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Monday, March 25, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - March 25, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Penguins take liking to iPad cat game

Officials at a California aquarium said a couple of young penguins have taken a liking to a mouse-chasing iPad app designed to amuse cats.

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach said penguins Jeremy and Newsom, who are still too young to get caught up in the excitement of the upcoming mating season, have found "enrichment" with the free "Game for Cats" iPad app, ABC News reported Friday.

The game features a mouse running around the screen that lets out a squeak when tapped by a paw -- or in this case, a beak.

"Newsom set the penguin high score of 1,600 for the game," the aquarium said on its website.

A YouTube video of Newsom playing the game has been viewed more than 167,000 times.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

The internet unlocked something dark in humanity. Top author Anthony Horowitz uses speech to make claims - 03/25/13
Acclaimed author Anthony Horowitz believes parts of the internet are ‘foul, disgusting and cruel’ and that ‘evil is getting the upper hand’. In a powerful speech yesterday, the best-selling children’s adventure writer said the web ‘unlocked something quite dark in humanity’. He said: ‘There is so much in the internet that is foul and disgusting and cruel. It’s an interesting mix.’

Drug dealers' website selling ecstasy and HEROIN doubles its sales to £1MILLION a month... and the police are powerless to ban it - 03/23/13
An illegal website is selling more than £1million worth of drugs every single month - with many of the banned substances being posted to buyers in the UK. Visitors to the virtually untraceable 'Silk Road' website can buy ecstasy, heroin, cannabis and cocaine which is then disguised as a normal packaged parcel by the seller and sent through the post.

Mapping the Internet: A Hacker's Secret Internet Census - 03/22/13
Somewhere on this planet there is a hacker whose emotions are likely shifting between pride and fear. Pride, because he managed to do what no one else has managed. And fear, because it was illegal in almost every country in the world.

Online Threats Against Women Aren't Trivial and Don't Happen in a Vacuum - 03/22/13
Adria Richards tweeted a photo earlier this week and is now the target of rape and death threats. She joins an infinitely long line of women whom groups of men seek to control through the threat of violence. The usual narratives about this phenomenon curry the ridiculous fiction that this harassment is trivial and inconsequential and that women need to grow a thicker skin.

Rapist's girlfriend set up false Facebook accounts pretending to be confessions from his victims that they LIED in a desperate bid to free him - 03/22/13
The girlfriend of a convicted rapist tried to clear his name by framing two of his victims with fake Facebook profiles. Ceri Shipman, 25, set up bogus accounts and used them to send messages supposedly from the women saying they had made up the allegations. She acted after her boyfriend Jason Savage was jailed indefinitely for a string of violent rapes, being branded 'cold, calculating and sadistic' by a judge.

Fake vicar stole £90,000 in European grants after gaining clerical title from U.S. website - 03/22/13
o his 'parishioners' George Gordon appeared a genuine man of the cloth. Calling himself 'The Reverend', he wore a dog collar and boasted of Cambridge University degrees. The 52-year-old claimed he suffered from manic depression and cancer, and volunteered to help charities for victims of mental health problems. In reality, he was a serial conman and convicted fraudster, who bought his clerical title online and was only dedicated to helping himself.

Cyberstalker of Jackson State President Awaiting Indictment - 03/21/13
A contentious Internet drama was recently diffused when a 20-year-old man was arrested on charges of cyberstalking Jackson State University president Carolyn Meyers. However, the alleged stalker is still waiting for formal felony charges to be filed by a grand jury. Jhamerius Darshawn Mack, a 20-year-old resident of Raymond, Mississippi, and who is not a student at the university, was charged with making threats against Meyers on Facebook.

Dating website wants to rename town - 03/21/13
A dating website is offering the town of Sugar Hill, Ga., $3.7 million to change its name to Darrell Shuster, a spokesman for the website, geared toward pairing affluent older men with younger women, said the company is seeking a name change for the town of 18,000 as a unique advertising opportunity, WGCL-TV, Atlanta, reported Thursday.

