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Monday, July 30, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - July 30, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Customs official caught playing game
A Turkish customs agent was busted playing video games on the job when Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici came for a surprise inspection, officials said.

During his recent visit to Hopa, in Turkey's border province of Artvin, Yazici decided to make a surprise visit to the Sarp Border Gate on the Georgia border, Today's Zaman reported Sunday.

Yazici had his security team leave him and had the license plates on his car changed for the surprise inspection.

When he arrived for the inspection, Yazici entered a room at random and caught an officer playing a video game, the report said.

Yazici proceeded to scold the officer for playing video games while at work.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Alec Baldwin’s stalker hit with 20 harassment charges - 07/29/12
Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, accused of stalking actor Alec Baldwin, has been hit with 20 new counts of misdemeanour harassment. The 40-year-old was arrested in April after allegedly turning up outside the “30 Rock” star’s NY City home, reported New York Post.

Texts help police track robbers - 07/29/12
Florida police caught a pair of alleged robbers through text messages they sent to each other about their crime, officials said. Adam Bardisa, 19, and Michael Nicholas Russo, 19, have been arrested and charged for robbing two elderly women in a grocery store parking lot in April, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

Police investigate harassment of Hudson small-business owner over politically charged remarks - 07/28/12
Hudson police are investigating what a Mitt Romney supporter called an “orchestrated” campaign of harassment against based on his political views. Jack Gilchrist, owner of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Co., appeared in an Internet ad supporting presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Gilchrist takes issue with President Barack Obama’s much criticized remarks that small-business owners “didn’t build” their businesses.

Bail set at $1 million for alleged teen stalker - 07/28/12
A 56-year-old man from Montana allegedly stalked a Chicago teenager for months after a chance encounter at a convenience store, Cook County prosecutors said Saturday. nRobert Parelius, of Bozeman, Mont., hung his head low as prosecutors described the stalking that began last May, which allegedly included peering at the boy’s home through satellite images available on the Internet and printing a photo of the teen on his boxer shorts.

Man accused of stalking Crystal Little Leaguers on Facebook for sex - 07/27/12
A 44-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested in a police sting and charged Friday with contacting young baseball players in Crystal through Facebook and seeking to have sex with the boys. Michael F. Hamer was charged in Hennepin County District Court with solicitation of a child for sex and possessing child pornography. Hamer was jailed in lieu of $200,000 bail.

Prison didn't stop hate letters - 07/27/12
NOT even the confines of a prison cell could stop Rockhampton's Wayne James Reynolds stalking the woman who broke his heart. The 43-year-old yesterday pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton District Court to one charge of aggravated and unlawful stalking and one charge of using a carriage service to menace and harass.

Teen Says Business Guru Harassed Her - 07/27/12
Self-help guru J.T. Foxx harassed a teen-ager with sexually suggestive messages after she and her dad attended one of his business seminars, the young woman claims in court.
Kelsey Ell sued J.T. Foxx and the J.T. Foxx Organization in Superior Court. Ell, of Vancouver, British Columbia, says she was an 18-year-old high school student when she met Foxx at business workshop she attended with her father in March this year.

Youth football players were target of man's stalking, explicit messages - 07/27/12
A former Northwest Side man who recently moved to Montana has been accused of leaving sexually explicit messages for young boys he became familiar with following youth football teams in Chicago.

Beauty nut jailed - 07/27/12
A BEAUTY queen cried “my nightmare is over” as her obsessed stalker was sent to prison yesterday. Chloe Hopkins, 20, was the victim of a two-year hate campaign after spurning the advances of Anthony Mantova, 34.

'Sex predator' student, 21, abused victims after advertising on Gumtree for young women to take part in 'global medical research' for £500 - 07/27/12
A 'calculating sexual predator' posed as a gynaecological researcher to lure young women to his flat and sexually assault them. Student Liam Ryan, 21, posted an ad on the Gumtree website calling for female volunteers to take part in 'global medical research', in exchange for £500.

Hacker who stole Tony Blair’s details and bombarded anti-terror hotline with prank calls is jailed and claims his crime was no worse than those committed by Bullingdon members - 07/27/12
A teenage hacker who stole Tony Blair’s personal details and blocked an anti-terror hotline with prank calls was jailed for just six months today. Junaid Hussain, 18, publicly posted sensitive information about the ex-prime minister and his family online, after hacking into former special advisor Katy Kay’s email account.

Anderson man arrested on suspicion of having child porn; Authorities say he discussed torturing, eating children - 07/27/12
An Anderson man and guardian of two children is in custody after authorities say they found violent child pornography on his computers and online chats in which he discussed torturing and eating children.

