WHO@ Newsletter - July 9, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Police recover missing teddy bear

Police in Sweden said a Facebook plea for help in finding a little girl's lost teddy bear resulted in the girl being reunited with her beloved toy.

Stockholm police said a citizen saw the stuffed animal, which 1-year-old Tyra lost June 19, on a wall Thursday near the Kungsholm Church and recognized it as the teddy bear from a missing poster that was put on the Sodermalm police's official Facebook page, The Local.se reported Friday.

"The teddy bear is back!!!" police wrote on the Facebook page. "Tyra's beloved teddy was found by someone engaged in the search party. The bear was found on a wall near Kungsholm Church, not far from the where he disappeared, just like in many other cases."

Police said officers presented the bear to the toddler Thursday.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

BHS Student Pleads No Contest in Bomb Threat Case - 07/09/12
A Burlingame High School student who sent an email from another student's account that shut down the campus has pleaded no contest to making a false bomb threat.

Nixon cyber bullied, taking legal action - 07/09/12
Ex-AFL player manager Ricky Nixon is pursuing his legal options after he was the target of cyber bullying. A video was uploaded onto YouTube containing recordings of prank calls to the 49-year-old, private pictures of him, and threats issued to him.

Pull the plug on bullies who hide behind screens - 07/09/12
CYBER space is fast becoming the cowards' castle of mass communication. The latest scourge are the Twitter trolls who hide behind their computers. Those who target anonymous hateful abuse and vitriol at the partners and girlfriends of high-profile AFL players.

Hearing for man accused in Pitt video, email threats is postponed - 07/09/12
The preliminary hearing for an Ohio man charged with threatening University of Pittsburgh officials through a YouTube video, a comment posted on the video site and an email to university police has been postponed to Aug. 13.

Cyberbullying: Social media's darker side - 07/08/12
India may have reason to celebrate its rising social media usage rankings, but it is yet to come to terms with its potential negatives, especially for teenagers, who form the bulk of the users in the country.

Cyberbullying: Scourge of the Internet - 07/08/12
The explosive growth of social media in recent years has enabled a lot of new opportunities for kids and teenagers ­ sharing achievements with family, making plans with new friends and reliving past memories with old friends, just to name a few. But the proliferation of social networking has also come with an unfortunate downside. Bullying and nastiness become easier when all they take is a few keystrokes and can be hidden by online anonymity.

Police issue warning over scam email threat - 07/07/12
Police are warning residents of mid-Somerset of a scam email doing the rounds. In recent weeks, residents have been receiving emails from friends and associates, saying they had been mugged in Madrid, all their money and credit cards had been stolen and they needed help from them to get home.

This is what online harassment looks like - 07/06/12
http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/internet/2012/07/what-online-harassment-looksWhen I first wrote about the sexist abuse of women online, collating the experiences of nearly a dozen writers, the response was largely positive. Many hadn't been aware there was a problem; they were shocked. Others had assumed that they were the only ones whose every word on the web was greeted with a torrent of abusive, threatening comments.

Shameful sex pics are trending on Twitter - 07/06/12
SHAMELESS blokes are being encouraged to post pictures online of semi-naked sleeping girls as part of a new social networking trend. Hordes of men have uploaded an intimate picture of an unsuspecting woman as they lie in bed after spending the night together.

Man accused of stabbing babysitter to death 'made up four Facebook profiles and blamed fake friend for the killing' - 07/05/12
A teenage babysitter was stabbed to death on Boxing Day by her secret boyfriend who tried to pin the blame for the murder on a fictitious person he created on Facebook, a court heard today.

KPD: Man charged with stealing from Craigslist customers - 07/05/12
The Knoxville Police Department arrested a man Tuesday suspected of stealing money from people who responded to a Craigslist ad he posted offering to sell a set of chrome wheel rims, according to a KPD news release.

Telstra accused of Next G web 'stalking' - 07/05/12
Telstra has been criticised by the chief scientist at one of the web's most prominent organisations for "stalking" millions of Next G mobile phone users by sending a third party in Canada the websites they visited.

Babysitting teen, 14, who raped girl, 5, spared custody as judge says he was corrupted by internet porn - 07/05/12
A schoolboy raped a five-year-old girl while babysitting her after he was ‘corrupted’ by internet pornography. The 14-year-old tied an apron around the child’s eyes and made her perform an indecent act on him as he looked after her in her home.

BA in privacy row as passengers face being profiled by staff with iPads and snooping Google software - 07/05/12
British Airways has been dragged into a privacy row over a scheme which uses Google to create dossiers of passenger information. Staff at the airline are carrying iPads giving them instant access to customer data, including passengers’ travel history, meal requests and details of any previous complaints.

Twitter bullying an alarming trend - 07/05/12
I love scrolling down my feed and seeing what everyone is doing. I love tweeting things I think are witty. I love following celebrities, fitness advice, recipes and parody accounts. But one thing I hate about Twitter is the amount of bullying and gossiping that goes on, and how easy it is to be passive-aggressive or, even worse, straight-up mean.

The teenager who 'insulted six dead soldiers on Facebook' appears in court charged with 'gross offence' - 07/04/12
A teenager appeared in court yesterday charged with making offensive comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers. Azhar Ahmed, 19, has been accused of committing an offence under the Communications Act of sending a ‘grossly offensive’ message.

Cyberbullying: 'I got a message from someone telling me to go and kill myself' - 07/04/12
Jon waited at a tube station with that nervous feeling that comes with going on a first date. He met Stephen through the dating site Gaydar and they had exchanged brief messages. But when his date eventually arrived within seconds Jon’s anticipation was replaced with a different feeling - one of utter dread.

Wagga teenagers targeted in cyber bully 'crush' site - 07/04/12
IT SOUNDS like a helpful dating website to link single Wagga people. But in reality it is a forum for teenagers to post derogatory and vicious rumours about each other. A new Facebook page has been set up called Wagga Crushes, and it has parents, teachers and the police up in arms.

McLean urged to "hang himself" - 07/03/12
CARLTON Twitter rebel Brock McLean has revealed one follower urged the him to hang himself after the social media storm that erupted last week. In what McLean says is a clear example of the abuse AFL players are subjected to via social media sites, the 26-year-old admitted his crude retort to another fan last week had "clearly overstepped the mark".