True Crime Online Newsletter - March 4, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Girl sends apology for sticks from park

A Reddit user who says he's a ranger at Yosemite National Park shared a letter from a junior ranger that apologizes for taking home two sticks from the park.

The Reddit user, who goes by the name of bestmattever, uploaded a photo of a hand written letter from a girl identified as Evie, KPIX-TV, San Francisco, reported Wednesday.

In the letter, Evie said she accidentally brought home two sticks -- which were attached to the note -- from her time as a junior ranger in the park.

"I know I'm not supposed to take things from the park, so I am sending them back. Please put them in nature," Evie wrote.

Bestmattever said he wrote back to the girl and her parents, commending her for her honesty and promising to put the sticks back in the park.

The letter was trending on Reddit on Wednesday and has received more than 7,000 likes on Yosemite National Park's Facebook page.

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Indian women use smartphones to ‘pin the creeps’ - 03/04/13
With virtual bodyguards, panic buttons and maps to pinpoint harassment blackspots, women in urban India are using their smartphones for protection after a notorious gang-rape in New Delhi. Interest in safety apps and websites has surged since the fatal December attack, in which a 23-year-old student was set upon by a drunken gang on her way home from a cinema in the Indian capital.

Skier Death Threat: Tina Maze Gets Threatening Emails Before Super-G Race, Star Gets Bodyguards At Event After Deadly Message - 03/04/13
The Super-G race event in Austria on Sunday was marred by an emailed death threat to star Tina Maze, who was put underpolice protection after receiving threats against her prior to the race. According to the Associated Press, World Cup skier Tina Maze received bodyguards and police protection at the event after she received an email on Saturday afternoon with a death threat. The Slovenian skier finished fourth in the race, which was won by Anna Fenninger of Austria.

Bode Miller’s baby mama, Sara McKenna, claims skier’s wife is threatening her - 03/03/13
Sara McKenna, who gave birth to Bode Miller’s baby in February, has filed a complaint with police alleging the skier’s wife, Morgan Beck, is attacking her via the Internet, according to a Mar. 3, 2013 TMZ report. The New York Police Dept. complaint alleges aggravated harassment and says Beck has been sending McKenna threatening messages online using various fake social media accounts, including Twitter.

Unmasked: Tristan Barker, Australia's worst internet troll, being investigated by police - 03/02/13
THE son of a top musician has been unmasked as this country's most prolific internet troll and is being investigated by detectives for online "stalking''. Tristan Barker, 18, who has a track record of terrorising vulnerable members of the community, said his aim was to see how far he can push his 300,000-plus teenage internet-subscribed fans.

Cannibal Cop plot: Arrested British nurse says he wrote 'stupid things' online because it was 'funny' - 03/02/13
A British nurse arrested as part of an international investigation into cannibalism has insisted his involvement was because of "fantasy" and his "stupid" online writing. Dale Bolinger said he had written "stupid things" online because it was "funny".

Former teacher accused of posting threatening tweets - 03/01/13
Coventry police on Friday arrested a former Coventry High School teacher for what they called a series of so-called threatening messages on Twitter. Todd Gillheeney, 33, was arraigned in Kent County District Court on charges of threats to public officials, cyber stalking, and harassing phone calls.

Bob Woodward releases copy of email threat from White House aide Gene Sperling - 02/28/13
Bob Woodward has released a copy of the email exchange between White House senior official Gene Sperling and Bob Woodward in which Sperling issued what is being viewed as a threat to Woodward. The emails were published on Feb. 28 on Politico. Woodward has been criticized for his polite response to Gene Sperling, included also with the original email for your viewing here.

Franklin Sain's Attorney Says Alleged Death Threats To Rep. Rhonda Fields Over Gun Bills Are Just Free Speech - 02/28/13
The attorney for Franklin Sain, the 42-year-old Colorado Springs man who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening Rep. Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) over gun bills that she currently sponsors and which passed in the state House, says that his client's messages to Rep. Fields were simply free speech and protected under law.

Ex-student accused of e-mail threats - 02/28/13
A former student at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill has been charged in federal court with making racially tinged, online death threats to professors at the college - including one who served as the city's mayor - and at the University of Oregon.

Judge blames 15-year-old boy's internet porn obsession for his rape of girl, 14, in a 'heinous' attack - 02/27/13
A distraught father has demanded ministers take action after his teenage daughter was raped by a boy obsessed with hardcore online porn. The schoolgirl, who was 14 at the time, was bound, gagged, beaten up and raped by the 15-year-old as he tried to re-enact sadistic scenes he had viewed on the internet.

Drunken thug, 25, ripped Sikh man's turban off his head for a joke causing the victim to be shunned by his own community - 02/26/13
A man ripped a Sikh supermarket worker's turban off his head and told friends to film the incident and put it on YouTube during a drunken joke, a court has heard. Ashley Cicatello, 25, had spent the afternoon drinking beer and Jagerbomb shots when he spotted the victim in a Sainsbury's supermarket on December 27, last year.

Cyberstalking victims speak out - 02/26/13
A Greensboro family is pleased with a jury’s guilty verdict for the woman who cyberstalked them for more than two years. 25-year-old Meghan McCarthy was convicted on seven counts that included making harassing phone calls, computer trespassing and cyberstalking. The Pfisters say the harassing phone calls and emails from McCarthy started when she and their 26-year-old son broke-up.

NC woman gets probation for cyberstalking charges - 02/26/13
An Apex woman was found guilty Monday on charges related to cyberstalking and harassing her ex-boyfriend. According to the Greensboro News & Record, Meghan McCarthy, 25, was convicted in Guilford County Superior Court of four counts of making harassing phone calls, two counts of cyberstalking and one count of computer trespass.

YOUTH RESOURCES: Cyberbullying is a downside to technology - 02/26/13
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This phrase often has been heard on elementary school playgrounds. The real truth is that while mean-spirited words may not produce physical harm, words do have the power to hurt and leave lasting wounds.

Facebook agrees to pull pages that harass, exploit Newtown - 02/25/13
Facebook has agreed to remove some of the pages related to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after concerns were being raised by family members of victims saying they're being harassed and exploited.


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