Online Bullying: 11 Places Harassment Begins - 07/26/12
It seems a lot of us are typing these days, but not all of us are doing it for the right reasons. This year alone, the number of people using social networks will reach 1.43 billion -- nearly a 20 per cent increase since 2011, according to a report by eMarketer. The report found one out of every five people worldwide will use a social network site, and by 2014, this number will reach a quarter of the population.

Washington State 'Cyberstalking' Case Based on Unconstitutional Law - 07/26/12
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is urging a Washington State judge to dismiss "cyberstalking" charges stemming from rude comments left on a blog. In an amicus brief filed today, EFF argues that the case is based on an unconstitutional law that criminalizes free speech.

Girls tricked by STEAMY message: Webcam spyware student jailed - 07/26/12
A cyberstalking computer science student who tricked women into taking computers with hacked webcams into steamy shower rooms has been jailed for 12 months. Trevor Timothy Harwell, 21, of Fullerton in California, will be forced to spend five years on probation following his release and ordered to complete a sex offender treatment programme after he was convicted of illegally installing spyware on six women’s computers in order to capture images and videos for his "subsequent sexual gratification".

Email threats saddle student with record - 07/26/12
A 43-year-old aspiring nurse pleaded guilty Wednesday to threatening her teachers in a series of elaborate anonymous emails, warning them they'd be kidnapped and beaten if their students failed. Assistant Crown attorney George Spartinos said three nursing instructors at St. Clair College received threatening emails from a person who went by the alias "Black Cobra."

Cheating websites hit a new low with Win A Divorce competition - 07/26/12
Divorce is never an easy option. And couples on the brink of splitting irrevocably are generally in need of counselling, comfort and advice. But one cheating website has decided to take advantage of couples at their lowest ebb by attempting to recruit new members with the launch of a crass Win A Divorce competition.

Cyberstalking arrests increase as social media expands - 07/25/12
Although it is not an every-day occurrence, cyberstalking is becoming more prevalent in Lowndes County and Columbus. According to Police Chief Magazine, cyberstalking is defined as "an escalated form of online harassment directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose. The action is to annoy, alarm, and emotionally abuse another person."

Former Wing McCarty agrees to terminate PPO against ex-girlfriend - 07/25/12
Ex-Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty and his wife, Sheryl, agreed in Oakland Circuit Court on Wednesday to terminate a personal protection order against one of his former girlfriends they had claimed harassed and threatened them by phone and on the Internet.

How Vulnerable Are We To Online Stalking? - 07/25/12
The Internet is typically our go-to destination for gathering information about long lost friends, family, even ourselves. We know our friends and foes do it too, but we tend to think "stalking" in non-threatening ways. Maybe we’ll reconnect with an old friend or co-worker.

Gaunt face of Barker's fugitive son: Eight years after fleeing the country, comedian's son walks into police station to answer child porn charges - 07/25/12
Ronnie Barker's son has returned to Britain after eight years on the run from child pornography allegations. Adam Barker, 44, strolled into a police station in London yesterday morning less than two miles from where he disappeared in 2004.

Stolen Gilroy Garlic Festival tickets offered for sale online - 07/25/12
Police are warning garlic festival fans that some tickets being offered for sale on the Internet were stolen and will not be honored at the event. About 1,000 tickets with a total value of $12,500 disappeared from the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association offices sometime between June 5 and July 2, police said. Half the tickets were for $17 adult admission, the rest were $8 tickets for children.

The Twitter recruitment of Silas Redd - 07/25/12
College recruitment can be a frightening kind of animal. There's always been a certain aspect of recruiting that always takes place in the shadows. When some of the darker elements of recruiting are brought to light, scandal often erupts.

Top athletes 'hand golden ticket to terrorists' by posting pictures of their security passes on Twitter - 07/25/12
High-profile Olympic athletes are sparking potential terror alerts by posting pictures of their official Olympic Village passes on Twitter. Several competitors have caused security headaches by tweeting high resolution images of their Locog accreditation, just days before Friday's opening ceremony.

Deltona janitors try to sell stolen X-ray machine on Craigslist - 07/25/12
An office cleaner and his accomplice stole a large X-ray machine from a Deltona dental office and put it up for sale on Craigslist and eBay where the owner saw it and called deputies, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Superman retrieves lost sock from drain: How police Facebook page has been hijacked by pranksters (so now they're going back to using the phone) - 07/24/12
When a police force decided to embrace social networking and set up a Facebook page, they probably didn't anticipate such an enthusiastic response. But instead of reporting crimes and asking questions about public order, 'friends' have begun inundating Northamptonshire Police with irrelevant questions and joke comments. One informed officers that Superman had found a lost sock, while another asked if the force had its own hovercraft.

