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Monday, September 29, 2008

WHOA Newsletter - September 29, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .One question: WHY?
Firefighter accused of taking crash victim's foot;_ylt=Ak7YKGbxKqWT9XtUV3ydkmjtiBIF
St. Lucie County officials are investigating whether a firefighter took a man's severed foot from the scene of a traffic accident. On Sept. 19, a crash on I-95 caused a man's foot to be sheared off; the man survived and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

It's the Fire District's policy to take a severed body part with the patient to the hospital if there is any chance of reattachment, or the body part goes to the medical examiner's office. But authorities said the foot was taken to the hospital days later, on Sept. 24.

Officials would not release the name of the firefighter under investigation, but said the firefighter trains cadaver dogs, which are used to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Your company can lure identity thieves - 09/29/08
Everyone is aware of the threat of personal identity theft. Recent studies cite more than 8 million Americans as ID theft victims, with nearly $50 billion in annual losses, but the most sophisticated identity thieves are now pursuing even bigger payoffs by targeting businesses.

Facebook hires D.C. lawyer as general counsel - 09/29/08
Facebook has hired the former chief of staff to onetime U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales as its general counsel, according to the Los Angeles Times. Ted Ullyot, currently a Washington, D.C.-based partner for the law firm Kirkland & Ellis, will relocate to the Bay Area and join the Palo Alto social network next month.

Korbel sues over postings on Craigslist - 09/28/08
In a case that could test the limits of free speech on the Internet, Sonoma County's Korbel Champagne Cellars is suing anonymous critics on a Craigslist message board, saying their false statements are hurting the century-old company's reputation.

Airline pilots blinded with laser beams as they come in to land - 09/28/08
Pilots coming in to land at British airports have been forced to hand over the controls to colleagues after being temporarily blinded by laser beams deliberately shone into the cockpit from the ground.

Ex-undersheriff sentenced in online sex pictures - 09/27/08
Calling retired Morris County undersheriff John Kinnecom a bully who acted out of depravity, a judge yesterday sentenced him to 150 hours of community service and five years' probation for posting sexually explicit photographs of a woman on websites and sending harassing e-mails to a second victim.

Japan's online social scene isn't so social - 09/27/08;_ylt=AqcodHP9Q3ouPMN0VUt00_z6VbIF
Like a lot of 20-year-olds, Kae Takahashi has a page on U.S.-based MySpace, and there is no mistaking it for anyone else's.
It's got pictures of the funky Tokyoite modeling the clothes she designs in her spare time, along with her name, plus personal details and ramblings in slightly awkward English about her love life.

Cops Seize Computer Related To NCG Cyberstalking - 09/27/08
State Police executed a search warrant at the residence of a Queens man last week in relation to the ongoing cyberstalking, intrusions, trespass and theft of data involving The North Country Gazette.

Elected officials can be sued in ID theft, court rules - 09/27/08
Elected officials can be sued if they place your private information online and someone uses it to steal your identity, an Ohio appeals court ruled Friday in overturning a lower court ruling.

Dispute over computer blamed in San Diego stabbing - 09/27/08,0,274787.story
Police say a man stabbed a woman three times with a steak knife after they tussled over use of a shared hotel computer. Her wounds are not considered life-threatening.

Calamus Man Convicted of Harassment, Extortion - 09/26/08
A Calamus man has been found guilty of extortion and harassment for telling a woman he would post photographs of her daughter on the Internet if she didn't pay him $400.

Stalking charges may follow Internet postings - 09/26/08
An Atwater man could be charged with stalking a woman through the Internet site Craigslist.
The stalking case was first brought to the attention of the Merced County Sheriff's Department on Aug. 15, when a woman came forward to say someone had been posting comments about her on the popular Web site The majority of the postings were made between June and August. They included details about the inside of relatives' homes and the woman's daily activities, as well as graphic accusations about her personal life, according to Detective Charles Hale.

High-Tech Spies Using Cell Phones To Gather Data - 09/26/08
Modern cell phones have become handheld computers, and unscrupulous people can install harmful software -- known as spyware -- on these devices.

Solar panels are vanishing, only to reappear on Internet - 09/25/08
Solar power, with its promise of emissions-free renewable energy, boasts a growing number of fans. Some of them, it turns out, are thieves.

Knoxville FBI warns of e-mail scam that hit Knox school official - 09/25/08
Several readers contacted the News Sentinel today to report they were victims of the same scheme Buttry addressed Wednesday. Two had received e-mails from friends or associates claiming to be stranded overseas and asking for money.

Santa Cruz police crack large commercial burglary case at Safeway - 09/25/08
A band of burglars stole $60,000 worth of merchandise from the Eastside Safeway store, then resold the stolen items on eBay, police said Wednesday.

Police Officer Arrested On Stalking Charge - 09/25/08
A Titusville police officer was arrested Wednesday in Alachua County on stalking and other charges.
Adam Treinen faces several charges, including stalking, cyberstalking, accessing a computer without authority, making a false statement and falsifying an official document.

Internet gaming fan 'could have been stabbed to death by fellow player' - 09/24/08
A computer gaming fan found stabbed to death in his home may have been killed by a fellow gamer he fell out with in an online forum, it has emerged.

Group asked to apologize for calling online vendors addicts - 09/24/08;_ylt=AvjSFWYEayQWGoM2eckiLUP6VbIF
An e-commerce advocacy group is fuming over the retail industry's portrayal of online vendors as addicts and criminals and is demanding an apology.

Online dating can be awkward, interesting - 09/24/08
While Internet dating is still relatively new, it has already earned itself a negative connotation for nerds, being creepy, or just plain awkward. But for some, dating online may increase self-esteem as well as the dating pool.

Say CHEEEEESE! - 09/24/08
Since the advent of Facebook, life as we know it has been dramatically altered. No longer do people savor every moment with their friends. Foregone are the times when a car accident was seen as a terrible, embarrassing incident. No more are the times when a private trip to the beach remained just that­private. Now, with the widespread use of Facebook and digital cameras, our habits have changed.

Trial to decide Oviedo killer's fate begins despite his refusal to enter courtroom - 09/23/08,0,511886.story
Testimony began Monday in Sanford in the trial of a 22-year-old Oviedo man who murdered his former girlfriend and a University of Central Florida student last year.

eBay: don't come on our US site without protection - 09/23/08
Just when you think eBay is done infuriating longtime users across the world, the auction site keeps cranking out the hits.

Crazy stalkers and the pain they can cause - 09/23/08
It's an ordinary day. You step into a bookstore and start to browse through the shelves. Next thing you know, the feeling of being followed isn't something just in movies anymore - it's real. It's now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blue Sky Should be called Blue Hell

My sister, Nancy, and her hubby, Jimmy, came to spend the weekend with us. Actually it was just Saturday night, but they don't get a chance to get away from their kids very often. My mom babysat, so we were all excited they'd come be with us. They got here Saturday afternoon and while Chris and Jimmy unloaded some furniture they brought with them for us (some of my old stuff they'd been storing in their basement), Nancy and I relaxed on the porch. We decided to start off at one of our favorite restaurants for appetizers, go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, then see what happened from there. We were going to take our time and have fun.

