Troubling web site -

There is a web site called Dating Psychos that really should be shut down. I have been working with a victim who dated this guy, stopped dating him and he just couldn't deal with it. He's already put up a few, I got them taken down, he called Animal Control where she lives and claimed she abused her dogs - the dogs were taken away and were going to be euthanized, but she convinced Animal Control that this guy was out to ruin her life. This guy has also called the Social Security Administration on her claiming she's a prostitute trying to get them to investigate her and some other things. It got so bad that she tried to commit suicide a week ago.

I was finally able to talk to an FBI agent in the state where the victim lives and this agent is appalled by this web site. She is going to find an agent in the bureau closest to the victim, but now the cyberstalker has put up a new profile on the Dating Psychos web site that lists her home address, home phone number, photo and more. She's been getting phone calls from men looking for sex. What does it take before one of these whackos comes to her door and forces his way in and rapes and/or kills her?

I told the victim to call the FBI agent (I also called the agent and left a voicemail) and also her local police, who have been no help whatsoever to her. She also tried her local DAs office, but he never returns her phone calls and probably thinks this is just some minor "Internet thing."

I am very concerned, not only about the victim I'm working with, but some of the other people who have had profiles put up on this web site about them. One is a woman with children and the children's photo is on the profile, along with contact information.

This site is truly frightening - the owner doesn't give a shit (he's been contacted by the victim and by me and refuses to do anything); the server hosting the site won't respond to emails or phone calls and I am tearing my hair out. If the site owner does contact the victim, he demands $25 before he'll pull the profile. The last time I looked, that's extortion and is illegal.

I want to make sure this is publicly known - all means to get this profile taken down have been taken by the victim and me. The web site owner is negligent and should never have put the site up in the first place.

The FBI is doing what they can, but until an agent shows up at the victim's door to interview her, she has to live in fear for her life.

I can understand being pissed off at someone you dated, but this site goes way too far and someone will end up injured or dead as a result. If it's my victim, there will be more than hell to pay.

I am hoping the public and maybe the media will put pressure on the web site owner to pull the web site completely, or revamp it so that it's not so harassing and threatening. He's too much of a coward to list his real contact info on WHOIS (web site owner registration), but the email he lists on his web site is J-Dog.

Help me get this site to stop exposing people to harassing phone calls and possible physical injury, rape or death.


Lani said…
I can understand those who are posted on this sites only because someone was merely angry with the person and is now putting up lies.

However, I have posted someone on DatingPsychos myself and I feel this person is one of those the site was originally created for. He is a sociopath and "downlow" boy who lies to women about his bisexuality, possibly exposing them to HIV, or some other std. As far as I can tell he hasn't been on anymore "dating" sites trolling for new victims since the post went up.
Lani - I understand being upset with someone, but posting their info on a web site, no matter what they did to you, is just not right. There are legal options you can follow if this person is exposing women to HIV, etc. I just hope you didn't post his personal contact info on that site, because that can be considered harassment/stalking and you could get in trouble yourself. I wouldn't want to see that happen.
Anonymous said…
The Gentleman has violated the restraining order several times but when I call the police they tell me the same thing" There is nothing we can do, our hands are tied". And it sucks.
J Johnson, GA said…
I also posted someone on JDog's datingpsychos site and was very dismayed when all it took was a few dollars for him to take it down. EVERYTHING I said was true and was posted to warn other women. The man I posted is a sociopath, lying to women up and down the east coast. He is bisexual, prefers never to have safe sex with men, and is spreading STDs. He knows how to psychologically prey upon vulnerable women. I have heard from many he has hurt........Yet, it seems a dollar matters more to JDog than truth. What a useless website!
G Johnson: Posting person info about a person on *any* web site is illegal and considered harassment. If he is as bad as you say, there are legal options to report him to the proper authorities. That's what you need to do.
Anonymous said…
I'm one of those who would liek to sue J-Dog...but I have not been able to find out who he really is. Does anyone have a real name for this guy?
You need to hire a lawyer to subpoena the ISP that hosts his web site to get his real name and info.
Anonymous said…
Any one wanting JDOGS information can contact me. He owns a software company in Southern California.