Killer who made up fake Facebook friends to persuade his girlfriend to go out with him faces jail for her brutal Boxing Day murder - 07/24/12
A teenager who tricked a naive Christian into going out with him then stabbed her to death as she babysat her niece and nephew on Boxing Day faces life in jail. Tony Bushby, 19, stabbed promising student Catherine Wynter more than 20 times then left her body alone with the youngsters, who stayed locked in the house with the corpse overnight.

Manitoba judge's husband takes blame for nude photos - 07/24/12
A Manitoba judge under investigation for alleged sexual harassment was unaware that sexually explicit photos of her were on the Internet, occasionally accompanied by personal ads seeking group sex, her husband testified Tuesday.

Outrage over Facebook tribute pages set up in praise of accused Colorado movie theater gunman James Holmes - 07/24/12
There has been an outpouring of disgust and anger following the creation of Facebook pages paying tribute to alleged Colorado shooter James Holmes. Although some social media users have 'liked' the pages, it has led to an outpouring of comments deriding the anonymous online posts in wake of the tragedy.

Meet the 'bots' that edit Wikipedia - 07/24/12
Wikipedia is written and maintained by tens of thousands of volunteers across the world. Those, in turn, are assisted by hundreds of "bots" - autonomous computer programmes that keep the encyclopaedia running.

Monday, July 23, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - July 23, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .British police affix cameras to dogs

Police in Staffordshire, England, said they will strap cameras to the heads of police dogs to help gather evidence during busts.

Staffordshire police said 20 police canines with their dog support unit will be outfitted with FidoCam technology during the next 12 months to give officers a dog's-eye-view in situations including drug busts and foot chases, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

"This bit of kit is fantastic -- it attaches to the dog's head and we can get a live view of what they are seeing," Inspector Chris Dawson said.

"There are many situations when this technology will be beneficial to our officers. If we are searching for a dangerous person we can send the dog into a building with the camera to search for them and then when they indicate a find by barking, we will be able to see exactly what or who they have found.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Police call in FBI to track 'hitman scam' - 07/23/12
Australian police are calling in the FBI to track down the "hitman" scammers responsible for sending thousands of text messages containing death threats.

Spat out of hell: Rock star Meat Loaf sues pub tribute singer for £64,000 damages in a row over his website - 07/23/12
A pub tribute singer is being sued by the Bat Out of Hell star Meat Loaf for £64,000 claiming he's an 'online imposter'. Dean Torkington, 50, from Burnley, Lancashire, has received a $100,000 writ (£64,000) from the US rocker, which accuses him of being a 'cybersquatter and online imposter'. The legal action, launched in Los Angeles, California, centres on Mr Torkington’s website

Nurse faces sack for Facebook hospital protest - 07/22/12
Bernadette Green, who has worked at Biggleswade Hospital in Bedfordshire for 12 years, used the social networking site to claim managers were not being completely honest about the plans, and were stopping new patients from being admitted despite there being empty beds.

Kentucky teen faces charge for naming attackers - 07/21/12
A 17-year-old Kentucky girl who was upset by the plea deal reached by a pair of teenagers who sexually assaulted her is now facing a contempt charge for tweeting their names in violation of a court order.

BCSO Pulls the Plug on Cyber Bullying - 07/20/12
Cyber bullying is at the center of conversation in our community this week after four teens are charged in connection with a Facebook Page. Experts say cyber bullying will have lasting impact, especially among teens, as online and social media bullying opens the conversation not only to peers, but to the whole world.

Right or Wrong? Cyber-bullying - 07/20/12
A friend of mine has been receiving emails from her pastor, and I think he's a cyber-bully. What legal guidelines define cyber-bullying, even if a minister does the emailing?

Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Danny, Colleen Wegman - 07/19/12
A federal grand jury has indicted a New Jersey man who allegedly threatened to kill Wegmans Food Markets President Colleen Wegman and Chief Executive Officer Danny Wegman.
Federal authorities allege that Hans Ni, 31, of Trenton, NJ, sent email threats to the Wegmans from a New Jersey library. He is charged with transmitting interstate threats.

Maine Man Charged with Sextortion - 07/19/12
The complaint accuses John Bryan Villegas, 21, of Kittery, of sending email threats to publish on the Internet and distribute to the victim's neighbors, work and acquaintances.

'Don't mess with our food': Burger King worker who posted pictures of himself standing in bins of lettuce hunted down by vigilante website users and fired - 07/19/12
We're used to hearing stories of how fast news can travel on the internet. But rarely do we see how effective it can be at tracking down suspects who would otherwise remain anonymous. When a Burger King employee posted pictures of himself stepping in bins of lettuce, offended fast-food lovers took a mere 15 minutes to expose him.

