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Monday, June 28, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - June 28, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How do you frame them?
Marilyn Monroe X-rays snapped up for $45,000

Three X-rays of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's chest and pelvis taken during a hospital visit have sold for more than 10 times their pre-sale estimates, earning $45,000 (29,862 pounds).

Auction house Julien's said in a statement that the sale was part of an auction of Hollywood Legends memorabilia which took place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend with the X-rays expected to go for $800 to $1,200 each.

The highlights of the sale had toured Ireland, Japan and China before finally going under the hammer.

The Monroe X-rays came from a 1954 visit by the actress to the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The actress died in August 1962 at the age of 36.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberstalking: The emerging form of partner violence - 06/28/10
Violence in intimate relationships is all too common - just ask any cop who's responded to the calls. But younger generations who grew up with computer technology have more to worry about then a punch or slap. Cyberstalking is emerging as a form of partner violence that differs from traditional domestic abuse and is troubling in the ease in which it occurs.

Facebook sleaze creator 'may face stalking charges' - 06/28/10
A Facebook page titled '100 Biggest Sluts of Ballarat' is being investigated by police, who say its creator could face stalking charges over the publication of the offensive list. Victoria Police spokeswoman Karolyn Formosa today confirmed that one person has been interviewed over the page, which has been removed, but charges are yet to be laid.

China bans online love for soldiers - 06/28/10
China's military officers have added matchmaking to their duties, after the government banned troops from online dating over fears that lonely hearts might let sensitive information slip, state media said on Monday.

Online bullies pull schools into the fray - 06/28/10
The girl's parents, wild with outrage and fear, showed the principal the text messages: a dozen shocking, sexually explicit threats, sent to their daughter the previous Saturday night from the cellphone of a 12-year-old boy. Both children were sixth graders at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, N.J.

It’s up to parents to keep web surfing safe for their kids - 06/27/10
As technology, the Internet and communications grow, so does the amount of children who become victims as a result of Internet stalking, “sexting,” cyberbullying and Internet porn.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has released a study showing that, in a group of children ages 10 through 17, approximately 20 percent ­ or one in five children ­ were sexually approached or solicited on the Internet. Approximately 25 percent, or one in four, were exposed to sexually explicit photos while on the Internet.

Frenchman convicted for hacking Obama's Twitter - 06/25/10
A court in central France has convicted a young Frenchman accused of infiltrating Twitter and peeping at the account of President Barack Obama, and given him a five-month suspended prison sentence. The lawyer for Francois Cousteix, whose online name was Hacker Croll, said his client was happy with Thursday evening's decision by the Clermont-Ferrand court. He risked up to two years in prison and a 30,000 euro fine for breaking into a data system.

Police search for cyberstalking suspect - 06/25/10
A Thibodaux man is wanted for allegedly sending texts to his baby’s mother threatening to kill her, police said. Kenneth Hickman, 22, of 173 Taylor’s Trailer Park, faces arrest warrants for harassment and cyberstalking. His bonds total $5,000.

Duke lacrosse investigator charged with domestic violence - 06/25/10
The former chief investigator for now-disbarred Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is getting his own day in court.Linwood Wilson was arrested Thursday on charges of domestic violence and being a fugitive.Wilson worked under Nifong during the Duke lacrosse rape case and was fired by Nifong's successor for his mishandling of that and two other investigations. Now, Durham county sheriff's officials say Wilson is suspected of cyberstalking and obscenity.

Blaine man faces additional charges over e-mail threats - 06/24/10
A Blaine man accused of using a neighbor's e-mail address to send threats and other inappropriate material now faces more serious charges. Federal prosecutors had charged Barry Ardolf, 45, with identity theft and making threats. Ardolf has now been indicted by a federal grand jury with unauthorized access to a protected computer, and possession and distribution of child pornography.

Brooklyn Library Was Origin of Death Threats vs. Gov. - 06/24/10
A Kings County Hospital employee who sent an email threatening to shoot and kill the “blind, black” governor of New York was arraigned on felony charges this week. Gov. David Paterson was allegedly targeted by the threatening message from Amir Syed Rizvi, 36, via an email sent in April to the state’s website,

Sexting in the schoolyard - 06/24/10
The New York City Department of Education is considering passing an ordinance that would outlaw ‘sexting’ amongst students in public schools both within and outside the classroom. The law, which could go into effect as soon as this fall, would include a provision for cyber-bullying, sexting and give school principals and administrators wide ranging powers to suspend, discipline and in some cases even expel students who engage in these activities even if it occurs outside of regular school hours or off of the campus.