Leave a message her will contact you.
J-Dog said…
J-Dog Here.... 90% of the stuff said here is untrue. I do not require a donation to remove a profile. I will happily remove a profile if someone writes in and calmly asks to have a profile removed and offers some sort of proof that the profile is fake.

What is hilarious is what many of you psychos are writing. You guys spend time posting profiles on my site, then when someone posts a profile on you, you get all upset and offended and write in 20 times in 5 minutes demanding stuff be removed immediately.

Also... Gary Stone... You are a liar.. You never paid me $125 to have profiles removed... You and your psycho friends started using my site to post profiles on one another in some childish war. I wound up removing well over 10 profiles posted on yourself, and profiles you posted on others, and this is the thanks I get.... lovely.

TO ALL WHO ARE READING THIS.... This is J-Dog the real owner of! If you would like a profile removed, how about writing in calmly and asking for the profile to be removed.... you might be surprised how much you can get when you ask nicely as opposed to cursing and threatening.

I started this site to expose psychos of the world... unfortunately there are a few misguided individuals who prefer to use my site as a forum to bash their enemies. I do my best to police the site, however occasionally an innocent person is posted. If you feel you were wrongly posted on the site, please feel free to email me and ask to have the profile removed.

J-Dog, I have to dispute the "I do not require a donation to remove a profile" - advocates from my organization, WHOA, tried to get a profile removed and you demanded a $25 "donation."
J-Dog said…
Toylanders aka Gary Stone,
You have written into my site too many times to count. Most I have not replied to because you copy and paste what you like and fabricate emails. I have removed over 10 profiles which different users have posted on you and continue to remove profiles which users are still posting on you and yet you still complain and fabricate stories. Your threats of FBI and lawsuits and general behavior tends to make be believe that indeed you are a psycho and I am not sure what else I could do to satisfy you. If indeed I am ever contacted by law enforcement officials, I happily comply with all requests.

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors,
I do have an auto-responder on all emails to which lets users know that I will get to their email as soon as possible, and if they want to make a donation I will remove the profile instantly. I DO NOT require a donation or payment in order to remove a profile.

I am truly sorry if you or your organization believes this to be the case. However for the record let me be clear. If someone writes in and calmly explains the situation and asks for a profile to be removed, then I typically read the profile in question and make a judgement call. Most times I wind up removing the profile and I have plenty of email history and contact info of hundreds of people who I have removed profiles for at no charge.

I have researched your WHOA organization and I fully support what your trying to accomplish. I do not support online abuse in any form and I do my best to remove any posts which I feel were wrongly posted, are obvious smear attempts, or which users have written in and asked to have removed.

If you or anyone else reading this has a profile posted on and would like it removed, please feel free to email me directly at and I will review the profile and get back to you.


P.S. I will not be responding to any more posts on here as I have no interest in filling up this website with more needless back and forth.
I will no longer publish responses. However, I am keeping everything I receive.
Investigator said…
Dear Jeff,

I am sorry that kristin seems to have roped you into this whole
issue.... here are a few facts that you might not be aware of :

1.) I have already removed her profile numerous times from the site and
it keeps getting reposted by different people.... I have already removed
over 15 profiles posted about her.... I cannot stop people from
re-posting her on the site... I can only take down the profiles as I see

2.) I have explained to kristin numerous times that the only way to make
sure that her profile is removed from the site is for me to write a
script to automatically delete any new profiles posted about her.....
and that I would write this script in the future when I had some spare
time (as I am a very busy software developer)..... or, she could donate
$25 to me and I would drop everything and write a script to locate and
remove any profiles on her immediately.... .... she knows how to have the
profile removed, but would rather stomp her feet and waste other
people's time.

3.) I have gone out of my way to work with kristin and she has continued
to write in almost daily with constant tirades and threats against my
person and my website... and I have the email history to proove it.

4.) I have made it very clear to kristin that all she has to do is
donate $25 to pay for my time and her profile, and any future profiles
on her, will be removed..... she has decided that she would rather
continue to stomp her feet, make threats, and have people contact me on
her behalf.

I am truly sorry that you seem to be caught in the middle of this, but
at this point I am so fed up with Kristin, her constant emails, and now
people contacting me once again trying to "scare" me with "possible
legal action"..... I will remove the profile when either $25 is donated to pay for my time to remove all her current/future profiles..... or
when I am presented with a court order stating that I must remove the offending material.