Newest U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy: Trolling - 07/18/12
In the decade since 9/11, the U.S. government has used a wide variety of tactics against terrorists. It’s invaded countries where they operated (and ones where they didn’t). It’s tried to win the backing of foreign populations in which the terrorists hide. And it’s sent commandos and deadly flying robots to kill them one by one.

Eight-months pregnant childhood sweetheart of Aston Villa star Agbonlahor 'harassed' mother of one of his children on Facebook - 07/18/12
A pregnant ex-girlfriend of Aston Villa footballer Gabriel Agbonlahor has been accused of harassing the mother of one of his children by posting ‘distressing’ messages on Facebook.
Sophie Smith allegedly used a pseudonym to send Elizabeth Wheeler a 'considerable number' of 'distressing' messages via the social networking site between November 2008 and May this year, a court has heard.

Laws help protect online harassers - 07/18/12
In the summer of 2009, Carla Franklin landed on a Facebook page created under her name. She was shocked to see her own image staring back, a swimsuit photo from her earlier days as a model.

The Dogged Digital Detective Work That Busted An Online Harasser - 07/18/12
One night in June 2010, six men went to a woman’s home in Maine and tapped on the glass of her windows as they had been instructed to do on Facebook.

Tweets out for the lads - 07/18/12
SOCCER stars have been warned they may face playing bans or fines for their remarks on Twitter and other social networks. All Premier and Football League players, managers and club officials have been sent FA letters warning against racist or offensive posts.

Online dating: Cyber talking or Cyber-Stalking – Learn the Difference - 07/17/12
Dating websites and lonely singles are ‘made for each other’ kind of stuff as without one the other is useless. The weird world of wires (internet), offer ample of platforms and innumerable opportunities as perfect solutions to this hackneyed loneliness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Internet Crime Report

A new project of mine! Joseph Dowdy and I have started the Internet Crime Report web site and are doing weekly videos - the first one is about cyberbullying and password safety. Go to the web site at and click on the first episode! Please share!

Monday, July 16, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - July 16, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Thieves take toilet seat from courthouse

Police in Sweden said they arrested two people accused of attempting to steal items including a toilet seat from a courthouse.

Kristianstad police said the 24-year-old woman and 38-year-old man, who both had previous encounters with police, were arrested outside of the courthouse Thursday with pilfered coffee, tea, sugar and a toilet seat, The reported Friday.

Police said a security camera recorded the couple attempting to break into a storage locker.

The man and woman were held on suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Rock Star Shirley Manson From Garbage Battles a Cyberstalker - 07/16/12
Shirley Manson, frontwoman for the rock band Garbage, is being barraged with death threats and hate tweets by a fan on Twitter. Christine Pelisek and Chris Lee examine the phenomenon of celebrity cyberstalking.

Techie harasses girl for four years, arrested - 07/15/12
A 26-year-old software engineer was arrested for allegedly harassing his former collegemate continuously for over four years. The perpetrator, Keshav Murthy G., a software analyst with Dell, Domlur branch, started stalking the girl after she rejected his proposal for marriage in 2008.

Engineer held for harassing colleague - 07/14/12
A software engineer from Bangalore was arrested by CID sleuths on Friday on the charge of harassing his former colleague by uploading her morphed images on the internet. CID officials said M Naga Vamsi Krishna, 24, an employee of a Bangalore-based IT firm, started harassing the woman ever since she turned down his marriage proposal.

The trolls strike again… - 07/14/12
Cheryl Cole is a reet sweetie peet, and likes to do her bit to help young people from the area she grew up in, which is why she started The Cheryl Cole Foundation.
The charity helps educate and train troubled young people in Newcastle to increase their opportunities and stop them ending up in dead end jobs. Chezza explained to Grazia why she can relate to a lot of these kids. "I get what these kids have gone through because I had a tough upbringing and I understand what it feels like to get bullied like some of them.” She also revealed that even now she suffers from bullying on the web.

Restraining order after terrifying campaign of abuse - 07/14/12'
A FATHER shouted a stream of abuse at his ex-partner and her mother during a terrifying campaign of harassment – often without getting out of his van. Jamie Barton, 26, of Bridge Street, Long Eaton, threatened to kill both Sarah Moss and her mum in a tirade of expletives. Nottingham Crown Court heard the abuse began after Barton split from Ms Moss, the mother of his child. Initially, he texted her saying "Sarah, I'm going to find you" and "trust me... if I were you I would get out of Long Eaton now". In another text he threatened to stab her.

Man charged with cyberstalking former classmate - 07/13/12
It was a crime six years in the making. A Charlotte County man is accused of stalking a former classmate online. The victim received a threatening email in the eighth grade. Detectives say the online harassment continued into college. "Just some ditsy blond bimbo in Tampa, Florida." It's the caption written under a picture deputies believe 20-year-old David Michael Morris posted on several websites. "The data that I had was complimentary to everything they'd [detectives] been working on," says Keith Depersia, with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Computer Crimes Unit.