We hopped into the Jeep (which still had the top and doors off - it was a beautiful day this past Saturday, not too cold and bright and sunny). We went to Lobster Cove, which is on the beach and near our house. Our neighbors are co-owners and it's become our local hangout when we get a chance to actually go out. Chris' work schedule at Home Depot has been crazy and he's often exhausted when he gets home. Some days he'll work 9-6, others it will be 12-9 pm, then the next day 6am-3pm. It's nuts.

But I digress.

So we got to the Lobster Cove and ordered up calamari for Nancy and me and scallops wrapped in bacon for the guys. We talked with the waitstaff, most of who we know, then jumped back in the Jeep and went to Panda Sakura a Japanese/Chinese restaurant right on Short Sands Beach. We know the owners and staff there as well (there aren't many restaurants open year round here, so in the winter you get to know everyone). Nancy, Jimmy and I got sushi and sashimi while Chris got crispy beef. He and Jimmy hit the pool table for a bit, then we talked about where to go next.

I'd heard that a new restaurant not far from there called Blue Sky was supposed to be pricey, but good. We figured we'd go there for a drink or two and check it out. It's in what used to be called the Atlantic House, an old hotel refurbished last year (and a great job was done on it). Blue Sky was on the second floor and we marveled at the white oak staircase going up and how nicely it was decorated. I was pretty impressed with the place.

We asked if we could sit outside on the deck/porch. The hostess actually sniffed at us. We all looked at each other in suprise. What the heck? Jimmy is a big guy - he's 6'4" and built like a football player. Chris is no slouch at 6', and yes, we were dressed kind of casually, but I don't think we looked like we were dressed in rags or anything. For god's sake, I was carrying a Coach logo purse.

We sat and sat and sat. We joked around and noticed that the place was kind of quiet. Since when are restaurants libraries? I was glad we weren't sitting inside and were out on the deck. It was actually a nice view of the beach, but we were beginning to feel like we were being snubbed. Chris went to the outside bar to see about getting a waiter.

We got one. I can't remember if his name was David or Dana, but he was a little thing and really seemed to be scared of us. We just couldn't figure out why. We tried to joke around with him. At least I *don't* think I'm that scary in person (ha ha). He took our drink orders. He had dropped off a menu, which was not even a real menu, but printed pieces of paper (and not even fancy paper, either). I expected more from such an expensive place.

We joked around some more with each other. The drinks took for-ev-er to get to us. It wasn't like they were mixed drinks. The boys had draft beer and Nancy and I had each ordered a glass of merlot and reisling (at almost $9/pop for a teeny glass). But our little waiter had disappeared and another guy brought our drinks. He looked like one of those artsy fartsy guys with longish hair, horn rimmed glasses and a permanent smirk. What the heck?

Nancy and Chris asked if they could get an ashtray. In Maine, you can smoke outside at pretty much every restaurant we've ever gone to. We were told no smoking was allowed on the deck. Okkkkkayyyy. We can deal with that. But suddenly everyone was watching us like hawks. Geesuz. Like they were going to sneak a cigarette. We began to feel like bad teenagers.

Chris and Jimmy got this devilish look in their eyes and decided to make paper airplanes out of the "menu." They flew them into the road below. We cracked up. The staff was not amused. Right back at them - we definitely were not amused or impressed with this place.

So Chris and Nancy went downstairs to smoke and Chris told me afterwards Nancy asked the valet (snidely) if they were far enough away to smoke, since the smoke was going right up to where we were sitting on the deck. Um, hello?

We had planned on having another drink, but I finally got the attention of our new waiter and he asked with that snide smile if there was a problem. That did it. I laid into him, and told him I have never been so insulted in my life and that Blue Sky was a pretentious bar. I told him I lived in town year round and I was not going to be recommending the place to anyone. It was overpriced, pretentious (yes, I said that again) and the staff were rude to us from the minute we walked in.

He actually asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. I was too pissed off and Jimmy hurriedly pulled his wallet out and paid the bill. I marched out of the place and thank goodness no one tried to stop to talk to me. Yes, I was that upset.

We went over to Inn on the Blues, another place we sometimes go to for dinner. We know the owner and we laughingly asked if smoking was allowed outside on the deck. He looked at us strangely, knowing Chris had smoked there before, and we told him about our horrible experience at Blue Sky. He kept nodding. It appears he'd heard the same complaints before. So we had a drink and laughed and had a good time.

We decided to go to one more place before heading home. Man, you're getting old when 10 pm on a Saturday night is a late night out, ha ha. We had to walk by Blue Sky to get to the Union Bluff, the hotel we stayed at for our wedding night. We went into the pub and saw a bunch of people we knew. What a difference from the uppity Blue Sky. Nancy and I played pool and were giggling the whole time. We had fun, which was our intention the entire night, and finally headed home a little after 1130 pm (yep, past our bedtime).

When we walked past Blue Sky, Chris said "One, two, three" and all four of us gave the place the finger.

As I wrote before, there aren't many places open year round where we live. We tend to go to the ones that are open, mainly because they're locals and we like to support local businesses. But I'll be damned if I give a penny to that restaurant ever again.

Unless you want to be treated like crap and be served by snobs, avoid Blue Sky in York Beach, Maine at all costs.


WHOA Newsletter - September 22, 2008

WHOA Newsletter

September 22, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Kind of ironic, huh?

Woman named Bacon wins Idaho hog-calling title;_ylt=AiRBWC0bwowK0dup92URGRntiBIF

Jolee Bacon really sizzles when it comes to hog-calling.

The northern Idaho woman took first place Saturday in the competition at the Nez Perce County Fair.

She has raised several champion pigs for 4-H contests. Bacon says she calls pigs every morning and night with her 9-year-old daughter, Jacey.

Bacon won the crown over as she started her hog call with a few loud snorts and a long, drawn-out "sooey."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Reader disappointed with lack of cooperation - 09/21/08
(ed.note - it's a shame when an online victim has to turn to the media for help. But sometimes that does indeed help)
To the Editor:
I am writing in regard to the blatant lack of help from the Clay County Courthouse.
Since January 2008, I have filed five police reports and filed for a protective order twice. Both times, denied due to this person has no direct relationship to me.

Are there too many celebrity stalking sites? - 09/21/08
Can't get your fill of Brangelina, Miley or Britney? Don't fret--there's a celebrity news site or blog out there for you filled with stories, photos, videos and snarky comments on your favorite star.

Dirty politics and the world wide web - 09/21/08
ROCHELLE REES threw some cyber-mud at John Key on the internet "as a joke". The Auckland computer programmer was astounded at the fuss she caused. Her "harmless little prank" got a lot of publicity and raised hard questions. Was this a case of dirty tricks in cyber-space? After all, wasn't Rees a former Labour Party activist? Rees, 22, laughs.

MySpace boast nets partiers $320K Okla. tax bill -09/20/08
Be careful when you boast.
Oklahoma college students who bragged on MySpace that their party business had served thousands of revelers have been hit with a state tax bill of $320,000.