Catch Me If You Can conman issues stark warning on the dangers of revealing personal information on Facebook - 03/21/13
The famous former teenage conman whose exploits were immortalised in the Hollywood blockbuster Catch Me If You Can has issued a stark warning about the dangers of Facebook. Frank Abagnale, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Steven Spielberg film, said that the personal information revealed by millions on the social network is a rich seam for identity thieves.

How Twitter and Facebook expose children to websites for prostitutes: Vice-girl ads are illegal in phone boxes, so why not on social media? - 03/20/13
As with all Facebook pages, the standard profile details at the top have been filled in by the user who created it. The relationship status is given as 'open', while the other one page that is 'liked' is the Playboy Club in London. Both are clues as to the nature of this particular page. It belongs not to an individual but to an escort agency called Raunchy Manchester Escorts.

Facebook Stalking Your Date Isn't Such A Great Idea -- Here's Why - 03/19/13
I grew up with a Hollywood-crafted notion of a first date. It happens in montage form, of course, and in a variety of locales­on a picnic, in a rowboat, as you learn the pachanga­while discovering your random common interests: salami sandwiches, Dickens novels, and whatever else we cannot know since the swelling music obscures the words, but any observer can tell it's all charming and perfect.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Event in Belgrade, Maine Today

If you are in or near Belgrade, Maine, stop by and say hello! I'll be on a panel of authors and we will do a 5-minute reading from one of our books (I'm going to read about the online cannibal from True Crime Online), then Q&A and selling our books: Maine Open Reads Noon to 2 pm Belgrade Public Library 124 Depot Road Belgrade, Me 04917 207-495-3508

