Why is it so hard to RSVP?

Sigh. My next door neighbor asked me to come to her jewelry show last month. I did. I booked a show to take place this afternoon. I wrote up a list of 30 people I know. The jewelry lady doing the show dutifully sent out postcards to everyone. Only one person called me to tell me she couldn't make it; three others emailed me to say they couldn't make it. I made phone calls to most of the rest, got no reply, left a message and still haven't heard from them. I emailed a bunch of folks, some of whom did reply they couldn't come. Saw one person while out shopping and she said she couldn't come. Out of the 30, less than 10 let me know one way or the other.

Why don't people RSVP, even just to be polite?

I had to tell the jewelry lady the party was off. She lives about an hour away and I am not going to let her waste her gas to come here for nothing. She's nice, but she just couldn't believe no one was coming or ordering anything and even offered to call people herself. I told her, you know what? If people can't let me know if they're coming, or place an order, then forget it. She's worried I won't get the hostess gift. I could care less about that. I honestly wish I hadn't booked the damned thing in the first place. I hate doing these parties, but did it as a favor to my neighbor (who, BTW, is one of the ones who didn't call me back to tell me if she could come today or not - hello?).

So, if anyone does show up out of the blue today at 2 pm, they're being dragged into my office, taken to the jewelry web site, and I'm gonna force them to buy one piece of jewelry. So there.

Speaking of RSVPing, folks have been good about doing that for our wedding reception party on the eVite web site, but some people insisted on emailing me privately to tell me they couldn't come instead of just RSVPing on the web site. So now I have to keep track of those to figure out a tally of who's coming. But at least people are responding to that invite.


If you didn't get an eVite from me, it's because I either didn't have your email address to send it to or thought you were too far away to want to come to Maine. Email me at netcrimes@netcrimes.net or reply here if you think you'd like to come - it's August 16th at our house. I'll be happy to send you a formal invite via email.


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