Baytown teacher stocks up on free MREs; stirs up cyberworld - 09/19/08
Jacki Steinhauer is one of the lucky ones. She has no damage at her Deer Park home, she has power and she doesn't have to work since her school is closed.

Cyber Bullies Attack Social Networking Sites - 09/19/08
If you take a closer look at myspace, facebook, and other social networking websites you'll find vicious words like slut and sex offender, written by students in our area describing their classmates and teachers!

Morocco scraps blogger's two-year jail sentence - 09/18/08;_ylt=ArkUItyJK5C0aktsjEk0t8X6VbIF
A Moroccan appeals court on Thursday cancelled a two-year jail sentence given to a local blogger for disparaging King Mohammed and the royal family, court officials and lawyers said.

Family of missing Amy hit by cruel Net hoax -09/18/08
THE family of missing Dublin teenager Amy Fitzpatrick have been targeted by internet hoaxers who gave them the address of a Tallaght youth and told them the 16-year-old girl was living there with him.

'Dark Play’ turns mean, but it’s not as dangerous as it thinks - 09/19/08
The first two words in the title of Carlos Murillo’s Dark Play or Stories for Boys refer to a game in which some players know the rules, but others don’t. This idea is presented by a high school drama teacher who needs her theater to be "dangerous," as if suggesting that is the same thing as "important."

US blogger sentenced to three months in Singapore jail - 09/18/08;_ylt=Ajx_olcxPJENv.Ad89EJnrn6VbIF
An American blogger has been sentenced to three months' jail for accusing a Singapore judge of "prostituting herself," he told AFP on Thursday.

Cyberbullying Vs. Free Speech - 09/18/08
The case of Megan Meier screams out for justice. But to be truly served, justice must based on rationality, not just revenge and emotion.
It was disclosed in November that the 14-year-old Missouri girl committed suicide after an adult neighbor - the mother of one of Megan’s friends - allegedly carried out a cruel hoax. That mother, Lori Drew, reportedly set up a fake MySpace profile that appeared to belong to a hot-looking teenage boy named Josh Evans.

Attacker: Hacking Sarah Palin’s email was easy - 09/18/08
A college student identified as Rubico has claimed responsibility for hacking into Sarah Palin’s personal email, and provided a detailed 1st person account of how he hacked into the email account using the password “popcorn” which he managed to reset by successfully answering her security question “Where did you meet your spouse?” by Googling for the answer :

Vallejo prohibits students from using cell phones to videotape fights to post on YouTube - 09/18/08
The Vallejo City Unified School District Board of Education unanimously has approved a policy that bans students from using cell phones inappropriately, including by videotaping fights on school grounds so they can post them on YouTube.

Equal Rights Or Double Standards - 09/18/08
By now, most people who listen to the news, surf the Internet or read the newspaper know that between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Wednesday, members of a known group of hackers broke into Gov. Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail account, an outrageous invasion of her privacy.

Cyber-Stalking of UC Animal Researcher Cited As Rationale for Raid - 09/18/08
UC Berkeley police, joined by federal and county law enforcement, raided the Long Haul Infoshop Aug. 27 in search of the source of threats to university researchers who experiment on animals.

Flaws in YouTube gangster video vetting exposed - 09/18/08
YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website, this week removed over two dozen videos glorifying gangs and gang violence which had been on its website in some cases for over 18 months.

Fayetteville School District Hit With Federal Lawsuit - 09/17/08
A Fayetteville attorney filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Fayetteville School District alleging district personnel failed to protect a student from physical and online harassment and beatings.

Porn on a plane: It's all or nothing - 09/17/08
The debate over viewing porn on your laptop while connected to an airline's Wi-Fi service in the air has been raging over the past few days.

Crackdown on 'suicide websites' - 09/17/08
The law on "suicide websites" is to be rewritten to ensure people know they are illegal, the government has said.

Penniless van driver conned millions from horseracing tycoons by posing online as a high roller - 09/16/08
A penniless fantasist who tricked two horseracing agents into buying him more than £5million worth of livestock has been jailed for three years.

Students urged to be respectful on gossip site - 09/16/08, the Web site where students can post the latest college gossip, has continued to gain popularity among Appalachian State University students.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chippy's Garage Adventure

This is the story of Chippy

He's a chipmunk that lives in the backyard of Chris and Jayne in York, Maine.

Jayne feeds Chippy sunflower seeds just about every day and sometimes several times a day. He likes Jayne so much that sometimes he will get really close to her to get his sunflower seeds.

This year Chippy decided it was time to make his move. One morning he was waiting at the back door, knowing Jayne would come out to feed the birds and him. When she opened the door, he tried to sneak inside. She scolded him and told him he couldn't come in the house. Bad Chippy!!

But Chippy would not be deterred!

He sat just outside his hole in the lawn and watched as Chris and Jayne stacked firewood in the garage. After they were done, they went inside to eat dinner and left the garage door open. Chippy ran like the wind and climbed inside the stacked firewood, giggling madly.

He kept really quiet. Then he heard the garage door close. He tiptoed out and there was Chris, staring right at him. He leaped back into the firewood. Soon he heard Jayne's voice in the garage calling him. He wanted to come out, but he was afraid they would make him leave.

The light went off and all was quiet.

He sniffed the air.

Ah, the aroma of sunflower seeds.

He loved Jayne.

He stuck his little head out.

Yep, there was a bowl of sunflower seeds on the garage floor. He squeaked and ran to the bowl to have a late-night snack. He was very careful to open the seeds, eat the seed and put the shell back in the bowl. He didn't want Jayne to have a mess to clean up the next morning.

After eating, he decided to explore. There were lots of boxes to climb in and out of, and he got scared by a big spider that hissed that it wanted to eat Chippy. Then a pincher bug chased him away from the corner of the garage. Some pill bugs rolled up into a ball when they saw him and rolled away. He heard noises and suddenly he got scared. Maybe hiding in the garage wasn't a good idea after all, even though it was warm.

He ran back to the firewood to his hidey hole and said his prayers before going to sleep.

In the morning, he awoke to hear the door from the house open into the garage. Jayne's voice said, "I knew it was you, Chippy!"

She took the bowl, refilled it and opened the garage door, placing the bowl outside in the driveway.

As soon as she went back in the house, Chippy sprinted out to be greeted by Sweetie, who had been worried about him all night.

Chippy promised not to go into the garage again.

But he didn't promise he wouldn't try to get into the house.

He leaped off the fence to have fun with Sweetie.


Monday, September 15, 2008

WHOA Newsletter - September 15, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .This is titillating
Lewd vandal leaves greasy imprints on Neb. town;_ylt=AlgSxjcKwW3qpTFroWg2hiDtiBIF
Boy, how people here wish their busiest vandal would find another way to make his mark. Beginning more than a year ago, some man has been skipping from one business to another at night, pressing his naked behind ­ sometimes his groin, sometimes both ­ on windows. Store owners, church workers and school janitors have had to wash lotion and petroleum jelly off the windows he selects.

"This is the weirdest case I've ever seen," said police Chief Ben McBride.

Some residents of Valentine, a town of about 2,650 people, find some humor in the strange vandalism and have taken to calling the perpetrator the "Butt Bandit." But they also can't help but cringe when finding his marks.