Arizona outlaws Internet stalking - 07/13/12
Arizona has broadened its laws on stalking and harassment, joining 24 other states with similar legislation. House Bill 2549 will prevent anyone from terrifying, intimidating, threatening or harassing an individual through electronic communication. The previous law, crafted in the 1970s, protected individuals from these acts only via telephone.

Creepy bald man stalks teen - 07/13/12
JASON As is 37 and bald so he set up a fake Facebook account, falsely claimed he was 19, and he sexually preyed on a 13-year-old Mackay girl. His Facebook profile said he was the "Darkness of Christ", and he had about 280 likes, mostly by people who were aged 17 to 19.

Ethiopian blogger Eskinder Nega jailed for 18 years - 07/13/12
A prominent Ethiopian journalist and blogger has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for violating the country's anti-terrorism legislation. Eskinder Nega and 23 others were found guilty last month. They were accused of links with US-based opposition group Ginbot Seven, which Ethiopia considers a terrorist organisation.

Texas Demolishes USDOJ's Case Against Voter I.D. - 07/13/12
Testimony has concluded in the trial of Texas 'Voter I.D.' law, after attorneys for the state demolished the main arguments raised against the law by the Obama Administration, and got the key witness for the Justice Department to admit he got his information from Wikipedia, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The 'truth' deleted from internet in China - 07/12/12
Online messages began circulating earlier this week claiming that the Chinese characters for "the truth" could not be searched for on the Twitter-like micro-blog, Sina Weibo, which boasts nearly 300 million registered users.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer, 34, faces jail for stalking a beauty queen who befriended him - 07/12/12
A stalker who waged an internet hate campaign against a beauty queen who tried to befriend him was yesterday warned he faces time in prison. Anthony Mantova, 34, of Meliden, Prestatyn, North Wales, turned 20-year-old former 'Miss Prestatyn' Chloe Hopkins’s life into a nightmare after she reached out to him in an act of kindness.

University football coach's daughter 'beat sorority sister so badly that she needed reconstructive surgery after fight over Facebook post' - 07/12/12
One sorority sister was being sued by another after a confrontation over a boyfriend led to a vicious, bloody cat fight with the girls repeatedly punching each other in the head and tearing out hair, according to court documents. Kristin Saban, daughter of legendary University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, was being sued for $10,000 by fellow Phi Mu sister Sarah Grimes, who claims the two attacked each other over a Facebook post following a night of drinking games.

Wanted Craigslist scam suspect killed in car crash - 07/12/12
The Anderson County Sheriff's Office is reporting the suspect wanted in connection with a Craigslist scam has been killed in a car crash. Shannon Renee Leffew of Powell, 37, was killed on I-75 in Whitley County. Kentucky State Police are investigating the crash.

Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted - 07/12/12
A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain "likes" from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products. It also appears many account holders who click on the links have lied about their personal details.

Ky. woman fights porn companies' anti-piracy suits - 07/11/12
It's a common tactic for pornography producers trying to protect their product from online piracy: They sue unknown "John Does" who illegally download movies, then go to Internet providers to learn their true identities and collect.

Woman's call to end video game misogyny sparks vicious online attacks - 07/11/12
A woman seeking to expose misogyny in video games has suffered a harsh lesson in the extent of Internet viciousness, as a campaign of harassment escalated to a Canadian man creating a game that let people batter an image of her face.

Customers describe threats made by cyberbullying online glasses vendor - 07/11/12
An online glasses vendor got an eyeful and an earful Wednesday when some of his bullied customers paraded through a Manhattan courtroom to describe his threats to rape and kill them. The hearing was called after Vitaly Borker, 35, who pleaded guilty last year to defrauding customers of his website and sending threatening communications, said he had been framed.

Police terror planner sparks massive internal probe after leaking picture of sensitive security operations on Twitter - 07/11/12
A police force has launched a review of its staff's use of Twitter after a top official was accused of leaking sensitive details on security operations. Greg Snelgrove, whose police job at Hampshire Police is to plan for emergency situations such as a terror attack, gives a running commentary of his work on the social networking site.

Thai king pardons American convicted of insulting monarchy - 07/10/12
Thailand has pardoned and set free an American who was jailed on charges of insulting the monarchy after posting online several passages from an English-language book about the king. Joe Gordon was convicted in December 2011 and given two and a half years for translating excerpts of the book The King Never Smiles from English into Thai and putting them online. The punishment was a high-profile example of the severe sentences meted out for defaming Thailand's royal family, an issue that has raised concern about freedom of expression in the kingdom.

