Chippy's Garage Adventure

This is the story of Chippy

He's a chipmunk that lives in the backyard of Chris and Jayne in York, Maine.

Jayne feeds Chippy sunflower seeds just about every day and sometimes several times a day. He likes Jayne so much that sometimes he will get really close to her to get his sunflower seeds.

This year Chippy decided it was time to make his move. One morning he was waiting at the back door, knowing Jayne would come out to feed the birds and him. When she opened the door, he tried to sneak inside. She scolded him and told him he couldn't come in the house. Bad Chippy!!

But Chippy would not be deterred!

He sat just outside his hole in the lawn and watched as Chris and Jayne stacked firewood in the garage. After they were done, they went inside to eat dinner and left the garage door open. Chippy ran like the wind and climbed inside the stacked firewood, giggling madly.

He kept really quiet. Then he heard the garage door close. He tiptoed out and there was Chris, staring right at him. He leaped back into the firewood. Soon he heard Jayne's voice in the garage calling him. He wanted to come out, but he was afraid they would make him leave.

The light went off and all was quiet.

He sniffed the air.

Ah, the aroma of sunflower seeds.

He loved Jayne.

He stuck his little head out.

Yep, there was a bowl of sunflower seeds on the garage floor. He squeaked and ran to the bowl to have a late-night snack. He was very careful to open the seeds, eat the seed and put the shell back in the bowl. He didn't want Jayne to have a mess to clean up the next morning.

After eating, he decided to explore. There were lots of boxes to climb in and out of, and he got scared by a big spider that hissed that it wanted to eat Chippy. Then a pincher bug chased him away from the corner of the garage. Some pill bugs rolled up into a ball when they saw him and rolled away. He heard noises and suddenly he got scared. Maybe hiding in the garage wasn't a good idea after all, even though it was warm.

He ran back to the firewood to his hidey hole and said his prayers before going to sleep.

In the morning, he awoke to hear the door from the house open into the garage. Jayne's voice said, "I knew it was you, Chippy!"

She took the bowl, refilled it and opened the garage door, placing the bowl outside in the driveway.

As soon as she went back in the house, Chippy sprinted out to be greeted by Sweetie, who had been worried about him all night.

Chippy promised not to go into the garage again.

But he didn't promise he wouldn't try to get into the house.

He leaped off the fence to have fun with Sweetie.



Lucille said…
Jayne, I love this story about your Chippy! Your photo are terrific! I have chippies on my deck every day happily munching away with the birds and squirrels. One squirrel I call Redhead will take peanuts from my hand, but your Chippy dining on your shoulder is precious!

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