"We were completely grossed out," said Kalli Kieborz, who works in a downtown building. "One day I walked into the office and an employee said, 'Oh, my God, we've been struck!'"

The police chief is far from amused.

"It's not funny," McBride said. "We're worried about the next step."

It started in spring 2007, when the window of a Methodist church was greased with an imprint. McBride figured it was a high school prank. But the church kept getting hit, even after police staked it out.

The bandit struck business after business, window after window last summer.

Then he ­ and maybe, McBride said, copycat vandals ­ stopped over the fall and winter.

"People said he was done," McBride said. "Then he started back up this summer."

During one particularly brazen session, virtually all the windows at a local hotel were imprinted.

McBride said no one has reported seeing the vandal in action. The only clue is a blurry picture of him caught by a surveillance camera at the middle school last year.

The man was 6-feet-tall or slightly taller, and slender. He had a dark complexion, and McBride said the man's dark hair was styled in a "1980s, feathered look."

Valentine, in remote north-central Nebraska, promotes itself as "The Heart City." Downtown sidewalks are painted with hearts, and locals encourage people from around the country to send their Valentine's Day cards to the local post office so they can be mailed out with the word "Valentine" stamped on them.

"This is not normal behavior for Valentine," Cherry County Attorney Eric Scott said. "It's not funny or something people want to be exposed to."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Virginia Supreme Court Overturns Spammer's Conviction - 09/15/08
The Virginia Supreme Court declared an anti-spam law unconstitutional, which led to one of the country's most notorious spammers to be released from prison.

Train collision probe to examine text messages - 09/15/08
Federal investigators said Sunday they plan to obtain the cell phone records of two teenagers and the engineer of a commuter train to determine whether text messages played a part in a head-on collision that killed 25 people.

Cyber Criminals, Cyber Crime And You - 09/15/08
Don't be a victim to a cyber stalker. Takes the proper steps to identify them and bring their negative actions to a stop.

Employers Admit Checking Facebook Before Hiring -09/14/08
Increasing numbers of employers are checking out potential staff's social networking profiles, says
The job-search website surveyed employers and found that 20 percent of companies admitted to checking out candidate's profiles on social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace before deciding to employ them. A further 9 percent said they planned to start reviewing potential employees social-networking pages in the future.

YouTube blocks terrorism training, drug abuse - 09/14/08
The video-sharing site YouTube has added new stipulations to its community guidelines, this time banning terrorist training and 'drug abuse' videos.

Bloggers test limits of free speech - 09/14/08
Liar, virus, femme Nazi. Janet Joakim can ignore the names.
She can even look past the pictures of her face pasted to Osama bin Laden's body that have appeared on the Internet.

Google knows where you at - 09/13/08
This week Google announced Mobile Search with My Location, for devices running on Windows Mobile. By either using GPS or cell-ID, Google can tap into your location and deliver location-specific information.

Taliban using Skype phones to dodge MI6 - 09/13/08
Taliban fighters targeting British troops in Afghanistan are using the latest ‘internet phones’ to evade detection by MI6, security sources said last night.

Top medic enters web abuse row - 09/12/08
THE former director of a training programme for young Scottish doctors has signed a petition calling for the immediate re-instatement of a junior Inverness surgeon suspended for allegedly making insulting comments on a website.

Cyberstalking suspects say it was a prank - 09/12/08
Two women from Pawtucket say they were just pulling a prank. But, according to Rhode Island State Police it was no laughing matter, and Friday morning Trina Young, 23, and Melissa Young, 19, were both arraigned on cyberstalking charges.

Two Charged For Internet Stalking, Harassment - 09/12/08
State Police have arrested a Livingston man for internet harassment and stalking after he posted his ex-girlfriend’s personal information and that of her family on MySpace.

E-mail threats, scams spark warning in Ontario County - 09/12/08'
The Ontario County's Sheriff's Office has received several dozen complaints in recent months of threats and scams from e-mails.

Mom allegedly uses daughter's ID to be cheerleader - 09/12/08;_ylt=AhrB8dzOAYjYr0t4SA8Pu5PtiBIF
A 33-year-old woman stole her daughter's identity to attend high school and join the cheerleading squad, according to a criminal complaint filed against the woman.

Man Again Charged With Harassing Ex - 09/12/08,0,1104984.story
A 19-year-old Emmaus man -- who was sentenced two weeks ago to two years probation for taking a handgun to the Emmaus High School campus to threaten his ex-girlfriend -- was charged Monday with making threats over the computer to the same woman, state police at Fogelsville said.

Faceless no more: Social networking comes with a price - 09/12/08
Jennifer Porter is a little freaked out.
The 17-year-old is hunkered over a sheaf of papers scattered across a spotty Tim Hortons table in Ajax, Ont., one hand flipping pages, the other twirling an oversized blue earring. She brushes an errant lock of sandy blonde hair away from her face, looks up and giggles nervously. "That's kind of creepy," she says.

Couple nets probation in identity theft case - 09/12/08
A couple has received probation in a case involving the identity theft of the man’s ex-wife. Kathryn Hulsey offered guilty pleas on Tuesday in Wilson County to three felony charges of identity theft. She originally faced 37 counts of identity theft.

Email Security: Big Risk to Organizations and Individuals - 09/11/08
A new report from Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), sheds light on the escalating dangers facing organizations that do not take adequate steps to safeguard their data, their computers, their brand and even individuals who are becoming victims of targeted, individualized attacks.

Blogger accused of harassment over Flight 93 design - 09/11/08
People who have responded to an Internet blogger’s criticism of the Flight 93 National Memorial design now say they have been harassed by the blogger.

Coxsackie woman held in cyber-ID theft plot - 09/11/08
A vindictive man who posted his ex-girlfriend’s personal information, along with that of her family, on the Internet was recently arrested, said police.

Workplace Issues Examiner - 09/11/08
Just to prove that my constant “come on guys, no more procrastinating” ranting isn’t just a silly game or futile attempt to appear motivating, I’ve decided to tackle my New Year’s Resolutions ahead of schedule this year. Why wait until January? No time like the present to kick our effort up a notch, get fired up, and decide once and for all, that this is it.

New tool creates fake YouTube pages for spreading malware - 09/11/08;_ylt=As9Cw5aTOum6SGfbwDwZ_Tj6VbIF
Cybercriminals are getting more and more business-like. The latest examples involve a tool that automates the creation of fake YouTube Web sites that can be used to deliver malware and password-cracking services for sale.

'Naked on web' threat - 09/11/08
AN abusive husband threatened to post nude videos of his wife on the internet unless she withdrew a police statement, a court has heard.
Mother-of-three Caroline Belmont said she was a “nervous wreck” and “no longer felt safe” because of the actions of her estranged husband, Thomas Kevin Belmont.

Web designer sues Brat City for assaulting hyperlink - 09/11/08
Last year, Jennifer Reisinger, a Web developer from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, received a letter from the city. It demanded that she cease and desist the publication of a hyperlink on her web site pointing to the home page for the Sheboygan Police Department.