Cyber bullying victim speaks out - 07/10/12
The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of cyber bullying after the parents of a San Antonio teenager reported she was the target of some very inappropriate tweets on the popular social networking site Twitter. "I felt very victimized by them, and it was just really upsetting and really humiliating," said Laura Smith. Monday night Laura Smith learned someone set up an anonymous account on Twitter and used it to say horrible things about the 15-year-old Reagan High School student. While the cheerleader was upset by what she read online she wasn't exactly surprised because she'd been bullied before.

Stalker facing six months in prison - 07/10/12
Probation officials are recommending that a Danville man serve six months in state prison and undergo sex offender treatment after allegedly violating probation for a second time. Robert Slye, 30, will appear before a judge on July 30 for a probation violation hearing in Rockingham County Superior Court stemming from his latest arrest two months ago.

Monday, July 09, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - July 9, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Police recover missing teddy bear

Police in Sweden said a Facebook plea for help in finding a little girl's lost teddy bear resulted in the girl being reunited with her beloved toy.

Stockholm police said a citizen saw the stuffed animal, which 1-year-old Tyra lost June 19, on a wall Thursday near the Kungsholm Church and recognized it as the teddy bear from a missing poster that was put on the Sodermalm police's official Facebook page, The reported Friday.

"The teddy bear is back!!!" police wrote on the Facebook page. "Tyra's beloved teddy was found by someone engaged in the search party. The bear was found on a wall near Kungsholm Church, not far from the where he disappeared, just like in many other cases."

Police said officers presented the bear to the toddler Thursday.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

BHS Student Pleads No Contest in Bomb Threat Case - 07/09/12
A Burlingame High School student who sent an email from another student's account that shut down the campus has pleaded no contest to making a false bomb threat.

Nixon cyber bullied, taking legal action - 07/09/12,-taking-legal-action/tabid/91/newsid/91066/default.aspx
Ex-AFL player manager Ricky Nixon is pursuing his legal options after he was the target of cyber bullying. A video was uploaded onto YouTube containing recordings of prank calls to the 49-year-old, private pictures of him, and threats issued to him.

Pull the plug on bullies who hide behind screens - 07/09/12
CYBER space is fast becoming the cowards' castle of mass communication. The latest scourge are the Twitter trolls who hide behind their computers. Those who target anonymous hateful abuse and vitriol at the partners and girlfriends of high-profile AFL players.

Hearing for man accused in Pitt video, email threats is postponed - 07/09/12
The preliminary hearing for an Ohio man charged with threatening University of Pittsburgh officials through a YouTube video, a comment posted on the video site and an email to university police has been postponed to Aug. 13.

Cyberbullying: Social media's darker side - 07/08/12
India may have reason to celebrate its rising social media usage rankings, but it is yet to come to terms with its potential negatives, especially for teenagers, who form the bulk of the users in the country.

Cyberbullying: Scourge of the Internet - 07/08/12
The explosive growth of social media in recent years has enabled a lot of new opportunities for kids and teenagers ­ sharing achievements with family, making plans with new friends and reliving past memories with old friends, just to name a few. But the proliferation of social networking has also come with an unfortunate downside. Bullying and nastiness become easier when all they take is a few keystrokes and can be hidden by online anonymity.

Police issue warning over scam email threat - 07/07/12
Police are warning residents of mid-Somerset of a scam email doing the rounds. In recent weeks, residents have been receiving emails from friends and associates, saying they had been mugged in Madrid, all their money and credit cards had been stolen and they needed help from them to get home.

This is what online harassment looks like - 07/06/12 I first wrote about the sexist abuse of women online, collating the experiences of nearly a dozen writers, the response was largely positive. Many hadn't been aware there was a problem; they were shocked. Others had assumed that they were the only ones whose every word on the web was greeted with a torrent of abusive, threatening comments.

Shameful sex pics are trending on Twitter - 07/06/12
SHAMELESS blokes are being encouraged to post pictures online of semi-naked sleeping girls as part of a new social networking trend. Hordes of men have uploaded an intimate picture of an unsuspecting woman as they lie in bed after spending the night together.

Man accused of stabbing babysitter to death 'made up four Facebook profiles and blamed fake friend for the killing' - 07/05/12
A teenage babysitter was stabbed to death on Boxing Day by her secret boyfriend who tried to pin the blame for the murder on a fictitious person he created on Facebook, a court heard today.

KPD: Man charged with stealing from Craigslist customers - 07/05/12
The Knoxville Police Department arrested a man Tuesday suspected of stealing money from people who responded to a Craigslist ad he posted offering to sell a set of chrome wheel rims, according to a KPD news release.