Thursday, March 21, 2013


WHO@ RELEASES 2012 CYBERSTALKING STATISTICS WHO@ Shows How Online Trends Have Changed In the Past 13 Years March 21, 2013 - Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHO@) released their 2012 cyberstalking statistics, as well as cumulative statistics for the past 13 years (2000-2012). WHO@ is the oldest and largest all-volunteer online safety organization that has been continuously helping adult victims of cyberstalking since 1997. WHO@ is the only organization to provide the most up-to-date cyberstalking statistics and cumulative trends. It is important to understand that WHO@ statistics are not based on the total number of cases handled during the year. Criteria is distinguished by victims who fill out all of the voluntary demographic information in the questionnaires provided on the WHO@ web site at Those completed questionnaires ensure comparable, verified and meaningful statistics. According to WHO@ President Jayne Hitchcock, “based on the individual needs of each victim, we work directly with law enforcement, victim assistance organizations and lawyers making every effort we can to help and support those who come to us for guidance. According to Internet World Statistics on December 31st, 2000 there were 360,985,492 Internet Users and as of December 31, 2011, that number has grown to 6,930,055,154 representing an acceleration of 528.1%, so it’s pretty clear the internet is continuing to grow and, therefore, internet harassment and cybercrime will continue to grow correspondingly.” Since WHO@ began compiling completed questionnaires in 2000, the total so far is 3,787 cases, of which 394 fully completed questionnaires were recorded in 2012. The statistics for 2012 and cumulative are available in .pdf format on the WHO@ web site at Highlights of the statistics for 2012 are: WHO@ has seen the gap between male and female harassers decrease to the point where in 2012, they were about the same 49% males, 31% females (the rest were unknown to the victim). This shows that the perceived anonymity of the Internet allows females to feel they can harass and stalk online without punishment. When WHO@ started calculating statistics in 2000, 68% of the harassers were male. Almost 65% of victims had a relationship to the harasser, of which 24% were exes, followed by online acquaintances, work, family, friends or school related (in that order). Although email was the primary way the harassment began (as it has been for all 13 years), it was followed by Facebook, web sites (such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, Etsy and, instant message, then message boards. In 2011, it was email followed by Facebook, web sites, texting, then message boards. 83% of the cases escalated, primarily by Facebook at 22%, followed by telephone, texting, web sites, multiple ways (a combination of online and offline), postal mail, message boards and forged profiles. Surprisingly, the number of offline threats was only 6%, down 1% from 2011. More victims reported the harassment prior to coming to WHO@ for help, 81%, with 60% of those sending complaints to ISPs, followed by 41% going to law enforcement for help and the rest calling lawyers for advice. Almost 70% of the cases were resolved by WHO@, higher than the year prior. Of the cases that WHO@ resolved, the majority were through communication with the ISP/web site host/moderator or the victim made changes to their accounts and profiles to stop the harassment. Top Ten Locations for Victims and Harassers: Victims Harassers 1. California California 2. Texas Texas 3. Canada Canada 4. Florida N. Carolina 5. N. Carolina Arizona 6. New York Virginia 7. Massachusetts Pennsylvania 8. Oregon Australia 9. Pennsylvania India 10. Louisiana Louisiana The rest of the statistics can be viewed at WHO@ is the oldest and largest all-volunteer online safety organization helping adult victims of online harassment and cyber stalking since February, 1997. WHO@-KTD (Kids/Teen Division) was added in 2005 to help online victims under the age of 18, their parents and other adults interested in keeping kids and teens safer online. To learn more about WHO@, or if you know someone who needs help, please visit and Get involved with WHO@ at and WHO@-KTD at WHO@’s mascot, Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog, offers advice and help for kids, teens and adults at, as well as fun info about her life as a retired sled dog in Maine. Phoebe accompanies WHO@ president Jayne Hitchcock to schools to show kids and teens how to stay safe from cyber bullies. Hitchcock volunteers with the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime, the National Center for Victims of Crime, and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. She is a valued resource to these agencies in the solving of Internet related crimes. Additionally, she trains advocate groups, conducts seminars, and raises awareness of cybercrime and harassment. She also lectures educators, librarians, parents and students at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities about the dangers of cyber bullies, online predators, cyber stalkers, sexting and social networking sites. Hitchcock has appeared as an expert in various media, including Swift Justice, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, PEOPLE magazine, TIME magazine, the Associated Press, Cosmopolitan magazine, 48 Hours, Ladies Home Journal, Campus Security Reports, Inside Edition, Good Morning America and CNN. Her latest book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder and Mayhem, was recently released. Please see for more information. If you are interested in interviewing Hitchcock, please contact her at

Monday, March 18, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - March 18, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Social media helps teddy bear return home
A Dutch man who found a teddy bear left behind on a train said he was able to return it to its 3-year-old owner after an eight-month social media campaign.

Cees de Jonge, a photographer, said he found the bear on a train that arrived in Hoorn in July and decided to take it home when the conductor told him it would be discarded if he turned it in, Netherlands newspaper reported Monday.

De Jonge said his Facebook posts about the bear yielded so many responses that he made the stuffed animal its own Facebook page. He said a friend made a Twitter account for the bear.

The photographer said months went by without finding the owner, but a fresh push last week resulted in a response from a woman who said the bear belonged to her 3-year-old son, Luciano, reported.

"I am the happiest bear in the world, I have found my owner, Luciano here I am," De Jonge posted on the bear's behalf.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Man faces sentencing in iPad data breach case - 03/18/13
A man convicted in connection with the theft of more than 100,000 email addresses of Apple iPad users faces sentencing. Andrew Auernheimer is scheduled to appear in federal court in Newark Monday. The former Arkansas resident was convicted in November of identity theft and conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers.

Cyber stalkers leave residents in web of trouble - 03/18/13
Neha Ghai, 28, a resident of BRS Nagar, was shocked after she received objectionable calls and text messages on her mobile phones and even vulgar e-mails in her inbox. As she approached the cyber cell of the city police, she came to know that she has become a victim of cyber stalking. The stalker had collected all personal information of the victim and put it on objectionable portals.

