WHOA Newsletter - July 7, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

July 7, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Reminds me of "Sanford and Son" (yes, I'm showing my age)

Man accused of faking heart attacks to avoid bills


A 52-year-old Milwaukee-area man has been accused of faking heart attacks to avoid paying restaurant bills and cab fares.

Police say the Waukesha (WAWK'-uh-shaw) man took a cab to a mall Monday and pretended to have a heart attack. The cab driver left unpaid.

Authorities say the man then ran up a $23 bill when he had a steak dinner at Applebee's. He again pretended to have a heart attack.

This time the fire department took him to a hospital. A doctor there recognized the man as having pulled the same stunt in the past few weeks.

He was charged Thursday with defrauding a restaurant as a habitual criminal. He could get up to nine months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Stolen data live on in Google searches - 07/07/08
A Colorado woman logged on to her computer in April, voted on a CNN poll, shopped for airline tickets and calculated payments for a $25,000 car loan from Wells Fargo.

Combating Computer Rage - 07/07/08
Along with road rage, therapists now treat "computer rage." Nearly 2,000 complaints against Dell have been made to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, recently prompting a state judge to order the computer retailer to more clearly disclose, among other revelations, that most consumers don't qualify for "next day" repair service. Even more complaints about the Xbox 360 video game system have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Financial Scams Come in All Forms - 07/07/08
Last week's column on sweepstakes fraud targeting the elderly generated a bevy of calls and e-mails. Everyone, it seems, has heard about _ or been a victim of _ some kind of telemarketing or Internet money scam.

Scroungers.com: Website charges £95 for tips on claiming maximum disability benefit - 07/05/08
An internet company is doing lucrative business selling cynical tips on how to squeeze the most disability benefit from the Government – for £95 a time.

Cyberspace becoming a legal battleground - 07/05/08
It could only happen in cyberspace. Someone commits a crime and posts the evidence online for the world to see.

'Mystery Shopper' an online scam, FBI says - 07/03/08
Courtney Hodge of Youngwood considers herself computer savvy and certainly not the typical victim of an online Internet scam.

Internet addressing agency loses its own addresses
This doesn't sound good: The nonprofit agency in charge of the Internet's addresses recently lost track of its own.

Police: Teacher stalked boy, 14 - 07/03/08
Deputies arrested a public elementary schoolteacher suspected of “cyberstalking” a 14-year-old boy and entering his house illegally last month in a confrontation about the alleged stalking, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported Wednesday.

The five greatest hacks ever - 07/03/08
5. Hacking the BBC - live
It may not have been the most complicated hack ever, but it made a little bit of history, being probably the first hack ever to be broadcast live on television. In October 1983, Micro Live - the BBC's two hour live special on computers - was demonstrating a fascinating, little-known technology called 'e-mail'. The presenters showed how it was possible to 'log on' to the computer and access their mail – only to discover, live on air, that their account had been hacked.

'Facebook ruined my life after web hijackers stole my ID and branded me as a prostitute' - 07/03/08
A woman claims her life has been ruined by someone who set up a Facebook website page in her name describing her as a vice girl.

Interview With 'Net Pioneer Vint Cerf - 07/03/08
Vint Cerf said this week that he never intended to seriously propose that the U.S. government should nationalize the Internet. But he does think the Internet is seriously broken, with an economic system that discourages competition and innovation and encourages harmful monopolistic practices.

UIC Student Pleads Guilty To E-Mail Threats - 07/02/08
A UIC student pleaded guilty Tuesday to sending university officials e-mail threats about a "mass shooting" at the Near West Side campus in February.

Freshman detained for photographing female students - 07/02/08
A freshman at a south China university has been detained for taking candid photos of female students and posting them on the Internet, police said on Wednesday.

Web is becoming window for teens to stage violence - 07/02/08
The grainy, 91-second amateur video begins with a graphic naming the two fighters, both North Tonawanda Middle School students.

Expensive online DNA tests are 'no more accurate than horoscopes' - 07/02/08
Expensive online DNA testing services which promise to unlock the secrets of your ancestors are a waste of money, a study has found.

Town bans drink sales as 10,000 Facebook revellers plan massive beach party - 07/01/08
It has been billed as 'the biggest open party Torbay has ever seen'.
But police are so fearful of the impact of thousands of revellers on the community that they have issued a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol in the Devon resort.

Man sues old schoolfriend for libel after he made 'fake' entries on Facebook - 07/01/08
A company boss whose personal details were displayed on Facebook under a fake entry yesterday launched a landmark High Court claim for damages.

Girl jets 5,000 miles to kill herself after surfing suicide sites - 07/01/08
A GIRL surfed suicide websites for a place to kill herself before flying 5,000 miles and throwing herself off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Employee files suit in Web abuse case - 07/01/08
Although state officials unilaterally rescinded five of the seven-day suspension imposed on him for alleged computer abuse, a state employee will continue to fight the disciplinary action in court.

Pay up or die - SMS scam - 07/01/08
SCAMMERS are pretending to be hired hitmen in text messages aimed at extorting thousands of dollars from their victims.


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