Facebook Members Forced To Face New Changes - 09/10/08
Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, a leading online social network, will begin forcing its users to make an adjustment that they might not be inclined to make.
If there’s anything 24-year-old Zuckerberg has learned over the past 4 years of Facebook’s evolution it’s that even the site’s most loyal users are usually opposed to new cosmetic and functional changes to the site.

Textual harassment - 09/10/08
It’s much easier to stay in touch these days. But our communication devices also render us vulnerable to harassment.
One afternoon, *Sara “signed in” at the guardhouse of her friend’s apartment, in order to obtain a visitor’s pass to enter the building.

Feeding the Trolls - 09/10/08
Dear Dategirl,
You're a cunt­let me tell you why. If you'd like to have a debate on why you're a cunt, I can do a dialogue with you. If you'd like to try to figure out if I'm a great guy or a dickhead, please, let's play. I might let you win but doubt that you'll even make it to first base. I've read your shit and you kind of suck. In fact, you pretty much suck. Maybe I'll let you lick my nut sack but it'll cost you.Take care,
Tom (Yeah, I'm in the military.)
You can salute my cock.

AFD: More suspensions may follow after 2 disciplined for viewing porn - 09/09/08
The Austin Fire Department is dealing with a public image problem involving firefighters accused of viewing pornography while on duty. Two firefighters have been suspended over it. And as many as three dozen more are under investigation for what's called, suspicious use of the internet.

Judge hears Soboroff case - 09/09/08
A ruling on charges of harassment and extortion against Calamus resident Jeffrey Soboroff could come as early as next week following a brief bench trial in Clinton County District Court on Monday morning.

Dozier Sues College Dropout for Trademark Infringement - 09/09/08
The Dozier Internet Law Firm, a Richmond-based law firm that protects clients’ reputations, trademarks and intellectual property on the Internet, has filed a lawsuit in Henrico County Circuit Court to protect its own trademark from Internet abuse.

Flaherty testifies at U.S. stockbroker's e-mail threats trial - 09/09/08
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty testified in a Louisiana courtroom on Tuesday against a man who allegedly sent death threats to him and his three children by e-mail.

Monday, September 08, 2008

WHOA Newsletter - September 8, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

September 8, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Holy Carp!

Fish flies out of lake, breaks Arkansas teen's jaw;_ylt=Aq5eVoRH2ct1FSfU4ltjx9btiBIF

It's a fishing tale that packs a wallop so strong it broke the jaw of a southeastern Arkansas teen and covered him in fish blood and guts.

Seth Russell, 15, of Crossett, was cruising Lake Chicot on a large inner tube towed by a boat when a Silver Asian carp leaped from the water and smacked him in the face. Seth was knocked unconscious.

"He doesn't remember anything at all," the boy's mother, Linda Russell, said last week. "He was laughing, and the next thing he remembers, he is waking in a hospital."

The teen has had oral surgery to wire several teeth together and still experiences back pain that doctors attribute to whiplash from the high-speed collision, his mother said.

He's not the only one who's has a run-in with the "flying" Silver Asian carp.

"They do not fly, but they are quite good jumpers," said Carole Engle, director of aquaculture and the fisheries center at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. "Over the past year, we have had some calls about fish jumping and causing injuries on Lake Chicot.

"Their jumping behavior is a problem, and their population appears to be growing there," Engle said.

Silver Asian carp were first imported to the United States in the 1970s. Catfish farmers brought them here to remove algae and other suspended matter from their ponds. The Environmental Protection Agency started a program allowing cities to use the fish to help clean the water in sewer treatment plant ponds.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

'Our gentle son has been threatened with rape if he goes to a US jail' - 09/08/08
THE PARENTS of a Scots computer expert who faces extradition to the US for hacking into the Pentagon and other military installations have claimed that he has been threatened with rape in an American prison even before his trial.

Officials warn about e-mail scams - 09/08/08
The FBI and Better Business Bureau are warning business owners about phony complaints filed against them or their company by what looks like the U.S. Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration or Better Business Bureau.

Al-Qaeda bruv in 'bomb-making' vid - 09/08/08
THE brother of an al-Qaeda terrorist has posted a sick joke video on YouTube ­ boasting about making a bomb.

Grand jury to determine if online threats prosecuted -09/08/08
Authorities are leaving it up to a federal grand jury to determine whether an Olive Branch man accused of making threats against President Bush on a MySpace account will be prosecuted.

Expert offers online safety tips: Urges parents to be aware of what their children are doing on the Internet - 09/08/08
One local woman during this back-to-school season is reminding children, teens and adults about the Internet's dangers.
Jayne Hitchcock, president of Working to Halt Online Abuse and the Working to Halt Online Abuse-Kids/Teens Division, teaches people how to protect themselves from stalking, harassment and solicitation over the Internet.

Atlantans fall victim to international crime schemes - 09/07/08
This summer, one Atlantan was mugged in London and another detained by hotel security in Nigeria. Both were left starving and alone on foreign streets, without ever leaving the country. This is their story.

Creating a 'Facebook for spies' - 09/07/08
One might expect James Bond's MySpace page to list shaken martinis, Walther PPKs, and Aston Martins among his interests.
While that scenario is a bit far-fetched, agents for the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency are testing a social-networking site designed for use by analysts within the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, according to a report on CNN's Web site. Instead of posting thoughts on music and movies, the agents use the site--called A-Space--to share information on terrorist activities and troop movements around the world.

A Manhattan boutique owner is suing for $10 million, claiming he was shot with a gun purchased on the popular Web site.
Calvin Gibson, 50, who was shot six times by his schizophrenic neighbor in the East Village on July 24, believes the classified site is partially responsible.

Judge Tentatively Refuses to Dismiss Internet Harassment Case - 09/05/08
A federal judge has tentatively rejected two motions to dismiss charges against a woman in a MySpace hoax that allegedly led to a 13-year-old girl's suicide.

Probe on into e-mail threat to NESO adviser - 09/05/08
Assam Police has sought the assistance of its Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to help in tracking an e-mail address, purportedly belonging to a militant outfit that has been issuing threats to the life of North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) advisor Artex Simre.

"Twilight" author drops new book after Web leak -09/04/08;_ylt=Arw.X6Taymk_1vTuGxaflqn6VbIF
Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling young adult "Twilight" books, has put the fifth and final installment in the series on hold in protest after a partial draft was posted on the Internet.

Citizens of cyberspace - 09/03/08
In conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations, we asked youths if they thought they were better citizens because they were privileged to be connected to the digital world. Youth2 readers wrote in, telling us about how having access to the Internet helped in nation-building, and how it shaped their worldview as young people.

‘Lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to fight Net crimes’ -09/03/08
Internet-related crimes are on the rise in Kuwait and the lack of Cyber laws makes it impossible to tackle such fraudulent practices, says a Kuwaiti lawyer. Speaking to the Arab Times on Wednesday, Labeed Abdal added that hackers are increasingly targeting Kuwait and many other countries, knowing full well that they can get away with their crimes.

Man accused of sending e-mail threats to stand trial - 09/03/08
An Orem man accused of sending threatening e-mails to both the lieutenant governor and a state representative pleaded not guilty Wednesday and will stand trial in November.