Minnesota woman loses music downloading appeal - 03/18/13
The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal from a Minnesota woman who has been ordered to pay record companies $222,000 for the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted music. The justices didn't comment Monday in letting stand the judgment against Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Brainerd, Minn. She claimed in court papers that the ordered payment was excessive.

Hacker Case Leads to Calls for Better Law - 03/17/13
Matthew Keys, the 26-year-old deputy social media editor at Reuters charged with assisting computer hackers, has emerged as the latest lightning rod in the continuing battle between proponents of Internet freedom and the Justice Department.

'Anyone got a gun? Bang!' Chilling message by sick internet troll 'threatening to shoot Madeleine McCann's mother as she runs London Marathon' - 03/17/13
Kate McCann has reportedly received a death threat as she prepares to run the London Marathon next month. It emerged yesterday that an internet troll threatened to shoot her in a Facebook post, according to the Sun. McCann, mother of Madeleine McCann who disappeared in 2007, is taking part in the Marathon to raise money for the Missing People charity.

SoCal model encounters iPad pervert - 03/16/13
A Southern California fashion model said she alerted store security officers after she suspected a pet shop patron was using an iPad to look up her skirt. Brittanie Weaver encountered the alleged digital Peeping Tom this week at a pet shop in Sherman Oaks when he bent over to pet a dog at her feet, she told KTLA-TV, Los Angeles.

Alberta man's ID hijacked after online comment war turns ugly - 03/15/13
An Alberta man found out just how ugly an online debate can become when someone hijacked his identity and went on a crude Facebook rampage. Ken, who CBC News has agreed to identify by only his first name to protect his identity, joined a Facebook page on what he thought was a pretty tame subject ­ saving Edmonton's inner city airport ­ but the spirited debate turned nasty.

Security reporter tells Ars about hacked 911 call that sent SWAT team to his house (Updated) - 03/15/13
Brian Krebs has always been a trailblazer among security reporters. His exposés completely shut down a California hosting service that coddled spammers and child pornographers and severely disrupted an organized crime syndicate known as Russian Business Network. More recently, his investigative journalism has followed the money to the people who sell malware exploit kits, illicitly procured credit reports, and denial-of-service services in underground forums.

Poet says she is the target of ‘online cult leader's’ cyber stalking - 03/15/13
When an auctioneer from Seattle began publishing a Marietta poet’s work on her own website for free, the poet fought back. Linda Ellis, author of “The Dash” and other poems, confronted auctioneer April Brown about her unauthorized post of the poem. The auctioneer contacted Matthew Chan of Columbus, who reportedly runs an organization that believes published works should be free to the public online.

Facebook friends discover relation - 03/14/13
An Iowa woman says a Facebook post led her to discover another woman -- they met at a party four years ago -- was a niece who had been put up for adoption. Paula O'Brien, 39, said she posted to Facebook March 6 about when her brother put his first child up for adoption -- incorrectly giving the date as Sept. 19, 1982 -- and received a reply from Abbey Donohoe, 29, a woman she had befriended at a party four years earlier, the Quad City Times, Davenport, Iowa, reported Thursday.

Man plans to meet all his Facebook friends - 03/14/13
A Connecticut man said he raised $5,000 online to fund his trip to visit all 788 of his Facebook friends in person. Ty Morin said the aim of his "Friend Request: Accepted" project, which he is funding with donations received on, "is to reconnect with people. No more hiding behind the screen of social media," CNN reported Thursday.

Sherlock would have been proud! Benedict Cumberbatch turns detective to uncover the star-struck neighbour who was tweeting his every move - 03/14/13
It was a mystery that Sherlock Holmes himself might have struggled to solve – the curious case of the heart-throb actor and the cyber-stalker. Someone, it seems, was snooping on the home of Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays a contemporary version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s sleuth in the hit TV series Sherlock, and documenting his actions in real time on a social networking site. Old Harrovian Cumberbatch, 36, was so unnerved he considered calling the police.