Telstra accused of Next G web 'stalking' - 07/05/12
Telstra has been criticised by the chief scientist at one of the web's most prominent organisations for "stalking" millions of Next G mobile phone users by sending a third party in Canada the websites they visited.

Babysitting teen, 14, who raped girl, 5, spared custody as judge says he was corrupted by internet porn - 07/05/12
A schoolboy raped a five-year-old girl while babysitting her after he was ‘corrupted’ by internet pornography. The 14-year-old tied an apron around the child’s eyes and made her perform an indecent act on him as he looked after her in her home.

BA in privacy row as passengers face being profiled by staff with iPads and snooping Google software - 07/05/12
British Airways has been dragged into a privacy row over a scheme which uses Google to create dossiers of passenger information. Staff at the airline are carrying iPads giving them instant access to customer data, including passengers’ travel history, meal requests and details of any previous complaints.

Twitter bullying an alarming trend - 07/05/12
I love scrolling down my feed and seeing what everyone is doing. I love tweeting things I think are witty. I love following celebrities, fitness advice, recipes and parody accounts. But one thing I hate about Twitter is the amount of bullying and gossiping that goes on, and how easy it is to be passive-aggressive or, even worse, straight-up mean.

The teenager who 'insulted six dead soldiers on Facebook' appears in court charged with 'gross offence' - 07/04/12
A teenager appeared in court yesterday charged with making offensive comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers. Azhar Ahmed, 19, has been accused of committing an offence under the Communications Act of sending a ‘grossly offensive’ message.

Cyberbullying: 'I got a message from someone telling me to go and kill myself' - 07/04/12
Jon waited at a tube station with that nervous feeling that comes with going on a first date. He met Stephen through the dating site Gaydar and they had exchanged brief messages. But when his date eventually arrived within seconds Jon’s anticipation was replaced with a different feeling - one of utter dread.

Wagga teenagers targeted in cyber bully 'crush' site - 07/04/12
IT SOUNDS like a helpful dating website to link single Wagga people. But in reality it is a forum for teenagers to post derogatory and vicious rumours about each other. A new Facebook page has been set up called Wagga Crushes, and it has parents, teachers and the police up in arms.

McLean urged to "hang himself" - 07/03/12
CARLTON Twitter rebel Brock McLean has revealed one follower urged the him to hang himself after the social media storm that erupted last week. In what McLean says is a clear example of the abuse AFL players are subjected to via social media sites, the 26-year-old admitted his crude retort to another fan last week had "clearly overstepped the mark".

Monday, July 02, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - July 2, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Web site sells anti-infidelity ring

A Vancouver-based Web site is marketing an anti-infidelity wedding ring that leaves the imprint of the words "I'm married" on the wearer's finger. is selling the titanium bands, which have the letters carved into the inside of the wedding band to leave an imprint on the wearer's finger, for $550, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

"With Arnold, Tiger and two-timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating," the company said on its Web site.

The ring received a lot of attention from Twitter users.

"Who would ever buy this? Least romantic wedding ring ever," one user wrote. "I'm just saying that if either of you are considering these, then you should probably reconsider marriage, period."

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It's a man's (virtual) world - 07/02/12
Sexual harassment is rife in the world of online video gaming. While video games are often thought of as a male pursuit, an increasing number of women are playing them. Having entered a domain that was once dominated by men, female gamers are being met by abuse.

Online scam looks like the real thing - 07/02/12
A computer scam that has conned users across Europe into paying a €100 (about R1000) fine has arrived in Ireland - complete with imitation garda logo. Fraudsters in the scam, known as the police trojan, are now targeting the country and sending out messages, accompanied by a good imitation of the Garda logo, telling users their computers have been locked.

Jilted man jailed for harassment - 07/01/12
A jilted former City worker found guilty of orchestrating a terrifying campaign of harassment against his ex-girlfriend and her family in Brighton has been jailed indefinitely with a minimum term of six years. Al Amin Dhalla, 42, moved in with Dr Alison Hewitt in Brighton, East Sussex, months after meeting her through an elite online dating agency for professionals.

Website targeted by scammers urges people to report foul play - 07/01/12
THE website that online scammers used to target job seekers in Hampshire is urging victims to report any foul play. An international scam, which had led police to Mauritius, is conning vulnerable job hunters out of money across the south.

Smartphones drive latest wave of cyber-bullying - 06/30/12
THE rise of smartphones has outpaced traditional wisdom on how parents should monitor teenagers' use of technology and created a powerful new venue for cyber-bullying, according to an Australian psychologist who has conducted the most detailed study yet of children's behaviour towards each other.

Clementi family speak out against cyber-bullying - 06/30/12
The family of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi (pictured) have said on US television they have come to believe he killed himself in part because of his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing another man. “It was the humiliation that his roommates and his dorm-mates were watching him in a very intimate act. And that they were laughing behind his back,” his mother, Jane Clementi said on NBC's Rock Centre program.

