WHO@ Newsletter - June 28, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How do you frame them?
Marilyn Monroe X-rays snapped up for $45,000

Three X-rays of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's chest and pelvis taken during a hospital visit have sold for more than 10 times their pre-sale estimates, earning $45,000 (29,862 pounds).

Auction house Julien's said in a statement that the sale was part of an auction of Hollywood Legends memorabilia which took place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend with the X-rays expected to go for $800 to $1,200 each.

The highlights of the sale had toured Ireland, Japan and China before finally going under the hammer.

The Monroe X-rays came from a 1954 visit by the actress to the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The actress died in August 1962 at the age of 36.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberstalking: The emerging form of partner violence - 06/28/10
Violence in intimate relationships is all too common - just ask any cop who's responded to the calls. But younger generations who grew up with computer technology have more to worry about then a punch or slap. Cyberstalking is emerging as a form of partner violence that differs from traditional domestic abuse and is troubling in the ease in which it occurs.

Facebook sleaze creator 'may face stalking charges' - 06/28/10
A Facebook page titled '100 Biggest Sluts of Ballarat' is being investigated by police, who say its creator could face stalking charges over the publication of the offensive list. Victoria Police spokeswoman Karolyn Formosa today confirmed that one person has been interviewed over the page, which has been removed, but charges are yet to be laid.

China bans online love for soldiers - 06/28/10
China's military officers have added matchmaking to their duties, after the government banned troops from online dating over fears that lonely hearts might let sensitive information slip, state media said on Monday.

Online bullies pull schools into the fray - 06/28/10
The girl's parents, wild with outrage and fear, showed the principal the text messages: a dozen shocking, sexually explicit threats, sent to their daughter the previous Saturday night from the cellphone of a 12-year-old boy. Both children were sixth graders at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, N.J.

It’s up to parents to keep web surfing safe for their kids - 06/27/10
As technology, the Internet and communications grow, so does the amount of children who become victims as a result of Internet stalking, “sexting,” cyberbullying and Internet porn.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has released a study showing that, in a group of children ages 10 through 17, approximately 20 percent ­ or one in five children ­ were sexually approached or solicited on the Internet. Approximately 25 percent, or one in four, were exposed to sexually explicit photos while on the Internet.

Frenchman convicted for hacking Obama's Twitter - 06/25/10
A court in central France has convicted a young Frenchman accused of infiltrating Twitter and peeping at the account of President Barack Obama, and given him a five-month suspended prison sentence. The lawyer for Francois Cousteix, whose online name was Hacker Croll, said his client was happy with Thursday evening's decision by the Clermont-Ferrand court. He risked up to two years in prison and a 30,000 euro fine for breaking into a data system.

Police search for cyberstalking suspect - 06/25/10
A Thibodaux man is wanted for allegedly sending texts to his baby’s mother threatening to kill her, police said. Kenneth Hickman, 22, of 173 Taylor’s Trailer Park, faces arrest warrants for harassment and cyberstalking. His bonds total $5,000.

Duke lacrosse investigator charged with domestic violence - 06/25/10
The former chief investigator for now-disbarred Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is getting his own day in court.Linwood Wilson was arrested Thursday on charges of domestic violence and being a fugitive.Wilson worked under Nifong during the Duke lacrosse rape case and was fired by Nifong's successor for his mishandling of that and two other investigations. Now, Durham county sheriff's officials say Wilson is suspected of cyberstalking and obscenity.

Blaine man faces additional charges over e-mail threats - 06/24/10
A Blaine man accused of using a neighbor's e-mail address to send threats and other inappropriate material now faces more serious charges. Federal prosecutors had charged Barry Ardolf, 45, with identity theft and making threats. Ardolf has now been indicted by a federal grand jury with unauthorized access to a protected computer, and possession and distribution of child pornography.

Brooklyn Library Was Origin of Death Threats vs. Gov. - 06/24/10
A Kings County Hospital employee who sent an email threatening to shoot and kill the “blind, black” governor of New York was arraigned on felony charges this week. Gov. David Paterson was allegedly targeted by the threatening message from Amir Syed Rizvi, 36, via an email sent in April to the state’s website, www.ny.gov.

Sexting in the schoolyard - 06/24/10
The New York City Department of Education is considering passing an ordinance that would outlaw ‘sexting’ amongst students in public schools both within and outside the classroom. The law, which could go into effect as soon as this fall, would include a provision for cyber-bullying, sexting and give school principals and administrators wide ranging powers to suspend, discipline and in some cases even expel students who engage in these activities even if it occurs outside of regular school hours or off of the campus.

Louisville police say man busted by cell phone - 06/23/10
Police say a Jeffersonville, Ind. man who allegedly tried to sell a stolen trailer was given away by his cell phone. 25-year-old Gerard T. Ray of the 700 block of Higgins Drive in Jeffersonville is charged with receipt of stolen property after police say he listed a stolen trailer for sale on Craigslist.com.

Stalking An Old Flame On Facebook? How About Some Federal Charges! - 06/23/10
Facebook is not only a site where you can connect with friends and family while taking in a game of FrontierVille, it’s also a complex network that spans the entire world. So what happens when someone stalks you on Facebook, while sending you disturbing messages? In the past the outcome was typically a slap on the wrist, possibly a misdemenour charge, but that could soon change. The new outcome? Federal Interstate stalking charges if the person that’s stalking you lives in another state.

Hi-tech devices used in abuse of women - 06/23/10
MOBILE phones and computers are increasingly being used as tools to abuse, control and stalk women, a report from Women’s Aid reveals. Many of the 14,613 women who called the Women’s Aid helpline last year said telephone, surveillance and computer technologies were being used to harass and intimidate them.


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