Beijing ticket conmen ready to run same scam in London -09/03/08
Fraudsters are planning to exploit the public’s newfound enthusiasm for the Olympic Games in London three years before tickets go on sale.

Attorney's computers seized in woman's complaint - 09/03/08
Seattle police seized computers and other electronic equipment from a state assistant attorney general's home as part of an investigation into a woman's complaint that someone impersonated her on an adult Web site, according to a search warrant recently filed in King County Superior Court.

Asylum-Seeker Rejected Based On Wikipedia, Appeals Court Reverts - 09/02/08
The Department of Homeland Security should not use the user-generated Wikipedia to decide whether an asylum seeker can enter the United States, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

A City Tries to Stop a Woman from Linking to Its Website - 09/02/08
Sheboygan, Michigan resident Jennifer Reisinger alleges that after she created a link from her own website to the website of the city's police department, the City Attorney issued a "cease and desist" order commanding her to remove the link. Reisinger claims that the motive was retaliation: She had supported recalling Sheboygan Mayor Juan Perez, and alleges that Perez was behind the "cease and desist" order.

Hacker jailed after email threats - 09/02/08
A young man has been jailed for three months after hacking into an Abu Dhabi-based United Nations employee’s private email account and threatening to reveal some of her secrets.

Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme - 09/02/08
One day last month, when Klaus Zimmerman tried to log into his Skype account, he got an error message indicating his username and password didn't match. Concerned something was awry, Zimmerman, a computer repairman living in Wexford County, Ireland, phoned his brother and asked him to check his online status.

The Many Faces Of Cyberstalking - 09/01/08
It first started in June 2005 with harassing emails about the Schiavo case, obviously from a supporter of Michael Schiavo, the Florida man who killed his wife because she was disabled.

Yes, some people really do fall for those chain e-mail scams - 09/01/08
I keep getting these e-mails that claim someone in some far-off country is trapped in some way and needs me to receive vast sums of money from them until they're able to get into a better position. In return, I get a percentage that will make me wealthy. It seems like I've been getting some variation of that e-mail for years. Does anyone actually fall for these scams?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Online Safety For Students and Parents

WHOA Press Release #2008-10

For Immediate Release


Around this time every year children of all ages are returning to schools, colleges and universities. Fall is a reminder to all of us that our kids and teens will spend less time outside riding their bikes and playing basketball in the sunshine and more time inside watching television and surfing the Internet.

The concept of “back to school safety” used to mean that our children need to wear a seat belt in the family vehicle or, if available, on a school bus, paying attention to adult crossing guards and remembering to look both ways before crossing a street. It also meant when they were home alone they should keep the doors locked and when they were in public they should not talk to strangers. Now strangers can sneak inside your home via the Internet while you are at work and your children are home from school. Jayne Hitchcock, president of Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA) and Working to Halt Online Abuse-Kids/Teens Division (WHOA-KTD), says “today back to school safety has to include ways to keep children protected from online bullies and predators. This means not letting a stranger lurk inside your child’s computer. Being online can be a fun and worthwhile experience for kids and teens, provided they understand how to stay safer.”

WHOA-KTD was founded in 2005 in response to a rapidly expanding need for organized online safety groups that would specifically focus on the needs of children and teens who are victimized and taken advantage of every day on the Internet. WHOA-KTD is a subsidiary division of WHOA, which is the oldest and largest all-volunteer online safety organization. WHOA has been helping adult victims of cyberstalking since 1997 and remains the only online organization to provide the most up-to-date cyberstalking statistics and cumulative trends.

WHOA-KTD’s statistics from 2007 show that 28% of students have been cyber bullied and of 395 students canvassed, 54 admitted to being an online bully towards somebody else. A significant finding is that almost half said they had been contacted by a stranger via an instant messaging program, email or at an online gaming or social networking site (such as Myspace and Facebook). Approximately half of these children did share the experience with their parents or another adult, which is what WHOA-KTD encourages them to do. What is most frightening is this means that parents and guardians of about half of the children were unaware that their child had been approached by a stranger online.

The 2007 110th Congress 1st Session – Senate 205 found that:

35,000,000 children in kindergarten through grade 12 have Internet access;
41% of students in grades 5 through 12 do not share with parents what they do online;
31% of students are skilled enough to circumvent Internet filter software;
20% of middle and/or high school students admit to meeting offline with someone met online;

WHOA-KTD advises all parents and guardians to take a proactive role in their child’s Internet activities by doing some fairly simple things (from the book Net Crimes & Misdemeanors by J.A. Hitchcock):

1. Get actively involved in your children’s online life. Know what they are doing online. If your child has created a personal Web site, what information is posted on it? How about an online journal, blog or profile on a social networking site such as Myspace or Facebook?
2. Place the computer in a den, family room, kitchen, or other high-traffic location. Don’t allow your child to keep a computer with an Internet connection in the bedroom where the door can be closed while online. If they close the door whenever they go online, regard it as a danger sign.
3. Use a filtering/screening program such as Cyberpatrol, NetNanny, SafeBrowse, or Kidsnet.
4. Set use of the computer to specific times so that your child does not spend an excessive amount of time online.
5. Monitor how frequently your child gets unfamiliar e-mail­and read it.
6. Become more computer literate. The best way to do this is to sit down with your child and ask them to show you how the Internet works. You may be surprised to find how much they enjoy the role of teacher.
7. Sit and work alongside your child while they are online.
8. Warn your children to be cautious with online strangers.
9. Monitor your long-distance phone bill for evidence that your child has been in contact with a stranger.
10. If your child receives strange phone calls or gifts from strangers, find out what’s going on.
11. If your child turns off the monitor or computer when you approach, regard it as a warning sign.
12. Know what your children are looking at on the computer. If you find that it’s pornography, it’s time for a chat. If you check the Web browser cache and find it’s already been cleaned out or that it’s empty, it’s time for a chat. If you check the Recycle Bin to see if the cache info is there and it’s not, it’s time to disconnect the computer from the Internet and have a serious chat.

Jayne A. Hitchcock is a cyber crime expert who trains law enforcement from the local to federal level, and assists the US Department of Justice Office (USDJO) for Victims of Crime and National Center for Victims of Crime. She trains advocate groups, conducts seminars, raises awareness of cyber crime and harassment and lectures educators, librarians, parents and students at middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities about the dangers of bullies, predators, stalkers and online social networking sites. She has appeared as an expert in various media, including America’s Most Wanted, PEOPLE magazine, Primetime Thursday with Diane Sawyer, TIME magazine, the Associated Press, The Montel Williams Show, A&E’s Investigative Reports, 48 Hours, Ladies Home Journal, Campus Security Reports, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and CNN. Her latest book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors 2nd edition (, highlights online crimes, how to be safer online and what to do if you are victimized. Video Professor recently released a 3-CD tutorial based on the book.

