True Crime Online Newsletter - March 11, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tattoo gets man free year of Netflix

An Indiana man got a Netflix tattoo on his torso and after posting it to Twitter, company representatives saw it and gave him a free year's subscription.

Myron Robinson of Kokomo said he's always been a big fan of the company and as an inside joke with a few friends, got the tattoo. He tweeted a picture, saying, "@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys."

KGO-TV, San Francisco, said Netflix responded, retweeting "NO WAY! Free year for you."

A year's subscription to Netflix costs about $96, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

Reed Hastings, chief executive officer for the Los Gatos, Calif., company, also posted Robinson's story on his Facebook page.

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We're punks of our generation, say teen 'trolls' behind Facebeef - 03/11/13
The teenagers behind the Facebook page known as "Facebeef" have a knack for creating publicity and courting controversy. Having built a large online following over the past year, the members of Facebeef have recently featured in mainstream media reports describing them as Australia's worst internet trolls for their subversive – or as critics say, offensive – antics.

N.Y. teacher fired for topless email pics - 03/09/13
A New York teacher got canned for using a shared school email account to send out shirtless pictures of himself to potential hook-ups on Craigslist.

Thief steals phone, posts pic to vic's FB - 03/09/13
A New York woman said a man mugged her for her cellphone and then mugged in a different way -- posting a photo on her Facebook page of himself smoking pot.

Discount website accused of ripping people off - 03/09/13
It's a website claiming to give you discounts on products while helping out several nonprofits, but many businesses who use the company Sharing[] Spree said they were ripped off. Several business owners[] said they never received the money that was due to them. The website says you can save up to 90% on restaurants, entertainment, spas and more in your city. It even claims that a portion of every deal goes back to a local nonprofit. "That's one of the reasons why I went with this company," said Katie Maclaskey, who owns Lake Oswego and Happy Valley Adventure Boot Camp.

How Facebook could get you arrested - 03/09/13
The police have a very bright future ahead of them – and not just because they can now look up potential suspects on Google. As they embrace the latest technologies, their work is bound to become easier and more effective, raising thorny questions about privacy, civil liberties, and due process.

Pair sentenced in Internet-based fraud scheme - 03/09/13
Two people from central Europe have been sentenced for their roles in an Internet-based fraud scheme involving opening bank accounts with false passports. U.S. District Judge Aleta A. Trauger said 34-year-old Beatrix Boka of Hungary and 40-year-old Aleksander Kunkin of Serbia played small, but crucial roles in a scheme that defrauded 36 people. Prosecutors say the victims believed they were wiring money to buy vehicles from eBay or AutoTrader.

Rosebush woman accused of cyberstalking - 03/08/13
Michigan State Police say they’ve arrested a Rosebush woman on charges of cyberstalking parole and probation officers. The 39-year-old woman is accused of making malicious posts in’s comments section targeting members of the Isabella County adult parole and probation office. State Police Sgt. Gary Green said in a statement the arrest concluded a two-month investigation.

Englewood company fires Franklin Sain amid e-mail harassment case - 03/08/13
A Colorado Springs man sent "vile" e-mails to Rep. Rhonda Fields and left her voice mails laced with sexual and racial epithets, but he did not send her an unsigned, threatening letter, the man's attorney said Friday. Judge James Breese advised Franklin Glenn Sain, 42, of the charges against him: harassment involving ethnic intimidation and attempting to influence a public servant.

Ten scams on the rise in 2013 - 03/07/13
There is one industry that is growing rapidly: financial scams. These range from the sophisticated to the downright weird – but all have the same aim: to relieve you of your money. Recent figures from the National Fraud Authority show that the total lost to individuals from fraud and other scams is more than £6bn a year. Here are our top 10 scams to watch out for this year.

What Happens When You Post Revenge Porn? - 03/07/13
Usually when it comes to revenge porn, there are two distinct parties involved: the person doing the revenge, and the person receiving the revenge (aka the person whose photos or videos become porn). But if one party posts revenge porn to get back at their ex, then what's to stop that ex from posting revenge porn to avenge revenge porn?

Conwoman posed as counsellor on Facebook to get grieving mother to pay for therapy sessions after she suffered miscarriages - 03/07/13
A conwoman posing as a counsellor took money from a vulnerable mother who was grieving over two miscarriages. Cold-hearted Christine Stevens, 47, advertised herself on Facebook and duped vulnerable Lisa Williams, 39, into paying £185 for nine counselling sessions.

Revealed: How immigrants are gaining U.S. citizenship by getting married on Skype - to people thousands of miles away - 03/06/13
A rise in Skype weddings is allowing immigrants to legally gain American citizenship by exchanging vows from opposite ends of the globe, it was revealed today. Many fear that the proxy online marriages, which allow a couple to wed in the absence of one or both spouses, will help facilitate marriage fraud, as well as see an increase in the number of sex trafficking victims.

Man facing cyberstalking, fire charges - 03/06/13
A North Carolina man charged for threatening persons at a Dare County school Wednesday is facing additional charges for cyber stalking and malicious burning charges.

Bill would force cops to get a warrant before reading your e-mail - 03/06/13
Last fall we wrote about how easy it probably was for the FBI to get the e-mails it needed to bring down CIA chief David Petraeus over allegations of infidelity. Under the ancient Electronic Communications Privacy Act, passed in 1986, the police can often obtain the contents of private e-mails without getting a warrant from a judge.

Internet stalking: When fan obsession goes too far - 03/05/13
What is wrong with people today? Why would people go out of their way to hurt someone they don’t even know and possibly cost another person his life? Not much in our world surprises me anymore, but this takes the cake. This is fan obsession at its worst.

Fake vicar stole £30,000 from charity after buying clerical title from a Canadian website and calling himself The Reverend - 03/05/13
A man, who falsely claimed he was a vicar, stole up to £30,000 in charity funds after buying a clerical title online. 'Clever trickster' George Gordon, 51, faces jail after he siphoned off European grant funding for voluntary groups set up to help some of the most vulnerable people in Britain.


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