My site is not doing anything Ilegal so I have nothing to worry about from the FBI or DOJ.... I also have counsel on retainer so I am not too worried.

Have a nice day,

Jeremy did do the right thing and removed it thank you.
Anonymous said…
JDog is no longer the owner of

you can see here that he sold the site in Nov to this psycho

Brian Fitzgerald is now the person that is trying to ruin your life unless you pay his extortion fee of $25.

The site is being sued now so he is trying to sell it
jamaltt3 said…
Brian Fitzgerald is the real owner of - this is his website

Seems Brian has lots of enemies out there from all of his illegal and unsavory activities.

On the dating psychos website the money he extorts from people goes to 'California Coalition of Domestic Violence'. Fitzgerald HIMSELF setup this Non-Profit 501 c3 up to defraud people and now is using it for this ridiculous site.

You can check with the Attorney General of the State of California to see that he owns the CCDV and it is also seen on several of his personal website such as:

Brian is definitely in the PORN business under the name Brian Scott and that has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Brian had a major problem on the set of one of his movies and can be identified by the man that wrote this story about him and his porn actor that went crazy during Brians porn movie Exxxtra Exxxtra starring Nikki Benz.

Brian is a bully that bought the site just to make problems with people that he has a personal beef with which a very chicken shit thing to do but thats the coward that he is. The problem is he puts negative stuff on about people but he wont own up to his own past as a lowlife porn producer and extortionist.

If you dont think Brian owns then make a derogatory post about him on there and see how quick it gets erased.

Anonymous said…
I would like to join the class action suit against Brian Fitzgerald. I totally believe you about how he deletes anything on his web site that doesn't agree with him. Please see the profile on him, too.
Anonymous said…
If there is a class action suit against Brian Fitzgerald, I want to join it. Please see the profile about him, too.
Anonymous said…
Can someone please leave the phone number up here for the lawyer that is handling the lawsuit against Brian Fitzgerald, if there is a law suit? If it is a class action suit, I definitely want to join it as a Plaintiff. Thanks.
Jayne Hitchcock said…
There is no lawyer and there is no class action suit that I know of.
Anonymous said…
Well, there SHOULD be a class action suit against him, in my opinion. In any case, the FBI have been tipped off today, to other things he has done lately, asking that the same FBI agent who took a previous report about Brian to contact yet another victim.
Anonymous said…
I also think that whenever someone (usually a man) gets profiled on that site, either the man or Brian, is giving out people's phone numbers to phone fishing scammers, so they'll harass you, in retaliation. Like 360-474-3908..a # that keeps calling, daily/weekly. Anyone this happened to that you know?
Anonymous said…
This is to update the prior postings to this website. As a victim of rape and domestic violence, I can say I had no luck with the new owner of Dating Psychos to remove my profile. Pat McGroin ( who seems to be the current owner of this website was kind enough to respond to my emails, but my posting was never removed from the site. I waited over two months, and it still went unresolved. Pat was kind enough to tell me if I kept bothering is legitimate business that he would make me psycho of the week. I'm sure for some that's an honor, but for me is a nightmare. I'm a victim of rap and domestic violence, I man, and had my experience posted by some pathetic person for her own personal gain? Why? Because she didn't like the fact we broke it off. Nothing in common. But she proceeded to post 95% of what a lie on this website. The only trust was my sexual assault earlier in my life.

Pat absolutely refused to remove the profile after revealing my situation. Pat and the websites position is that if you're truly not a psycho, you'll donate at least $25 to this domestic violence run by Brian Fitzgerald . So with that reasoning in mind, I suppose that if a victim in court were to donate to the court, then they would find the defendant guilty? That's more or less the reasoning as its been communicated to me by an attorney and state agencies. I did quite a bit of investigating to see if I could sue the website owner and even this alleged domestic violence organization. There is no way to tell if any postings on this site are true? Perhaps Pat trolls the Internet and posts these himself and Brian and Pat share the donation proceeds?

