WHO@ Newsletter - July 16, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Thieves take toilet seat from courthouse

Police in Sweden said they arrested two people accused of attempting to steal items including a toilet seat from a courthouse.

Kristianstad police said the 24-year-old woman and 38-year-old man, who both had previous encounters with police, were arrested outside of the courthouse Thursday with pilfered coffee, tea, sugar and a toilet seat, The Local.se reported Friday.

Police said a security camera recorded the couple attempting to break into a storage locker.

The man and woman were held on suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery.

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Rock Star Shirley Manson From Garbage Battles a Cyberstalker - 07/16/12
Shirley Manson, frontwoman for the rock band Garbage, is being barraged with death threats and hate tweets by a fan on Twitter. Christine Pelisek and Chris Lee examine the phenomenon of celebrity cyberstalking.

Techie harasses girl for four years, arrested - 07/15/12
A 26-year-old software engineer was arrested for allegedly harassing his former collegemate continuously for over four years. The perpetrator, Keshav Murthy G., a software analyst with Dell, Domlur branch, started stalking the girl after she rejected his proposal for marriage in 2008.

Engineer held for harassing colleague - 07/14/12
A software engineer from Bangalore was arrested by CID sleuths on Friday on the charge of harassing his former colleague by uploading her morphed images on the internet. CID officials said M Naga Vamsi Krishna, 24, an employee of a Bangalore-based IT firm, started harassing the woman ever since she turned down his marriage proposal.

The trolls strike again… - 07/14/12
Cheryl Cole is a reet sweetie peet, and likes to do her bit to help young people from the area she grew up in, which is why she started The Cheryl Cole Foundation.
The charity helps educate and train troubled young people in Newcastle to increase their opportunities and stop them ending up in dead end jobs. Chezza explained to Grazia why she can relate to a lot of these kids. "I get what these kids have gone through because I had a tough upbringing and I understand what it feels like to get bullied like some of them.” She also revealed that even now she suffers from bullying on the web.

Restraining order after terrifying campaign of abuse - 07/14/12
A FATHER shouted a stream of abuse at his ex-partner and her mother during a terrifying campaign of harassment – often without getting out of his van. Jamie Barton, 26, of Bridge Street, Long Eaton, threatened to kill both Sarah Moss and her mum in a tirade of expletives. Nottingham Crown Court heard the abuse began after Barton split from Ms Moss, the mother of his child. Initially, he texted her saying "Sarah, I'm going to find you" and "trust me... if I were you I would get out of Long Eaton now". In another text he threatened to stab her.

Man charged with cyberstalking former classmate - 07/13/12
It was a crime six years in the making. A Charlotte County man is accused of stalking a former classmate online. The victim received a threatening email in the eighth grade. Detectives say the online harassment continued into college. "Just some ditsy blond bimbo in Tampa, Florida." It's the caption written under a picture deputies believe 20-year-old David Michael Morris posted on several websites. "The data that I had was complimentary to everything they'd [detectives] been working on," says Keith Depersia, with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Computer Crimes Unit.

Arizona outlaws Internet stalking - 07/13/12
Arizona has broadened its laws on stalking and harassment, joining 24 other states with similar legislation. House Bill 2549 will prevent anyone from terrifying, intimidating, threatening or harassing an individual through electronic communication. The previous law, crafted in the 1970s, protected individuals from these acts only via telephone.

Creepy bald man stalks teen - 07/13/12
JASON As is 37 and bald so he set up a fake Facebook account, falsely claimed he was 19, and he sexually preyed on a 13-year-old Mackay girl. His Facebook profile said he was the "Darkness of Christ", and he had about 280 likes, mostly by people who were aged 17 to 19.

Ethiopian blogger Eskinder Nega jailed for 18 years - 07/13/12
A prominent Ethiopian journalist and blogger has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for violating the country's anti-terrorism legislation. Eskinder Nega and 23 others were found guilty last month. They were accused of links with US-based opposition group Ginbot Seven, which Ethiopia considers a terrorist organisation.