Harlem Shake: could it kill sampling? - 03/13/13
An unexpected viral dance craze shot Baauer's Harlem Shake to the top of the Billboard charts. Almost immediately, legal letters began to arrive. So, can cut-and-paste culture continue to flourish on the internet?

Tragedy inspires Facebook activism against cyberbullying - 03/12/13
Youth suicide hit home for Kristi Essler when one of her Kelowna Secondary classmates committed suicide after graduation as a result of bullying.
"I know of several people in the community who have taken their lives as well - whether it was during high school or after high school. A lot of them had gone through years of bullying," said Essler, now 21. "I'm all about the rights of individuals. It's been an issue that I have been passionate about for a very long time."

Beware new 'ratters' plague: Men are spying on women through their OWN webcams by loading virus on to their computers - 03/12/13
Growing numbers of women are being spied on by hackers who access their webcams then take secret pictures and post them on 'sex slave' forums. The hackers - known as Rats - infect the device with a remote administration tool (RAT) that opens up the woman's screen, webcam, files and microphone. These women can then be monitored in secret or taunted by the hacker who sends mocking messages and pictures into her computer.

Not so tough now! Boxer who lost his national title pays visit to confront abusive Twitter user - 03/12/13
Internet trolls who poisonously mock sportsmen behind a screen of anonymity take note - you're not as safe as you think you are. Ex-footballer turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse was so incensed by the vitriolic comments he received from one Twitter user he offered a cash reward for the man's address and drove to confront him on his doorstep. The 32-year-old ex-Birmingham City and Hull City centre, who took up boxing at 26, lost his English light welterweight crown to Shayne Singleton on a controversial points decision last week.

Rosebush woman accused of cyber stalking - 03/12/13
An Isabella County woman was arraigned Monday after being arrested for allegedly stalking a probation officer, using the Morning Sun’s website. Johnna Elizabeth Totten, 39, of Rosebush was charged with stalking, a one-year misdemeanor; and using a computer to commit a crime, also a one-year misdemeanor. Isabella County Magistrate Sandra Straus ordered Totten to remain jailed in lieu of posting $1,200 of a $12,000 bond.

Raymond man accused of cyberstalking JSU leader - 03/11/13
A 20-year-old Raymond man threatened bodily harm against Jackson State University President Carolyn Meyers in a Facebook post, investigators and JSU officials allege. Jhamerius Darshawn Mack, who investigators say is not a JSU student, was arrested March 5 and charged with two counts of felony cyberstalking in connection with the alleged threats against Meyers via social media. Mack is jailed at the Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond under a total $10,000 bond.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Portland Press Herald article about me and my book

Check it out at the Portland Press Herald web site - the reporter did an excellent job!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Online Dating Worked For Me - It Can Work For You, Too!

See my post at the Maine Crime Writers Blog today!

Monday, March 11, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - March 11, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tattoo gets man free year of Netflix

An Indiana man got a Netflix tattoo on his torso and after posting it to Twitter, company representatives saw it and gave him a free year's subscription.

Myron Robinson of Kokomo said he's always been a big fan of the company and as an inside joke with a few friends, got the tattoo. He tweeted a picture, saying, "@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys."

KGO-TV, San Francisco, said Netflix responded, retweeting "NO WAY! Free year for you."

A year's subscription to Netflix costs about $96, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

Reed Hastings, chief executive officer for the Los Gatos, Calif., company, also posted Robinson's story on his Facebook page.

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We're punks of our generation, say teen 'trolls' behind Facebeef - 03/11/13
The teenagers behind the Facebook page known as "Facebeef" have a knack for creating publicity and courting controversy. Having built a large online following over the past year, the members of Facebeef have recently featured in mainstream media reports describing them as Australia's worst internet trolls for their subversive – or as critics say, offensive – antics.

N.Y. teacher fired for topless email pics - 03/09/13
A New York teacher got canned for using a shared school email account to send out shirtless pictures of himself to potential hook-ups on Craigslist.