To interview Hitchcock, please contact her via email WHOA statistics may be quoted in media and on web sites with appropriate recognition. If someone you know needs help, or if you want to learn more about WHOA or WHOA-KTD visit

Saturday, September 06, 2008

No, You Haven't Been Hacked

I'm sorry, but people should get a permit to be online. Or at least a beginner course in how to use the Internet properly. I am sick and tired of getting complaints that "I've been hacked!"

No, you haven't.

Real hackers don't bother with common folk like you and me. Real hackers don't just go breaking into people's email accounts to harass them. Real hackers are smarter than you (and probably smarter than me) and look for challenges.

You probably chose a password that was either

A) Easy to guess (like your dog's name, an anniversary or birthdate, the school you graduated from, your favorite color, etc

B) You wrote it down on a piece of paper in plain view or near your computer and the person who is now harassing/impersonating you found it and used it against you

C) You openly gave the person your password and when your relationship/friendship ended, you forgot to change your password.

Examples follow of real incidents reported to me:

He got so mad at me that he hacked in to photobucket account and put up pictures that were against the Photobuckets Terms of Service to try and get the account suspended.

Turns out this guy knew the harasser through an online game and had known him for four years. Enough time for that person to know a lot about this guy and most likely guessed his password. So what does he do? Instead of going to Photobucket and changing his password to a combination of numbers/letters/symbols, he starts telling the guy "f-ck you" via Yahoo Messenger. Which just escalated things.

They hacked my aol account and my account

She dated the guy almost 10 years previously. For a long time. So he obviously knew a lot about her. I can bet you 10-1 her password was something really easy for this loser to guess. What was worse was he and his now wife were going into her AOL and Myspace accounts and sending people in her address book nude photos taken of her by him when they were dating.

NEVER, EVER let anyone take sexually provocative photos or videos of you, no matter how much you love them. Because this is exactly what happens when you break up. Unless you don't mind having things like this eventually show up online (and believe me, they will), keep the photos and videos to normal subjects. If you do decide to do a sex tape, don't be surprised when it does who up online.

So what did this woman do? Instead of going in and changing her password to something no one could guess, she bitched about them continuing to "hack" into her accounts.

My computer has been hacked into twice in two months with two different hard drives and two different operating systems. I am now on my third install of windows.

Now, this one was what the FBI told her a "remote hack." Ever hear of firewall/antivirus software? How about a hardware firewall? Turns out she was using some free software. You get what you pay for and if it's free, well, you need to pay the money for something that will protect your computer better.

She hacked my email account and intercepted racy emails between my wife and myself and printed them from her computer and has distributed the documents to several people.

"She" is his ex-wife. Although he claimed to change his passwords frequently, it turned out he was using easy ones he could remember. Once he changed it to something with numbers and symbols in it, the "hacking" stopped.

The person hacked into my account between 9:30pm -11:30pm on 3/9/08. My personal email address was sent out and they have since erased the texts from the online account.

Um, this isn't hacking. This is someone going into their email program and putting your email address into the FROM line so that they could send out messages pretending to be you.

First he hacked into my myspace account to steal all the settings of my profile and then made a profile on myspace that is exactly the same as mine and messaged me.

No, he didn't "hack" into your Myspace account. Your Myspace account was publicly available to everyone online and all he did was copy everything you put up there and create a new profile imitating you.

My daughter's account was hacked into and password was changed--by her daughter or daughers boyfriend- filthy e-mail is being sent to her friends and family

Again, an easy password to guess. NOT hacking.

She then, somehow, hacked into my Myspace page and began contacting my friends and family by sending rude and nasty messages about me to them.

Again, her Myspace profile was public, so all this person had to do was go to her Friends list and send everyone messages. NOT hacking.

Get a grip people. And follow these 10 pieces of advice:

1) Create hard to guess passwords. Yes, they're harder to remember, but they're harder for someone to figure out and get into your accounts online or offline. Make your password a combination of at least letters and numbers, and if you can, add some symbols to it, like $t()()p1d (which translates to stupid - see what I did?)

2) Make your Myspace, Facebook, AOL or other profile private so that only those on your Friends list can view it.

3) On that note, only approve people who REALLY are your friends, because once you make them a friend, they can view EVERYTHING you put in your profile, blog, photos, etc.

4) Put as little personal info about you in your online profiles. Don't use your first and last name together anywhere in the profile, especially as the name of your account, such as Don't post your cell, home phone or address. Don't put where your work unless you want people who get mad at you, want revenge or just want to be idiots call your workplace and cause trouble for you.

5) Don't post provocative or controversial photos or videos online anywhere. This can affect you now or later in life. You could lose a job, a spouse, a potential date, a scholarship, admission to a college, etc. Get my drift?

6) Again, DO NOT let anyone take sex photos or videos of you. They WILL eventually show up online, guaranteed. I don't care how much you "love" them now. Don't do it.

7) Make sure your computer has a good antivirus AND firewall program installed and keep it updated. Pay for the renewals every year. If you're really worried about online security, consider a hardware firewall. Go to your local computer store, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc for advice on what would work best for you. An unprotected computer is an open door for the real hackers.

8) If someone does guess your password and gets into your accounts, immediately go in and change the password(s) before they do. If they've already done that, then contact the content provider or your ISP to let them know your account has been compromised.

9) You are not anonymous online. Even if you open up a free email account through somewhere like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc, harassing messages can and will be traced back to you. If you're that ticked off at someone, take a step back, really think about it and realize it's not worth it. Or you'll be taken in by Internet Road Rage. Just like some people get so mad driving down the highway, snap and begin chasing someone in a road rage incident, the same thing happens on the information superhighway. And the consequences could be jail time, loss of a job, suspension from school, or a divorce or breakup. Is it really worth it to "chase" someone online because they ticked you off?

10) Finally: If you wouldn't let your grandmother view it, don't post it online; if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't send that email or post it online; and if you don't want things you're doing now online follow you later in life, JUST DON'T DO IT.

For more information on staying safer online, visit my book's web site, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors. If you are a victim of online harassment, cyberstalking or bullying, visit my organization's web site at Working to Halt Online Abuse and for kids/teens who are being bullied or harassed online, go to our Kids/Teens Division at WHOA-KTD - click on Need Help? and follow the instructions from there.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Westborough Public Library, Mass

I'm a bit late posting this, but wanted to let you all know about the wonderful true crime panel I was part of at the Westborough Public Library in Massachusetts on August 20, 2008.

It's part of the Sisters in Crime New England Chapter, of which I am a member (as well as their national organization). You can see the schedule there - I am on quite a few panels in October.

There were three of us: Margaret Press, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith and me. I was the first to arrive and Chris decided to come along with me, even though he was exhausted from the weird hours we works at Home Depot (one day it will be 9-6 pm, the next 12-9 pm, the next 6-3pm). He carried in my box of books and settled in the back of the room. People began arriving and Donna Martel from the library talked with me for a bit. Margaret showed up, then Mary-Ann (who brough her hubby, too).

We set up our books for sale on the table next to us, then decided I'd start the panel. We had a good crowd, about 30 or so people, one of the biggest for the true crime panel so far. They were mostly senior citizens, who asked some wonderful questions.

Afterwards, I appeared to be the hit and sold quite a few books. I was pleasantly surprised. One older woman told me I'd done a good job and to keep up the good work. When we left, I was walking on air. I love events like this that go so darned well.