Louisville police say man busted by cell phone - 06/23/10
Police say a Jeffersonville, Ind. man who allegedly tried to sell a stolen trailer was given away by his cell phone. 25-year-old Gerard T. Ray of the 700 block of Higgins Drive in Jeffersonville is charged with receipt of stolen property after police say he listed a stolen trailer for sale on

Stalking An Old Flame On Facebook? How About Some Federal Charges! - 06/23/10
Facebook is not only a site where you can connect with friends and family while taking in a game of FrontierVille, it’s also a complex network that spans the entire world. So what happens when someone stalks you on Facebook, while sending you disturbing messages? In the past the outcome was typically a slap on the wrist, possibly a misdemenour charge, but that could soon change. The new outcome? Federal Interstate stalking charges if the person that’s stalking you lives in another state.

Hi-tech devices used in abuse of women - 06/23/10
MOBILE phones and computers are increasingly being used as tools to abuse, control and stalk women, a report from Women’s Aid reveals. Many of the 14,613 women who called the Women’s Aid helpline last year said telephone, surveillance and computer technologies were being used to harass and intimidate them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Things That Stick In My Craw

NEW Things That Stick in my Craw - Tourists

Monday, June 21, 2010

Text harassment

Have you or someone you know been harassed via text messaging and live in the Washington, D.C. area? If so, CBS' Early Show is looking to interview a victim on camera for tomorrow's show. Please contact me ASAP if you think your story fits.

WHO@ Newsletter - June 21, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Why the mattess?

NY vacuum salesmen charged with damaging mattress
Two vacuum salesmen didn't exactly close the deal at a recent home demonstration in central New York. State police charged the Syracuse men with a misdemeanor after a $1,300 Sealy latex foam mattress was damaged. Trooper Andy Davis said the damage occurred during a demonstration Monday at a home in Richfield Springs. Davis wouldn't elaborate on what was done to the mattress.

Davis said the men were both at the home when police arrived and were trying to save the situation. They were charged with reckless endangerment of property.

The mattress owner is looking for reimbursement.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

The agony of a girl who just wanted to fit in -06/20/10
Lexi was new to school and intent on being accepted. Then the pictures surfaced and the torment began. It wasn’t a bullying case where the fault was always obvious, or the school failed to react. It was one that shows the grave complexity of this threat to teen life and how hard it can be to combat.

What Kind of Germ Creates a Computer Virus? - 06/20/10,9171,47866,00.html#ixzz0rUi7IGHy
I am tired of these viruses. Every morning, I come into work, relatively chipper and ready to face the day. Problem is, more mornings than not, I'm met with the dispiriting news that a new high-tech bug is stalking my computer.

Facebook has changed adoption for ever - 06/19/10
Social network sites like Facebook are changing what happens after adoption. At the click of a button, birth parents can contact their children ­ and vice versa ­ with far-reaching consequences

Man held for sending threat e-mails in wife’s name to city hotel -06/19/10
The city police on Friday arrested a man from Bangalore who had allegedly sent threat e-mails in his wife’s name to a hotel in Koregaon Park earlier this month. Sunil Suresh Nayak alias Suresh Dholakia (40), a human resource (HR) professional from Bangalore, was brought to Pune and arrested. Police said Nayak sent an e-mail to the hotel on June 1, demanding Rs 2.5 crore within 24 hours.

Prompt punishment for Pittsburgh pierogi who piled on Pirates - 06/19/10,249782
So a team struggles through an epic losing streak and its manager and general manager are somehow rewarded with contract extensions in the middle of it. Meanwhile, a low-level team employee who makes about $100 a month racing around in a pierogi costume says what we're all thinking on his Facebook page ­ and promptly loses his job.

Who needs paparazzi? We are all stalking ourselves online - 06/18/10
A few years ago, I lived at the beach in Santa Monica. It was a two-storey rectangular beach house, and in the afternoons I would sit on my balcony, smoke a cigar, and watch the sun set over the Pacific. One day, though, I was disturbed by the alarming noise of ambulance sirens, the chatter of a gathering crowd, and squawking police radios from the next street over. And then, fluttering above, there appeared several news helicopters.