Thief steals phone, posts pic to vic's FB - 03/09/13
A New York woman said a man mugged her for her cellphone and then mugged in a different way -- posting a photo on her Facebook page of himself smoking pot.

Discount website accused of ripping people off - 03/09/13
It's a website claiming to give you discounts on products while helping out several nonprofits, but many businesses who use the company Sharing[] Spree said they were ripped off. Several business owners[] said they never received the money that was due to them. The website says you can save up to 90% on restaurants, entertainment, spas and more in your city. It even claims that a portion of every deal goes back to a local nonprofit. "That's one of the reasons why I went with this company," said Katie Maclaskey, who owns Lake Oswego and Happy Valley Adventure Boot Camp.

How Facebook could get you arrested - 03/09/13
The police have a very bright future ahead of them – and not just because they can now look up potential suspects on Google. As they embrace the latest technologies, their work is bound to become easier and more effective, raising thorny questions about privacy, civil liberties, and due process.

Pair sentenced in Internet-based fraud scheme - 03/09/13
Two people from central Europe have been sentenced for their roles in an Internet-based fraud scheme involving opening bank accounts with false passports. U.S. District Judge Aleta A. Trauger said 34-year-old Beatrix Boka of Hungary and 40-year-old Aleksander Kunkin of Serbia played small, but crucial roles in a scheme that defrauded 36 people. Prosecutors say the victims believed they were wiring money to buy vehicles from eBay or AutoTrader.

Rosebush woman accused of cyberstalking - 03/08/13
Michigan State Police say they’ve arrested a Rosebush woman on charges of cyberstalking parole and probation officers. The 39-year-old woman is accused of making malicious posts in’s comments section targeting members of the Isabella County adult parole and probation office. State Police Sgt. Gary Green said in a statement the arrest concluded a two-month investigation.

Englewood company fires Franklin Sain amid e-mail harassment case - 03/08/13
A Colorado Springs man sent "vile" e-mails to Rep. Rhonda Fields and left her voice mails laced with sexual and racial epithets, but he did not send her an unsigned, threatening letter, the man's attorney said Friday. Judge James Breese advised Franklin Glenn Sain, 42, of the charges against him: harassment involving ethnic intimidation and attempting to influence a public servant.

Ten scams on the rise in 2013 - 03/07/13
There is one industry that is growing rapidly: financial scams. These range from the sophisticated to the downright weird – but all have the same aim: to relieve you of your money. Recent figures from the National Fraud Authority show that the total lost to individuals from fraud and other scams is more than £6bn a year. Here are our top 10 scams to watch out for this year.

What Happens When You Post Revenge Porn? - 03/07/13
Usually when it comes to revenge porn, there are two distinct parties involved: the person doing the revenge, and the person receiving the revenge (aka the person whose photos or videos become porn). But if one party posts revenge porn to get back at their ex, then what's to stop that ex from posting revenge porn to avenge revenge porn?

Conwoman posed as counsellor on Facebook to get grieving mother to pay for therapy sessions after she suffered miscarriages - 03/07/13
A conwoman posing as a counsellor took money from a vulnerable mother who was grieving over two miscarriages. Cold-hearted Christine Stevens, 47, advertised herself on Facebook and duped vulnerable Lisa Williams, 39, into paying £185 for nine counselling sessions.

Revealed: How immigrants are gaining U.S. citizenship by getting married on Skype - to people thousands of miles away - 03/06/13
A rise in Skype weddings is allowing immigrants to legally gain American citizenship by exchanging vows from opposite ends of the globe, it was revealed today. Many fear that the proxy online marriages, which allow a couple to wed in the absence of one or both spouses, will help facilitate marriage fraud, as well as see an increase in the number of sex trafficking victims.

Man facing cyberstalking, fire charges - 03/06/13
A North Carolina man charged for threatening persons at a Dare County school Wednesday is facing additional charges for cyber stalking and malicious burning charges.