Facebook and Twitter make girls 'appear more aggressive' - 06/30/12
Experts believe the language used by young women is becoming shorter, sharper and more “to the point”, with less time to deliberate carefully over their words. The change, it is claimed, has resulted in teenage girls seeming curt, straightforward and even aggressive when speaking to one another and adults.

Stalking takes a high-tech turn - 06/29/12
The Internet generation is growing and with it comes the roar of extroverted, uninformed, and easily swayed teenagers looking to carve their way in the world one bickering debate (if we are going to use that word) at a time. Into the world like a virus they come screaming, infecting privacy with cyber-stalking passed off as a harmless new American pastime.

How I Stopped My Ex's Cyber-Bullying - 06/29/12
Christie Brinkley's recent divorce settlement made me bow to the fickle gods of post-divorce justice. The court appointed an intermediary to "deal with email bullying, verbal and emotional abuse" that Brinkley reportedly had suffered from her ex Peter Cook.

Cyberbullying: Pregnant 16-Yr-Old Bully Ignores Court, Says Victim to Suffer ‘til Death - 06/29/12
"F . . . the restraining order, she's dead," a pregnant 16-year-old student in Geelong posted on Facebook after she was arrested Wednesday. The girl, who remains unnamed for being a minor, spent a night in custody after her arrest. A magistrate said Thursday the pregnant teen is risking jail time with her demeanor, Daily Telegraph reported.

Clarksville Clerk Charged With Using Guests' Info - 06/29/12
Police in Clarksville said a motel clerk stole guests' credit card numbers and gambled online. The department said an investigation began when an Illinois woman found more than $4,000 in online gambling fees had been charged to her credit card, which was still in her possession.

SWAT team throws flashbangs, raids wrong home due to open WiFi network - 06/28/12
The long-standing, heavily documented militarization of even small-town American police forces was always going to create problems when it met anonymous Internet threats. And so it has, again­this time in Evansville, Indiana, where officers acted on some Topix postings threatening violence against local police. They then sent an entire SWAT unit to execute a search warrant on a local house, one in which the front door was open and an 18-year old woman sat inside watching TV.

Protecting your privacy online - 06/28/12
Advertisers, browsers, websites, and smartphone apps track you when you surf the web and travel, with the goal of developing advertisements that correspond to items you view on merchants’ websites or the information you search for on search engines such as Google.

Los Angeles model says she was cyberstalked - 06/27/12
Earlier this year, Los Angeles model Kourtney Reppert was headed for a trip to Colorado with friends on a private plane when they stopped for a moment to take a photo at the airport.
They happened to be standing in front of another plane when they snapped the shot and later posted it on Facebook.

Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN'T illegally download music under new law - 06/27/12
Internet users who illegally download music, movies and e-books will be sent warning letters in a crackdown that could lead to court action for copyright theft. A new regime to tackle online piracy will in effect treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’. Those wrongly accused of illegal downloading will have to pay a £20 fee to appeal in a move that has angered consumer groups.

Internet porn, sexting and intimate webcam sessions causing 'worrying child-on-child rape trend', report warns - 06/27/12
Internet porn, sexting and explicit webcam sessions are increasingly putting young people in danger, not just from strangers but their own peers, a report suggests. Parents and schools are struggling to cope with the ever-changing advances in technology and social networking and the effect they have on young people's behaviour, it warns.

FBI arrests six British 'hackers' in 'biggest ever' undercover sting into global online fraud - 06/27/12
The FBI has arrested six suspected British hackers accused of masterminding a global network of online fraudsters trading in stolen bank and credit card information. They were among 24 suspects snared yesterday following a painstaking two-year undercover sting spanning four continents, described as the biggest of its kind against financial cyber-crooks.

The Boy Hackers - 06/26/12
TWO young hackers face jail after yesterday admitting attacking the websites of major organisations. Ryan Cleary, 20, and Jake Davis, 19, targeted the CIA, Pentagon, NHS, Sony, Nintendo and The Sun. The pair, teenage members of international hacking group LulzSec, carried out “distributed denial of service” attacks ­ flooding websites with traffic to make them crash.

Family of fallen soldier outraged after picture used for scam - 06/26/12
The father of a local fallen soldier was stunned to find out that someone was using his son's picture, to plead for online donations, claiming the soldier needed financial help to recover from his wounds. Sgt. Sean Fennerty, from Corvallis, was killed in Iraq in 2007 and buried in Portland. His father, Dr. Brian Fennerty, said Monday that he still can't believe what has happened, and on top of that he's had trouble getting Craigslist to take down the posting.