E-mail, phone threats lead to cyberstalking charges - 06/18/10
For the second time since April, a young adult has been charged with a felony count of cyberstalking in Rock Island County Circuit Court, accused of making threats using electronic technology. Ashley E. Bemis, 22, of Visalia, Calif., is accused of using cell phone text messages to make multiple threats to harm a former girlfriend from Rock Island between January and March, court records state.

Cyberstalking trial continued until August - 06/18/10
The trial for two Pamlico County teenagers charged with the cyberstalking of Pamlico County High School’s interim principal earlier this year was continued until Aug. 13. Matthew L. Nanney, 17, of Arapahoe, and Tony R. Bloomberg, 18, of Grantsboro, were each charged with cyberstalking, a Class 2 misdemeanor, in connection with an incident that occurred on Feb. 18.

Inside The Minds Of Anonymous Commenters - 06/18/10
News websites like are inundated with comments ­ often hundreds of them on a single story ­ nasty, hateful, anonymous comments. It seems like a free-for-all. Trolls hide behind their keyboards to hurl insults at one another. You have to wonder, who are these people?

Suspect caught napping on tanning bed - 06/17/10
Warrant arrest: 9:23 p.m., 900 block of Sixth Street S. An officer responded to the Desert Sun Tanning Salon on a report of a man in a tanning bed with the door locked for over a half hour. The officer ran the man's license plate to find a warrant for cyberstalking and domestic violence. After opening the door, police found the man asleep. The man was transported to the Snohomish County Jail on the warrant.

Websites that troll for personal information affect employers, employees alike - 06/17/10
They "crawl the web." That sounds pretty creepy, and it is! But to the entrepreneurs who are creating an increasing number of "people finder" Websites, it's just "legal" big business that collects "public information" about people like you and me!

Internet histories common thread in Brockway, New York murders - 06/17/10
It was by all appearances a random, unsettling act of violence. James Shugar, a retired foreman at Owens-Brockway Glass and his wife of 42 years, Victoria, owner of a flower shop in Brockway, were found shot to death in the basement of their home April 12.

Authorities: Sex crimes via social networking sites often go unreported - 06/16/10
Law enforcement officials are reminding residents that while social networking sites can be fun, they also present potential dangers in the form of sexual harassment. Washoe County Sheriffs Office deputies recently arrested Jared Smith, 25, of Sparks, after he allegedly sent messages through a account of a sexual nature to a 14-year-old girl, according to a press release from sheriff's spokesman Armando Avina.

Wikipedia unlocks divisive pages for editing -06/15/10
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia says it has taken an "important step" towards making it easier to edit some of its most controversial articles. Up to 2,000 articles, including a page about former US President George W Bush, will have their strict editing restrictions relaxed.

Chatroulette Plans Penis-Recognition Algorithm to Block Pervy Users - 06/14/10
There's something exhilarating about meeting someone new, whether it's in a coffee shop or online. That is, until your new pal pulls a Lyndon Johnson and gets really friendly. That sort of behavior is pretty common on Chatroulette, where users can "meet" and chat with random people with a click of a mouse. But to cut down on the parade of penises, the service is planning to add image-recognition software that will filter out shots of male genitalia, TechCrunch reports.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Southwest Finds Shipment of Heads on a Plane | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Southwest Finds Shipment of Heads on a Plane | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Monday, June 14, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - June 14, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .They wand for these at airports, so why didn't they do that here?

Bra causes headache for lawyer visiting Miami jail

An attorney claims she couldn't visit her client at a South Florida detention center because of the undergarment she was wearing. The attorney said an underwire bra set off a metal detector at the Miami Federal Detention Center earlier this month. Guards at the facility then wouldn't let the woman inside.

According to The Miami Herald, the attorney removed the bra in a bathroom and again tried to enter the detention center. This time, guards refused to let her inside because she wasn't wearing a bra.

The woman later e-mailed other attorneys about the incident.

Officials at the detention center declined to comment to the newspaper, as did the attorney who was involved.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Sparks man accused of making sexual contact with girl on Facebook - 06/14/10
A Sparks man has been arrested on suspicion of making contact of a sexual nature with a 14-year-old girl using a Facebook account.