Bill would force cops to get a warrant before reading your e-mail - 03/06/13
Last fall we wrote about how easy it probably was for the FBI to get the e-mails it needed to bring down CIA chief David Petraeus over allegations of infidelity. Under the ancient Electronic Communications Privacy Act, passed in 1986, the police can often obtain the contents of private e-mails without getting a warrant from a judge.

Internet stalking: When fan obsession goes too far - 03/05/13
What is wrong with people today? Why would people go out of their way to hurt someone they don’t even know and possibly cost another person his life? Not much in our world surprises me anymore, but this takes the cake. This is fan obsession at its worst.

Fake vicar stole £30,000 from charity after buying clerical title from a Canadian website and calling himself The Reverend - 03/05/13
A man, who falsely claimed he was a vicar, stole up to £30,000 in charity funds after buying a clerical title online. 'Clever trickster' George Gordon, 51, faces jail after he siphoned off European grant funding for voluntary groups set up to help some of the most vulnerable people in Britain.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Garnier Olia Hair Color

I love being a Bzz Agent - look at the latest thing I got to try and review!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

True Crime Online Book Release party was a hit

Had a book release party for True Crime Online this past Monday at The Lobster Cove restaurant in York, Maine. A lot of people showed up and we had a blast. Pics posted below:

Me goofing around on my husband, who hates having his photo taken My books

Bob Ouellete, me and his wife, Terry me with my friend Crystal

Me posing with my books former Portsmouth, NH Chief of Police Lou Ferland and me and Bridget trying to hide in the front

Melissa and her son Joey talking with meVicki and Rich Leandro with me

Engrossed in the bookSarah and me

Tim Sanborn and meThe girls from Yorke Ridge townhouses

Monday, March 04, 2013

True Crime Online Newsletter - March 4, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Girl sends apology for sticks from park

A Reddit user who says he's a ranger at Yosemite National Park shared a letter from a junior ranger that apologizes for taking home two sticks from the park.

The Reddit user, who goes by the name of bestmattever, uploaded a photo of a hand written letter from a girl identified as Evie, KPIX-TV, San Francisco, reported Wednesday.

In the letter, Evie said she accidentally brought home two sticks -- which were attached to the note -- from her time as a junior ranger in the park.

"I know I'm not supposed to take things from the park, so I am sending them back. Please put them in nature," Evie wrote.

Bestmattever said he wrote back to the girl and her parents, commending her for her honesty and promising to put the sticks back in the park.

The letter was trending on Reddit on Wednesday and has received more than 7,000 likes on Yosemite National Park's Facebook page.

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Indian women use smartphones to ‘pin the creeps’ - 03/04/13
With virtual bodyguards, panic buttons and maps to pinpoint harassment blackspots, women in urban India are using their smartphones for protection after a notorious gang-rape in New Delhi. Interest in safety apps and websites has surged since the fatal December attack, in which a 23-year-old student was set upon by a drunken gang on her way home from a cinema in the Indian capital.

Skier Death Threat: Tina Maze Gets Threatening Emails Before Super-G Race, Star Gets Bodyguards At Event After Deadly Message - 03/04/13
The Super-G race event in Austria on Sunday was marred by an emailed death threat to star Tina Maze, who was put underpolice protection after receiving threats against her prior to the race. According to the Associated Press, World Cup skier Tina Maze received bodyguards and police protection at the event after she received an email on Saturday afternoon with a death threat. The Slovenian skier finished fourth in the race, which was won by Anna Fenninger of Austria.

Bode Miller’s baby mama, Sara McKenna, claims skier’s wife is threatening her - 03/03/13
Sara McKenna, who gave birth to Bode Miller’s baby in February, has filed a complaint with police alleging the skier’s wife, Morgan Beck, is attacking her via the Internet, according to a Mar. 3, 2013 TMZ report. The New York Police Dept. complaint alleges aggravated harassment and says Beck has been sending McKenna threatening messages online using various fake social media accounts, including Twitter.

