Getting ready for another road trip

Did a lecture/book signing at the Scarborough Library on Thursday night, Feb 1st. My dad showed up with one of his friends to say hi before he took off for another meeting. Surprise, surprise, another Jayne Hitchcock showed up.


She's the daughter of Chris' Uncle Bob, his dad's brother, who now lives in Florida. Remember - he was the uncle I had to call to tell him his brother and nephew died. This Jayne is married to a veterinarian and they own an animal hospital nearby. They've been in Maine all this time and I didn't know it. She was pretty upset that no one from the family had called her father about the deaths and felt it was pretty rude to make me do it, but I said someone had to let them know and what's past is past. She was very sweet and we joked and talked and she ended up staying for my entire talk - very cool!

About 20 women showed up and I covered everything from cyberbullying of kids and teens to online predators to Myspace, Leetspeak, AIM and much more. I got a lot of great questions, gave away some goodies, but did not sell even one book. Oh well.

Most of this past week has been a blur of appointments, lots of emails, getting the paperwork from my lawyer that the house is now in my name only, getting the title for the motorcycle so that I can now call the dealer to put it out on the floor to sell, arranging for people to get more things out of both workshops and trying to fit Mom2 into my schedule.

I had warned her that when I started getting busy again, I wouldn't have as much time to spend with her and I don't. I am trying to get at least one day a week to have lunch, but the next two weeks, I'll be lucky if I see her at all. I am off to Toronto with the dogs on Tuesday, return Saturday, have to pick up my Mom the following Tuesday, fly to New Orleans to speak at a conference, come home Friday night and then take my Mom home Saturday or Sunday.

In between, I'll be catching up on emails, postal mail, phone calls, etc and more workshop stuff. I hope to get them both cleaned out and done by the end of February. If some people can't wait until then, then they can finish the job. I am too exhausted as it is and don't need any hassles from anyone.

It's funny how most of the ship model folks who were so "concerned" after Chris and Dad died have disappeared completely now. The only ones who keep in touch are Jeff and Suzi Marger of Bluejacket, who bought almost the entire contents of both workshops. They still stay in touch. I haven't heard "boo" from anyone else, nor has Mom2 and that makes me mad. After all the years they worked with Chris' dad, then Chris, you would think they would have the concern and courtesy to at least call Mom2 once in a while.


I went to Jared Galleria of Jewelry in Portsmouth the other day to look at rings. I found two that I really liked - an oval emerald with smaller diamonds on the side and a three stone citrine (gold topaz). When I first walked in (this place is huge and I wasn't sure what to expect), a young woman greeted me and asked if I'd like a tour of the store. I let her take me around and she asked what I was looking for. I told her a ring, but wasn't sure exactly what - I'd know it when I saw it. She left me alone while I browsed, then I asked to see the two rings I liked. I thought they'd be expensive, but was surprised the emerald was $299 and the citrine $199.

I then explained about my engagement and wedding rings and how it was getting uncomfortable when I was traveling and speaking and answering the "how long have you been married" question. So one of these rings would replace mine on the trips. The salesgirl got the repair manager to come cover and I found out they do custom settings as well as repairs.

After debating the options, they both helped me pick out a pendant setting for the diamond in my engagement ring, then will cut the ring so that the smaller emerald and diamond rings on each side could be made into earrings. This means I'd still have part of the band and will still be able to "wear" my ring. I was ecstatic. My wedding band has some loose stones and a missing prong, so they're fixing that as well.

I ended up buying both rings and wore the emerald home with the emerald/diamond band Chris had gotten me as an anniversary present one year. I thought it was a bit ostentatious, but when Vivi saw them together, she said they looked good and not like a wedding ring set - perfect. I'll be picking up my new pendant and earrings in a couple of weeks, as well as getting them reappraised for free.

The people at Jared gave me a discount because of my situation and I really appreciated their thoughtfulness. I will definitely go back there for anything and highly recommend them.

Vivi and I went shopping that same day - she had to return a wallet at the Cole Haan outlet in Kittery and they were having a huge sale. Shoes that I like were half off, so I snapped up another pair. We then went to Roberts Maine Grill in Kittery, across from the outlet mall. We sat at the bar, ordered fresh shucked oysters and some wine and chatted with the bartender, Neil, who was a hoot. We ended up having Alaskan king crab legs as well.

Got home to catch American Idol, then went to bed.

Had lunch with Mom2 yesterday and got some things she and I needed at Bed, Bath & Beyond and the grocery store. I really feel bad for her - she has no friends except me here and I just cannot be there as often as I'd like. I wish she had the courage to get a taxi and go to the mall or somewhere, just to get out. She is totally bored out of her mind being alone.

Today I'm getting Jurgen looked at for the road trip - want to make sure all his fluids, wipers, tire pressure, etc are all set. The dealer I bought him from is the best - Land Rover Scarborough. The manager was having problems finding a document he thought he'd lost, an Excel spreadsheet. I pointed him to Recent Documents and there it was. I thought he was going to hug me, LOL.

I'm waiting for the dent guy to show up to take a few small dents out of Jurgen - I want to get them fixed before they get rust in them, then I'll be off to my dad's for lunch, then home again, jiggity jig.

LOST returned last night. I absolutely HATE that it's on at 10 pm now. I took a nap yesterday so that I could stay up to watch it, but it was worth it. It seems like it's gotten back into the groove of being the superb show it started out as.

More later, before I take off.


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