Texas Demolishes USDOJ's Case Against Voter I.D. - 07/13/12
Testimony has concluded in the trial of Texas 'Voter I.D.' law, after attorneys for the state demolished the main arguments raised against the law by the Obama Administration, and got the key witness for the Justice Department to admit he got his information from Wikipedia, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The 'truth' deleted from internet in China - 07/12/12
Online messages began circulating earlier this week claiming that the Chinese characters for "the truth" could not be searched for on the Twitter-like micro-blog, Sina Weibo, which boasts nearly 300 million registered users.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer, 34, faces jail for stalking a beauty queen who befriended him - 07/12/12
A stalker who waged an internet hate campaign against a beauty queen who tried to befriend him was yesterday warned he faces time in prison. Anthony Mantova, 34, of Meliden, Prestatyn, North Wales, turned 20-year-old former 'Miss Prestatyn' Chloe Hopkins’s life into a nightmare after she reached out to him in an act of kindness.

University football coach's daughter 'beat sorority sister so badly that she needed reconstructive surgery after fight over Facebook post' - 07/12/12
One sorority sister was being sued by another after a confrontation over a boyfriend led to a vicious, bloody cat fight with the girls repeatedly punching each other in the head and tearing out hair, according to court documents. Kristin Saban, daughter of legendary University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, was being sued for $10,000 by fellow Phi Mu sister Sarah Grimes, who claims the two attacked each other over a Facebook post following a night of drinking games.

Wanted Craigslist scam suspect killed in car crash - 07/12/12
The Anderson County Sheriff's Office is reporting the suspect wanted in connection with a Craigslist scam has been killed in a car crash. Shannon Renee Leffew of Powell, 37, was killed on I-75 in Whitley County. Kentucky State Police are investigating the crash.

Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted - 07/12/12
A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain "likes" from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products. It also appears many account holders who click on the links have lied about their personal details.

Ky. woman fights porn companies' anti-piracy suits - 07/11/12
It's a common tactic for pornography producers trying to protect their product from online piracy: They sue unknown "John Does" who illegally download movies, then go to Internet providers to learn their true identities and collect.

Woman's call to end video game misogyny sparks vicious online attacks - 07/11/12
A woman seeking to expose misogyny in video games has suffered a harsh lesson in the extent of Internet viciousness, as a campaign of harassment escalated to a Canadian man creating a game that let people batter an image of her face.

Customers describe threats made by cyberbullying online glasses vendor - 07/11/12
An online glasses vendor got an eyeful and an earful Wednesday when some of his bullied customers paraded through a Manhattan courtroom to describe his threats to rape and kill them. The hearing was called after Vitaly Borker, 35, who pleaded guilty last year to defrauding customers of his DecorMyEyes.com website and sending threatening communications, said he had been framed.

Police terror planner sparks massive internal probe after leaking picture of sensitive security operations on Twitter - 07/11/12
A police force has launched a review of its staff's use of Twitter after a top official was accused of leaking sensitive details on security operations. Greg Snelgrove, whose police job at Hampshire Police is to plan for emergency situations such as a terror attack, gives a running commentary of his work on the social networking site.

Thai king pardons American convicted of insulting monarchy - 07/10/12
Thailand has pardoned and set free an American who was jailed on charges of insulting the monarchy after posting online several passages from an English-language book about the king. Joe Gordon was convicted in December 2011 and given two and a half years for translating excerpts of the book The King Never Smiles from English into Thai and putting them online. The punishment was a high-profile example of the severe sentences meted out for defaming Thailand's royal family, an issue that has raised concern about freedom of expression in the kingdom.

Cyber bullying victim speaks out - 07/10/12
The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of cyber bullying after the parents of a San Antonio teenager reported she was the target of some very inappropriate tweets on the popular social networking site Twitter. "I felt very victimized by them, and it was just really upsetting and really humiliating," said Laura Smith. Monday night Laura Smith learned someone set up an anonymous account on Twitter and used it to say horrible things about the 15-year-old Reagan High School student. While the cheerleader was upset by what she read online she wasn't exactly surprised because she'd been bullied before.

Stalker facing six months in prison - 07/10/12
Probation officials are recommending that a Danville man serve six months in state prison and undergo sex offender treatment after allegedly violating probation for a second time. Robert Slye, 30, will appear before a judge on July 30 for a probation violation hearing in Rockingham County Superior Court stemming from his latest arrest two months ago.


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