I suppose my question would be, why put someone of rape and abuse through continued emotional abuse? Well, I worked with an attorney, and a private investigator and worked tirelessly to create a website to expose both of these individuals for what and who they are. What is being done is extortion and although they may be protected under some laws, they are not protected under every law. The website is a disgrace and shouldn't be use for financial gain of any kind. I have spent weeks compiling information on both Brian and Pat and their organizations, neither one seems reputable. But the Internet website going up soon will no doubt expose their operation and who they really are. People will be free to post their experiences with both individuals...

Thanks Brian and Pat, seems like you weren't successful at something you resort to bullying and extortion.
Dillon H said…
Shouldn't the Attorney General's Office be looking into this website?
It's clearly extortion.

California Penal Code 518 – 519 specifies Extortion as the act of obtaining property from another, with his consent, induced by a wrongful use of fear, induced by a threat to expose or to impute to him any deformity or disgrace; or to expose any secret affecting him.

518. Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with his
consent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer,
induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of
official right.

519. Fear, such as will constitute extortion, may be induced by a
threat, either:
1. To do an unlawful injury to the person or property of the
individual threatened or of a third person; or,
2. To accuse the individual threatened, or any relative of his, or
member of his family, of any crime; or,
3. To expose, or to impute to him or them any deformity, disgrace
or crime; or,
4. To expose any secret affecting him or them.

Furthermore, federal charges of extortion are appropriate here since federal modes of communication were employed to commit the crime.
Jayne Hitchcock said…
If anyone has been a victim on, please email me at - a talk show is interested in interviewing you.
Anonymous said…
He is now asking for $125 to remove his slanderous posts. He is extorting money and needs stopped.
Jayne Hitchcock said…
Whoever he is asking for that kind of money should report him to the police immediately. That is blackmail.
The Toylanders said…
Report the site
to Also determine
the payment method. Jdog was bumped from pay pal. If Brian Fitzgerald uses paypal and credit cards or whatever, determine what these are. Contact these companies and tell them about the site, how money is being extorted, and ask them to contact all who have used
those methods to pay, and enquire is they feel money has been "donated" or extorted. the response will be the latter. And those methods will then be disallowed. Cut off his payment methods. Not just for yourself, but for everyone who has to deal with this creep.
Gary Stone
Anonymous said…
In my opinion, the web site is "top heavy" with profiles about males, yet, I did a little research over the past two months about it, and today there were only 7037 males profiled on and 778 females. At one time, there were over 9,000 males profiled on that site, so it looks like .. seems like .. the web site owner has taken HUNDREDS of bribes from males profiled, to remove their names. Strange how the profiles about FEMALES up here have remained the same #, even increased by 2 since July 7, 2013, when there were only 6,991 males profiled on, and 776 females. Yet, on June 28, 2013, 8090 males were profiled on, and on June 23, 2013, 8063 were profiled, which means either the web site owner is removing profiles (possibly bribery of those profiled.) This means 1,053 male profiles were removed from the site since June 28, 2013, and between June 23, 2013 and June 28, 2013, twenty seven profiles about males were removed, but none removed about females.
Anonymous said…
The owner of this site went to a 2007 posting by an unhappy x
And reposted it in July of 2013
as a brand new post. With hugh banner saying remove my name.
So you click on it and they want $500-$2500 to remove the posting.
That is blackmail and fraud.
I filed a complaint with the fbi and
now I'm on the net letting people know.
Sarah said…
Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing legal action against this "j-dog" character. My email address is I was libeled by this site and extorted for a "donation" which I could not afford by this site to remove said post which was written by a man who violently assaulted me as retribution for seeking justice for his crimes against me.
Sarah said…
Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing claims against this "j-dog" character. I was libeled on this site by a man with an extensive prison record as retribution for reporting him to the authorities for his crimes. When I wrote to him as "calmly" as I could, asking that he remove this libelous post, I recieved no response. I could not afford to "donate" funds to his "domestic violence charity" and while I agree that anyone who would donate to such a cause is probably a decent sort of person, extortion to benefit a worthy cause is still extortion.
Mike Gallo said…
My name is Mike Gallo or Michael Gallo in Cleveland, Ohio. I have had difficulties getting a job or even going on with life in a romantic way, because a woman who actually abused me, stalked me and did horrible things including lying about me on Dating has ruined my life. I am not any of the things she says abouut me.

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