Widow tricked by soldier's website dating con - 06/14/10
AN ELDERLY widow has been left seriously out of pocket by an internet dating site scam. The woman has lost almost all her life savings after being duped into sending hundreds of thousands of pounds to a supposed American soldier.

South Hackney Fox Attack Family Under Police Protection - 06/14/10
The home of Nick and Pauline Koupparris, where their 9 month old twins were mauled by a fox, has been given police protection, following online threats from animal activists and hostile reactions on internet forums.

Scam forces online art shop to close - 06/13/10
As art crimes go, this case can’t compete with the theft of Caravaggio’s Nativity , a 1969 case that netted thieves a $20 million masterpiece. Not by a long shot. But this crime ­ a first-of-its-kind case for Greensboro police ­ has left Meg Sternberg devastated nonetheless.

Seattle man charged with cyberstalking teenager - 06/12/10
A Seattle man has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and cyberstalking for a two-year relationship police say he established with a Bainbridge Island girl in 2005, when he was 27 years old and she was 14.

Ex-police officer faces cyberstalking count - 06/11/10
State police have arrested a former Southeastern Louisiana University police officer suspected of superimposing women's driver's license pictures onto nude bodies and posting the results on adult websites.

Adult Web Sites Lure Cybercrime Victims - 06/11/10
Porn surfers are likely to have out-of-date software that can be exploited, making those users an attractive target for cybecriminals, according to a study.

Chinese man convicted of selling son online - 06/11/10
The man from the central province of Hubei sold his two-year-old son to a Beijing couple in April last year after advertising the child online, the Beijing Times reported. The man, named only as Lu, sold the child after he split up with the boy’s mother and decided he did not have the time or money to raise him, the report said.

Gilbert man posts online ad to trade marijuana for iPad - 06/10/10
Police officers arrested a 20-year-old Gilbert man who allegedly tried to trade marijuana and an iPod for an iPad. According to the Gilbert Police Department, Jacob Walker posted an advertisement on indicating that he wanted to trade an Apple iPod Touch and marijuana for an Apple iPad. He included pictures of both in his ad.

Frasier actor conned by fake fallen soldier from Fife - 06/10/10
A young Fife woman who struck up an online friendship with Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer has been forced to apologise to him after she pretended to have died on active service in Afghanistan.

Cyber scams to watch for - 06/09/10
Con artists are after people's money and will do anything to get it, including promises of love and romance over the internet. Like so many people looking for love these days, "DJ" turned to a dating website and met a man she thought would change her life. His said his name was Mike Smith.

Man sentenced for posing as teen to solicit photos of girls in underwear - 06/09/10
A 40-year-old Grass Valley man has been placed on five years probation, given a three-year suspended prison sentence and ordered to register as a sex offender after posing as a teenage boy to solicit photos of teenage girls in their underwear.

Justin Bieber ‘Googles’ himself, but do you … and why? - 06/08/10
He’s got a crush on Cheryl Cole and he likes ‘Googling’ himself, it’s nice to know that 16-year-old Canadian pop-sensation Justin Bieber hasn’t let fame change him … yep, he’s just like the rest of us. These ’shocking’ truths were revealed by fellow music star Sean Kingston in an interview with Myspace. Kingston claims to not search for his own name (really?) … but just how much ’self-googling is going on, and why?

Internet addicts stage jail-break from rehab centre - 06/08/10
A group of mutinous internet addicts have staged a break-out from a Chinese rehabilitation clinic after being unable to stomach a grueling routine of 5am wake-up calls and military style exercise routines.

Does LimeWire owe the RIAA $1.5 trillion? - 06/08/10
If anyone has ever wondered if Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music and their RIAA have lost it, they should wonder no more. “The corks were popping over in LaLa land”, said p2pnet in the middle of May. That was because judge Kimba Wood had ruled LimeWire infringes copyright.

Monday, June 07, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - June 7, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Talk about snail mail

Woman goes to pick up mail, gets trapped 4 hours
A woman making a stop to pick up her mail from a post office in Michigan ended up trapped inside for four hours because of a door malfunction. WJBK-TV reported the post office in Willis about 28 miles southwest of Detroit was closed Thursday evening when the woman stopped by but the post office box area was open. After she went inside to get her mail, she couldn't get out.