Unmasked: Tristan Barker, Australia's worst internet troll, being investigated by police - 03/02/13
THE son of a top musician has been unmasked as this country's most prolific internet troll and is being investigated by detectives for online "stalking''. Tristan Barker, 18, who has a track record of terrorising vulnerable members of the community, said his aim was to see how far he can push his 300,000-plus teenage internet-subscribed fans.

Cannibal Cop plot: Arrested British nurse says he wrote 'stupid things' online because it was 'funny' - 03/02/13
A British nurse arrested as part of an international investigation into cannibalism has insisted his involvement was because of "fantasy" and his "stupid" online writing. Dale Bolinger said he had written "stupid things" online because it was "funny".

Former teacher accused of posting threatening tweets - 03/01/13
Coventry police on Friday arrested a former Coventry High School teacher for what they called a series of so-called threatening messages on Twitter. Todd Gillheeney, 33, was arraigned in Kent County District Court on charges of threats to public officials, cyber stalking, and harassing phone calls.

Bob Woodward releases copy of email threat from White House aide Gene Sperling - 02/28/13
Bob Woodward has released a copy of the email exchange between White House senior official Gene Sperling and Bob Woodward in which Sperling issued what is being viewed as a threat to Woodward. The emails were published on Feb. 28 on Politico. Woodward has been criticized for his polite response to Gene Sperling, included also with the original email for your viewing here.

Franklin Sain's Attorney Says Alleged Death Threats To Rep. Rhonda Fields Over Gun Bills Are Just Free Speech - 02/28/13
The attorney for Franklin Sain, the 42-year-old Colorado Springs man who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening Rep. Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) over gun bills that she currently sponsors and which passed in the state House, says that his client's messages to Rep. Fields were simply free speech and protected under law.

Ex-student accused of e-mail threats - 02/28/13
A former student at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill has been charged in federal court with making racially tinged, online death threats to professors at the college - including one who served as the city's mayor - and at the University of Oregon.

Judge blames 15-year-old boy's internet porn obsession for his rape of girl, 14, in a 'heinous' attack - 02/27/13
A distraught father has demanded ministers take action after his teenage daughter was raped by a boy obsessed with hardcore online porn. The schoolgirl, who was 14 at the time, was bound, gagged, beaten up and raped by the 15-year-old as he tried to re-enact sadistic scenes he had viewed on the internet.

Drunken thug, 25, ripped Sikh man's turban off his head for a joke causing the victim to be shunned by his own community - 02/26/13
A man ripped a Sikh supermarket worker's turban off his head and told friends to film the incident and put it on YouTube during a drunken joke, a court has heard. Ashley Cicatello, 25, had spent the afternoon drinking beer and Jagerbomb shots when he spotted the victim in a Sainsbury's supermarket on December 27, last year.

Cyberstalking victims speak out - 02/26/13
A Greensboro family is pleased with a jury’s guilty verdict for the woman who cyberstalked them for more than two years. 25-year-old Meghan McCarthy was convicted on seven counts that included making harassing phone calls, computer trespassing and cyberstalking. The Pfisters say the harassing phone calls and emails from McCarthy started when she and their 26-year-old son broke-up.

NC woman gets probation for cyberstalking charges - 02/26/13
An Apex woman was found guilty Monday on charges related to cyberstalking and harassing her ex-boyfriend. According to the Greensboro News & Record, Meghan McCarthy, 25, was convicted in Guilford County Superior Court of four counts of making harassing phone calls, two counts of cyberstalking and one count of computer trespass.

YOUTH RESOURCES: Cyberbullying is a downside to technology - 02/26/13
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This phrase often has been heard on elementary school playgrounds. The real truth is that while mean-spirited words may not produce physical harm, words do have the power to hurt and leave lasting wounds.

Facebook agrees to pull pages that harass, exploit Newtown - 02/25/13
Facebook has agreed to remove some of the pages related to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after concerns were being raised by family members of victims saying they're being harassed and exploited.