Chris told me that Mary-Ann's hubby was nice, but he was no Jacob. For those who don't know, we've become friends with Tess Gerritsen and her hubby, Jacob. Chris gets a kick out of talking with Jacob and Tess and I are like kindred spirits. I only wish they lived closer to us. We get together when we can and email frequently.

So all in all, it was a good night. And a reporter who attended wrote a very flattering article about us: True-crime writers tell back stories by Judy Powell of the Worcester Telegram.

Monday, September 01, 2008

WHOA Newsletter - September 1, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

September 1, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I apologize if this offends anyone, but I laughed my butt off when I read just the headline

Malaysian man gets nut stuck around penis: report;_ylt=AiSw8e7nJunHAoggc6PXKHDtiBIF

A Malaysian welder had to have a nut removed from around his penis after an attempt to lengthen it before he gets engaged next week went embarrassingly wrong, a news report said Sunday.

The nut got stuck on his penis following an erection, the Star newspaper said, forcing him to seek help at a hospital in southern Johor state.

Staff from the Sultanah Aminah hospital had to drain some blood from the penis and cut away a top layer of skin before the object could be removed, the newspaper said.

It said the fire and rescue department were also involved in trying to remove the nut from the unnamed welder, who is in his 20s and hoped the nut would weigh down his penis to make it longer.

"The patient is now recovering and we hope to discharge him today (Sunday)," hospital director Daud Abdul Rahim told the Star.

On August 25, another young man in Kuala Lumpur had tried to increase his sexual prowess by slipping a steel ring around his penis, forcing the fire department to cut off the ring after doctors were unable to remove it, the newspaper said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Small World that may be getting too big - 09/01/08
It was 11.05pm and the queue outside the exclusive Embassy nightclub in Mayfair, London, was getting restless. A young man nervously adjusted his tie as a blond woman scanned the list of names on her clipboard. Two young women flounced away after being refused entry. But one phrase could guarantee immediate passage past the velvet cordon: "I'm ASW."

Internet puts personal data within reach of wrong people, Adamstown man learns - 08/31/08
Using social networking and other online tools can put your personal information in the wrong hands. A bit of caution can prevent some serious problems.

Russia Web site owner killed after arrest - 08/31/08;_ylt=AhYQnFqOe33z29Wp46ANJdb6VbIF
The owner of an opposition Internet news site in Russia's volatile Ingushetia region was shot and killed Sunday after being detained by police.

Social networks and "psychological profiling" in real time -08/29/08
Sometimes technology can be put to really great use. Sometimes it can just be used to spy on us.

Man Sentenced For E-Mail Threats - 08/29/08
A Sacramento man was sentenced Friday for using e-mail to threaten the FBI, police and members of the rock band Korn, U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott said.

Des Moines man indicted for Internet threats, ID theft - 08/29/08
A Des Moines man was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Seattle in a case involving Internet threats to shoot or blow up employees at Boeing facilities and at an Anacortes oil refinery.

Missouri Internet Stalking and Harassment Law Goes Into Effect - 08/29/08
Legislation called for to protect children from Internet stalking and harassment in the wake of Megan Meier's terrible death goes into effect.

Stowaway computer virus sent into orbit - 08/28/08
Nasa has confirmed that computer viruses have made it into space, after finding that computers on board the International Space Station were harbouring a malicious worm.

Brunswick man held on email threat - 08/28/08
A Brunswick man was arrested early today in connection with a racially charged e-mail sent to Gov. John Baldacci and at least one other member of the Maine delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, police said.

E-mail threat leads to cyberstalking charge - 08/28/08
A Wilmington man faces a charge of cyberstalking after a Gastonia man told police he e-mailed death threats.

Warning to college students: Beware e-pervs - 08/28/08
Colleges and universities in New Jersey are being asked to warn incoming freshmen and returning students about the dangers of sexual predators surfing the Internet, cyber bullying and harassment, Attorney Anne Milgram said yesterday.

MySpace threats lead to arrest - 08/27/08
Threats against a Captain Shreve High School senior that were posted on MySpace, a social networking Web site, led to an assault charge for a classmate.

Fifth suspect arrested over 'Islamic internet plot to kill Gordon Brown' - 08/27/08
A fifth person has been arrested in connection with threats to kill the Prime Minister which were posted on an Islamic website.

Man arrested for posting Guns N' Roses songs on Web - 08/27/08;_ylt=AoXwPIU3nQlfNDj3LnQtK0z6VbIF
Federal officials on Wednesday arrested a man on suspicion of violating copyright laws for placing songs on the Internet from an unreleased album by rock band Guns N' Roses.

Fury over web film of graffiti at Palace - 08/27/08
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Chris' Birthday - August 31st

The hubby had to work noon to 9 at Home Depot yesterday. I hate those hours. I met him in Portsmouth for an early dinner on his lunch break. I drove our Jeep down there via Route 1. Because of the big tires on it, it doesn't do highway speeds well. I love driving that Jeep!

Lunch was good - Wendy's spicy chix sandwich for me, Baconator for him. He had driven my car to work, so we switched cars. He knew I had someplace to go that was highway driving.

I got to the cemetery in Dover, NH at a little after 5pm. I'd gone to Rite Aid earlier to get a new flag to replace the one on Chris' grave, which I had a feeling wouldn't be there and it wasn't. I attached a pin with his photo from USMC boot camp graduation to the flag and laid a 3rd Marine Division pin on the headstone.

I cleared some weeds from around the bronze plaque in the ground and noticed something missing. One of Chris' friends had put a guitar pick at the top of the plaque, but it was gone. I rooted around in the grass along the edges and found it, then gently put it back in place.

I wish him a happy birthday. He would have been 42 this year. I cried a little, touched the plaque, then left, driving the back roads home.

Chris, the hubby, called at around 6:30 to make sure I was okay. I was. I'd been watching the movie "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones. It's about a chef who has to care for her niece when her sister is killed in a car accident. Aaron Eckhart (I hope I got his name right) is brought into the restaurant to help her out while she copes with suddenly having a young child in her home. And he steals her heart. I was doing fine until towards the end of the movie when the niece disappears and they find her at the cemetery crying. She asked, "What did I do to make mommy go away?"

That did it for me. I began bawling. Memories came back of the night my late husband died, the anger, the sadness, the wondering of why, why, why? I texted Chris that I was having a bad night. I hate being alone in this house at night.

Chris came home to find me sitting on the kitchen floor, my earbuds in, listening to Keith Urban on my ipod Touch and still crying. He folded me into his arms and held me close and let me talk and cry my eyes out.

God, I love this man so much. I sometimes feel guilty because I do love him so much, but then I remember how happy he makes me and how well he takes care of me. And life is just way too short to be alone.

I'm still a little teary today, but better. I think I needed that good cry. I tend to hold things in and it's not healthy.

No Labor Day holiday for me today. Back to work doing WHOA stuff, trying to get things up on eBay (finally), paying bills and fixing Chris' laptop.

Maybe I'll go to the beach this afternoon when low tide comes back in.