Another woman saw her when she was mailing letters and called 911.

Postal Service spokeswoman Shannon LaBruyere said something in the mechanical mechanism on the door prevented it from opening. LaBruyere said the woman was understanding about the "unfortunate fluke."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

How 'BT Sarah' spies on your Facebook account: secret new software allows BT and other firms to trawl internet looking for disgruntled customers - 06/06/10
Some of Britain’s biggest firms were last night accused of ‘spying’ on their customers after they admitted ‘listening in’ on disgruntled conversations on the internet.
The companies include BT, which uses specially developed software to scan for negative comments about it on websites including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe - 06/06/10
Federal officials have arrested an Army intelligence analyst who boasted of giving classified U.S. combat video and hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records to whistleblower site Wikileaks, has learned.

New Orleans man innocent of 'cyberstalking' his ex-girlfriend - 06/06/10
A 24-year-old New Orleans man walked free last week from a charge of cyberstalking, after beating allegations in court that he harassed his ex-girlfriend with a barrage of cell-phone calls and text messages last year.

Woodland Hills-based lawyer wages war on Craigslist 'cyber-stalker' - 06/06/10
They have never shaken hands nor spoken by phone. But Woodland Hills attorney Richard Gibson and Los Angeles screenwriter Justin Swingle have become entangled in a virtual war of words – one marked by name-calling and finger-pointing, suspicion and threats – all because of posts on

Granny Charged With Stalking Neighbors - Threatens To Beat Victim’s Advocate With Metal Cane - 06/06/10
Cape Coral, Florida (The Weekly Vice) Viola Heineman, an 81-year-old Florida woman, was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly stalked a neighbor and then attempted to beat a victim's advocate with her cane. According to the Cape Coral Police Department, Heineman repeatedly harassed a neighbor and her son, chastising the woman's son for being gay. Heineman also accused the mother of being sexually promiscuous, stating that she was "lifting her legs for any man out there."

Port St. Lucie girl’s suicide points up frustration with lack of laws as bullying grows - 06/05/10
When an 11-year-old Port St. Lucie girl hanged herself in her bedroom last month after fighting with classmates, her parents wanted criminal charges brought against somebody. When none were, they made their outrage clear. "We are disturbed by the police department's findings in their investigation that there was no crime against our daughter," the parents of Celina Okwuone said in a May 27 statement. "We know that harm was done, whether it can be proven in a court of law or not."

Guy Charged With Harassment For Sending Email Complaint To Senator Jim Bunning - 06/04/10
We've talked multiple times about the problems with various online "harassment" laws, many of which are written so broadly as to outlaw using email to try to "annoy" someone. Basically, they try to outlaw being a jerk, which doesn't seem to make sense if you believe in the First Amendment.

Virgin sacks staff over internet porn - 06/04/10
More than 20 Virgin Blue staff and managers from Sydney and Brisbane airports have been sacked for repeatedly using the airline's computers to view and swap pornography.

Authorities Using Facebook To Crack Down On Cyberbullying, Underage Drinking - 06/03/10
A group of law enforcement officials met in State College Thursday morning to kick off a two-day event training officers to utilize social networking sites in investigations. According to Portsmouth police Capt. Corey MacDonald from New Hampshire, police officers across Pennsylvania are learning to incorporate and searches when tipped off to underage drinking parties or online harassment.

Divorce attorneys catching cheaters on Facebook - 06/02/10
Before the explosion of social media, Ken Altshuler, a divorce lawyer in Maine, dug up dirt on his client’s spouses the old-fashioned way: with private investigators and subpoenas. Now the first place his team checks for evidence is Facebook.

Online lonely-hearts scam is costing Britons millions of pounds - 06/01/10
Single Britons looking for love on online dating sites and in lonely hearts columns are being duped out of hundreds of millions of pounds every year by fraudsters from West Africa. Gangs in Nigeria and Ghana are creating fictitious online profiles with photos of attractive men and women and sending hundreds of thousands of e-mails and letters each month.

Police investigate Habbo Hotel virtual furniture theft - 06/01/10
Thieves have struck again in the virtual world Habbo Hotel. Finnish police are investigating up to 400 cases of theft, with some members reporting the loss of up to €1000 (£840) worth of virtual furniture and other items, according to Detective Sergeant Marko Levonen.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Dept of Justice OVC Featuring ME!

