain and sell trade secrets after a federal trial which lasted seven days. The jury returned their guilty verdict after a day and a half of deliberation.

Rossford teens arrested for making Internet threats - 02/02/07
Two teenagers were arrested on suspicion of making threats on the Internet networking site MySpace.com against a high school and its teachers and students, police said Friday.

Fighting online crime - 02/01/07
With the dark back alleys of the Internet ever more frequently plagued by cybercrime, a resourceful few are taking the tools used by the bad guys and turning them around to stop trespassers in their tracks.

Crime Boards Come Crashing Down - 02/01/07
It was mid-March 2004, and David Thomas was chatting online with a young hacker who went by the nickname "Ethics," when the latter suddenly asked him: "btw, you know anyone who would pay to get celebs private cell phone numbers? or any other number's from t-mobile's database?"

London police can't cope with cybercrime - 02/01/07
London's Metropolitan Police Service is unable to cope with cybercrime, according to a report written by a Met boss, which recommended setting up a new dedicated unit for cybercrime.

Every morning a report lands on Tony Bisulca's desk with information he needs but wishes he didn't have to know. As he takes a sip of Earl Grey tea, he opens the multipage document full of networking traffic stats from the previous day. He knows who the top bandwidth users were, the top surfers and chatters, where they went and when, what they downloaded and how long they stayed. This particular morning, he discovers that a co-worker, who is also a friend, tried to access a white supremacy site the previous night.

Tracking the Russian Scammers - 01/31/07
Dmitry Ivanovich Golubov, a 22-year-old Ukrainian who went by the nickname "Script," was considered one of the godfathers of Eastern European carding rings. As one of the leaders of CarderPlanet, authorities say Golubov facilitated the theft and international trading of millions of credit and debit card numbers that resulted in multimillion-dollar losses to banks and merchants over several years.

Cyber crime affects 98pc of Irish organisations - 01/31/07
Cyber crime is affecting almost all Irish organisations, with 86pc saying they have experienced this over the past 12 months and almost a quarter (24.4pc) reporting that their systems had been breached by outsiders, new research reveals.

Porn free - abusing Internet access - 01/31/07
Not even legendary futurist and science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke could and would have predicted that, with all of humanity's accumulated knowledge no more than a few keystrokes away, by far the most frequent Internet searches would revolve around...sex...in all its permutations, imaginable and otherwise.

Charges dismissed in cyberstalking case - 01/31/07
A former Transylvania County commissioner charged with sending harassing e-mails about a candidate running for election to the board had his charges dismissed Tuesday.

Online help sham - 01/30/07
AN English teacher working in China has told the University of Queensland how he helped his former girlfriend cheat online during her Chinese translation and interpreting exam last year.

'Serial bride' conwoman jailed - 01/30/07
A serial bride who left a string of broken hearts and plundered bank accounts after fleecing men she met through lonely hearts ads has been jailed for two years.


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