Woohoo - The Dept of Justice Office for Victims of Crime is featuring me on their site all month! Please share!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

WHO@ Newsletter - June 1, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .This is so sweet

Pa. pair born in same hospital on same day to wed
An engaged eastern Pennsylvania couple were born on the same day in the same hospital ­ and their mothers even shared a room in the maternity ward.

Amy Singley and Steven Smith were born at St. Luke's Hospital in Fountain Hill on April 17, 1986.

After the mothers were hospital roommates, the two families continued to interact through their church in Easton. Smith asked Singley on a date to the movies when they were sophomores in high school.

Singley says she knew Smith was the right guy for her after their second date. She says people are convinced the 24-year-olds were "destined to be together."

They plan to get married June 12.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Josephine Anne Hall pleads not guilty to stalking, abuse of public office - 05/31/10
A POLICE officer charged over illegally using the police database and stalking a man has pleaded not guilty in the South Australian District Court. Josephine Anne Hall, 41, of suburban St Georges, previously claimed she was trying to protect women from possibly contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from a man she met on the internet and dated briefly.

Warning of dangers posed by Facebook - 05/31/10
A DONEGAL mother has warned of the dangers posed by Facebook after her 13-year-old son had his identity stolen and was threatened with violence due to a bogus page which was set up in his name. Days after Facebook announced new simplified privacy controls to enhance the protection of users’ information the mother of the teenager said that young people should be educated of the possible dangers of the networking site.

Man accused of running gambling site posts bail - 05/30/10
A Buffalo man accused of running a multibillion-dollar online gambling site for a New York City crime family posted $100,000 bail this week following a court appearance on money-laundering and illegal gambling charges.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy received death threat following Kwame Kilpatrick's sentencing - 05/29/10
The FBI and local police are investigating a death threat that was emailed to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy earlier this week. The Detroit News and WXYZ say the person who sent the email on Wednesday was angry over Worthy's treatment of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was sentenced Tuesday to spend up to five years in prison for probation violation.

Paedophile Postman Groomed Kids Online - 05/28/10
A paedophile postman has admitted inciting children to engage in sexual acts after grooming them on Facebook and Bebo.

IPBA member files police report over threat - 05/27/10
A member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) organising committee, which had staged the first major event at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), has filed a police report after receiving a threatening email. Among the statements made in the email: "Move on ... unless you have a death wish".

Video game fanatic hunts down and stabs rival player who killed character online - 05/27/10
Julien Barreaux, 20, told police he wanted to see his rival player "wiped out" after his character in the game Counter-Strike died in a virtual knife fight. A court in Cambrai, northern France, heard how Barreaux plotted revenge for seven months after the online "killing" last November.

JonBenet Murder Suspect John Mark Karr Accused Of Cyberstalking - 05/26/10
The man who once falsely claimed he killed JonBenet Ramsey four years ago is now under investigation for cyberstalking a woman he met when he was a teacher, a Seattle TV station reports.

Cyberstalking investigation: Bakersfield woman terrified online - 05/25/10
Tiffany Eisler kicked her boyfriend out of her life last month, or so she thought. A few weeks ago, a friend told her about a fake Facebook page in her name. "Someone was pretending to be me, with naked pictures, with my phone number up," she said. Eisler called 17 News to see if police can do anything to help.

Man charged in cyber-stalking case - 05/25/10,Cyber-stalking-charge_NA052510.article
A 59-year-old man faces trial for allegedly stalking and harassing a Naperville woman he met through an Internet dating service. Clarendon Hills resident Daniel J. Mrowinski was convicted six years ago of a similar crime, harassment by telephone, according to records on file in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton.

'Do you want to grow up to be terrorists?': U.S. soldier under investigation for 'disgraceful' Facebook video of Iraqi children - 05/25/10
A U.S. soldier is under investigation for posting a ‘disgraceful’ video on his Facebook page, taunting Iraqi children by asking if they are gay, engage in sex acts and if they would grow up to be terrorists.

Anger at beach devastation - 05/25/10
AN INVITATION to a beach party posted on a social networking site has been blamed for the devastation wreaked upon a Dundee beauty spot. Broughty Ferry beach was left covered with empty bottles and cans after hundreds of revellers descended on it on Saturday evening.

Internet Safety Talk in Biddeford, Maine tonight


Cyber Crime Expert Focuses Addresses Parents On Social Networking Safety

June, 2010 – Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA) and WHOA-KTD (Kids/Teens Division) are pleased to announce that their president, Jayne A. Hitchcock , noted cyber crime and security expert and author of eight books, will be the featured speaker at Biddeford High School.

On Wednesday, June 1st, from 6 pm to 8 pm Hitchcock’s “Sexting, Texting, Chatting...OH MY!” presentation will be given in the BMS Auditorium at Biddeford High School, 20 Maplewood Avenue, Biddeford, Maine, for parents to learn about online safety for their kids. Hitchcock’s focus is on educating and helping those who use the Internet to stay safer online with a special emphasis on the greatest threats to kids and teens today, including harassment, bullies, sexting, texting, predators and social networking sites such as Facebook.

“Remember when you were young – you thought you were invulnerable,” Hitchcock notes. “Now, with the Internet, kids and teens think nothing bad can ever happen to them. I plan on showing them how wrong they are and how to stay safer online, especially on web sites such as Myspace and Facebook. I don’t want to see one of them listed as ‘missing’ on the TV news.”

“Too many parents freak out or ban their children from certain parts of the Internet when their child tells them a stranger IM’d or emailed them,” Hitchcock notes. “That is the worst thing they can do. So is telling their child they cannot have a Myspace or Facebook account. Parents need to learn how to live with the Internet – it’s not going away and it’s an invaluable tool their children use every day for school, for socializing and for playing games.”

Under Hitchcock’s leadership, WHOA has developed a proprietary database of reliable cyberstalking demographic criteria, based on 2,739 cyberstalking cases of which 220 occurred in 2009, and females continue to be the primary victims. Cyberstalkers can be difficult to stop and their methods include many forms. Social networking sites (such as Facebook and Myspace) get mixed reviews on safety issues. Participating safely in any social site depends on the amount of information that is made available to the general public. There is no doubt predators look for victims and that predators present themselves to be innocent, harmless would-be friends. On the positive side, social networking sites provide an opportunity to communicate all across the world and develop friendships that would otherwise never have been possible. Other forms of cyberstalking could be email that is often threatening or obscene, spamming that includes sending a multitude of junk email, live chat harassment (verbal abuse), flaming, leaving improper messages on message boards or in guest books intended to humiliate and diminish a victim, sending electronic viruses, sending unsolicited e-mail, registering a victim’s name with porno sites, tracing another person's computer and Internet activity, and electronic identity theft.

For victims suffering psychological trauma, online stalking is every bit as terrifying as offline stalking because the victim never knows when the online stalking may escalate to offline stalking. According to Hitchcock, “it’s like waiting for that other shoe to drop – victims stay in a tense state of watchful waiting.” Victims may demonstrate mood changes and severe depression, social dysfunction, insomnia and eating pattern changes, nightmares, hyper vigilance, anxiety, and they may appear fearful.

For more information about this conference call (207) 282-8280.

WHOA president, Jayne A. Hitchcock, is a cybercrime expert who trains law enforcement from the local to federal levels, and assists the US Department of Justice Office (USDJO) for Victims of Crime and National Center for Victims of Crime. She trains advocate groups, conducts seminars, raises awareness of cybercrime and harassment, and lectures educators, librarians, parents and students at middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities about the dangers of cyberbullies, online predators, cyberstalkers and social networking sites. She has appeared as an expert in various media, including America’s Most Wanted, PEOPLE magazine, Primetime Thursday with Diane Sawyer, TIME magazine, the Associated Press, Cosmopolitan magazine, A&E’s Investigative Reports, 48 Hours, Ladies Home Journal, Campus Security Reports, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and CNN. Her latest book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors 2nd edition (, highlights online crimes, how to be safer online and what to do if you are victimized. Video Professor also released a 3-CD tutorial based on the book.

WHOA is the oldest and largest all-volunteer online safety organization helping adult victims of online harassment and cyber stalking since February, 1997. WHOA-KTD was added in 2005 to help online victims under the age of 18, their parents and other adults interested in keeping kids and teens safer online.